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  1. I guess you intend this as some impossible reductio ad absurdum, but... we’ll see
  2. Feb 12 would be attractive if they could get a CNY release, but I think there’s no way they give a slot to Hollywood on the first post-covid CNY.
  3. If AZ, FL, TX, etc don’t take some serious action ASAP (probably more lockdowns), they’ll have a worse death situation than NY. Won’t even take all that long.
  4. Wonder if they are lying or delusional. Hopefully lying, the alternative is too depressing.
  5. Nothing new is going to come out in July 😛 except some very tiny movies perhaps. Those are both extremely small weekends, and in countries that have the virus far and away more under control. Almost impossible to take away an optimistic outlook from them imo.
  6. I guess Disney has been taking their time for two reasons here: 1) not spending any marketing $$ yet, so marginal cost of another day without announcing anything is low 2) trying to weight the pros and cons of a push to Aug 7 vs like Aug 28 vs Nov vs just remove it and leave undated but I’d expect to here before the end of the month.
  7. I made a club. It’s pretty related to the topic of this thread, so here ya go:
  8. Mulan will probably stake out the 7th for a week or two before moving farther back, if I had to guess.
  9. Very interesting thesis. Passes the initial sniff test, which is not to say that it’s necessarily true: https://twitter.com/mattyglesias/status/1275027676726779916
  10. The whole “kpop stans embarrassed Trump” storyline is fun, and I understand why the media and social media are enjoying themselves with it, but also basically horseshit.
  11. On today’s RT.live update, more states are above an R of 1 than last week, one month ago, 2 months ago, or 3 months ago. First time that’s been the case iirc.
  12. Bit strange how you have some blue seats directly behind/in front of x’s. Otherwise it is a cool solution.
  13. Another factor reducing the IFR in wave 1.5 is that the new cases skew a lot younger than in March-May. However, I can’t help but wonder if that will actually make things worse in the end, if the political/social will to take aggressive mitigation steps is anchored to hospitalizations/deaths.
  14. I think that would be a smart strategy, but they were honestly hoping/expecting to be able to go on July 17 when they stayed there and were honestly hoping/expecting to be able to go on July 31 when they dated that.
  15. Guess this belongs more in this thread, which I am seeing now for the first time 😆
  16. I was actually getting relatively optimistic about the situation in early June when the Northeast/Midwest was improved a lot and national numbers were following. But it’s become clear over the past week that the south/west are headed for some real problems, and may be peaking in July. Summer BO is dead imo, optimistically BO will restart late August but even that seems dicey.
  17. If you’re going back to 93 for JP, could be interesting to see how complete the data is for TLK animated.
  18. How lucky then that half the country refuses mask wearing and our head of state is promoting a superspreader event this Saturday 😬
  19. This project’s resurrection is one of the best things to come out of the global BO shutdown situation.
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