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  1. The Lion King FINAL presales, 2 days before release, 17% of the market. 119 showtimes for OD | 27637 seats available | 6865 tickets sold (+2484 in the last day) Pure insanity. A TS4 comp gives 6m USD OW.... That's probably not going to happen, but a Captain Marvel Comp gives 4m USD OW and Spiderman 2,9m OW. All presales I've Tracked (all of them 2 days before release) Avengers: Endgame: 46.843 (Estimated) The Lion King: 6865 Toy Story 4: 4030 Captain Marvel: 3964 Spiderman Far From Home: 3725 Detective Pikachu: 851 Shazam: 621 X-Men Dark Phoenix : 439 Alita Battle Angel: 225 Aladdin: 209
  2. The Lion King presales, 3 days before release, 17% of the market. 119 showtimes for OD | 27637 seats available | 4381 tickets sold. The Lion King already beats TS4 final presale by 8,7% and it will have a huge jump tomorrow. I think it should be more PS heavy than TS4 but at this stage an opening north of 3m USD is looking more than probable.
  3. South America opens on Thursday and as usual we'll have those numbers by friday. (For Argentina, Perú, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia)
  4. Top Weekend July 11h-14th Toy Story 4 Spider-Man Far from Home Secret Life of Pets 2 Anabelle 3 Aladdin Toy Story 4 held the top spot and dropped just 11% for a fourth weekend of 1,367m USD, exactly what it needed to remain on track to beat Endgame. Winter's Holidays are now in full force and weekdays will be huge in admissions. However, given that all the chains offer promotions over this period the average ticket price will continue to fall very quickly. I'm estimating that TS4 stands at ~2,1m admissions. It needs a sub-30 hold against The Lion King, if it manages that then the #1 all time spot will almost certainly go back to Pixar.
  5. August is like the worst release date imaginable for a family movie. Nobody has any money left for movies after Winter's Holidays
  6. Why it doesn't have a natural run? Because of the re-release thing? Well, we could compare original runs only but then I have some news to tell you...
  7. I don't know. But I just checked and the biggest chain now also has it as "animation" so it will be considered an animated movie here in Chile at least
  8. Well, it IS an animated movie, is CGI, but there's nothing "live action" . Interestingly enough, the movie chains are divided as well. The one that I track has it as animation while the biggest one has it as "adventure". I guess CAEM (the guys who do the yearly report on the BO) will have the final word when they do the classification next year.
  9. Chile in the last two years is even more insane. Since 2017 we have had Titanic (Coco) followed by Black Panther (Infinity War) followed by Endgame now followed by Force Awakens (Toy Story 4). #1 of all time is going to be broken for the fourth time in 2 years and the animated OW seems to be on track to be broken a third time just on this year.
  10. The Lion King presales, 6 before release, 17% of the market. 116 showtimes for OD | 27935 seats available | 2748 tickets sold. The Lion King is doubling the PS that TS4 had at the same time (However TS4 had only one week of presales) and is on track to easily have the best PS run outside Endgame. Considering it opens in the middle of Winter's Holidays it could possibly break TS4 animated OW record.
  11. Some of Last Weekend Actuals July 4-7th TW Movie Studio Weekend Gross Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week - Spider-Man: Far from Home Sony $1,607,648 - 216 - $7,443 $1,607,649 1 - Toy Story 4 Disney $1,537,852 -36.0% n/a - n/a $8,923,181 3 - The Secret Life of Pets 2 Andee $360,999 - 76 - $4,750 $438,933 1 - Aladdin (2019) Disney $18,715 -80.4% n/a - n/a $3,602,655 7 - Pain & Glory Focus $7,754 -50.0% 4 -4 $1,939 $53,286 3 - Men in Black International Sony $7,176 -76.6% 4 -17 $1,794 $541,494 4 - John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Sarava $1,103 -94.3% n/a - n/a $1,342,247 8 - Avengers: Endgame Disney $95 -99.1% n/a - n/a $18,518,857 11 Spider-Man FFH ended up debuting "just" 17% higher than Homecoming, narrowly edging out TS4 third weekend. While this is fairly underwhelming considering the presales, it seems to have been affected by football match on Saturday. Toy Story 4 fell 36% which is harsher than the 17% drop of the I2 on its third weekend but on this weekend of last year I2 fell 37% (TS4 opened a week later) and it didn't have a football match (which also affects TS4 given the broad appeal of the series). In admissions however, there was no contest. TS4 crushed Spiderman. The press is reporting a rather bizarre 6-day figures from Thursday to Tuesday but TS4 did 427k admissions against 285k for Spiderman FFH. Toy Story 4 until Tuesday had sold 1.792.000 tickets and it now enters the first weekend of nationwide Winter's Holiday + a holiday next Tuesday which will boost its weekdays by a great amount, all of that before TLK opens and with no new wide releases. Even giving the movie rather harsh drops from now on I still get to 3,15m admissions as a pesimist scenario which would be enough to beat Endgame. Nothing else of note, save for SLOP 2 which if it didn't have Winter's Holidays next door, its total would struggle to match the OW of the first one.
  12. Repeat after me: is ColOmbia with an O. in English and in Spanish but even more so when you are attempting to write in Spanish (I'm sorry but this is waaaaaaaaay to jarring. I can live seeing Columbia, not Columbiana, God )
  13. You want to see more insanity? The Lion King presales, 12 before release, 17% of the market. 116 showtimes for OD | 27935 seats available | 1156 tickets sold. The Lion King is outpacing Captain Marvel in term of presales (CM had sold 1095 tickets 8 days before release), its showtime and seat count are also very similar This is just getting ridiculous. We have a third potential 15m grosser when Chile had never had any before this year. I honestly can't see how 2020 could top this year.
  14. Spiderman will probably still win in gross, Comscore counts admissions. But is still really mindblowing considering that Thursday is always awful for family movies (and non-OD Thursdays even more so). BTW, Chile's second weekend is basically equal to Italy OW.
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