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  1. "It's Jeremy Conrad, so what?" I hear you say. Fair enuf, though I think his record is better than many give him credit for. Well then, how about the person who broke the Obi-Wan news? THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT N-O-T, CONFIRMATION FROM JORDAN MAISON. What this is though is a hell of a lot of chatter of some sort of Crimson Dawn/Qi'ra/Maul show being in the works. It's been the subject of low-key, and at times not so low-key, whispering for months now. What I suspect is gonna happen is once TROS does what TROS does, Disney is gonna open the faucet on D+ news regarding SW TV shows. Especially if reaction to The Mandalorian is as good as it might be.
  2. Yeah, I was just coming to edit it back. It's a really crazy name that always trips me up. 👍 At least I know not to call it Downtown anymore. After that, it's about a 50/50 chance of remembering it right,
  3. Psst. It's "Downton" Abbey. (I got that messed up all the time before I actually took a really close look at the name )
  4. Disagree on TLJ commentary/agree on TROS reasoning: ==== As for the club:
  5. Took a quick spin around Sacto and I think I'll hold off tracking it for now. I'll take another look closer to release to see where it's at. Right now it's sold 47 tickets region wide, which would make it 85.45% of Hobbs and Shaw 's first day of sales (comping to 4.96m). Didn't do a full seat count where I recorded the seat information of every theater, so no fancy chart. But, maybe about expected? Especially for something nearly five weeks out? More or less in line what I was expecting at least.
  6. Ah, must have misremembered. Fair enuf. Maybe I'll go ahead and do a one day check for shits-and-giggles anyway then. I'll see how I feel around 10pm. It's not like I check the Fandango app each and every time there's an update on my iPad. No siree. That would be silly. *cough*
  7. I believe you have Hobbs and Shaw numbers that far out, no? I was actually thinking it might not be a completely horrible comp given it has the exact number of pre-sales days (it also started at T-34) and shouldn't have many sales at first. Also being a long delayed sequel could be somewhat analogous to to H&S's spinoff nature. I was toying with doing a super quick look in Sacto in a couple of hours and compare it to the H&S number I have on hand.
  8. You’re preaching to the choir here, in my case. Been complaining about SW film marketing for well over a year now. But I do think the shift of EW to monthly is hurting here. The Mandalorian, for instance, was on the Fall TV cover special, meaning the SW cover thread that might have come out now got swallowed up. Still room for Empire Magazine, though. Will give Disney credit for putting the All Saga Trailer in theaters at least. Given that EG didn’t get that treatment with it’s special look trailer, that does say something. At the very least they’re not aping the TLJ strategy completely.
  9. (Probably should have put it in the Mando thread, but felt like putting it here instead to show the overall anticipation regarding Things SW)
  10. If something isn't available at launch, I doubt it will be there unless the licensing deals allow them. For instance, I've heard that Disney doesn't have some of the same deals with Netflix over in the Netherlands that they do in the States. So it could be that some of the films that won't be avaialble right away in some countries might be there.
  11. https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/disney-plus-launch-free-trial-netherlands-marvel-pixar-1203333441/ @cookie
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