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  1. (I wasn't kidding about GIF Twitter, BTW)
  2. Tired: DCEU Twitter is insane. Wired: Star Wars Twitter is insane. HOLD MY DAMN BEER BOIS, here comes "how to pronounce GIF" Twitter!!!
  3. Buy on rumors, sell on news. it's the Apple Way.
  4. I must have skimmed your prior posts about demand and showtime then. Thanks for the clarification. I think the night show argument is on point, especially as it varies by town. In megatropolises like LA and NYC, it shouldn't matter as much. But in areas which tend to shut down by 10pm-midnight, like my own Sacramento, I can see the later showtimes be affected, though to what degree remains to be seen. Not expecting to see that much difference on Opening Night though, as that's when the stans roam. You know a hell of a lot more when it comes to scheduling and demand than I do, though. Hence my deference to your expertise in the subject.
  5. I also know that disagreeing with these two posters even slightly when it comes to this sort of thing puts me in a VERY precarious position, so perhaps just consider my post a Devil's Advocate position and one that I realize could be very very wrong. Consider it a note of caution if nothing more.
  6. You know, I'm not gonna lie, contra to what @Deep Wang and IIRC @TalismanRing think, I do think this is going to affect the OW gross to a small degree. See, my thoughts are that it won't stop the die-hards like the folks in this thread and other Marvel stans around the country. And I think most of the folks who were going to go will still go. But I have to think this affects things around the margins. Deep Wang and TalismanRing are absolutely right about scheduling shows to meet demand. Except that with a three hour runtime instead of a 2:30 one, some of those extra screenings will be dumped into smaller auditoriums by necessity. In some cases much smaller auditoriums. Like, part of a huge OW is not only sellouts but folks jumping to better seats at a less desirable time or at less desirable locations. What I wonder about is the point of diminishing returns when it comes to seats and times. How many people might decide to wait till Discount Tuesday, for instance, if all they can get is a crappy seat at a crappy time? Now when I say "to a degree" I really am talking about the margins here. Like, whatever chance at 300m Endgame might have had I am going to throw out the window until I see evidence to the contrary. Hell, I'm a tiny bit more doubtful of my 275-280 guesstimate, though I'm probably still sticking with it. So, maybe 3-5% drop off of what it 'could' have been on the OW? But then picked back up again on dailies/legs, perhaps? Small enough that one probably will never be sure if the runtime was really a factor or not. And the thing is, outside of The Wolf of Wall Street, there hasn't been many three hour wide release films since TTT and ROTK. Just saying we might be in slightly uncharted territory in the current movie going enviorment. ROTK was 15+ years ago, after all.
  7. Four hours in on practical confirmation of a three hour run time and not one reference to Halba in this thread? (using this post as a jumping in point and not an actual comment directed at elcaballero )
  8. And that's kinda my point. I might have felt it was pretty average, and on reflection I think that @TwoMisfits point about how it seems to mock Dora at the beginning twigs something that I hadn't quite groked and might indeed be my biggest problem with it all (let's laugh as Dora struggles with school). But... Nearly 7m views after one day isn't chicken feed for this type of movie. And, who knows. Kids will probably relate to Dora's struggles. So I'm certainly not knocking it (I'm absolutely with Tele that this board could do with a lot less of laughing at films that aren't targeted at them) and it if there's interest it could certainly surprise. I just think there's better entrants out there when it comes to this style of movie. ... Certainly wasn't as bad as the trailer for Alpha, and that movie actually managed to surprise when it came to quality. Dora could easily do the same.
  9. Stepping away from the quality argument, this IS at 6.83m views and #2 Trending on YT. I'm going to ignore the up/down vote in this case because Tele is quite right that this is the exact type of movie to attract people mocking it and down voting it. So it does seem to have a pretty decent view count for this type of film. Might want to keep that in mind.
  10. I just checked out the trailer and... Okay, you should know I'm more willing to give these films a chance than most on this board and... ... Well it wasn't terrible. And I KNOW this isn't aimed at my demo so I'm already allowing for that. But... Aggressively mediocre might be the way I'd describe it. I didn't like the acting from the father at all. And the less said about the "lol Dora in school, fish out of water" plot, the better (which thankfully doesn't appear to be the main thrust of the movie). But, again, not aimed at me. I do think this might have a chance with the GA. Kids will probably love it (edit: I wrote this post before I saw Tele saying that Tele jr liked the trailer, so seems I might be on the right track). And family films can be crowd pleasers, so it should have good legs. But even allowing for genre it did seem to be... Average I guess? Nothing that wowed me, and I was willing to give it a chance. Still it is only a trailer. And this board is far from the market demo, so who knows how it's playing with it's intended targets. So, yeah. You might be right Tele. But I do think it has the potential to bugsplat. Time will tell, I suppose.
  11. Napoleon and Tele on the same side of a movie. Huh. This is either gonna do really really well or completely bomb. Don't think there's much middle ground with that indicator.
  12. *wakes up* *sees Thur Number* So, he asked, is the BOT Buzz and Tracking Thread good again? Asking for a friend.

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