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  1. My prediction has been under 500m domestic, about 980 ww since about june 2018 so i'm getting pretty excited by posts like this
  2. I maintain that boyega may know exactly how this looks/that it may ruin his career, but if he grew up poor ( i don't know if he did), he may have already made more money than he ever thought he would in his life and just not give a fuck. Not everyone wants more and more.
  3. i agree with this. the sequel is maybe a little worse but they're basically the same in quality. not sure how they would manage to make the next one appealing if they dont change it up tbh
  4. This is truly disaster territory we're approaching. I mean we're seriously considering sub 500m domestic? Who could have gu-- Now i'll admit i didn't anticipate JJ making a bloated mess ofa movie, so the legs being what they are so far makes up for my OW guess being 30m off. I was pretty proud of that reasoning though...if only more people had actually read the post...
  5. IMO this is one of the worst takes and is part of why people are surprised that ROS is nearing freefall status right now. I truly don't understand how people think it's a good movie, FORGET about a good setup for a sequel. The fact that you COULD go somewhere after TLJ doesnt change that the movie AS WRITTEN works as a conclusion. I explained this elsewhere, but it ends similarly to 2009 Star Trek, where yeah the characters' lives go on but it's also a fine ending point on its own. There's a difference between something being resolved and something feeling like a resolution. If you have to sit down in a writer's room for an afternoon to figure out what hooks you have going into the next movie, that's a pretty shitty setup for the next movie, as the average person is not going to think about it that deeply. Logic and rational thought don't matter here. In other words, if it feels like an ending, to the average viewer its gonna be an ending. Furthermore, each of your points are already things that TLJ resolved in its own story or retreaded from force awakens: 1)Kylo already went full villain when he killed Han. They retread the inner conflict from TFA when he hesitated to kill his mother. He goes full ragebaby when he sees Luke, and since Luke is one of the HEROES, that already cements him as a villain turning his back on a possible redemption. 2)Clunky "spark that will light the fire blahblahbalh" line already has some payoff when they set up that Luke's final stand inspired a new generation of fighters 3)Ultimate fight between Rey and Kylo after their doubts? They already fought once, she won, and the movie ends with him being outsmarted. The broken lightsaber scene shows they are about equal in strength. Why should I care about any further confrontation between them? All evidence suggests Rey would win again. Not only that, but she already rejected his offer to join up, so there isn't even the hook of potential ideological union between them. 4)By the end of TLJ Rey has already performed almost all known (via the films) Jedi abilities anyway. 5)Why have him die if he's just going to show up as a force ghost to help her finish training? TLJ goes out of its way to shoot down any interesting ideas that it brings up. Everything else is just a waste of time retread of TFA. There is no good place for the story to go after ep 8, so much so that I've seen several people say they're going to just consider 8 the ending
  6. I'm on my phone at work and the mobile version of this forum sucks for posting. So i didnt see that hilarious update until after i had written that
  7. I felt it in my bones years ago that this wouldn't hit a billion. Even if it limps across that line, i take that as vindication since i was told in no uncertain terms that it'd either pass tlj or make 1.2. They swore the star wars fanboy brand loyalty was BULLETPROOF. Well look where we are now... wondering if a star wars finale will break 75m on its second weekend lmao
  8. i love reading back through shit like this " I just don’t see this doing less than $400M domestically. " we really had no idea did we
  9. I saw that statement many times..its part of why people are reveling in the movie's disappointment. A lot of people would condescendingly say "psh you'll be back when 9 comes out." It was pretty annoying. I genuinely think TLJ splintered the fandom, and that is why way back when solo came out i was already predicting under 1 bil for 9.
  10. I'm not attached to the skywalker story and i hated the last jedi. i seriously dont give a fucka bout luke and the skywalker legacy or whatever, i just think its a trash movie.
  11. got a friend of mine to watch the first episode, she liked it surprisingly. gonna wait until the finale to say if we should invest the time into watching it. Even though i think the ride has been fun, a terrible ending can ruin it all...
  12. Found someone who liked both 7 AND 8 and still didn't like 9. Not a verified account though so I won't post. He is the cohost of the game of thrones podcast with Joanna Robinson that I mentioned a while back
  13. Jeremy Jahns is barely a critic, and I don't think anyone was pretending otherwise. Personally, I just think he's a good indicator of what the fans will think. The youtube critic/reactor sphere is typically a good indicator. Another one that I find pretty fucking annoying is Tyrone Magnus, and he hated it too.
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