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  1. I honestly love all Toy Story's but I never understood the alot of the praise for Toy Story 2 at all
  2. Dark Phoenix is out here making Marvel look all types of bad I swear this was a Fox's plan from the start how dare they give us such a fucking dud after our 2 back to back billion gross films
  3. Yeah there's nothing like the Tupac vs Biggie or Jay Z vs Nas then again those usually end in death or a shoot out so homophobia for the win.... i guess?
  4. Another Pixar masterpiece and Keanu once again making it known hes THAT bitch. a Win/Win
  5. Is that really fair comparison though? we all know CM audience was heavily manipulated I mean Captain Marvel literally has more user ratings than both Infinity War & Endgame
  6. If im not mistaken that's the golden eagle armor and it looks great. Not crazy about the poster itself but the costume is ace
  7. Yeah I know the way they completely trashed Logan and Deadpool was absolutely fucking disgraceful
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