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  1. OUT I'm having a hard time finding anyone that wants to see this movie with me. My mom said, "I don't like war movies." My sister said, "I don't like movies set in that time period." My nephew said, "It looks boring."
  2. Fantastic film. Saw it Thursday and I am still thinking about it. Watched Rise and Dawn again on Friday. Brilliant trilogy. I was hoping for a 65M OW, so I'm disappointed. But, I think this could get an Oscar nom for BP.
  3. I thought it was good. Especially towards the end after "you know what". Before that, I thought it dragged. I thought Peter Parker was annoying in the beginning, but I generally find kids/teens annoying so that's to be expected. I liked him more in the middle and end. Basically, I think this movie got better as it progressed. I would give it a 3.75 out of 5. Spider-man 2 Spider-man Spider-man: Homecoming TASM TASM 2 Spider-man 3
  4. At least I got a free t-shirt. New writers, same story. It had some entertaining moments, but...it's bad. My audience groaned audibly There was some chuckling at the end when the credits rolled (me included). I am still holding to my $68M (5-day) prediction, but if it gets less, I wouldn't be surprised.
  5. I don't think TF5 will make it. I don't even think JL will make it, but it's hard to bet against it. My prediction is 4 including Justice League and The Last Jedi.
  6. Transformers 5: $68M (5-day) Wonder Woman: $31M Cars 3: $26M
  7. Also, T-Mobile is partnered with Atom, not Fandango. Hi.
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