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  1. The first two Bad Boys has good multipliers. Would not be surprised if BB3Life passes $200m PS: They should have saved this title for the fourth film. 🙂
  2. American here. Will I need subtitles? 😉 I forget whether it was Lock Stock or Snatch but subtitles would have helped for one or two of the characters. Still enjoyed both films and looking forward to this one. I just checked his filmography and he's currently filming another movie, it's called Cash Truck. Back to back to back. Why the rapid pace Guy? 😊
  3. First impressions are nearly always ecstatic. I have faith in Denis though. It's going to be both epic and well made. I love everything he's done. Plus, Hans Zimmer is composing. Score (pun intended)! My concern, and I've voiced this before, is whether the IP will resonate with general audiences. If it does appeal then it also helps that the 18th, Christmas and New Years Day fall on Fridays.
  4. Adding to your point, the men are evil slant is fine...there's an audience for it. It just won't do well at the boxoffice. I don't know if that's what this is but my over/under is 3 on the number of men getting kneed in the groin.
  5. My estimates for final domestic 1917 $130,275,521 Jumanji: The Next Level $301,818,781 Star Wars: The Rise o… $510,396,690 Little Women $118,262,105 Just Mercy $33,455,814 Knives Out $164,796,039 Like a Boss $23,843,588 Frozen II $476,593,219 Underwater $21,138,750 Spies in Disguise $64,068,617
  6. No Sony.....Disney brought us the last 2 Spiderman movies given their creative role 😁
  7. This is why I avoid trailers. 😜
  8. Some of the best car chase's I've ever seen. In a real life car chase you'd see carnage but rarely do we get that in movies. Bay did a good job of heightening the realism. Chemistry among the cast was decent as was the humor. Yet, it took me 3 attempts to get through the film. Plot was generic and there wasn't much weight behind the glossy cinematography.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed my first viewing. So much that I plan to see it again...on IMAX. Loved the lead actors Surprised at the early death Very tense at times Shoo-in for Oscar nominations, especially in the Sound department
  10. The major trades and what I’m hearing suggest ‘second unit’ equalled fight scenes + him coming in to do additional action scenes. I’m sold. Anything he’s involved in I want to see.
  11. I just found out Chad Stahelski was brought in to beef up the action scenes. 3-4 weeks worth of reshoots. Yikes. This is great news since John Wick 1,2 and 3 proved he is the best working action director.
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