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  1. Good point. Aren't a lot of people eyeing 12m in their comps too? Wang's number would indicate that happening then. If Joker hit 12m previews and had similar OD to OW multiples to R-rated tentpole films (+ Venom because it's another Oct opener): It (x9.141) = $109.69M Deadpool (x10.428) = $125.14M It Chapter 2 (x8.673) = $104.08M Venom (x8.026) = $96.31M Logan (x9.307) = $111.68M Range would be $96-125M for Joker's opening aka basically the higher end of tracking.
  2. Fairytale: TS4 was a 3m three days before. 12M previews and $120M opening. Cautionary Tale: Dunkirk had a 2.7m one day before opening. 5.5M previews and $50M opening. TS4 though was a family film with a x10.076 OW multi and Joker seems frontloaded based on everyone's sales data.
  3. IN! Future Star Wars films will need serious inflation (or damn fine quality films) to get close, but the 👏END 👏 of👏 the 👏 Skywalker 👏Saga👏 is still going to be a big cultural event. It also helps that TROS is releasing so close to Christmas (like TFA) to get those sweet sweet holiday multiples.
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