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  1. New releases this weekend: The house with a clock in its walls ; Crazy Rich Asians ; Searching The house with the clock debuted at second, but until getting last week actuals I can't tell if that is because it had a good result or because Predator was extra weak. Searching was seventh and CRA bombed spectacularly at ninth, which is really, really bad. If it doesn't recover during the weekend it could have an under 10k admission opening week! Also, I have stopped posting Mojo's USD actuals since this month the box office has been dominated by WB which doesn't report Chile's numbers and now Fox which does when it feels like doing it (and it didn't feel like it for Predator) I will probably post them again when Venom opens given that next week Smallfoot is almost guaranteed to win the weekend.
  2. Week from September, 6th to 12th Admission Gross in CLP Change Total Admission Total Gross Week # 1 The Nun 342.498 1,375 B. New 342.498 1,375 B. 1 2 The Meg 47.691 140,3 M. -50% 618.428 2,109 B. 5 3 Alpha 44.616 131,8 M. New 44.616 131,8 M. 1 4 Teen Titans Go to the movies! 34.227 97,3 M. -36% 148.500 436,8 M 3 5 Mamma Mia, Here we go Again! 17.485 58,4 M. -46% 49.763 169 M 2 6 Mille 22 7.387 22,2 M. -74% 36.258 2 110 M. 2 7 Hotel Transylvania 3 6.890 20 M. -58% 1.322.831 4,229 B. 9 8 Slender Man 6.057 17,1 M. -80% 70.258 206 M. 3 9 The Wife 5.972 23 M. New 5.972 23 M. 1 10 The Lion King (Re-Release) 4.754 15,9 M. New 4.754 15,9 m. 1 Surprise! Someone got paid to work on holiday it seems. I'm not complaining. The Nun had a huge opening week of around 2M USD yet at the same time is kinda underwhelming. is below Anabelle 2: Creation and given that WOM is bad, it will likely struggle with holds though very light competition should help. All other holdovers fell hard due the Nun with the exception of Teen Titans, which is now locked to outsell Solo , the animated flick has passed 600k USD . The Meg crossed 2 Billion CLP milestone, or around 3,1M USD (For all Warner movies my estimates are the best you are going to get). Alpha had a very good opening for the kind of movie it is. The rest of the top 10 is rather weak, and a Lion King Re-Release managed to get to 10th place. Very deep down on the list, on 19th place, the new release Happy Time Murders barely attracted 1.138 people on 12 screens. Amazingly terrible, for comparison MI: Fallout managed 1.411 admissions from 6 screens on its seventh week.
  3. TOP 7: Weekend from September 13th to 16th. The Nun The Predator (new) The Meg Alpha Teen Titans Go to the movies Mamma Mia, here we go again!  The Stolen Princess (new) Again no change in placements during the weekend, this time for the whole top 7. The only novelty here is Predator at second place (very decent) and the ukranian animated release "the stolen princess" which is also being released in other Latin American countries. Anyway, Chile right now is on a 5 day extended holiday for Fiestas Patrias (independence day and national holidays), but this kind of holiday, like Christmas, has the effect of depressing the box office, since people are too busy expending time with family, friends, or getting drunk in fondas and ramadas. This will also mean that weekly data on admission will be available very late, not before Thursday for the week from September 5th to 12th.
  4. It also has Colombia and several small South American markets but numbers will likely be trivial
  5. salvador-232


    Incredibles 2 really fell off a cliff after summer. It could still end up below Coco.
  6. salvador-232

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Guys, it's happening, Teen Titans Go to the movies is going to beat Solo's total in Chile
  7. Week from August, 30th to September 5th Admission Gross in CLP Change Total Admission Total Gross Week # 1 The Meg 95.915 311.095.221 -9% 570.737 1.968.944.605 4 2 Teen Titans Go to the movies! 53.574 156.861.467 -9% 114.273 339.463.199 2 3 Mamma Mia, Here we go Again! 32.108 109.825.438 New 32.108 110.675.438 1 4 Slender Man 30.087 89.559.449 -12% 64.201 188.791.446 2 5 Mile 22 28.871 87.734.958 New 28.871 87.734.958 1 6 Hotel Transylvania 3 16.525 47.919.912 -27% 1.315.941 4.208.926.061 8 7 Equalizer 2 12.875 39.733.449 -37% 64.648 209.399.030 3 8 El Angel 10.188 35.201.733 New 10.188 35.201.733 1 9 The Princess and the Dragon 7.485 22.516.566 New 7.485 22.516.566 1 10 The Spy who dumped Me 6.470 17.887.986 -68% 26.471 74.140.141 2 Very strong holds across the board for everything that didn't bomb on its opening weekend (Looking at you Spy). The Meg continues to rule for its 4th and final week at the top. Lots of small new openers, the most destacable being Mama Mia which apparently was very frontloaded since it did like 83% of its weekly gross in the weekend (normal is 60%) but it didn't fell off a cliff this weekend (the one from September 6th to 9th) so it could have good legs for the scale of its opening. Weekly gross was 158K USD. In other holdover bussiness, Slender Man held really really well, very good for it since it is getting destroyed by the Nun this week. Mile 22 really is nothing to write about, El Angel is decent considering the low screen count and Princess and the Dragon did badly in its limited release. Is yet another overseas animated flick that I think it hasn't been released in the US (I think I have counted like 8 this year), but hey, the fact we are getting it means that at least distributors are aware of the strength of animation here. Speaking of animation, Teen Titans had a very good drop and has vastly outsold My Little Pony. Unless yet another overseas property inexplicably breaks out next week it will have virtually zero competition until Smallfoot at the end of September, so it has a chance to 200k and above all, passing Solo 167k admissions, wouldn't that be funny? It has grossed 491k USD. Hotel Transylvania 3 passed 1,3M admissions and is now the 20th most attended movie of all time.
  8. TOP 5: Weekend from September 6th to 9th. The Nun The Meg Alpha Teen Titans Go to the movies Mamma Mia, here we go again! No changes in placements over the weekend. The Nun obviously was huge but there are no numbers yet outside OD. The Meg managed to stay in second place and Alpha got a solid start for its genre. Teen Titans seems to be holding more like a normal animated flick than a small, low opening- movie (which usually gets crushed quickly) and could end with a surprising total. Also, Happytime murders was also released this weekend but could not even scratch the top ten which is honestly amazing. It doesn't have that many screens but the bar for getting to the top 10 at least one day is really, really low. Just, wow.
  9. The Nun got a superb OD with 44.836 admissions, third best OD of the year and second best ever for horror after The Conjuring 2. Nun is looking to 400k admission on opening week, around top 15th of all time. From there Anabelle's legs would get it to 1,1M tickets sold at the end of its run. The meg is currently second on daily placements, while Alpha debuted at 3rd and Teen Titans stand on fourth.
  10. salvador-232


