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  1. Well, the only children's TV channel in Chile, Etc Tv, is an anime channel. And yes, here's is totally mainstream. And now you know why Dragon Ball Z movies have wide releases in Latin America.
  2. salvador-232


    That's only because in 2014-2015 all ER went to trash. ER now is hardly worse than say, 2016
  3. Well, If people actually looked at the OS numbers instead of cherry picking the ones that suit its doomsday narrative (And even China isn't looking as bad as yesterday) they would realize that sub 700M is a joke unless it has BvS WOM
  4. Week from November 8-14th Admission Gross in CLP Change Total Admission Total Gross Week # 1 Bohemian Rhapsody 218.918 735 M -21% 505.251 1,782 B 2 2 The Nutcracker 33.475 101 M -45% 93.891 308 M 2 3 Venom 28.784 85 M -55% 657.356 2,263 B 6 4 Smallfoot 27.952 78 M -46% 552.496 1,476 B 7 5 Halloween 23.959 72 M -59% 202.379 647 M 4 6 Overlord 20.355 61 M New 20.355 61 M 1 7 FB: The Crimes of Grindelwald* 13.255 61 M - 13.255 61 M - 8 Contra el Demonio 6.208 18 M -65% 51.474 153 M 3 9 The Siren 5.194 15 M -73% 25.134 77 M 2 10 Peppermint 4.758 14 M -53% 58.054 170 M 4 Great hold for Bohemian Rhapsody. It's unusual (though not unheard o) for non-family movies to post numbers like that. It has grossed around $2,6M USD. If it holds as well as in the rest of the world it could make a run for 1M admissions but it will be tough. Nutcracker hold could be worse, especially given that the weekend fell close to 60%, but is barely ahead of Smallfoot 7th week. BTW, now Smallfoot is the undisputable WBA champion, has grossed $2,16M USD. I think Chile is the eleventh largest market OS which is a huge overperformance. And as I said, Venom now starts its collapse, it won't reach 700k but it's not a bad result, not at all. FB2 two-day previews (one showing per screen each day) sold 13k tickets. Is really hard to compare but is good result nevertheless. Doing a very rough estimate based on BR previews, FB2 could open 26% higher than the first one. On its proper opening day it was second to Bohemian Rhapsody, but given the number that BR is doing, it could land second and still have a healthy increase. And maybe it can take the throne on Saturday on Sunday, given that HP fandom obviously skews younger than BR.
  5. salvador-232


    In Chile, it did 13,255 admissions on its two-day previews. The first one did 1,151 on previews but those were more limited. I honestly don't know what to compare it to, but if I apply the ratio of Bohemian Rhapsody previews, adjusting for the fact that it was two days, I get 170k admissions for opening week, which with previews included is a 26% improvement over FB1
  6. Actuals on USD from last Weekend (November 8-11) TW Movie Studio Weekend Gross Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week 1 Bohemian Rhapsody Fox $834,876 -33.7% 201 +22 $4,154 $2,407,744 2 2 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Disney $119,352 -58.0% n/a - n/a $422,434 2 3 Venom (2018) Sony $101,771 -60.8% 58 -10 $1,755 $3,311,666 6 5 Halloween (2018) UPI $83,726 -64.1% 64 +1 $1,308 $931,504 4 6 Overlord PPI $67,950 - 61 - $1,114 $80,974 1 Good hold for Bohemian Rhapsody coming from the holidays, everything else crashed and Overlord bombed. In other news, Fantastic Beast's limited previews were seventh on Wednesday. I've never seen previews reported on daily placement's before and is weird that it wasn't reported on Tuesday that had bigger previews (from what I can tell, following Chilean box office is very artisanal) In any case, FB1 OW was around 650K USD and given that BR has held well around the world it could open second and not be a terrible result but let's hope for a strong run that boost the overall box office (which accumulates a fairly anemical growth of 1,38%)
  7. salvador-232


