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  1. Not just Americans, folks! (she is hard core defending herself in the comments, BTW) --- EDIT:: The irony is strong with this one: Wouldn't surprise me at all if it turns out she's an anti-vaxxer. The "did my own research" is a classic tell of the genre.
  2. Scary moment in Yankees summer camp today as Masahiro Tanaka was hi in the head by a line drive from Giancarlo Stanton during live BP a simulated game. DO NOT SEEK OUT VIDEO OF THIS. Here's hoping it was just worse than it looked and he'll be alright with enough rest and downtime.
  3. As an unimportant aside, Summer Camp is infinitely better name for all of this than Spring Training 2.0.
  4. Besides what everyone else said, it's a great CYA for people who might be hostile to the name change. "We're doing it for the troops!" is nearly a buzzphrase right now, no matter how tenuous the connection. (also don't forget there is a large military presence in the Greater DC area, especially when defense contractors and civilians working for military adjacent companies come into play)
  5. I take a very utilitarian approach to these sorts of things. If positive good comes out of it I can't be mustered to give a shit whether or not a corp is doing it for PR. Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised if a corp actually does something out of the goodness of their hearts, especially the bigger ones. Call it my latent cynicism that I talk about every once in a while, but usually leave buried on this board. 👍
  6. Well, sure. Especially if it's a shareholder-led revolt. I mean, one affects the bottom line directly and the other is getting ahead of a fast moving boulder. ... Or pushing a boulder so it goes in a different direction and not toward you. Anyway, Nike itself has faced pressure before on how it treats its workers and I'm sure it will again. Either way, that a company ain't perfect sure as hell doesn't mean they should be looked askance at when they do something worthwhile, even if it is for selfish reasons. "Money talks" as half of the old phrase goes.
  7. === Verified this myself just now. Able to get swag for every NFL team on nike.com except for the NFL team in Washington. Might have something to do with this: Doubt the timing is all that coincidental.
  8. People are actually speculating that Snyder would rather sell the team and have that person change the name than back down on his "never ever" stance and change it himself. To which I say:
  9. Serious question: Now that Fallout, FALLOUT!!!, is coming to of all places Amazon Prime, can a TV series based on PARANOIA be that far behind? That would be an... interesting series, especially in these highly ironic and politically charged times.
  10. Let this be a lesson to all kids out there. ALWAYS put an expiration date on coupons!!!
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