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  1. The fate of Henry Bowers was by far my biggest question mark leaving the film. If he doesn't come back, that will change a lot about part 2. I have faith in how they'll handle it but I am really really curious as to what they'll do. I suppose we'll know something if someone is cast as an adult Henry.
  2. I tell ya... one of the big MVP's of IT is cinematographer, Chung-Hoon Chung. After this, The Handmaiden and Oldboy, he is one DP who is definitely on my radar. I need to check out more of his work.
  3. I can't. This is gonna make as much in one weekend as the combined top twelve grosses of the past two weekends (4 day included).
  4. Gosh, I wish I could see this again in theaters but I probably won't have a chance to. While I had my critiques, I really did love the movie. The kids were so fantastic and the story itself is one of the best of all time, imo. The movie is ridiculously entertaining and charming and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The parts inside the house on Niebolt St were probably my favorite. The splitting up of Bill, Eddie and Richie was so fun and exciting and my audience was losing their shit (I just loved when Eddie was yelling at Richie not to touch him). Also thought Stan's visions of the woman in the picture were incredibly chilling. I thought that was the scariest form Pennywise took in the film. Waiting for the next film is going to be low key torturous.
  5. So, I really, really liked this film. My critiques are almost verbatim what @Stutterng baumer Denbrough and @75livesinDerry have already posted so I don't have too much else to add to that. However, my biggest concern is how these changes will trickle down into the second part. Will Ben's historian angle mean that him and Mike switch places in the second part? And what about Henry? I'm pretty open to casting ideas for part 1. I watched Grace Randolph's suggestions and while I don't agree with most of them, I love the idea of Jason Bateman as adult Bill. I think he would be so so perfect.
  6. I REALLY wanted to predict 100M but the hurricane and football scared me too much. Plus some early showings did seem to be pretty empty so it was definitely a tough call. From the beginning, I used Hannibal's 91M adjusted OW as a reference point. I usually don't like to use adjusted grosses as comps but this just seemed to fit. Now that's it's finally out, I can admit that I probably would have been shocked and crazy disappointed by anything less than 60M or so.
  7. You and me both. I was always bullish from the beginning but never quite had nerve enough to go full tilt with 100M. My final prediction was 87.5. It's hard to ignore that cautious side. But I have to echo the big congrats to everyone who went with their gut and went full in with the 100M predictions. What a great call! I'm so happy for this film's success. This and WW have truly made my year. As a long-time horror buff, it's so great to see an R-rated horror film reach this kind of audience.
  8. I didn't even know tickets were available for Thor yet! Not necessarily going nuts over it appearing amidst all the nothingness, but still a bit surprised to see it pop on the top 5 so soon when mother, AA or Kingsman haven't been able to do so yet.
  9. Whoa at Thor! MT 1. IT - 80.2% 2. HA - 2.2% 3. THB - 1.2% 4. Wind River - 0.9% 5. Thor - 0.9% Pulse 1. IT 2. IT IMAX 3. Thor 4. HA 5. Thor 3D
  10. I agree that I just can't see this below 70. Anyone following the tracking thread knows that presales have been akin to a CBM. And the most important factor imo is just how absolutely dead the market is right now. Even worse than I originally expected. My original prediction was 80-85M and now I'm thinking more 85-90. Still not completely sold on anything higher just yet but it'll be interesting to see how much it's presales rise next week.
  11. The last time I watched the miniseries, what stuck out to me most were the cheesey match cuts in the first half. Young Bill puts his hand on his face, fade to adult Bill with his hand on his face. Young Ben is shaking his head back and forth, fade to adult Ben shaking his head back and forth. It's just so silly! Personally, I do find the miniseries incredibly hokey and not very scary. But nostalgia, Tim Curry's performance and just the story itself elevate it a lot when looking back.
  12. Pulse 1. IT 2. HB 3. Arjun Reddy 4. AC 5. GT Obviously it's the middle of the night and competition is weak but it's still neat to see a movie top Pulse so far away from release.
  13. There's always a lot of factors to consider when looking at presales. I certainly agree that ticket sales most likely received a quick burst as soon as they were available. A similar thing happened with Dunkirk. And, when making a count on Pulse, you have to consider the demographics as well. Family films will pop up half as often but end up selling twice as much. And, naturally, you have to consider the competition. I expected IT to dominate as soon as tickets were available so everything so far is very expected to me. At the same time, none of us can deny that everything is still pointing towards breakout. Box office is as dead as expected and about to get deader, its lighting up presales and marketing has been on point. What I'm most curious about is how quickly will it show up on MT. And how long before it just takes the top spot of Pulse and stays there.
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