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  1. salvador-232

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Scott Medelson: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2018/07/18/box-office-ant-man-and-the-wasp-may-only-tie-ant-man/#70b1a5c11b32 Ant-Man and the Wasp earned around $5.5 million (+54% from Monday) Skyscraper earned $4.075 million (+59% from Monday) Incredibles 2 $3.4 million Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $2.99 million
  2. Genres: Action/Adventures (Basically blockbusters) was 20% of the releases and had 41,2% of market share in admissions Animation was 16% of releases and 30% of admissions Thriller/Horror was 20,6% of releases and 15,8% of admissions Comedy 13,9% of releases and 6% of admissions Drama was 24,7% of releases and 7% of admissions Documental was 4% of releases and 0,2% of admissions. Higher averages were Blockbusters with 280k per movie and Animation with 250k. Biggest days are in order: Saturday > Sunday > Friday > Wednesday > Thursday > Monday > Tuesday . The weekend (Thursday to Saturday) represents 59% of the admissions in a week. Biggest months varies a lot but July is always the biggest, and the latter half of the year, September to December, is generally a weak period for Box office. Summer (January-February) is strong.
  3. A while ago the annual report on "Cinema in Chile" was released by the Cámara de Exhibidores Multisalas de Chile (CAEM). It has a lot of very useful info, I will update the first post and do another post for things here. Total admissions in 2017 were: 27.744.674 with a gross of 148M USD for an average ticket price of $5,33 dollars. Growth was just 0,3% but it was affected by elections and the census, otherwise, the growth would have been 1,7%, still low but better. Admissions since 2000 have grown 197%. Admission per capita has grown from 0,66 in 2006 to 1,58 in 2017. The future looks good, the younger segments of the population go more to the cinema, 64% say so in a poll, against just 12% of those aged over 60. There also a lot of room to grow, the biggest cinema chains right now cover just 68% of Chilean total population. Chile now has 68 cinemas and 424 screens. The big 3 chains have 385 screens and added 30 screens last year. Premium formats represented just 9,1% of the admissions.
  4. Yes, right now is outpacing every other Pixar movie and this weekend should at least stay flat, and will have huge weekdays for the next two weeks. If it follows the most similar comp, Toy Story 3, it will do 9,6M USD, second highest for Pixar after Coco (which was still on wide release just four months ago) with an outside chance of outgrossing it. Top ten of all time in admission is also locked.
  5. Weekend Placements: 1.-Hotel Transylvania 3 2.-Incredibles 2 3.-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4.-Ant-Man & the Wasp 5.-The First Purge No movement at all in the top five during the weekend. Ghostland landed at sixth and Muse: World Tour surprised at seventh. Hotel Transylvania 3 won obviously and grossed 1,2M USD according to Screen Daily. That's on the lower end of my expectations but in hindsight not that surprising considering the huge holdover business of I2 and JW:FK. Is still a great result, a franchise-best. Ant-Man and the Wasp dropped 40% per Deadline that would translate to a 400k USD gross. Very very good for a super hero. I'll wait to see if it is benefiting from Winter's Holidays or it was the regular holiday on Monday effect, but its prospects are looking better than on OW.
  6. Depends, in admissions maybe, in gross must be Toy Story 3, that has 134M USD. Coco is ~124M USD+ Central America. So Incredibles 2 is in a rather narrow range lol, will be #1 for sure.
  7. Just realized that Re-Loca is a remake of the chilean comedy "Sin Filtro". I'm so sorry for you... Anyway, can Incredibles 2 reach Toy Story 3?
  8. Increased in Latin America and decreased in Europe, the latter could be WC effect though. I'd say it is likely that it will outgross the second one
  9. salvador-232

