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  1. I have Spy, Equalizer and Mama Mia coming in very close to each other. $5.4m
  2. All about awareness. I come here but also frequent the World of KJ forums as well (BOT and WKJ have a shared history...long story) and we are trying to reinvigorate traffic there. First step is Marketing. More people need to know who are. It helps to have a KNOWN person tweeting about you. Shawn founded these forums and he is the main interviewee in that article. That’s likely why we were mentioned. There is better boxoffice prognostication here than anywhere else online besides WKJ (they are slightly better) and people need to come here than Deadline or Variety. That’s hard to do when it’s a forum and not an easy to skim article. As an aside, I love how Shawn refers to us sometimes in his weekend roll ups on boxoffice pro
  3. I’ve said this before - this movie has the real potential to breakout. Might even reach the teens this weekend or come close. There’s buzz that doesn’t necessarily get picked up by mainstream media. Thoughts?
  4. Good to see us mentioned in this article: https://www.theringer.com/movies/2018/8/2/17641822/box-office-reporting-mojo-the-numbers-marvel-star-wars good insight into the role comscore has in tallying up the boxoffice receipts.
  5. Coincidentally Bill Murray (best part of Zombieland) is in a zombie comedy that’s currently shooting, a film directed by Jim Jarmusch.
  6. Bill Simmons podcast on The Ringer has a great interview with the director. Still not my cup of tea but I can see this surprising folks. $17-$20m OW is not out of the question.
  7. Wow. Didn’t know production had even started. This is in the same universe as Skull Island, correct?
  8. I feel like the Rock is becoming oversaturated. He should take it easy and be more selective with his projects.
  9. Hmmm but it is still a 50% chance for each individual, no matter where they are to disappear. The chances that all 3 will be part of that 3.721 billion is 1/8.
  10. JJ loves to rehash (not a criticism) so I’m surprised he’s not in it (I assume any Luke Force Ghost would be bearded, because....) The Lando announcement makes sense for JJ though.
  11. Me too. I was blown away by the audacity of what Rian accomplished. Kudos to Kathleen for allowing it. I saw it 10x. I hope he gets to make his trilogy.
  12. lilmac

    Monday's Numbers

    Black Panthers long slog to the next milestone reminds me of Vanilla Sky. Greatest Showman. Hahaha. I’d love for it to stay in theaters until week 52. Also, 11 more weeks and it’ll match Titanic. Do it! $210m is more than enough to justify a 3rd Ant Man film. You have a successful sub-franchise. Close it out with a trilogy. Guaranteed money. The biggest issue by then will be where to schedule it in among stablemates like Disney live-action, Disney animation, Pixar, Indy 5, Star Wars TBD, other MCU films, Fox Marvel, Avatar, and other Fox tentpoles.
  13. What did you think of the last credit scene with the ant? :)
  14. A credit to the MCU in that what is probably my least favorite MCU film (Ant Man and the Wasp) was still enjoyable and one that I would recommend. B

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