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  1. I feel a lot better after reading your post. If it’s a continuation of Unbreakable then I am all in. I plan to see it tonight. We Unbreakable Fanatics are a small group. Smaller than the Unbreakable fan base. Glass was marketed like a mainstream tent pole. It is not. You are either chemically, psychologically, hormonally, whatever - oriented toward what Unbreakable was trying to accomplish or you are not.
  2. This will be a guilty pleasure. Don’t think too hard when watching John Wick movies. Just enjoy the center axis relock shooting.
  3. Ugh! When is Regal going to come out with a ‘moviepass’? I’ve been spoiled after having MoviePass for so long (recently cancelled).
  4. lilmac

    Movies you're surprised dont have another sequel

    I don’t think the Passion of the Christ sequel is happening. There was talk of it but I’d be surprised given the raft of quasi sequels which have come out (Acts, etc.)
  5. Good to see that Hart can still headline a film. Loved Intouchables. Not surprised a remake would do well. The story translates so well.
  6. TV spots and trailers everywhere I turn. Annoying for someone like me who is trying to avoid them! ☺️
  7. My trust in Warner Brother is ever so slowly coming back. Wonder Woman was good, Aquaman was ok. More than I can say for what came before. Hoping Birds of Prey and WW1984 continue the trend. They should just forgo any Justice League 2 plans tbh
  8. AFAIK there isn’t a Star Wars release in 2020. That December is relatively wide open.
  9. Is this considered part of Phase 4?
  10. I don't think many Cowboys fans expected to make the playoffs let alone win a game.
  11. When do you think we'll see the first teaser? Before Episode IX? Super Bowl in February 2020? I hope it's epic, like the Lord of the Rings teaser.
  12. Buzz is really building. Take us into Phase 4 Miss Marvel!
  13. lilmac

    The Lost World 1997

    This was the first wowser! moment for me. Even more so than Independence Day the year before. The Lost Word's OW and incredible Sunday boxoffice. 😮 It will always be remembered. Very underrated boxoffice performance. For its time, that OW was the equivalent of Spiderman, Avengers and The Force Awakens. @Christmas baumer What constitutes 'classic' 5 years? 10? Longer?
  14. Easy to forget how awesome Apollo 13's run was.

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