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  1. Truuue!! Thor was crazy!!! Best spoof movie of the year!!!! I'm not impressed it is breaking records for the genre. Scary Movie is going down this weekend. 21st Century Fox who?? Congratulations to Disney for this big innovation.
  2. Marvel really is awesome in numbers, if it were not Guardians of the Galaxy 2, they would have a great year here, but they still had a good year. I just watched Thor 3. One of the best films of its kind. No wonder it's making big numbers. Thor 3 OW $ 8.1m A Haunted House $ 4,900,047 Scary Movie 2 $ 3,436,552 Scary Movie 4 $ 3,338,442 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me $ 1,222,090 Date Movie $ 770,564 Austin Powers in Goldmember $ 342,430 All are total numbers I know some here will say that it would be better
  3. A mainstream ""horror"" movie doing better commercially than an artistic sci-fi movie? Wooow. It's more than impressive, it's SHOCKING!!!
  4. WW above $2m in second weekend. What a great increase!
  5. Blade Runner didn't have a national holiday on OD to boost it. Also, friday was a non workday in many places here, schools were closed and friday the 13th helped HDD. With these advantages, Blade Runner would open with $3m+ here.
  6. comScore Movies BRA @cSMoviesBrazil· 19 h TOP10 PicaPau/ MorteTeDaParabens/ AvCapCueca/ BladeRunner2049/ ComoSeTornarPiorAlunoEscola/ It/ Kingsman/ MyLittlePony/ Mãe/ LegoNinjago Friday the 13th and even so HDD wasn't able to take the top from WW. Really disappointing. @Fullbuster was right.
  7. Both are YA movies of science fiction with horror elements from Fox (MR2 has zombies). I think that NM is going to be somewhat frontloaded as any movie in X-men franchise (and because of the Friday 13th), sadly, so I compared it with the MR sequel ($30m/$82m/$231m/$313m), a great number btw. Well, not sure still, but this is what I see for now.
  8. 28 hours after release = YouTube - 4m+ 25k likes/3k dislikes Pretty good I see Maze Runner 2 numbers for now
  9. Thursday was children day here. I don’t know about your country, but here in Brazil, it’s not a tradition taking kids to a scary movie.
  10. First reviews for PA3 came out on september 29th. The movie was released on october 21st
  11. How the hell GOTG2 is “mostly” a Sci-fi, if the main focus is not on the science aspect, but in the action and adventure? Are you thinking that Guardians has the same equivalence of the brain Sci-Fi present in Interstellar and Blade Runner? Give me a break. Do u mean this movie had weak legs because it has Sci-fi elements? Avatar, Thor 2, Dawn of the planet of the apes, Jurassic World, X Dofp... All had amazing or great legs with big competition here.
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