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  1. Geographically half is what I meant. By population indeed it’s just like 1/8th the world that will be starting summer, which is not so bad but still kind of awkward.
  2. At least that Mal number is great. May approach a 70% hold. In addition to a lot of close weekends, Mal and Joker look to be headed to very close final multipliers (or course Joker opened 2 weekends earlier and will do nearly 3x the total business).
  3. It should do at the least 2.8*5.6+1.5=17M. Basically what Deadline was saying. Room for better IM over the weekend of course. Edit: LMAO, the real number is so bad I used the wrong one Yeah, maybe not 13.
  4. The New Mutants doesn't really exist y'all. It's all a big social experiment about how many times a movie can be "delayed" before people catch on.
  5. Hoping for an Instant Family IM here. Difference is that Instant Family was great and heartwarming, whereas Last Christmas apparently sucks.
  6. November looking to be a great month this year. Saviour Mickey is at it again (FvF is them too).
  7. 1) Eternals Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out Jumanji WW84 Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Jojo Rabbit
  8. Hearing a lot of "darker tone." I mean, it's still a WDAS movie that's meant to be showable to like, legions of 5 year old girls, so I doubt they take that too far -- but it has me a bit concerned. I liked the tone of the first one, which already had some dark moments/themes. Hopefully they make it work nicely.
  9. I mean, a lot varies depending on expectations, PS:OW ratio, and OW:total legs. The case of F2 is a complicated one since the only HW sequels to movies as big as the first have been Avengers entries, and those are front loaded fan affairs with huge PSs, whereas Frozen 1 was more of a great leggy run based on reception. I'm hoping F2 can pull at least 10M, but that will for sure require good reception. The road there would involve better PS:OW ratio and legs than Avengers style megahits, so it can get by with lower PS.
  10. PS pacing solidly so far, think we'll pass 60k tonight and at least near 100k tomorrow. From there I see a real chance to be the 3rd HW movie past 1M final PS (btw, what are the biggest couple PS for local films?). However, this is all pretty early and speculative. If you try to cite this post to complain about "just" 700k PS I'll throw a sandwich at you.
  11. I think this is happening to some degree. TROS+F2 might be pretty close in size to the CM+Endgame money sink from the first half of the year.
  12. Seems like a mistake, from Maoyan Thursday would be <$2m. Shows for Friday slashed by a bit more than 60% looks like. Unless all the new stuff really tanks the weekend drop may be 70%ish.
  13. No great comps yet, as PS started pretty and it's not like there are any other sequels to a 10M animation. But D-13 36k is quite good imo.
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