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  1. Thread where we can chat about production budgets for current and upcoming movies. Best sources for budgets are the trade papers VARIETY and THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, plus the L.A. Times and BOM and IMDB and SBD (complete access). As an aside, Aaron Sorkin appeared on the The Rewatchables podcast and he had an interesting tidbit on production budgets (30 min mark). I'm paraphrasing... There is no net with respect to whatever percent of the net you're promised. Studios will often charge to your movie development funds spent on movies they didn't make. Not to mention marketing/prints. A Few Good Men cost $41m to make, made over $500m (including rentals) but hasn't shown a profit. He recounts how Bill Goldman, writer for (the profitable) All the Presidents Men, told a story about how each year after the film's release, Warner Bros writes him a letter stating how the movie hasn't realized a profit. The 14th year, he gets a very small check, the 15th year, the movie somehow goes back into the red!
  2. My top 20 1 Batman 2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 3 All Dogs Go to Heaven 4 Back to the Future Part II 5 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 6 Look Who's Talking 7 Glory 8 My Left Foot 9 Driving Miss Daisy 10 Lean on Me 11 The Little Mermaid 12 The Abyss 13 Born on the Fourth of July 14 Lethal Weapon 2 15 Field of Dreams 16 Do the Right Thing 17 Dead Poets Society 18 Turner & Hooch 19 Always 20 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  3. Stick this on Hulu and be done with it.
  4. Probably my least favorite mainstream QT film (outside of Planet Terror) but glad to see it is doing well.
  5. American here. I don’t want to read subtitles or see dubbed films when plenty of options I enjoy are in English Also, I’ll watch foreign language movies if there is Oscar buzz or some hype around them.
  6. Doris Claiborne (Nighty night!)
  7. Far and Away I keep having to say the alphabet aloud.
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