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Eric Atreides

Weekend Thread: Free Guy 28.4, Don't Breathe 10.6, Jungle Cruise 9, Respect 8.8, TSS 7.75

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I was going to go last night, but I went on an adventure instead. The title company for our closing forgot the checks for my client. My Mom, who I worked with, came home and said they were really upset. She was so mad since the Title Company’s office was 44 miles away, and they said they’d “just mail them.”


I said the hell they were, and went to get them. Took a nice cruise in traffic. (No really, there was an accident that caused a six mile back up on the Turnpike that I was frantically trying to nav around. 




By the time I get home, there’s no way I was going to get back up to the movie theater. 

But my clients were super happy. And I got to spend time with my car so I was super happy. And now we’re going out this afternoon to get out of the heat.

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1 minute ago, charlie Jatinder said:

Y'all. Really? For $200K? 

Yea kinda confused by some of the reactions. The tracking thread had it a little less than $2M a couple days ago with $2.5M being best case as late as yesterday and the final number came right in the middle…

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6 minutes ago, Borobudur said:

As long as FG can come above TSS last week, there is no need to enter panic mode....

This reminds me of this 



Anyway fwiw best opening previews for an original movie since 1917. 

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