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  1. waiiiiit a minute i just realized why i kept getting ben shapiro and other stupid recommendations for so long. because i watched star wars videos talking shit about the last jedi. youtube sure does make some interesting assumptions....
  2. If he's the donald trump of movie critics does that mean we're accepting more people agree with him than some people want to believe?
  3. I just don't understand why people involved in the production of the movie continue to respond lol. Regardless of your opinion, surely at this point it's clear that you're either wasting your breath or making things worse? It's just bad business sense. I suppose one could argue that they need to keep responding on principle, but I am surprised the mouse has allowed principle to trump $$$ for so many months. There is a not-insignificant portion of their customer base whose fires you're just flaming. I think it doesn't really matter if you're generalizing all of the people that disliked the movie, what matters is if they feel like you are. It's common PR sense, really, and the obvious solution is to just say nothing. If your primary concern is money. Which I suspect is the case at Disney. The best thing they can do is stop talking about the movie at all for the next year, negative or rude or positive and kind or whatever. Radio silence.
  4. Finn is a buffoon because boyega plays him that way, for some reason. I don't think the character is that much of a bumbling idiot but the way the actor hams up his (too frequent, imo) comic relief exaggerates it. Overall, looking at the plots I'd say finn is maybe 40 percent buffoon. Overall I guess I'm saying I agree that oscar isaacs is a better leading man, but when I said he forced himself to make something up for poe, I mean that the casino planet was present first and separating finn and poe required making up the half-assed garbage with the fleet.
  5. Well it doesn't help that he had a shitty reason for keeping the two characters separate in the first place. He literally split them up because they "got along too well." So then he forced himself to make up some shit for Poe because he wrote himself into a corner and didn't have the skill to write himself out in a satisfying way.
  6. I've actually settled on somewhere between 900m-1.2b for ep 9 but have since learned that apparently clubs are not allowed until the movie is a year away...I think if the low end happens, neither side will shut up. They'll just get louder. One side because the denial and condescension will be strong, the other because they will feel that they won.
  7. disney exec's response to the concept: "over my great great grandchildren's dead bodies"
  8. I wasn't too interested in box office last year, so this is the first time I've looked at Jumanji's numbers. Gotta say, seeing its performance in some of Star Wars strongest markets, combined with the faceplant Solo did, and the (I believe) underestimated unhappiness with episode 8, I'm actually kinda making myself wonder about that sub 1b club after all... I guess the only thing stopping me is that I don't know enough about how it all works to really draw a line in the sand on it. That, and for some reason my brain won't let me move past "it's star wars, though." One part of my mind wants to say it's really really unlikely for the next one to drop +300M, but the other part wants to point out that nobody predicted Solo doing so poorly. Even when people saw its less than favorable release date, saying less than 500 million got ya laughed at.
  9. I can't tell if I want to stop derailing this thread with the leftovers spoilers or keep going so that people watch it and put the respect on Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux's names that they deserve
  10. Did you just ignore the part where I said I don't have a guess myself? I'm not going to go make a club that I probably wouldn't even join.
  11. Regardless of how it performs, this release date is a fucking power play. You know that scene in The Leftovers where Kevin flops his giant dick onto the sensor? That's Sony to Star Wars right now.
  12. You should do it. Don't wait for other people, show some initiative. I didn't say I would join the club. I don't have any guesses on ep 9 gross, and wouldn't be able to justify such a club so it probably wouldn't be allowed. I just am curious how long it'll take for someone to do it
  13. The following is a miniature grammar rant ...if you have to use the syllables to give an acronym, you might as well just write the word out. God damn people write in acronyms way too much now. Always assuming everyone will know what they mean. IT TAKES LIKE TWO EXTRA SECONDS TO WRITE SHIT OUT. This and the increase in comma splices make me want to strangle people in charge of educating english speakers. I dont even consider myself uptight about grammar. I just think people make it needlessly difficult to understand what they're writing.
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