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  1. I watched this when I was a kid. The violence shocked me.
  2. It was better then I thought. On par with ‘Devil’ and ‘Mr Glass’ in terms of quality. Mid-tier M. Night film. B
  3. I loved it! Great cinematography, action, pacing and comedy. David Harbour and Florence Pugh stole the show!
  4. What studio will win 2021 and take the post pandemic box-office crown? Speculate!
  5. December 2022: Aquaman 2 vs Avatar 2 (which will have extensive underwater scenes). Battle of the Aquatics.
  6. What did I just watch? So many ‘wait, what?’ moments. So many laws defied: physics, logic, time, limits of human ability, the list goes on and on. I guess Family is the answer to everything.
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