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  1. Maybe to improve a scene or make the ending more epic, or whatever else...
  2. lilmac

    Disney/Fox merger thread

    Looks like Disney will be porting over the fewer-and-bigger release model to Fox. What’s unclear to me is whether there will even be movies from Fox.
  3. I guess we are not getting May 2007 this year - multiple $100m openers.
  4. lilmac

    Us (2019)

    Not threatened. Annoyed by blatant Hollywood liberal ‘soapboxing’. Same reaction if LOTR was remade in 2019 with the leads being racially diverse for PC reasons.
  6. In reference to the above... Let me preface that I love the idea of female power....yea! I have daughters so I'm personally invested... It's just annoying when I see current events/progressive ideals infiltrating movies. Now EVERYTHING seems to be either female-centric, or the females are perfect in every way and make all the right decisions (which isn't close to reality). Again, love the idea of equality just don't want to see 'preaching' in my movies. Make sense?
  7. I can't believe this universe/franchise is happening. haha. Pleasantly surprised by the CGI in Kong: Skull island. The 2014 and 1998 Godzilla movies though had him (and associated monsters) shrouded in rain or fog or smoke. For the love of 2019 FX technology, can we finally see him in action in brightly lit 4K goodness??
  8. Worried about the mainstream appeal of this film but hope they're not cutting corners.
  9. James Gunn will unite the MCU and DCEU fanbases by directing a film from both franchises. Suicide Squad 2 and GOTG 3.

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