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  1. Nah it's just gender based hate, nothing to do with how the operations are perceived to be run. That'd make too much sense, probably.
  2. Anyway, on topic: I just watched jurassic world for the first time just now. Was alright for the first third, ended up leaving it running while looking at porn for the last quarter lmao. Wouldn't pay to see the sequel in theaters at all. I suspect the drop from JW will be pretty intense. I consider myself a generally average movie-goer. Part of that coveted single young adult male demo. It was an ok movie despite not making much sense at all, but I'm typically harder on movies than people in my demo
  3. I have ignored two people in my short time here. Whatever tree is is one of them lol
  4. for some people its inconceivable that someone could completely hate the movie without a sexist viewpoint. But no, plenty of people just think it was a stupid story that was poorly written, boring trash
  5. I mean we could but then we'd have to talk about the "too many blockbusters too fast" excuse some people were listing for how poorly it's done. Incredibles just put that shit to bed this weekend, imo
  6. I was 12 when the incredibles came out and it stuck with me way more than finding nemo did. The opening alone, with the guy upset he was saved from his suicide against his will, had me shook in a way nemo never did. I would say my interest for a sequel was about 10 times as much for incredibles than finding nemo. This is going to blow dory out of the fucking water. And not to make everything about solo, byt...i thought the people in charge of that failure wanted me to think audiences had no money left for another blockbuster so soon?!
  7. So a typical heist movie, then?
  8. youre gonna start a fire with such a hot take
  9. abandon all hope, ye who enter here
  10. Bobbybuilderton

    Monday's Numbers

    I first heard about him because he made some shitty video essay on episode 8. And I don't just mean the content was dumb (imo), I mean the presentation was bad. It was very verbose, and narrated like he was rushing through reading in front of the class for the first time. The presentation sounded like someone rushing through their ideas before you can have time to realize they're not saying much of anything, while also insecure that the audience will realize that's what they're doing. He doesn't regulate breathing or intonation enough. It's just a string of sounds. I also realized I probably don't have the same tastes as him. But the important thing here is that I'm not surprised he's in denial. Also he seems like an arrogant dick.
  11. With the word of mouth what it is? Don't hold your breath
  12. I'm sorry but this is amusing paired with your picture. Aunt May survived infinity war only for this to happen. A shame.

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