    Well, the european openings seem fine, around or above Sing. However, the Asian ones are laughably bad. Latin America remains a wild-card because some countries are starved for animation but it opens after Ralph in some places (And December, in general, is gonna be a blood-bath in terms of screens available), although that Brazilian opening doesn't look good. This isn't going to be a bomb by any means but this is clearly heading towards an OS gross lower than Sing IMO.
  8. Good thing that the Grinch is doing well domestically because its OS openings so far range from "fine" to "hilariously bad"
  9. Wizarding World Harry Potter Admissions | Gross Philosopher's Stone 707.615 1,354 Billion Chamber of Secrets 537.969 1,107 Billion Prisoner of Azkaban 477.802 1,034 Billion Goblet of Fire 545.605 1,206 Billion Order of the Phoenix 698.406 1,639 Billion Half-Blood Prince 738.070 1,939 Billion Deadly Hallows 698.978 1,879 Billion Deadly Hallows 2 930.484 2,932 Billion Fantastic Beasts Admissions | Gross Fantastic Beasts and where to find them 557.815 1,916 Billion Opening WEEK : 143.848 admissions. 3.87 Multiplier from opening WEEK. (5.1 from just the weekend) The original FB held almost like an animated movie, but as I said FB2 faces a lot of competition down the road
  10. Week from November 1st to 7th Admission Gross in CLP Change Total Admission Total Gross Week # 1 Bohemian Rhapsody 275.638 1,004 B New 286.333 1,047 B 1 2 Venom 64.372 202 M 3% 628.572 2,178 B 5 3 The Nutcracker 60.416 207 M New 60.416 207 M 1 4 Halloween 58.917 184 M -4% 178.420 575 M 1 5 Smallfoot 52.194 158 M 20% 524.544 1,399 B 6 6 The Siren 19.518 61 M New 19.940 62 M 1 7 Contra el Demonio 17.676 56 M -36% 45.266 135 M 2 8 Peppermint 10.114 33 M -34% 53.296 156 M 3 9 A Star is Born 9.380 35 M -28% 78.324 262 M 4 10 Goosebumps 2 6.218 20 M -42% 75.088 219 M 4 Bohemian Rhapsody posted a giant opening week grossing a billion pesos, reaching already the 20th spot on the yearly gross chart and would have to be very frontloaded to not make it to the top ten. The super 4 day holiday weekend as usual aided more the strongest holdovers. Venom increasing is the last hurra because now the drops will be steep but will end its run as a slightly above average superhero movie. Halloween held almost flat for second week in a row, but should collapse from now on. Smallfoot increased a spectacular 20% thanks to being the only animated movie in theaters. Is now the most attended WBA movie ever and will outgross Storks next week. WB has been very smart this year with the release date of its animated flicks, both Smallfoot and Teen Titans had taken advantage of the huge gaps left by the others studios and have been very successful. Contra el Demonio hold is just okay but that's enough to be on track of beating every Chilean movie of last year. Again, that's just sad. On the new releases, Nutcracker opening almost matched perfectly The House with a Clock on its wall opening. It has a few weeks until Ralph sucks all the air on the family front (In Chile animation >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> live action, as far as family audiences go). The Siren on other hand bombed badly because the horror market is oversaturated. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald starts its previews today, and they look very good but not amazing. It should do well, especially given that Venom is fading (see this weekend placements) but faces a lot of competition down the road and is unlikely to repeat the Fantastic Legs of the last one so it needs to open higher.
  11. Weekend Placement's, November 8st to 11th Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1 Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody 2 Venom Venom The Nutcracker The Nutcracker 3 Halloween Halloween Venom Smallfoot 4 Smallfoot The Nutcracker Smallfoot Venom 5 The Nutcracker Smallfoot Halloween Halloween Familiar faces this weekend as Overlord was the highest debut at sixth. Venom can't keep going much longer as family movies are much more resilient and leggy, though nutcracker weekend rises are somewhat extreme.
  12. salvador-232


    Yep, in Brazil it opened to $1,3M USD. That's awful for illumination. Is similar to Smallfoot and less than the Lorax in USD.
  13. salvador-232

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    My reaction to the teaser can be summed up as: I hope all the emotion they are teasing actually works because so far I see this thing being like Finding Dory on steroids. In any case, I think this is a good time to promote my somewhat insane club: Toy Story 4 under Coco WW
  14. salvador-232


    There's no way it opened above Sing in Brazil AND came in second. Sing opened with 3,4M USD (which adjust to 3M today) while last weekend Bohemian Rhapsody did 2,4M. And the Grinch actually landed second because Comscore gives daily placements on twitter, so this whole thing is impossible unless BR increased a lot (which I think DL would have reported)

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