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  1. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/boxofficemojo.com You can see the decline in traffic counts for Mojo. TheNumbers still has a long ways to go in terms of usability but it's making steps in the right direction.
  2. So sad. Like Mr Rogers, Big Bird babysat generations of kids.
  3. Hope the budget is reasonable because this looks like it is going to crater...hard. Nobody is going to watch two hours of men getting shot in the crotch. These overt ‘empowerment’ movies usually fail. I hope I’m wrong because 1) Margot Robbie is a fantastic actress and 2) I am wishing the best for DC adaptations.
  4. She did something similar in another recent film of hers. Don’t want to give it away. I was shocked. True chameleon.
  5. Free Guy trailer looks good. I worry though about Ryan Reynolds getting typecast as a Daredevil like actor. Although I think that’s his real personality. Lol
  6. Hype definitely appears to be muted. The Christmas season will leg it to $250m DOM
  7. My faves: Last of Us Mario 64 Ocarina Goldeneye Mario Kart 007 Red Dead Redemption GTA 5 Mario Odyssey
  8. Wow, some of these predictions are 2x what I thought this film would make. I'll stick with my domestic prediction of $65m. Christmas legs should definitely help.
  9. Made $600m WW, I'm surprised it took 7 years for a sequel to get made.
  10. Will Smith disappears for a year or two at a time and now he has 4 movies released in a 12 month period. 😄
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