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  1. I honestly love all Toy Story's but I never understood the alot of the praise for Toy Story 2 at all
  2. phew people really had the highest of all high hopes for Pikachu's box office. The nerve for it to have such an average box office run
  3. Dark Phoenix is out here making Marvel look all types of bad I swear this was a Fox's plan from the start how dare they give us such a fucking dud after our 2 back to back billion gross films
  4. Yeah there's nothing like the Tupac vs Biggie or Jay Z vs Nas then again those usually end in death or a shoot out so homophobia for the win.... i guess?
  5. Another Pixar masterpiece and Keanu once again making it known hes THAT bitch. a Win/Win
  6. Is that really fair comparison though? we all know CM audience was heavily manipulated I mean Captain Marvel literally has more user ratings than both Infinity War & Endgame
  7. If im not mistaken that's the golden eagle armor and it looks great. Not crazy about the poster itself but the costume is ace
  8. Yeah I know the way they completely trashed Logan and Deadpool was absolutely fucking disgraceful
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