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  1. Keep on truckin' @Napoleon. This place has been my getaway too, especially lately.
  2. Nice. Mine was pretty damn close to yours. Previews: $19M Friday: $45M Saturday: $54M Sunday: $45.5M Total: $163.5M
  3. Per BOM, Hotel Mumbai is no longer releasing wide on March 22 so Us now has that date all to itself. March 2019 only has 8 wide releases in 5 weekends. Looks as if studios are basically surrendering the month to Captain Marvel, Us and Dumbo.
  4. Thrilled to read all the positive reactions! Two weeks this Friday until the box office blows up out of its slumber.
  5. Uh, yes I am. I can't possibly follow the movie, especially on here, without seeing or reading about Brie Larson's personal agenda. In general you're right though, and that's how I've been trying to go about it. Unlike the trolls, I'm not going to let this ruin my anticipation of the film. No way! I'm still as excited as ever.
  6. Sure she can. Talk about the movie. If she really wants to mix in a little wokeness, talk about the opportunities that women HAVE gotten on this film. Talk about the strong female characters who are headlining the film. Talk about Anna Boden, one of the directors. Talk about the composer of the film, Pinar Toprak! There is lots to talk about without creating more controversy, conflict and discord, which is the left's primary MO.
  7. This, and it's not even like she doesn't have good points. It's just that we see and hear this all around us. There are clear movements starting everywhere. There's no need for her to go waving her flag on the press tour. Just let us have some peace and escapism with these movies.
  8. That's not even it, but let's not get back into that discussion. I'm personally looking forward to this movie, I like discussing it, and I don't want the thread locked again.
  9. Yeah, uhhh, BvS was NOT beloved by audiences. It crashed and burned after opening weekend! I've never seen anything like it.
  10. You're getting really good at subtly moving goal posts, I'll give you that.

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