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  1. Weekend, September 12-15th. # Movie Weekend Change Total 1 It Chapter Two 179.408 -20% 477.896 2 Dora and the Lost City of Gold 31.331 New 31.331 3 The Angry Birds Movie 2 16.365 -48% 113.632 4 The Art of Racing in the Rain 16.335 New 16.335 5 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 15.499 -45% 212.255 6 Extremely Wicked. Shockingly Evil and Vile 14.637 New 14.637 7 The Lion King 8.703 -66% 2.420.754 8 Yesterday 8.206 -39% 27.223 9 Missing Link 5.751 New 5.751 10 Araña 2.096 / 62.737 It 2 continues to dominate with a solid hold while Dora bombs hard, tough that didn't stop the explorer from destroying Angry Birds 2 and specially The Lion King. This is somewhat surprising as it had done fairly well in Perú. Another bomb is Missing Link, altough it have very limited showings (one per day in some cases) the result is still very bad considering it did go wide. Angry Birds 2 passed the OW of the first one but the first full week seems unreachable. Just ssad. Once Upon a Time can't stabilize but due its nature it should get a small boost from the arthouse system.
  2. Top of the year so far Toy Story 4: 3.196.330 Avengers Endgame: 3,094,876 The Lion King: 2.404.705* Captain Marvel: 1,388,264 Spider-Man Far from Home: 1,086,451 How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World: 1,059,714 Aladdin 807,512** Dragon Ball Super Broly: 800,617 Pokemon Detective Pikachu 629,144 Dumbo: 608,842 All movies should be slightly higher with the final numbers, specially Aladdin. The top 3 of the year is also the all time top 3, that is just pure insanity. Other million admissions contenders are Frozen, It 2 and Joker. Star Wars and Jumanji could do it too but not on calendar year, so Chile will probably have to wait to see a year with 10 movies over million admissions.
  3. Weekend September 5-8th # Movie Weekend Change Total 1 It: Chapter Two 223.357 New 233.645 2 The Angry Birds Movie 2 31.405 -37% 90.009 3 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 28.320 -48% 187.867 4 The Lion King 25.307 -49% 2.404.705 5 Yesterday 13.483 New 14.400 6 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw 7.300 -67% 422.631 7 Angel has Fallen 5.514 -63% 52.660 8 The Little Mermaid( re-release) 4.232 New 4.232 9 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 3.062 -71% 152.614 10 K-12 2.072 New 2.077 It 2 opened 21% behind the first movie (17% counting the previews) but it is still an excellent result. The first movie did 1,291m admissions in total. If it 2 can sustain the ratio it could still crack a million admission. Angry Birds 2 still hasnt reached the OW of the first one and could miss it if Dora does decently this weekend OUATIH suffered a lot from competition with IT, despite this, it is now oficially the most successful Tarantino Movie.
  4. It: Chapter 2, 2 days before release, 17% of the Market. FINAL PREVIEWS. 67 showings for OD | 15.509 seats available | 752 ticket sold. IT 2 final presale came in 9% behind Anabelle 3 presales but Anabelle didn't have Wednesdays previews, which deflate IT OD PS (I'm sorry, I didn't have time to track those properly. They do look fine BTW, nothing groundbreaking but not bad either). Now, If we only know how much Anabelle did on OW... Maybe a comp worth exploring could be Hobbs and Shaw, which would give a 1,1m USD opening. Well, It is not like WB is going to report its gross anyway...
  5. Rank Movie Weekend Change Total 1 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 54.340 -16% 141.933 2 The Angry Birds Movie 2 50.179 New 50.299 3 The Lion King 49.674 -17% 2.367.519 4 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw 22.221 -24% 409.320 5 Angel has Fallen 14.741 -30% 42.768 6 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 10.938 -32% 91.056 7 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 10.644 -37% 147.879 8 Toy Story 4 9.640 -29% 3.196.330 9 Ready or Not 7.782 -31% 23.396 10 Araña 6.555 -40% 53.006 Data Courtesy of Dada as always. After last weekend apocalypsis this frame brought very soft drops, even for the weakest releases. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is doing very well. Should continue to have solid drops. Next weekend it should pass both Django Unchained (158k admissions) and Inglorius Bastards (173k) to become the most viewed Tarantino's movie in the market. Angry Birds 2 barely beated TLK and suffered a 65% decline from the first one OW. It could still save some face if it weathers Dora decently enough next weekend. Speaking of the Lion King, it passed Infinity War and now is the third most viewed movie of all time. Amazing result, but as in the rest of LA it was clearly held back by TS4
  6. It 2. 7 days before release , 17% of the maket 69 showings for OD | 15.978 seats available | 176 tickets sold. These presales are not good, but they are being deflated by Wednesday's previews. Will see if I can track those over the weekend.
  7. Weekend August 22-25th. Title Weekend % Change Total 1 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 64.508 New 64.508 2 The Lion King 59.821 -60% 2.302.567 3 Fast&Furious: Hobbs and Shaw 29.141 -60% 378.479 4 Angel has Fallen 20.950 New 20.950 5 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 16.782 -63% 133.862 6 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 16.136 -65% 74.670 8 Toy Story 4 13.539 -65% 3.183.293 9 Ready or Not 11.344 New 11.344 7 Araña 10.948 -56% 43.173 10 The Secret Life of Pets 2 5.328 -58% 493.175 Data courtesy of @dada . Once Upon a Time in Hollywood topped the chart. Very rare for a non-family movie to lead the chilean BO (usually only happens for horror). Everything else collapsed. TLK could still stabilize but everything else should be in "end of run" mode. Angel has Fallen opening is bad but is actually slightly better than the norm for the genre. TS4 fell a little short of my initial projection of 3,4m admission but is still an amazing result. HS will end with a retention rate of just 33% from Fate of the Furious. SLOP 2 will face a 62% decline from SLOP1
  8. Thank You. And yeah, estadisticascine.cl is funded by the government but there wasn't any contract for this year (maybe because of the change of government) so they stopped. Last year they always released the info very late anyway.
  9. Again courtesy of dada, updated all time top 10. 1 Toy Story 4* 3,164,349 2 Avengers: Endgame* 3,094,876 3 Avengers: Infinity War 2,334,956 4 Coco 2,240,711 5 The Lion King* 2,219,380 6 Minions 2,088,540 7 Stefan v/s Kramer 2,076,061 8 Ice Age 4 2,068,957 9 Incredibles 2 1,832,467 10 Avatar 1,653,130 *Until August 18th, Coco has gone from #1 to soon #5 in a little more than a year. Astounding. The number of screens has been growing at a rate close to 10% per year in the last few years, (+8,1% in 2017, +10,7% in 2018) and 2019 doesn't show any signs of slowing down. This huge increase in capacity has finally translated to admissions that had been stagnant since 2016.
  10. Thanks to @dada for the info! TLK remained on top and will soon pass Coco and Infinity War to become the #3 movie of all time. No chance of keep climbing. Hobbs and Shaw hold decently and with little competition, it will reach a respectable total but still a very steep drop from the usual highs of FF franchise. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark does well and Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups continues to do very well. Should reach a total close to Teen Titans Go to the Movies, 232k admissions. (it has until August 29th before Angry Birds 2 opens). Local film Araña, about far right terrorist group Patria y Libertad, did fairly well by local movie standards. On another hand, TS4 still has some steam left. It has been seen by 16% of the Chilean population.
  11. OMG WHERE YOU GOT THAT INFO, Comscore? Thank you so much, I'm going to post it on the Chile thread. BTW, I think that SLOP2 total is missing a number.
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