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    Update from South America: In Perú is doing horrible, no numbers until Monday though. In Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay is also doing badly, being second to Deadpool 2, In Argentina is third behind D2 and a local movie. In Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay it is just barely above Infinity War 4th weekend...
  2. Now what we all been waiting for... "Han Solo" debuted SECOND on its opening day, behind Deadpool 2. That's just embarrassing, really embarrassing. I expected that fans rushing to premium formats would at least give the edge to Solo on its OD and then lost the rest of the weekend to Deadpool, but Solo did not even achieve that. For the first time in the Disney Era, Star Wars have not opened at first place at the Chilean Box office, and honestly, I'd be shocked if the prequels didn't open first. Well, this happened in large part because Fox lifted restrictions on Deadpool 2 early. There was no reason for doing that (since there are hardly anything else to see in the cinemas besides Solo, D2, and IW) besides maybe pettiness. The only hope for Solo now is to attract kids and families on the proper weekend, but its performance looks to be really bad. Speaking of kids and families, the russian animation "Fixies" debuted fifth (high for animation on non-holidays weekdays). The fact that it got a wide release shows how desperate families are for an animated flick, a fertile ground for Incredibles 2 to land on.
  3. Actuals from last weekend. No data for anything else in the top 10. TW Movie Studio Weekend Gross Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week 1 Deadpool 2 Fox $1,963,677 - 213 - $9,219 $1,963,677 1 2 Avengers: Infinity War Disney $750,177 -40.9% n/a - n/a $12,971,955 4 3 Sherlock Gnomes PPI $107,572 -10.9% 67 - $1,606 $305,494 2 5 Disobedience Sony $34,529 - 13 - $2,656 $34,529 1
  4. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    It's 8.2 on Tiaopiaopiao.
  5. Hey, that's me! Yeah, Solo is doomed here, even if it matched Rogue One opening Deadpool 2 would beat it with a 35% drop (highly likely, drops are very soft the weekend when restrictions are lifted). It's really rare to lift restrictions so early, maybe they though Solo was going to be big, though I like to think is pettiness. This poor thing may not even outgross episode 1! And the market is four times bigger now than in 1999. The cinemas must be banging their heads against some wall, they took a LOT of screens from IW along with most of the premium formats. Disney itself may have done more money keeping IW if this has the same drops we are seeing in other markets.
  6. Coco left theaters on Tuesday after more than 6 months and 26 weekends at the box office. Now that his record is threatened by Infinity War I wanted to highlight how historic Coco's run was: It's highest grossing weekend, the third one, would rank as the second lowest opening for a Pixar film in this decade. Despite the above, it's the highest grossing Pixar movie of all time. Until its ninth weekend, Coco had more increases than drops on weekends. Excluding a drop on its fourth weekend induced by the closing of cinemas for elections, Coco dropped more than 20% for the first time on its 12th weekend. It dropped more than 30% for the first time on its 17th weekend It's six months at the box office and four months on wide release are by far the longest any movie has stayed at the Chilean box office since there are registers. Goodbye Coco, your records may be broken but this kind of run probably won't be repeated in a looong time. I will remember you.
  7. Colombia Box Office

    Yeah, thanks, lol it was right on my face. I'll edit

    Ugh, now I need this to do well in Chile so Infinity War doesn't break Coco's record. Come on Solo, I'll root for you in Chile and just in Chile.
  9. Infinity War got a HUGE boost from 21st May Holiday. Assuming BOM weekend estimate was correct it grossed 0,3M USD on Monday. Now it has 2.041.937 admissions and 13,2M USD gross. With this total, it now has a chance to beat Coco's admissions record. This weekend will be crucial, It needs to hold its ground with a drop close to 50%. If it manages that, it will be doable. Interesting thing is that IW was actually second on Monday, that means that Deadpool 2 got an even bigger boost.
  10. Colombia Box Office

