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  1. First time this millennia that we even need to bother with this qualifier, right? Any movies out there lurking in the rest of the year that could break out to be #1 movie overall 2019?
  2. Happened in my mind days ago, celebrated then 😛 Indeed an an incredible run, and more surprising than The Wandering Earth for me. I kind of hope it makes the yearly top 10.
  3. The numbers are what they are. People can draw their own conclusions. Like many movies, It 2’s performance is not well suited to hyperbole. It’s not doing bad. It’s not even doing medium. But it’s not doing GREAT either. If you try to force everything into either bad or great you lose the ability to talk reasonably about movie that are doing good.
  4. https://www.businessinsider.com/joker-projected-to-break-box-office-records-2019-9?utm_source=reddit.com A pretty different perspective! I dunno if I agree but I thought it was interesting.
  5. Actually I think WOM is fine and that’s a bad tweet. Monday is down more than the weekend because the runtime depresses weekday gross imo.
  6. I can definitely get dragged into it too far with people that it’s probably better to leave things be... but I think Lorddemaxus and Real Lyre are pretty reasonable posters from what I recall, so I just wanted to be clear on what my actual positions are here. I don’t want It to do bad. I don’t think it’s doing bad. It’s not lighting the world on fire like the first one did and some people hoped this one would, but that’s A okay. Most successful movies are successful without lighting the world on fire. Most sequels to movies that hugely broke out have more restrained performances.
  7. I’m not rooting against It. This whole narrative that seems to be developing that I root against non-Disney films or something is bizarre and inaccurate. Generally speaking, I would rather that most films do great. That’s better for consumers, theaters, studios, etc. However, I also don’t use a film being non-Disney as a reason to think it’ll do better than is likely, or a reason to say it’s doing great if it’s only doing good. Maybe that’s what people are picking up on, but it’s not my fault that few non-Disney movies have done great this year. I was cheerleading for The Upside and JW3, which are the two best non-Disney runs of the year off the top of my head.
  8. I was wondering if underlined was a copy paste error from last week (when the 4-day threw things off by a day). This seems to suggest so?
  9. Ah man, look at all those Kenny Winonas That’s a sure sign you’re doing something right
  10. Jesus Christ man, seriously? Not even gonna take a step back and reflect on how silly that is?
  11. Oh, of course. The fact that I’ve been correct about how the movie will do pretty much every step of the way isn’t because I was applying good reasoning and looking logically at history, it’s because I was wrong but am getting lucky. Whereas all the people who were way off, well, that’s not cause they were predicting badly. They’re actually the ones doing the sound analysis, and they just got tragically foiled by an “unlucky” reality. That’s definitely the natural conclusion 🙄
  12. I don’t have some kind of grudge against It. I’ve been calling for numbers on the lower side because I was seeing things with clear eyes and a lot of people were on an unjustified hype train. I said PS were a bit low and it seemed more like 80 than 110. It was more like 80 than 110. I said 30M True Fri seemed optimistic and the IM probably wouldn't beat It 1. 30M tru Fri was too optimistic, and it didn’t beat It 1’s IM. I said I’d take the under on 233M — it’s probably going under 233M. Being spot on about a movie when other’s are overpredicting isn’t a hatchet job or indicative of a biased hate or something— it’s a sign of sound analysis.
  13. Well that’s pretty baseless, lol. I could just as easily say “considering you’ve had a thing for this movie from the start, if you think it’s ‘great,’ it’s probably just ok.” ... and that would be more accurate.
  14. There’s plenty not great about the numbers It Chapter 2 is making. Like the fact that they’re not great. It’ll be big for R. It’ll be big for horror. It’ll be big for September. It’s not a flop or a bomb or a failure or anything like that — but about 65% sequel retention is not great. It’s just... okay.
  15. Is this the shortest 90M+ thread ever? What else could even be in contention?
  16. Well, some sports fans get CRAZY. Like, really, really, really, crazy. I hope there aren’t any movie fans to match the full extreme of sports fandom. But don’t need to be similar in degree for my point, just in nature. People are happy when the team/franchise they’ve chosen to root for is doing well (whether in absolute or relative terms) — even though they have no direct e.g. financial stake in that success, as TMP pointed out. As for the rest, you don’t need objective rules or zero-sum for fans to exist. It would be quite surprising if there weren’t movie fan in that way, liking to see things that you like succeed is just basic human nature.
  17. 460 from current markets probably misses 500, and it’s not hard to see current markets below 460.
  18. If the biggest non-Disney opening this year is FFH that will be just 26% of Endgame. Previous largest discrepancy this millennia between highest Ow and highest OW from a different studio was 2017 with It 1 at 56% of TLJ. Just bonkers.
  19. The connection between deliberately lowballed studio “expectations” and what causes meltdowns around here is... rather faint.
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