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  1. If Kong: Skull Island can outgross Pikachu then of course this can - and probably will. In.
  2. Love love love the world building in part 2. Hope they instill some realism and have it be more grounded (like really, everyone in NYC is an assassin?). Looking forward to the latest installment out of this surprise franchise.
  3. Rodney Hood may be out for an extended period of time. Add to the fact that Durant May be returning in time for Game 2. Doesn’t bode well for the Blazers.
  4. Haddish is at risk of over exposure if she’s not careful, though I understand the urgency of taking advantage of the opportunities while the iron is hot. Especially for minority actors. It’s a balancing act.
  5. How is this ‘franchise’ getting financed? There isn’t even an ironic fanbase built in to justify.
  6. More like top 5 EndGame Skywalker IX Lion King Toy Story 4 Captain Marvel ..the question is, what will be the top non Disney movie (a game we will playing in coming years)? IT: Chapter 2?
  7. Early film reactions are very positive. Now granted they usually trend positive.
  8. Great news for Pikachu. It will beat the 1999 Pokémon film ($152m adjusted) to be the number two video game adaption of all time. Two out of the top 3 video game adaptations are Pokémon movies (adj.) Who knew?! Endgame will settle snuggly in the #2 spot on the all time list. Will likely beat Avatar’s admissions.
  9. Very meh June. Toy Story 4...I guess
  10. Feels like the second round (West and East conferences) will be the highlight of the playoffs. But who knows, maybe a Warriors/Nuggets or Warriors/Bucks series will turn out to be super exciting.
  11. First film to evoke mainstream lighthearted goodwill from a super hero movie since perhaps Superman(1978). Loved seeing the flag at the very end. Really helped fuel the superhero movie revolution. But yea, that OW was jaw dropping.
  12. It's 4th - 7th weekend records have stood for 10 years and will last for quite awhile more It's 11 weekends above $13m may not be repeated in our lifetimes. The WW $2.8Bn, also extremely impressive, and probably adjusts to $3.3bn-ish after local currency inflation adjustment I remember thinking....Wow, Cameron has done it again. Many of us here remember tracking its performance in the BOM forums. Discuss!
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