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  1. “TLK is tracking for a 180M debut, with some hearing as high as 300M...”
  2. It’s not too farfetched to imagine 550, with the way PSm’s have been recently. Neither is it too hard to see 700 though, depending on the reception of FFH and Better Days. I’m content with the PS trajectory, which has so far been pretty predictable/expected. Will be a short wait til find out for real.
  3. Something about TS4 just doesn’t feel theatrically urgent at all. I am both certain I’ll see it eventually but absolutely chill with not doing so in its first month of release, which wasn’t the case at all for this year’s other 100+ openers.
  4. Aladdin should beat CP next weekend. If Yesterday debuts small enough it could get a 6th top 3. Last movies with 6 consecutive top 3s Aquaman, Grinch, BP (7). ... Jumanji (7), BatB
  5. Yesterday the late day sales vs early was very strong, was happy when I woke up. If today repeats that can start to take it into account for FFH. For The Eternals and after will finally have a more decent set of MCU presale trajectories banked up, hopefully get things pretty fine tuned. Edit: 16:00 update. CM Sat/usual day would give 10.92. Yesterday 11.31. See how it settles in morning.
  6. Looks more like 11.0 to me atm, but hopefully reality tends more toward your number 😛
  7. I was also a bit nervous including The Avengers, which isn’t like, *technicallly* a sequel, but plays basically as Iron Man 2.5 with the villain imported from Thor1 and the Macguffin imported from Cap1. The rest are pretty clear cut cases.
  8. Around around 10% down from last Sat same time iirc. 380k for day? Perhaps 6th Sat can take another crack at being highest admissions 😛
  9. They weren’t original, but being part of a cinematic universe and being a sequel aren’t the same thing. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Cap: The First Avenger, The Avengers, GotG, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man Homecoming, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel are all non-sequel MCU movies (soon to be joined by Black Widow, Eternals, and Shang-Chi). The rest are sequels.
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