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  1. salvador-232

    Wednesday Numbers | Broly $7.06 million

    Assuming you are not being sarcastic, don't watch Dragon Ball Evolution. Is an abomination.
  2. No, the gross numbers are for the weekend and that's 4 days. What is unclear if the admissions figure of 362k is 4 or 5 days, but as I said, I'm going with 5 day's because the average ticket price would be too low if it were 4 days.
  3. The press reported about Dragon Ball Super Broly success. The reports are very confusing since they constantly refer to the "first four days" (that would be until Sunday) but at the same time they say that the figure is including Monday (and that would be five days...) I'm going to assume is including Monday because otherwise, the average ticket price for the weekend would be very low. Anyway: It did 362.776 admissions on its first 5(?) days of release. This is the second best first 5 days of any animated release behind Minions and is already more than the first full week of Incredibles 2.
  4. salvador-232

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    Yes, 123.6
  5. salvador-232

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    It makes no sense for Mexico to be adjusted down, the local currency numbers are what they are. What ER are they smoking?
  6. With ease. 3,4M is the most likely outcome. Could have better legs since is summer and competition is relatively light until HTTYD3 but I think 4M is a bridge too far
  7. Top Weekend. Dragon Ball Super Broly grossed 1,7M USD, outgrossing Resurrection F by 20% just in OW. As DL reported, this is the third biggest animated opening of all time. Just a 2x multiplier would suffice to challenge the annual top 10. Is also by far the best anime movie of all time. Ralph also grossed 160K for a 21% drop. Very impressive late legs I must say. Mary Poppins went below that, so it probably won't even match the Nutcracker numbers.
  8. salvador-232


    Yeah, but check the Japan thread. After OW and the second weekend drop it was clear it was headed to 60M/7B yen. Although now that I check while it has fallen behind in Yen the ER is doing its magic in dollars so maybe it can reach 60. I don't think this lost money BTW, Justice League budget was closer to 300M with reshoots and whatnot and Deadline reported 60M loses I think.
  9. salvador-232


    Japan is actually going to do less than expectations since it looks like it will stop before 60M which was the expectation since day 1 of release there. The late "overperformance" is all down to Germany and France
  10. In Latin America it outgrossed Resurrection F just in OW. A similar breakout in the US and it could hit 100M USD
  11. salvador-232

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    Japan did 1M. Assuming that it didn't open in any other market then it did 19M in Latin America which is more than the entire runs of Resurrection F and Battle of the Gods
  12. Actually, Chile and Argentina have civilian settlements on Antartica. Unfortunately, in both countries, Avatar isn't near the top so I don't know how much interest would be
  13. salvador-232

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    It says that it surpassed the total weekend projection in OD and it grossed eight times more than F on OD. It also says it did 30K admissions which is quite higher than what Ultracine reported and that is the best animated opening day ever (anime or not) and also the best Fox opening.

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