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  1. Captain Marvel for sure. Lion King (lack of originality) and Toy Story 4 (ranks 3rd in the franchise). I enjoyed all these films but felt they were overrated.
  2. Good Variety article. It will be interesting to see if a precedent is set and studios start masking boxoffice returns.
  3. According to recent reports, that $20M “OW” for Tenet was more than just the four day weekend, which was closer to $12M. I don’t see how Bond or WW release this year. Even if Bond films make most of its money overseas.
  4. The likelihood of a critical mass getting inoculated by mid-2021 is slim (assuming there is a vaccine by the end of the year). The 2021 boxoffice is in jeopardy as well. Studios are going to gave to look long and hard at their 2021 tentpoles, especially those delayed to 2021. We could see most people seeing the major blockbusters only via SVOD.
  5. On the topic of the film, I’ll reserve final judgment when I can see it again but with subtitles. Dialogue was drowned out or garbled several times. Reminds me of the issues with Bane in TDKR.
  6. With only 32% seating capacity in NA, Tenet’s domestic OW is roughly equivalent to ~$60m. It’s a good gross actually
  7. WB could release WW1984 and send it to SVOD 14 days later (while still showing the film on the big screen). Whoever wants to see it in theaters can while audiences also have the option of streaming.
  8. I can’t wait. I will be going to the theaters for the first time in several months to see Tenet (IMAX) in the States. My local theater has done a good job in implementing safety measures. If I’m wearing a mask, gloves and I’m distanced from others, there is low risk.
  9. Enjoyed the trailer. I think it could really work as a PVOD. @Barnack @baumer - thoughts? baumer - nearing the 20 year mark. 🙂 wish we had a History of the Forum. I would love to contribute to the collaborative wiki-like effort.
  10. Do you believe theaters, writ large, will be at enough seating capacity by Feb 2021? Somewhat related - if theaters are at say, 40% capacity due to seating restrictions I don’t know whether it makes more financial cents...I mean sense...to delay releases until a full return to normalcy or say “screw it, let’s see what we get from theaters and go PVOD.”
  11. Agreed. The Mulan model works if it helps Disney bring in more revenue than it spent to make Mulan.
  12. It will take months to disseminate a vaccine, assuming one comes by this winter. Even April/May 2021 is not looking good from a boxoffice perspective. Theaters will still see limited capacity IMO. Best for BW to push out even further or use the Mulan+ model if it works.
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