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  1. As I was mentioning off thread to cap, I haven't swanned off to Ahch-To. Just don't feel like engaging in any of the TROS discourse right now. Had my fill of it after the past two years. Also, kinda boring right now Tracking wise. I'll probably be around more later though once there's something interesting too look at) (also, kinda freaking out in the Mando thread right now )
  2. Sorry, super busy right now and probably will be until the holidays are over. I wouldn't say "audiences love it" as it's to soon to tell, and the Audience Score, flawed as it is, isn't in the 90s. But very very VERY early returns suggest a better reception than TLJ, sure. But I'd at least want to see Sat bump and Sun drop before drawing any real conclusions. === I will say, personally, that while I know several people here were disappointed in the film (some greatly), looking at it from a viewpoint of minimal investment, I think it'll do fine. The pace seemed fine enough, though it could have breathed a bit more. Plot wasn't confusing or easy to lose track of (whether they were executed well is a separate debate). And there's plenty of excitement and fanservice. In short, a cerebral film, this ain't. I really have no clue how the GA will feel about it, but I suspect it should play well with folks who just want to have an entertaining action flick to enjoy. Much else I have to say I think gets too close to spoilers, so I'll leave it at those general terms.
  3. Better than it was yesterday or the day before at least. Don't believe we've gotten much word how True Friday is playing out yet.
  4. Your application for Deadline has been processed and approved. You begin work in the New Year. (thanks for having such a good sense of humor about missing the comp )
  5. No no, I the credit this time goes to @Inceptionzq: He nailed it almost exactly. If he had the courage to listen to his comps he would have nailed it precisely by rounding up. 'grats, Inceptionzq. 👍 ... Next time, don't listen to peer-pressure.
  6. When I get a chance, I'm going to reformat this to look like my regular blocks (I used Google Sheets to automate EVERYTHING in an attempt to get to see my movie on time [folks who read the WE thread know how THAT turned out]) But it is interesting. If I remove DP2 and It 2 (no 3D), I get 38.83m (turns out I used the wrong formula on Google Sheet for AM2, dragging that comp up - whoops). Ironically, if I then remove Captain Marvel, in retrospect the clear outlier, I get 39.25m. Now I didn't know I could remove CM, and I probably would have removed EG for being too high. Still, only being off by 1.85m isn't too bad for such a moving target. Especially since I stopped an hour earlier than I normally would. Looking at all the realistic comps I had every last one came in under except for Endgame (41.6m). Closest one was JW:FK at 39.22m So even with that missing hour, pretty clear that Sacto actually slightly underperformed on one level. Which is certainly ironic given all the chatter in this thread for months. The other explanation is those late night showings that got added at the last minute filled up at a slightly quicker pace than normal, dragging the comp up a bit. Prob a bit of both in the end.
  7. From what I understand, even that's not completely accurate. From everything I've read the absolute best description of them is: Project development. That is, they're development executives. They work with folks to try to make whatever gets made (be it films, books, comics, or games) a reality. Now they do also act as coordinators. One of their goals is to try as hard as possible to make most everything "fit" cohesively. They're not perfect at that coz it's literally an impossible job. But it's in this aspect of coordination where the "canon" stuff goes in. They try to establish what's off limits and what isn't. What they aren't is a shadowy cabal that has a future/past timeline mapped out and cracking a whip to force folks to write to it. What they aren't is a Feige-like group that sets the tone and direction of the franchise at any level of micro-managment. Put simply, Star Wars has no Kevin Feige analogue. At all. In any capacity. Now it certainly is ironic that even with this huge focus on crafting a development system that should iron out problems before they get too far down the tracks that they've had some very high profile blowups. But, well, that's the entertainment business for you.
  8. In all seriousness. I said I would be happy with anything starting with a :"4" and I am. Would have preferred 41 or 42, but thems the breaks. Now it's all down to WOM. (not gonna be on the forum much coz I'm WAAAAAAAY behind on holiday prep)
  9. The #1 WW Trend on Twitter right now? TheRiseOfSkywalker. The #2 WW Trend? RiseOfSkywalker. Lol. Don't even care if it's angry tweets back and forth, just lol that those are 1 and 2 right now.
  10. Just checked the front page of this forum right now: ... BOT, we're your friends. And we've all agreed, you need an intervention. You're... You're addicted to trolling. BOT: NO I'M NOT. SHUT UP AND SHUT YOUR STUPID FACE. BOT, look in the mirror. Take a damn good look at yourself. BOT looks away. LOOK AT YOURSELF BOT! JUST LOOK AT YOURSELF!!! === Well, mostly I just found it amusing seeing that warning on so many threads right now. Though, I doubt the Staff finds it quite so chuckle worthy.
  11. (Would have posted this reaction gif in the WE thread but I didn't think about until later. Mostly coz I find it really unbelievable so it didn't even cross my mind to use this reaction. )
  12. I will say one other non-spoiler observation about this film. This film plays like/feels like the old Republic serials that a good deal of the Original Star Wars was based on. Folks who have seen it might see what I am talking about. Probably the most Republic-serial like film since The Phantom Menace and possibly as much as Return of the Jedi and OG Star Wars itself. Certainly the most serial like of the entire Sequel Trilogy. And here I'm talking about the structure within the films. As I was playing back the structure in my head, it really did remind me a great deal of OG Star Wars. Not as competently pulled off, IMO (there's several reasons why it is in my B-tier, after all). But something that struck me just now and I wanted to make the observation, as I think it might be pretty fresh.
  13. I didn't know @Plain Old Tele was vacationing up in Canada. He should have let you know so you could say "Hi."
  14. Pretty much what I said in the thread a couple pages back and in the TROS one. Solid B-tier. Still... Not the best cake I've ever had and certainly not the worst. And even at it's worst... It's still fucking cake! 👍 (still not sure where it lands in my B-tier, but it was definitely enjoyable)
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