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  1. He speaks!? I used to get random likes from you. Looks at post count...you talk quite a bit. lol I should have checked to see if you chat and converse, in addition to the stealth likes. :-)
  2. I almost didn’t do it because Top 100 sounds overwhelming (even if there are caveats in the small print that smaller lists are acceptable). Top 20 is not ideal from a ranking perspective but way more manageable. Perhaps Top 50 is the sweet spot...
  3. Masks and hand sanitizers .... Tenet is not changing its July release date.
  4. I don't think the Tenet release date should move. I live in a tri-state area with each district featuring different reopening plans. I'm seeing momentum here and elsewhere, based on what I'm hearing, toward businesses opening up (even in states still under Phase 0). The unspoken policy in those most restrictive states seems to be "you can open your establishment so long as everyone wears masks" There's definitely pressure building and the dominoes will fall in NJ/NY and elsewhere, for theaters and related establishments well before July
  5. The problem of half empty theaters for the boxoffice is mitigated somewhat by the lack of competition. Tenet and Mulan will have more showtimes to itself. At least for now. I can see more announcements in June of films moving up their release dates to July and August. Christopher Nolan is the Elon Musk of film.
  6. Other movies will follow suit as Tenet approaches and it looks like 2000+ theaters will be open by the Tenet release date. Expect a busy August at the theaters. This will be Nolan’s boldest move yet. There will either have a captive audience or the film will flail at the boxoffice. I think he’s going to nail this. Most states are planning phased reopenings for May. By July theaters will be part of the Phase 2-3s. I’m excited to see Tenet in theaters. Go Nolan!
  7. Are we sure releasing another Purge movie is a good move right now? 😋
  8. I’m certain we will see a number of smaller theaters reopen sooner than later. There are varying degrees of self-quarantining depending on where you are in the country. There’s a push I feel, in many parts, to get back to normal while taking precautions. I say this without passing any judgment. You are right, the major chains due to the lack of a major product will stay shuttered but by the end of May I predict we’ll see a number of smaller theaters operating. It might be only classics they’re playing.
  9. Good point but that would apply to the big chains. We have individual theaters who are playing movies like Back to the Future.
  10. 83 million Americans live in states where movie theaters could theoretically reopen (likely with reduced seating). Could this mark a partial return of the US boxoffice?
  11. Indeed! I have fond memories of seeing Last Crusade and Batman promos back to back. Honey I Shrunk the Kids was another good one, as were Short Circuit, Cocoon and Awakenings. The trailers back then may seem underwhelming for the 40 and under crowd today, but at the time they were great. 🙂
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