    Ok, If I'm right the top 10 in admissions would be this: 1.-Furious 7: 4.374.998 2.-Infinity War: 3.901.946+ 3.-Furious 8: 3.900.430 4.-Minions: 3.146.650 5.-Ice Age 4: 2.956.570 6.-Jumanji: 2.912.000 7.-Finding Dory: 2.785.971 8.-Avatar: 2.760.570 9-Despicable Me 3: 2.555.493 10.-Batman vs Superman: 2.503.626
  11. Thanks, but this is calendar year? Because if is until 31st December 2017 Coco could have done great and missed it since it opened on 30th November. I looked in Comscore's twitter and it remained in the top ten until late February. However, I see that animation isn't as big here as in the rest of Latin America and Despicable Me 3 did just $500k USD so I guess it didn't make that much. Curiously enough, the only thing I managed to find was some random numbers from Honduras where it had almost the same admissions as Jumanji so maybe there's hope?
  12. Does anyone have any kind of clue about Coco gross or admissions here? Is the only market in Latin America where I have absolutely no idea about Coco performance
  13. Varies a lot. I don't know what the national average is, I see a source saying 9,20 dollars but that's way too high. In pesos normal tickets cost around 4000 CLP (approx 6-7 dollars). Premium formats can go as high as 13 dollars but besides 3d (like 8 dollars, or 5000+ CLP) those are mostly limited to the capital Santiago. There are lower prices for kids, elderly, students and everyone from Monday to Wednesday (not "weekend"). Big blockbusters usually come with "restrictions" from distributors, not allowing any kind of discounts on ticket prices for the first two weeks. For example, IW avg ticket price while on restriction was 6,86 dollars, which dropped to 5,5 dollars after the restrictions were lifted. Generally, animated movies have lower avg. As a rule of thumb, a live-action blockbuster has to outgross by around $2M USD an animated film to match it in admissions. But there are some extreme cases like IW outgrossing Coco when it had 700k fewer admissions! Also, the leggier the run, lower avg price.
  14. Disney's Star Wars Movies The Force Awakens: $2,338,662 OW | $8,463,006 Total | 3.62 Multiplier Rogue One: $1,105,724 OW | $3,482,299 Total | 3.15 Multiplier The Last Jedi: $1,475,075 | $4,981,243 Total | 3.38 Multiplier Solo opens this Thursday. While is generally said that Latin America doesn't care for Star Wars, the brand used to be HUGE in Chile and it still does well comparatively speaking. Star Wars, however, has failed to grow on par with the Market: The prequels did ridiculous numbers for the size of the market back then. Phantom Menace did 3,4M USD in 1999, a mark that movies just started to cross regularly in 2010. But today, Star Wars movies are outsold and even outgrossed by any decent-sized animated flick. The nostalgia is there, that's why it still does well, but it has failed to attract new audience and apparently the problem is only getting worse. I have low expectations for Solo, hype is very low and I think that at best it can match Rogue One numbers. To its favor, it has little competition for family audiences besides Sherlock Gnomes... At least until the Incredibles 2 opens, but by that time it will be almost done.
  15. We are very lucky, BOM released info on both Deadpool 2 and Infinity War. Deadpool 2 opened with 1,9M USD, an amazing number that is the 11th highest opening of all time, aided by a holiday today, and also a record for Fox in local currency. It is an 87% increase from the original and already grossed 45% of what the first one did. I don't have any good comparison but with standard superhero legs (3x) could get close to 6M USD. It won't have much competition besides Solo. Infinity War became the highest grossing movie of all time in local currency and has grossed 12.9M USD so far. It grossed 1,1M USD in the last 7 days, a drop of 39% from the last week. It will get a boost from today's holiday Using average ticket price from last weekend I get 197k admissions this week, putting its total cume to approx 1,96 million admissions. If it stabilizes with drops of 50% from now on it will get around 2,16 million tickets sold and just above 14M in USD, just enough for the record in dollars. Although, since Deadpool opened so well, Infinity War will be the most affected by the loss of screens to Solo next weekend. Nothing else relevant in the top 10, besides that Sherlock Gnomes was third during the weekend thanks to kids and Coco disappeared as quickly as it appeared

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