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  1. I’m seeing news reports predicting herd immunity in the States by late April (immunity + vaccinations). If true then this fall could see a market much more amenable to big theatrical releases by tentpole feature films. One ouldn’t be surprised if Eternals gets a theatrical release from November through Christmas/New Years, before Disney+. I also support a premium rate for high profile new films like BW, Eternals, Spiderman. These productions need to recoup their costs.
  2. The Croods: A New Age joins Home Alone, Tootsie, Beverly Hills Cop, Titanic, and ET as the only film to land at #1 in its 12th weekend. 🤣
  3. I just saw the Locked Down trailer and enjoyed it, only to discover that Liman has another movie due out this year (Chaos Walking). It's refreshing to see quality feature movies still coming out. The streaming originals leave much to be desired.
  4. Love the posts and the various trips down memory lane. I've been active on boxoffice forums since the 90s (and even began use of the term "multiplier" within the context of the boxoffice about 22 yrs ago). Witnessed quite a few paradigm shifts. My favorite boxoffice runs are: Titanic Avatar MBFGW Force Awakens Sixth Sense Endgame Not a surprising list but chock full of great memories of tracking and discussing the B.O. runs in real time.
  5. I hope studios are using this time to fortify scripts and story arcs. I'm hoping the next crop of Bond movies have strong scripts ready to go and we get post-Craig films every 2 years like the old days.
  6. Two questions: Are you Chippy? Is the Derby link nonexistent or is it just my browser?
  7. doesn't mean anything now that I see the premise/synopsis. Disregard.
  8. Likely more than they would have gotten if their backend compensation was based solely on boxoffice returns amid a pandemic. I didn't care for WW84 but I loved Wonder Woman so on the strength of that film alone they should get paid...
  9. My vote is WB, even with the HBO Max strategy.
  10. 1983 - 1962 = 21 years for Connery as Bond (including the unsanctioned Never Say Never Again) 2021 - 2006 = 15 years for Craig as Bond 1973 - 1985 = 12 years for Moore as Bond
  11. Per the WSJ, Patty Jenkins will get $13M and Gal Gadot will receive $15M in renegotiated deals with WB. Good for them!
  12. It's a traditional story. Eventually the strain of agenda-laced story/plotlines will infect Pixar but we were bought time. More importantly, will Luka be watching Luca?
  13. Place your predictions. It's going to be another unconventional year with record low box-office grosses. With that said, one studio has to win the (diminished) Yearly Boxoffice crown. Which will it be? Sony, Lionsgate, Disney, Paramount, WB, Universal, MGM?
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