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  1. It has already been mentioned but Chile moved again to November 28th. The release date is awkward, for a number of reason (social situation remains explosive, the date is bad in general) but I suspect it has to do more with the movie chains than with Disney, they need to inject some life to the BO given than the last month must be a record low in decades.
  2. January 2nd Chile November 21th Colombia November 22th Ecuador November 21th Perú December 5th Uruguay (lol, wtf are they thinking) December 5th Paraguay (lmao) November 28th Bolivia November 29th Venezuela
  3. Moved to January 2nd. Well, if by that date the government has fallen then it has a chance to do well.
  4. There are even more problems for Frozen in Latin America . The crisis in Chile doesn't show any sign of abating and cinemas are running at like a quarter of capacity (they aren't even doing presales). On top of that, said crisis has pushed the ER to a 16 year record low. If Disney doesn't move it then I think is going to be basically DOA (Though there rumors that authorities are going to cancel the school year, so that would be helpful I guess...) In recent years Chile has usually been the third largest market in USD in LA unless Argentina goes crazy for a movie.
  5. After 13 days with almost all cinemas closed, the major chains have started to reopen theaters in less conflictive zones and with limited schedules (no night or even evening showings, etc.). A problem that the chains face is that the vast majority of theaters in Chile are placed in malls and thus are dependent on them to be able to reopen. The effect of the protest on the BO can be seen for example with "Abominable", (protest started on October 18th) Oct 10-13 - $208,136 -29.7% 74 +4 $2,812 $1,024,105 3 Oct 17-20 2 $55,134 -73.5% 71 -3 $776 $1,104,304 4 Oct 24-27 - $4,350 -92.1% 19 -52 $228 $1,109,558 5 The silver lining however is that 2019 was so far ahead of 2018 that it might still manage a (very small) increase in admissions, but that depends on how fast the reopening process goes. Before everything started yearly BO was on track to a 7-10% increase. Given the complex situation, many releases have moved: Most notably Terminator 6 (Nov 14th), Adam's Family (Nov 7th). Frozen II (Nov 21th) has not moved but everything remain uncertain.
  6. Ah, Rapa Nui should be fine, but if you pass by Santiago there's a very high chance you end up being an extra in a 5D Joker post credit scene, riots included.
  7. Moved to November 14th in Chile, if the country continues to exist until then 😅
  8. That's why Showman wasn't a thing outside the Anglo world and Japan
  9. Well, I haven't updated this on a while. At first it was because I was very busy, but now is because there's literally no Box Office in the country. Since October 18th Chile has been in the middle of massive protests and social unrest, the spark was a subway fare hike but the underlining problem is the economic system and sistematic inequality. Showings started being canceled on Friday 18th and by Saturday evening all Cinema chains had canceled all the functions in all the country and they haven't reopened so far. There's currently a State of Emergency and Curfrew (the first since Pinochet) in the capital Santiago and in cities of 13 regions. I was in Santiago when everything started and honestly the whole experience felt like being an extra in a post-credit scene of the Joker.
  10. South America OD: Argentina: 73.318 admissions (6,7% over Suicide Squad) Bolivia: 16.515 admissions (36% over Suicide Squad) Paraguay. 4.165 admissions (6,5% over Suicide Squad) Uruguay: 1.974 admissions (15,7% below Suicide Squad).
  11. Chile (usually good bellwether for the rest of SA): This reminds me of the hype for Suicide Squad
  12. Joker, 2 days before release, 17% of the market 62 showings for OD | 14.742 seats available | 3975 tickets sold 100,02% of Captain Marvel ($2,3m USD) and 106% of Spider-Man FFH ($1,7m USD). Joker faded a bit in the comps but there is a catch. Both CM and FFH had twice as many seats as Joker (over 29k seats and over one hundred showings). The fact that it still managed to remain ahead of them show a great strenght. It does, however, face worse ER (basically at record lows right now)
  13. Presales in Chile are reaaaally strong and Chile's PS are usually a good predictor for the rest of South America. (Plus, Brasil is more into Super Heros than Chile)
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