    Hotel Transylvania 3 OS Thread

    Increased in Latin America and decreased in Europe. In Australia it already outgrossed the second one
  10. Actuals from last weekend 1 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom UPI $684,646 -45.4% 71 - $9,643 $4,586,144 3 2 Ant-Man and the Wasp Disney $675,422 - n/a - n/a $675,422 1 3 Incredibles 2 Disney $633,999 -37.6% n/a - n/a $5,854,807 4 4 The First Purge UPI $284,140 - 49 - $5,799 $284,140 1 8 Sicario: Day of the Soldado Sony $11,694 -81.9% 15 -30 $780 $110,348 2 - Avengers: Infinity War Disney $4,142 -59.9% n/a - n/a $14,588,720 11 Practically a tie in the top 3. Ugly drops for both JW:FK and I2 but Winter's Holidays are here to the rescue. Ant-Man and the Wasp had a somewhat disappointing opening, is still 34% higher than the original but is the lowest of phase 3 and second lowest since phase 2. With standard superhero legs should get to over/under 2M USD total which would be the worst since the original Ant-Man (and there is a ton of competition so legs could be worse than that) The first purge debuted with the best OW of the franchise, almost tripling the opening of the previous two purge movies and should easily outgross them. Sicario drop is just something else entirely, must be a record for worst hold. Infinity Wars is down to 1 screen, I will update the MCU grosses next week. In other news, Hotel Transylvania 3 debuted first as expected and is looking really good for +$1M USD. Ghostland debuted at seventh place.
  11. Just realized there was no OS thread for this: Come on people, this movie already opened. Hotel Transylvania: $210,062,555 OS Hotel Transylvania 2: $303,526,848 OS https://deadline.com/2018/07/hotel-transylvania-3-summer-vacation-australia-record-international-box-office-1202426326/ Offshore audiences are checking in to Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation as rollout expands this weekend. HT3 had already bowed in Australia on June 28 to capitalize on school breaks, and in its first 16 days of release has surpassed the total gross of HT2, setting a franchise record in the market. The Oz cume is $8.56M On Thursday, Russia led new play and opened with $1.4M and taking No. 1. It came in 180% higher than HT2‘s opening day. In Latin America, bows were No. 1 across the board. The film has performed 29% above HT2 for Sony’s biggest animated opening day and the 5th biggest Sony opening day of all time in the region. Mexico has HT3 on pace to be Sony Pictures’ second biggest debut behind Spider-Man: Homecoming with $1.4M in Thursday previews. In Brazil, the film has made $839K for best opening day of all time for a Sony animated film, almost three times bigger than HT2’s opening day. Argentina saw the best opening for a Sony Pictures title ever in the region and the 10th best opening in the country of all time. Should do very well in Latin America (Winter's Holidays + Animation = $$$$$) Don't know about the rest of the world but Russia and Australia look good.
  12. Hotel Transylvania 3 opens tomorrow, for the next two weekends all the country will be on Winter's Holidays Hotel Transylvania Franchise. Hotel Transylvania (2012): $514,660 OW | $2,446,823 Total | 4,75 Multiplier Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) $913,918 OW | $3,989,196 Total | 4,36 Multiplier Other Winter's Holidays animated openings: Minions (2015): $2,088,357 OW | $10,244,790 Total Despicable Me 2 (2013) $970,737 OW | $5,164,930 Total Cars 3 (2017) $1,040,714 OW | $3,212,962 Total Ice Age 5 (2016): $1,534,157 OW | $7,514,381 Total Winter's Holiday is every animated movie dream came true, as families rush to cinemas when kids are out of school. It means huge openings, huge holds (unless you are Cars 3) and huge weekdays. Hotel Transylvania 3 has a big marketing campaign and should be looking to at least 1,5M USD opening, and 2M isn't out of question (To put in perspective, multiply everything by 70 to have a rough estimated of equivalent domestic gross). The best thing is that the next weekend should have a minimal drop or even a slight increase. The other two films did great despite having opened in very bad months for box office so the potential is big. Incredibles 2 should also increase or stay flat the next two weekends and Jurassic World should also see benefits to a slightly lesser extent. As for Ant-man, there really isn't any other superhero movies that have opened before Winter's Holidays, but the ones that opened on them haven't benefited at all in terms of holds.
  13. salvador-232

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    It decreased in Brasil due to WC and it has a lot of competition, I don't know if it will recover.
  14. Weekend Placements: # Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1.- Ant-Man and the Wasp JW :FK JW :FK Incredibles 2 2.- JW :FK Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2 JW : FK 3.- Incredibles 2 Ant-Man and the Wasp Ant-Man and the Wasp Ant-Man and the Wasp 4.- The First Purge The First Purge The First Purge The First Purge 5.- Ocean's 8 Ocean's 8 Ocean's 8 Deadpool 2 6.- Deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Ocean's 8 After winning OD thanks to fan's rush, Ant-Man quickly fell behind JW and I2 and ended third. Given that both holdovers are very strong it still means that it probably increased from the first one and with premium formats, it should have a very decent gross. The First Purge debuted fouth and there was a battle for the first place between I2 and JW. Deadline said that Incredibles 2 dropped 38%. That's a rather ugly drop and I hope actuals are much better (likely since it won Sunday), but that drop would mean around 600K USD. Good thing is that next weekend Winter's Holidays start for all the country and should hold very well, tough Hotel Transylvania 3 opening could cause trouble. As noted, due to Winter's Holidays next weekend should be hilariously huge, could challenge IW opening weekend as the highest grossing of the year.
  15. Hotel Transylvania 3 opens in three days and the previous ones did both more than 10M USD

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