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  1. From Cameron's recent comments, I'm actually really excited about Avatar 4! https://www.cinemablend.com/movies/james-cameron-reveals-how-much-of-avatar-3-and-4-has-already-filmed
  2. Temple of Doom NeverEnding Story Karate Kid
  3. Dune. Also, one of the best movies this millennium.
  4. A Perfectly cast, coupled with stellar acting. Everything else was top-notch as well, from the choreography to cinematography. West Side Story is an excellent example of why remakes are not always bad things and can even represent new or better takes on the source material. Another feather in Spielberg's cap.
  5. I kept asking myself what is this movie about? What’s the end goal here (beyond reuniting Trinity and Neo)? What’s at stake? It felt very much like a stage setter for a trilogy. The film had little weight on its own. Also, the script relied too heavily on the mythos and grandeur of the original. Not to mention the greatest hits cameos, flashbacks, and slow-mo action scenes. It was way too meta (even controlling for the fact they purposely went meta). The first trilogy was used as a crutch time and time again. Unfortunately most Wachowski movies are subpar. They hit paydirt with The Matrix. I’m
  6. I didn't realize Tom Holland and Zendaya, Andrew Garfield dated his co-star Emma Stone, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst all dated each other. LOL
  7. I cannot wait for this. Bring it! How fortuitous for Avatar to be delayed so much that it potentially skips the worst of the pandemic.
  8. I really hope this is it for Holland. I don't want him sullied by any Sony projects. He should go out on top. He's up there with Tobey as the best to ever done the outfit.
  9. Spidey will get nominations for the sound categories, VFX, maybe editing. Mayyyyyybe soundtrack
  10. I don’t think inflation has affected movie ticket prices too much right? This is likely a legit $250m+ OW.
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