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  1. BTW, in case folks don't know what I'm talking about here, the main problem with using the 25th Amendment is that Trump gets to fight it in the House and Senate. Let's say a majority of the Cabinet says, "We've ducking had enough; he's as mad as a hatter" and votes to say he can no longer adequately execute the duties of the presidency. Trump can then say "Uh huh, I'm the sanest, most genius prez ever" and challenge the ouster. To keep him on the sidelines both the House and the Senate have to vote in a 2/3rds majority that the president is mentally/physically unable to be president. And even then, they might have to keep voting on it, as it doesn't actually remove him from the presidency, it just establishes Mike Pence as Acting President. Though that's admittedly a grey area I'd have to check on (seeing if Congress would have to keep voting on it or not if Trump kept saying he was fit to serve). ==== Now the one main advantage for using good ol' number 25 that isn't discussed as much, IMO, is that it is inherently a medical opinion while impeachment is inherently a political one. It might, and I do stress might, be easier to sell folks on "Trump is mad as a hatter; it's time for him to go" than "Trump is a crooked pol and we can't afford him right now." It's something of a figleaf and theoretically could be enough of one. So there is that. ... I'd rather just get rid of him for good though.
  2. That takes more votes tho. (though if there's enough votes to convict in the Senate there's almost certainly enough votes in the House to reach 2/3rds as well)
  3. @Plain Old Tele Not sure if film editing would count, but something to keep in mind. Anyone else here as well who might be looking for emergency temp work along the lines listed there.
  4. Hell is other people having a itch on the inside of your nose while you're out and about and ohgawdinheaven PLEASE MAKE THE ITCH STOP!!! ICAN'TSCRATCHIT FORANNOTHERHOUR GAWDMAKEITSTOPSTOPSTOP. ... I'm fine, how're y'all?
  5. Of course, I don’t think it would really reach that many people, given the relative standing of both Trump and Bush in Republican circles. But at this point it’s all about triage. And if a slice of the public is convinced by such theatrics, l would take it.
  6. THIS. Think of it as a unity government type thing where beggars can’t be choosers. ===== As a matter of fact, I did roll my eyes at several points in the article. But the statment wouldn’t be about reaching me, but ringing the five alarm bell across the political spectrum that This ISN’T Right. And if I have to swallow some Dubya platitudes to reach some other folks, so be it.
  7. === I'd say "no fucking words" except I do have them. They'd probably get me warned, mind, so let's just stick with "No FUCKING words".
  8. Again with the "we" and the "they". Last time I checked, the US was "us". === Can't even drop a winona or apoc at this point. Just fucking sad.
  9. I wasn't trying to say it was an end-all, be-all or even that it wasn't a very optimistic estimate. But I thought as a present snap-shot look at things, it was interesting. Especially being able to look at potential ICU bed shortages over time. Mostly, I thought folks might be interested in the compare and contrast of various states, from what we know right now. === Also, if 80k deaths as of Aug is the optimistic scenario, I think that also puts things in perspective. As does the top of the cone of 162k deaths.
  10. FWIW, that model is projecting over 80,000 COVID deaths in the US by early-Aug. Right now we're a little more 1,500 deaths I believe.
  11. This is true. PW made a comment along those lines as well. For instance, California is lagging waaaaaaay behind on a per capita basis on testing. Second to last in the nation if that chart from 538 is accurate. At the same time, our hospitals in Cali haven't been swamped yet (*knocks furiously on imitation wood*) and that's a more probable sign of incoming collapse than testing is. Still I think it's something to keep an eye on as more data rolls in and the models get refined.
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