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  1. Fantastic film. Saw it Thursday and I am still thinking about it. Watched Rise and Dawn again on Friday. Brilliant trilogy. I was hoping for a 65M OW, so I'm disappointed. But, I think this could get an Oscar nom for BP.
  2. I thought it was good. Especially towards the end after "you know what". Before that, I thought it dragged. I thought Peter Parker was annoying in the beginning, but I generally find kids/teens annoying so that's to be expected. I liked him more in the middle and end. Basically, I think this movie got better as it progressed. I would give it a 3.75 out of 5. Spider-man 2 Spider-man Spider-man: Homecoming TASM TASM 2 Spider-man 3
  3. At least I got a free t-shirt. New writers, same story. It had some entertaining moments, but...it's bad. My audience groaned audibly There was some chuckling at the end when the credits rolled (me included). I am still holding to my $68M (5-day) prediction, but if it gets less, I wouldn't be surprised.
  4. I don't think TF5 will make it. I don't even think JL will make it, but it's hard to bet against it. My prediction is 4 including Justice League and The Last Jedi.
  5. Transformers 5: $68M (5-day) Wonder Woman: $31M Cars 3: $26M
  6. Also, T-Mobile is partnered with Atom, not Fandango. Hi.
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