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  1. They will be lucky if it does more than 300M WW
  2. Got the chance of watching Robot Dreams on Thursday, and this is the first time I wathced all the nominees for animated movie prior the ceremony (and the best part is that except for Nimona, I experienced all of them in theatres). While I didn't love any of the nominees, at the same I didn't dislike any of them. My ranking would be: 1. Across the Spiderverse 2. Nimona 3. Robot Dreams 4. Boy and Heron 5. Elemental.
  3. Sadly, i dont see it.. Puss had great reviews and WoM, its only competiton was Avatar, and it was a spin off a beloved franchise with nostalgia, and it couldn't gross 200M+
  4. My mistake, I thought filmlover was talking about movies that would gross 200-299M as Therad title says, but they said 200m+ so I guess they were also talking about movies that grossed above 299m
  5. I've watched the three Kung fu panda movies in theatres and I'm a big fan of 1 and 2, while I also enjoyed 3. I'll propably watch 4 once it hits streaming
  6. Really liked the trailer visually. Music choice was uninspired though, studios must stop using What a wonderful world for at least a decade
  7. Source? The numbers for Opening Weekend are low-ish so this seems fishy
  8. We only got 3: Ant Man, Little Mermaid and Wonka
  9. Which movies will do it on 2024? Dune will most likely be the next one GxK could do it but I think it will fall short by a few millions. Despicable Me IMO will do it. Beetlejuice Gladiator and Wicked are good contenders
  10. Based on social reactions, it seems there's still people who didn't connect with the movie and found it boring. Maybe the Metacritic score will be a bit higher than my prediction (like 80) but I still think there will be many 40s and 50s lowering the score.
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