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  1. I still think this would've been much better if it was first written as a novel, and then a screenwriter adapted it for a movie. There seems to be so much potential that is wasted in such a spectacular way, so many characters that didn't have the opportunity to truly shine, but were shoehorned in. A small, illogical and naive part of me still hopes Rowling will write a true series of novels based on these movies, although I highly doubt it has ever happened before, someone writing a novel based on a movie and even expanding the story...
  2. Man, J.K is seriously messing up her own franchise with this revisionist crap. Just tell a new story with new characters, you know how to do it, and we'll for sure love it. I don't need to know and see everything about the characters from the main series, that's not what I'm looking for in this franchise.
  3. I'm talking about people that think IW was not a direct sequel to AoU. By that logic, none of the MCU sequels are actually sequels.
  4. Dafaq!? Here in my country, you only pay if you screw up the whole year, and it's only like a 1000 dollars, slightly more. If you screw up only a couple of exams, you pay even less. I study architecture, my sister studies dental medicine and my brother studies electrical engineering, I'm pretty sure our parents would kill themselves before all of us would get to the second year if our higher education was as messed up as yours, lol. Anyways, good luck, I'm sure you'll manage to pay it off in no time, doctors earn quite a bit, lol.
  5. Just saw the movie, it was fine. Nothing really special, but fine. I think this might be the first time Marvel kinda got the main character wrong, they're usually good with handling the main superheroes, but Captain Marvel was just off the whole time, which is sad 'cause they basically wasted Brie Larson. Fury was good, the cat was funny, but I expected more given all those raves about it. Tbh, I'm kinda getting annoyed by Marvel's return to safe-play, I thought we were done with it after Thor 3, IW and BP, but both Ant-Man and The Wasp and now Captain Marvel seem to resemble those Phase 1 and 2 fillers that nobody cares about now. I really crave for good cinematography that doesn't look like a TV show, the time has come for Marvel to finally realize that their movies don't need to look bland and uniform for us to connect them mentally into one universe.
  6. Titan Man

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I definitely need an update on that story... 😂😂
  7. I never talk in extremes like some people when it comes to box office, especially when we haven't even seen a glimpse of footage. However, the fact is that VFX-heavy movies are not uncommon these days, and VFX and 3D are the main reason for those 2.7 billion dollars in the first place, so unless Cameron comes up with a new gimmick to boost those numbers, the highest number I can see is 2 billion, only because we know that the visuals will still be awesome, but will not be unseen like in the first film. Also, why would I be unlucky if a movie makes 3 billion dollars? If it makes it there, good for the cast and crew. As if an American movie's earning has any effect on my life whatsoever...
  8. A part of me honestly thinks there might be suicides among them when Avatar 2 inevitably (like, 90%) fails to earn as much as the first one, let alone more than 3 "billies".
  9. My post literally says the first movie, man... 😂 All that brainwashing and delusions have taken your capability to comprehend what you read...
  10. 1) And yet no one wants to see the first movie anymore, as it's dull as a rock. It was all style, no substance. 2) Hmmm, having a profile pic with a 1.3 billion dollar movie or one with a giant-eyed flop, which is better? 3) Oh, you don't have to pity me, as soon as I need pity from someone who spends most of their days glorifying a mediocre movie, I'll talk to you. Funny enough, I actually liked Avatar, the VFX was amazing, it's an okay movie, if not a little "white-savioury". I'm quite excited for the sequels, just wish for a much more refined story. However, I do get annoyed when a fan of one mediocre movie calls another one mediocre without actually seeing the irony.
  11. LOL, it didn't take long for you to bite the bait... On a more serious note, Avatar is a 10/10 as much as CM is, which means none of them are, both are just fun popcorn flicks, but with one having cooler effects.
  12. Well, I'm sure Avatar got a lot of 10/10 grades... 🤷‍♂️

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