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  1. I’m late for this but IMO the classical soundtracks should be considered in these rankings as their own thing. Besides the John Williams scores, the Shadows of the Empire and Mandalorian soundtracks are amazing.
  2. The most fun was tracking Titanic's historic run in 1997 on the old Time Inc. Pathfinder box-office forum. I believe I've mentioned it before. Happy to share those stories. Avatar, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sixth Sense, Endgame, TFA were other great experiences (BOM and BOT forums). But it was Titanic that was a ride for the ages.
  3. They could delay or make a profit via PVOD. My point is that limited boxoffice success + PVOD = path to breaking even
  4. Thanks. Let’s say Bond scores 80-90% on RT. There’s good buzz. It does $300M worldwide. Probably half of what it needs to break even. Could we see 10 million willing to pay $30 USD equivalent worldwide to stream it from their homes? Absolutely.
  5. Definitely a nostalgia trip. Baumer and I were the most active members on BOM in 2002 and have lots of stories from this era. My boxoffice forum experiences go back to the mid to late 1990s. There was one movie discussion site in particular which had a boxoffice thread. Happy to share Titanic, Lost World, MBFGW, TPM, etc reaction stories to anyone interested. I really appreciate these year to year deep dives. Thanks for your hard work! ————————- Vote Trump 2020
  6. What about Ben Affleck? Tom Holland? Kidding. I really miss the early Sean Connery Bond. I would have been ok with Fassbender or Stringer Bell 10 years ago but please, not Cavill. Even 2021 will be rocky for the boxoffice. Could be one of the lower grossing Bond films when it ultimately releases. —————————- Vote Trump 2020
  7. That right there exemplifies 2020. I think $300m WW for Tenet is a win all things considering. ———————— Vote Trump 2020
  8. Universal really put themselves in a corner. I wonder if their revenue sharing agreement with AMC applies to PVOD on Peacock or just standalone On-Demand. ———————— Vote Trump 2020
  9. If we are not back to normal until late 2021 studios in the interim will have to make hard choices on what to do with their tentpoles. That could accelerate the consolidation of theaters to the big players (that’s if Chapter 13 allows them to survive long enough). It’s dire indeed. Assuming there is a vaccine by say, December it will take months to get a critical mass inoculated and that’s if people are comfortable with the antidote. The plus side is the fact that Tenet made *any* money in theaters bodes well for the films that have broader mass appeal. I could see Fast and Furious cracking $500m at the boxoffice. —————- Vote Trump 2020
  10. I was really rooting for Quibi. Huge fan of Katzenberg since his Disney days. I enjoyed The Most Dangerous game but they needed 10 more shows I liked to sustain my subscription. Enjoyed the model although I know others that were frustrated because you couldn’t view the entire film at once (a key feature of their model). Perhaps MoviePass can acquire them. 🙂 ———- Vote Trump 2020
  11. If even Batman got infected, just imagine how many people have gotten COVID and don’t realize it!
  12. I always enjoy your boxoffice break even dissections. I consider Tenet a success given the alternative ( $0 or a untenable year delay). With ancillary revenues it might get close. Unfortunately for Tenet a lot of the advertising revenue had been spent, raising its overhead.
  13. Captain Marvel for sure. Lion King (lack of originality) and Toy Story 4 (ranks 3rd in the franchise). I enjoyed all these films but felt they were overrated.
  14. Good Variety article. It will be interesting to see if a precedent is set and studios start masking boxoffice returns.
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