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  1. Ghostbusters was the first film I remember seeing in a theater (drive through). Good memories.
  2. Thanks. Has the veil been lifted somewhat on how subscription/streaming plays into determining profitability?
  3. @Barnack has the calculus changed since the pandemic as far as studio/theater revenue breakdowns?
  4. What did Safin have against Bond? Madeline I get due to her Mr. White/Spectre connection. What did he have against Bond, the man who put Blofeld away?
  5. Two questions: 1. we have someone with a similar name on WOKJ. Same person? 2. And are you like rth? Someone with early exhibitor tracking access… I was a high volume poster in the early 2000s (BOM boards). More of a lurker now so excuse the ignorance. 🙂
  6. It’s so good to see your posts buddy. Not sure if you remember but we go back almost 20 years (BOM forums). We had a contest, closely watched by all, for first to 1000 posts. Lol. This was June-August 2002 timeframe.
  7. The James Bond franchise is rejoicing at these numbers. I wonder how it will affect ScarJo and Russo Brothers (Secret Wars movie) negotiations
  8. ShangChi opening day was 25% lower than BLACK WIDOW’s. Their Saturdays were even and SHANG-CHI’s Sunday looks to be around 24% higher. Premium Access kills repeat ticket sales. SHANG-CHI will absolutely outgross Black Widow overall.
  9. As an avid Netflix DVD service subscriber I hope Netflix will transition to blu rays with no increase in price.
  10. I want this to do well. Hoping the boxoffice is back for good by then. No Mu or Omega variants please, God.
  11. B-/C+ This is what Black Panther could have been without the sure direction of Coogler. Pros -Awkwafina -creature and world design -Mandarin’s scenes (although I didn’t like that he felt he needed to apologize for IM3) -Lucy Liu Cons -tired female trope (coed fights are so predictable in that the female always wins, their characters are also invariably nobler, man=bad) - confusing fight scenes at times and for me martial arts scenes can be repetitive -disjointed and confusing climactic scene of him fighting the Final dragon Bo
  12. I hope there's a way for Holland to opt out of any non-MCU Spidey cameos or films. He's the best Peter Parker we've ever had and I'd hate for him to have to appear in Sony led films.
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