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  1. The main thing I think works against a split is if there is enough episodes already ready to have six/eight episodes before Kenobi. TCW-style animation lead time is justifiably famous for taking FOR-E-VER. And the amount of polygons they throw at this series has only increased, which has got to take time on the good ol' render farm. Does Lucasfilm have enough in the can to run six/eight episodes from Early-Mid March to Early May? If so, then, sure, let er' rip. It's the logic I was using all along for splitting Andor (which as an aside, is rumored to be split as well
  2. Huh. Didn't even really notice any issues with the cinematography on my end. But then again, it has to be really bad for me to really notice sometimes (and I know this is something of a hobby horse for you). ... Speaking of Hobby Horses, this is one reason why physical media is still a superior format. Less compression on streams, leading to crisper pictures. (hey, you bring up one of your old saws, I'm required to do the same )
  3. I have it on good authority that every time you complain about the lack of Kenobi, Lucasfilm pushes back the trailer another week. Wasn't supposed to tell you, but... Well, wanted to do a solid for you 👍
  4. Some general thoughts with three episodes left: Those gripes aside, all in all trending in the right direction, so I'll reserve more of my judgement till the end.
  5. ==== Better than last week's, not quite as good as week two. At least things are moving now.
  6. This wouldn't surprise me one iota, however: TBB S1 overlapped with Loki for part of its run, so there's no hesitancy on that score. Only real question is whether or not they want a live-action and animated SW series on at the same time. I can see the logic in breaking it up if they actually care about having patches of the calendar get "filled", FWIW. Just not sure the tea leaves have been set one way or the other.
  7. Wellll, I'd say "possible". Might depend on how much of the back half of TBB is done and just how committed they are to having something SW-y before Kenobi. That's presuming they just don't overlap, of course. (also, to be technical, June is in "spring", so it could still come immediately after OWK)
  8. Just saw an ad for this on the MNF playoff game, so marketing might be ramping up (at least on traditional avenues). (*cue cries of "there was no advertising" in a few weeks time...*)
  9. I mean, seriously now. Tried to set the ball themselves and run a last second (literally) desperation play. Deserve to lose just for forgetting the rules there.
  10. So H:K did under-perform here fairly heavily, even for horror. Good to know. *throws H:K comp in the dumpster, never to be used again* (figure the other comps were off due to difference in sample time) See y'all at The Batman start.
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