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  1. Every early screening seems to have this reaction. Lol. That these ‘leaks’ are part of studio marketing campaigns is becoming more and more obvious.
  2. Agreed, especially since JC and Jumanji 2 look to have similarities.
  3. Halloween (2018) 1 $76.50M A Star is Born 3 $19.30M Venom 3 $18.90M First Man 2 $10.30M Goosebumps 2 2 $10.00M
  4. lilmac

    Man of Steel (2013)

    The Man of Steel trailer remains one of the best of all time. The Zimmer score really made the trailer.
  5. ASIB could end up within $20m of Venom’s final gross despite the latter having a $35 million lead out the starting gates
  6. Kinda hoping the flag backlash is seen as contributing to the First Man underperformance Didn’t like what I was hearing about the omissions and downplaying of the American angle. Don’t want that to be a habit and now I don’t think it will be.
  7. Here we go again with Disney (AWIT and $100m, BP and $700m, Incredibles 2 and $600m) - will or won't Christopher Robin get to $100m...that is the question.
  8. Thank you @Blankments for the random like. Hahaha @Slambros I like your list especially the top one there My regrets (forgot to include these): Watership Down Rescuers Rescuers Down Under Secret of Nimh All Dogs go to Heaven Gullivers Travels (1939) Bambi
  9. Hey guys! Don’t forget Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. 🙂 1 Prince of Egypt 2 Lion King 3 Mask of the Phantasm 4 Spirited Away 5 Princess Mononoke 6 Howl's Moving Castle 7 Kiki's Delivery Service 8 Ponyo 9 Toy Story 3 10 Toy Story 2 11 Toy Story 12 Finding Nemo 13 Monster's Inc. 14 Incredibles 15 Incredibles 2 16 Shrek 2 17 Finding Dory 18 Wall-E 19 Up 20 Iron Giant 21 Inside Out 22 Shrek 23 Coco 24 Little Mermaid 25 Beauty and the Beast 26 Aladdin 27 Ratatouille 28 American Tail 29 Frozen 30 Despicable Me 31 My Neighbor Totoro 32 Zootopia 33 Lego Movie 34 The Wind Rises 35 Moana 36 Shaun the Sheep Movie 37 Wreck it Ralph 38 Kung Fu Panda 39 Minions 40 Sword in the Stone
  10. Felt like the trailer gave so much away, particularly the dynamic between Lisbeth and the other female lead. Also, in the scene where the abusive husband gets his legs caught in the noose, I kept asking myself how she knew he would stand in the right spot. Lol. Movie looks great. Again, I hope the trailer I saw is not giving too much away.
  11. Cage is such a punchline nowadays that I hope this film goes well for him (boxoffice, buzz).

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