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  1. While folks could always rent out theaters, depending on the chain, PWPs became "a thing" during the pandemic. That is, setting aside showtimes for easy group viewing purchase. Cinemark for one seems to be pushing its chips in on the PWP train, with their new "Premium Private Screenings" which we can't even track since that's a "contact us" type thing. As with most things, I reckon PWPs will be around as long as theaters are making more money on them than what they would get with a normal screening at that time. In other words, if people keep buying them, sure. But if people stop buying them, then theaters might reassess once the pandemic is fully in the rear view mirror.
  2. Nice jokes aside, the tale of the pandemic so far has been the 3rd weekend drop (for the bigger movies at least), from my vague recollections. Now who the hell knows just how much demand was burnt off the first weekend/HBO Max, especially given the frontloaded nature of the franchise. Still, don't think we'll truly have a handle on just where this might land until next weekend. Of course, with more areas open, the 3rd weekend might not be as much of a tell as it once was. But I'd hold any real judgements until then.
  3. I don't know what you're talking about. Getting $69m by Sunday is clearly nice.
  4. Looks like some just got bumped up a week: Not many, mind. But some. (I checked the Wayback Machine and saw what you saw that none were scheduled for this weekend or next, but looks like Regal is accelerating plans slightly)
  5. It finally happened!!!!!!! (this was the last team in the MLB to never have tossed a no hitter – until tonight, that is)
  6. Okay, slightly snarky. But perhaps not snarky enough, given that Newsom was one of the governors who jumped the gun last May before many other "blue state" governors did when it came to the process of reopening the economy (and very probably bit us in the ass in the summer by doing so). While recall politics weren't a factor then, the carping from the entertainment industry as well other business interests certainly was, IMO.
  7. Don't forget that Gov Newsom will probably be facing the start of a recall vote campaign by then that California is one of the entertainment capitals of the country and that combined with tourism is a pretty strong driver of various left-friendly mega business interests in the state that might be more inclined to support Newsom if they had a end date in sight our economy. Thus the impending politics of a recall there might not be some of the same pressures at play in other blue states where a recall tourism and entertainment isn't quite as potent of a force. Newsom also left himself an "out" by saying that vaccinations and cases would have to keep on their current trajectories.
  8. California lifting (most) restrictions on June 15th: (I see it's already been discussed in the movie theater thread, FWIW)
  9. It allegedly was gonna be an arc in S7, had TCW not been cancelled back in the day. Always room for it to be revisitied in either The Bad Batch, if it has multiple seasons, or even a standalone movie, should LFL decide to revisit the "lost missions" of the TCW in movie format some time down the road. And, yes, I was struck by how sad they made the last scenes of the arc and another pebble of failure to put on the backs of the Jedi. In fact, it might be one of the first episodes of TCW where the Jedi did fail to save the day/have them face consequences for not living up to their principles (though it won't be the last).
  10. Well, this is certainly ironically appropriate. I just hit the Zillo Beast arc on my Clone Wars rewatch. 👍 @Cap @Menor @Brainbug @Inceptionzq
  11. Got to admit, I didn't think the Lords of Baseball had the stones to do this: (prob should put it in one of the political threads, but I'm more looking at the sportsball angle than the political/civil rights one) EDIT::: For folks not keeping up on all the ins-and-outs of the law just passed in GA:
  12. Mind, I have no clue what the legs will be like given I also have no idea how much demand has been burned off with the stellar-for-pandemic-era opening. Not to mention just sitting there on HBO Max for peeps to watch. Can't even compare WOM to something like Tom and Jerry, given there is a very real difference between a 14m opener and a 40 to 50m one (even if over 5 days for the latter). But not beating $110m DOM? Man, I wouldn't be tempting fate by renouncing any franchise.
  13. *scans Sacto on a whim* Huh. That's a fair amount of sellouts for the evening showings. (like, a ton of them)
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