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  1. BvS made 81M Friday. Do you think Justice League could make over 100M Friday?
  2. Warner bros is my favourite studio, but they seem to be tripping latley.
  3. 1.15M good or no?
  4. I would say marketing has been about the same, but then again I live the middle if nowhere so they arn't exactly geared to my area.
  5. Tarzan didn't have good reviews either and also had lots of negative articles about it. I would say Charlie Hunam is about the same draw when it comes to the ladies. Remember when people thought kong would open with 35M. Its still possible, just not plausable.
  6. I honestly did not think anyone would not like the movie. Think it will end up at 70-80% RT.
  7. That was lionsgate. They're a bit special.
  8. Warner bros wouldn't have 200 test screenings if they thought the movie sucked.
  9. I wouldn't be mad, but thats not happening with the monster that is GOTG Vol 2 coming out a week before it.

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