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  1. Loved it. Jenna and Jasmin ICONS!!!!! Tara's opening scene was just brutal and hard to watch and I think that's because she actually looks her age and not an actual adult playing a teenager but how the hell did some of these people survive? was she stabbing some of them with a dull knife because some of them got stabbed the fuck up and survived also Melissa wasn't my favorite but she has alot of potential from her obvious mental issues of viewing her father as some kind of guardian angel and how vicious she killed Ritchie
  2. Oh yeah The Celestials looked AMAZING from the design, the way the scenes were shot, the scale of them. Really makes you think about Galactus and Silver Surfer
  3. After watching this again I stand by my feelings that people clearly had an agenda against Chloe doing a comic book movie cuz it has issues but the first rotten MCU movie? HELL NO
  4. It pleases my heart to see an iconic franchise like Scream be reviewed like this. BOW DOWN slasher flicks
  5. Defenders is a huge waste of time. I recommend just finding a YouTube video that shows you clips or gives a detail rundown on the seasons story cuz wow what a letdown.
  6. It seems from several reactions that the main consensus is that the cast is great but the standouts are Jenna Ortega and Jasmin Savoy Brown
  7. Honestly at this point what punishment can you give Wanda she literally created an entire alternate reality, controlled a shit ton of people without even know she was doing it at one point, created a vision and 2 kids that were real but messed up because her spell was faulty. She's literally too powerful and she did all that without even really knowing the extent of her abilities
  8. I mean as we saw in the trailer so its not a spoiler Wanda's fingers are black like Agatha's who was using the darkhold...
  9. Wanda has literally always been morally questionable. She started off as a radical, aligned herself with Ultron, hexed Hulk knowing he could have killed innocent people, accidentally killed alot of people in Civil War, literally trapped an entire town in her grief hex and didn't even give them so much of a apology just flew away and allowed herself to get corrupted by the book of the damned after being warned about it. Wanda has a good heart but lets be real
  10. Its funny cuz I haven't seen anyone other then on here say they dont like Doctor Strange cuz of no way home if anything more people are excited for this movie cuz all the multiverse shenagans
  11. Oh yeah I remember you hyping this up when they screened Ghostbusters Afterlife or am I mistaken?
  12. Yeah kinda like how FFH wasn't the first billion dollar Spidey movie because Peter's ties to Iron Man and Endgame.
  13. Ned really had me in stitches throughout the lab screen when Tobey tells him about his best friend so Ned slowly approaches Tom all nervous and Tom looks at him like 😐
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