    As I said in other thread, South American numbers on OD are downright amazing. Too bad that ER is basically at historical low across the region.
  11. BTW the Nun had a great OD in South America, one of the biggest OD of the year in Perú, Bolivia and Argentina. Too bad exchanges rate are so unbelievable bad right now
  12. The Conjuring Universe Admissions Gross in CLP USD Gross (estimate) The Conjuring (2013) 916.003 CLP 2,232 Billion ~4,3M USD The Conjuring 2 (2016) 1.181.363 CLP 3,982 Billion ~5,8 M USD Annabelle (2014) 891.449 CLP 2,340 Billion ~3,9 M USD Annabelle: Creation (2017) 868.256 CLP 2,720 Billion ~4,2 M USD The Nun opens today in Chile. The Conjuring Universe is a very successful horror franchise in Chile, and The Nun is going to be THE HIT of September. It sure to open north of 300k admission (all entries of the franchise have accomplished that with ease) and is very likely to surpass Anabelle Creation since that had its legs chopped by It, while the Nun has all September by itself.
  13. Weekend Placements Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1 The Meg The Meg The Meg The Meg 2 Mamma Mia, Here we go again! Teen Titans go to the movies Teen Titans go to the movies Teen Titans go to the movies 3 Teen Titans go to the movies Mamma Mia, Here we go again! Mamma Mia, Here we go again! Mamma Mia, Here we go again! 4 Mile 22 Slender Man Slender Man Slender Man 5 Slender Man Mile 22 Mile 22 Mile 22 According to Deadline, Mamma Mia debuted with 137k USD which is nothing amazing but far from being horrible. And while it will probably end second in gross, in admissions it could not top Teen Titans which appears to have held flat or with a very small drop, surprising.
  14. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Title Admissions Gross Iron Man (2008) 252.641 639 Million Incredible Hulk (2008) 67.371 168 Million Iron Man 2 (2010) 286.697 769 Million Thor (2011) 206.621 654 Million Captain America (2011) 224.618 735 Million The Avengers (2012) 1.378.556 4,563 Billion Iron Man 3 (2013) 1.106.244 3,683 Billion Thor: Dark World (2013) 545.911 1,723 Billion CA: Winter Soldier (2014) 368.901 1,246 Billion Guardians Of the Galaxy (2014) 505.228 1,556 Billion Age of Ultron (2015) 1.217.500 4,518 Billion Ant-Man (2015) 231.121 828 Million Captain America: Civil War (2016) 1.204.238 4.509 Billion Doctor Strange (2016) 462.321 1,688 Billion Thor: Ragnarok (2017) 656.941 2.366 Billion Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017) 598.900 2,105 Billion Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) 846.975 2,872 Billion Black Panther (2018) 880.137 2,932 Billion Infinity War (2018) 2.335.605 9.055 Billion Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) 476.354 1.603 Billion Updated chart with admission and local currency gross.
  15. Week from August 22-29 Admission Gross in CLP Change Total Admission Total Gross Week # 1 Megalodón 104.995 341.199.478 -27% 369.827 1.657.849.384 3 2 Teen Titans Go to the movies! 58.649 173.831.732 New 60.699 182.601.732 1 3 Slender Man 34.114 99.231.997 New 34.114 99.231.997 1 4 Hotel Transylvania 3 22.692 64.877.458 -39% 1.299.416 7 5 Equalizer 2 20.495 65.482.652 -34% 51.773 169.665.581 2 6 The Spy who dumped Me 20.001 56.252.155 New 20.001 56.252.155 1 7 Mission Impossible : Fallout 8.448 32.402.423 -44% 200.611 756.977.022 5 8 Christopher Robin 6.135 17.843.214 -52% 94.300 286.587.106 4 9 Skyscraper 5.980 17.846.588 -58% 343.094 1.221.583.890 6 10 ¿Cómo andamos por casa? 4.150 12.200.362 -72% 19.236 56.795.329 2 Another Week ruled by The Meg who has now grossed 2,4M USD and had a good hold aided by the lack of competition. Teen Titans had a decent debut, slightly (16%) higher than My Little Pony last year and could target 100k admission, a respectable milestone for a small movie. Its weekly gross was 244k USD. Slender Man did very meh and will be soon destroyed by the Noon. The Syp who dumped Me did bad but not especially so compared with other comedy releases this year. The strongest holdovers like HT3 and Equalizer 2 had better than expected drops. Hotel Transylvania 3 passed Coco as the fifth most-viewed movie of the calendar year and will indeed reach 20th place of all time list. This week releases: Mamma Mia 2 (2nd on OD), Mile 22 (4th) and El Angel (8th)

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