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  1. JB33

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Yep, and SEARCHING switched places with it, moving to August 24. Good move, IMO. It's the "buzzier" of the two and 2 years ago Sony/Screen Gems had a surprise thriller hit on that same weekend in DON'T BREATHE (August 26). Unfortunately it will be stopped dead in its tracks two weeks later when THE NUN is released. DB didn't have that problem.
  2. JB33

    Tuesday's Numbers

    That's neat. Never noticed that.
  3. Lol, this reaction for a bad tweet. It wasn't funny and it was kinda cringeworthy, but for Pete's sake people.
  4. Just heading out to see SKYSCRAPER. Not expecting much but I do love the Rock and I love movies like this.
  5. AMatW gross is just fine. Not every movie needs to be a juggernaut. Is it doing a little worse than I thought it could? Sure, but that's more because of inflated expectations. It sure as hell isn't disappointing though.
  6. OUT. That title will go to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT.
  7. Really hoping AMatW somehow holds better than that, although I doubt it. The Wednesday number made sure of that.
  8. What I was hoping was that the movie would create an explanation for these characters not being around BEFORE the events of IW. As in something like they would all get stuck in the quantum realm before Hulk goes smashing down to Earth and warns everyone about Thanos. That would make sense. But nope, they were all there right until the snap, something that happens at the end of IW.
  9. There really was no villain, was there? This movie is definitely about Hank and Hope's search for Janet. It isn't a typical hero vs villain story. There are protagonists and antagonists and they simply were after the same thing and got in each other's way sometimes. Ant-Man was just there to help out and fend off Ghost and the other pests, and Goggins' character was simply as pointless as it gets. Like, why was he even there? Again, not even really a villain. Just a thorn in the heroes sides. Fun movie, but certainly not one of Marvel's best. As for the mid-credits scene, I really really hope that was meant to be some time after the events of the film. Otherwise, that would have meant that Thanos' invasion was happening at the same time, which is....jarring. But even then, what were the 4 of them doing just nonchalantly collecting energy or whatever from the quantum realm right before the snap?? At that time you would think the whole world would be in chaos.
  10. That's why I love the guy! He does tons of movies unapologetically and doesn't act like any of them are beneath him. He's just always had a blast being a movie star!

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