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  1. I don't know if they did, but I hope they handled this one differently than their other live-action movies. The first one has such a legacy and making a sub-par cash-grab sequel should've been out of discussion.
  2. As it seems, Yates did his job exceptionally this time, J. K. is the one that pooped the bed. However, if they end up hiring a new director, I would accept only Cuaron. 😁
  3. LOL, it won't get cancelled, that's just a pathetic wish by some "woke" people that would love to see hundreds of people lose their jobs because they dislike a certain celebrity for some reason. It will make money, maybe not much more than the first one, but in the worst scenario, WB will get some help for Rowling, someone who'll control her writing and make it more appropriate for the screen. As I said before, she should've written this series as books first, that way she could've explored all the themes and characters she wanted, and let someone else write the screenplay, but that ship has sailed...
  4. Jesus Christ, why do you guys even feel the need to talk about things that happen inside someone's four walls? They both said they made mistakes, they both look like giant assholes to me, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy a film just because they're part of it. Imperfect people (all of us) need jobs, too.
  5. Heard about it, but since I'm not a kid anymore, I bet it would be unwatchable for me now... 😁 I'm patiently waiting for Netflix to blow my mind once the new show (and movies!?) come out.
  6. Well, it was both funny and slightly disrespectful when they pushed it just for the visuals. BaTB, for instance, was pushed for all categories, and that's a worse movie than IW.
  7. Well, films set in the universe of Narnia have the disadvantage that other franchises don't. Most people have read only one, max 2 books, while HP or LoTR are universally recognised serials. However, I do hope Netflix will make an excellent adaptation of the series, there is so much potential there that Disney should've used, they completely mismanaged their own HP franchise.
  8. The writing is at fault with this movie, not the directors. When you think about it, nearly all of Disney's live-action fairy-tales suffer from that same problem.
  9. Relax, people, this will for sure get better reviews than the first film, and the first one's were not even that bad. I expect, like, 80+% on RT and 60+ on MT.
  10. It has more to do with the fact that some pretty untalented people got their hands on the source material.
  11. They're actually working on merging 2D and 3D animation with their new animation system Meander. Just watch their short film Paperman, it looks unlike anything ever made, just incredible. Gigantic was supposed to be animated like that, but the film is not in development anymore. But I agree with you, they spend so much money on movies like Alice and The Nutcracker instead of making something new and pushing the boundaries of cinematography. I think the heads should roll because of this week's live action Disney flop, that part of the studio is obviously out of control, bad-quality movies are being printed, and quite many of them flop, which is honestly a good thing. I guess I can't blame them for The Nutcracker, it was put in development long before Alice 2 bombed, I guess Disney thought it would have the same potential at the box office as the first Alice, and when they saw what a stinker they have in their hands, they just let it die a slow and painful death, hence why the marketing for this was abysmal. It's kinda sad, I think, The Nutcracker is really a popular property, if they gave WDAS the task of developing an animated film based on it, I'm sure we would've gotten an instant holiday classic that would've made all the money in the world and the studio would have gotten another Oscar, as well, but instead we got this turd, and I'm happy that it's bombing, quality is always above short trends.
  12. But why is it a bad movie? I keep hearing that, yet I don't find it bad, not even mediocre, and I have some quite high standards when it comes to the quality of what I watch.
  13. Can someone explain to me why everyone seems to hate Finding Dory? I thought it was at least on par (for me better) than the first one, so I can't understand the low scores it has here, on IMDb etc.

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