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  1. It could open 270, leg x3, beat IW OS, and still miss. Venom was certainly not being timid with the goalposts here. Pretty sure I was OUT months ago, but just in case here it is again. Over JW and I’ll be (pleasantly) very surprised.
  2. 00:00 ¥7.15m Rest of day couldn’t quite maintain pace with the earlier hours, but a good result still. For now I’m thinking around 65x3.5 for OD, but as mentioned by everyone this page already PSm’s since Maoyan desynced with official BO app are a bit 🤷‍♂️
  3. Not so far fetched. I can imagine a scenario where Endgame gets Labor Day IMAX but Aladdin/TS4 gets the big standard format expansion (Endgame already on digital release makes that pretty unlikely).
  4. This isn’t a rerelease. It’s happening in week 10 of the original run, cmon now. Endgame will leave theaters in September or whatever with some 2.77x first run, over Avatar!s first but below Avatar total. If Disney bothers with a rerelease to get it over or not is still pretty unclear.
  5. Headed to around 7.3-7.5 today based on movement so far. 40-45% increase, right in line with Charlie’s expectation for the day and pretty solid.
  6. I’m with Jatinder. This isn’t a rerelease. They’re adding 6 minutes of post credits content in week 10 and may be increasing TC in some countries. Not enough to make up the gap between where it was headed and where #1 sits. It’ll mean a lot less work if they have something else they want to try later though.
  7. The only actual Feige quote in the article is It sounds to me like this is acknowledging the possibility of Sony adding a Spider-Man to the SUMC, not Tom Hardy Venom appearing in the MCU or with Tom Holland.
  8. I’ve got the receipts. I’ll be here at 2:30 AM July 2nd @ing you if these post-credits scenes don’t live up now
  9. I disagree. And I really doubt they can push the first run over 2.788. It was just headed to miss by too much on its own.
  10. Now we’re talking. I think this will leave the first run below Avatar still, but close enough to go over in the next few years when before I was skeptical of that.
  11. I was never going to be that pleased with 115. Everyone would be pretty happy with 150 now. Did expectations get skewed, yes. But only by like 20M or so.
  12. Yes, I agree. Breaking embargo seems game theoretically rational. It’s just that that conclusion is pretty amusing to me.
  13. Somebody doesn’t know how to read a clock, lol. Though deliberately breaking embargo is a good way to get more attention. Edit: Looks like he’s in the UK, scheduled those tweets for automatic release, and screwed the conversion up by an hour.
  14. Tues-Sun 6-day plays bigger than Fri-Wed 6-day all else held equal. If Homecoming opened Tues would have probably been 165+ 6-day already, so just +20% or so for 200.
  15. Yeah, we still don’t have the full details clear. My guess atm is: does not return to any theaters internationally doesn’t add much, if any, TC domestically There’s like an additional 5-10 minutes of fan oriented bonuses post credits And that’s clearly not a rerelease. In fact they already changed the post-credits content mid run and nobody batted an eyelash. But we’ll see soon enough.
  16. So, not really a rerelease at all. Additional post credits goodies for DOM initial run.
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