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  1. Good point. Aren't a lot of people eyeing 12m in their comps too? Wang's number would indicate that happening then. If Joker hit 12m previews and had similar OD to OW multiples to R-rated tentpole films (+ Venom because it's another Oct opener): It (x9.141) = $109.69M Deadpool (x10.428) = $125.14M It Chapter 2 (x8.673) = $104.08M Venom (x8.026) = $96.31M Logan (x9.307) = $111.68M Range would be $96-125M for Joker's opening aka basically the higher end of tracking.
  2. Fairytale: TS4 was a 3m three days before. 12M previews and $120M opening. Cautionary Tale: Dunkirk had a 2.7m one day before opening. 5.5M previews and $50M opening. TS4 though was a family film with a x10.076 OW multi and Joker seems frontloaded based on everyone's sales data.
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