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  1. I don't get it either, but she still got a lot of buzz for it for some reason. I mean, she's a fantastic actress so obviously she was legitimately great in all her scenes. I just feel like there wasn't a big enough body of work within that film for her to get awards recognition for it.
  2. I know people are infatuated with the Friday the 13th release date idea but now that The Boy 2 has moved from December 6, anyone think it would be a good idea to move this there? Give it a little room before the Christmas blockbusters hit? We say it about any Christmas movie and I think it applies to Christmas horrors too: it's going to completely die after Christmas. May as well release it at the beginning of December so you've got a couple weeks of relevance. Personally, I think it'll happen. The studio probably likes the Friday the 13th gimmick but undoubtedly they like the thought of more money moreso.
  3. Also, @Eric Addams do you want to change the date in the thread title to February 21, 2020?
  4. As I suspected, this has been removed from the December 6 slot. Per BOM, looks like it has been moved to February 21, 2020 alongside Bloodshot and The Call of the Wild. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/schedule/?view=&release=&date=2020-02-07&showweeks=4&p=.htm
  5. I love how the rest of the world is just totally embracing this. Trump really has fucked up North Americans. They can't get out of their own heads.
  6. What do you think @Ororo Munroe? Haven't heard from you in awhile.
  7. Very, very fascinating article. Refreshing, after so many members of the media created a narrative that the filmmakers were glorifying and making excuses for white male incels, or made it about white, male entitlement. Maybe, just maybe, it isn't that fucking simple.
  8. Oh, IP-driven films bomb for sure. I'm not saying they're infallible. I'm saying studios would rather make those when there's at least a chance they'll make their money back. By the way, I, as a member of the audience, am not saying I don't want more original, director-driven films. Of course I do! I'm just speaking from the studios' point of view. Scorsese is complaining about "Where do directors go to get their movie financed?" and I'm saying unfortunately gone are the days where the GA showed up to those movies with enough regularity for them to greenlight all of them unless they can take it to the bank with certain directors (Nolan, Tarantino, probably Inarritu now etc.). I'm basically putting some of the blame on the audience. Hell, you can also put some of the blame on cinemas and ticket prices. There are a lot of factors that go into the film landscape nowadays. Studios don't make these decisions just cuz. They follow the market, and WE set the market.
  9. Studios don't care what they make, as long as it makes money. The problem is people aren't filling up cinemas anymore unless it's for a big IP. Scorsese can complain all he wants, but he wants financing for a film that is most definitely not going to make the studio its money back. He's acting like it's a slam dunk and studios are just being prejudiced. Um no.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. Take as much time as you need to yourself and with family. You know we'll be here.
  11. It was totally contrived with a disgusting amount of effort behind it from certain factions of the media. Not to worry, Knives Out will be here soon to make them feel all warm and fuzzy again (a movie I'm very much looking forward to, by the way).
  12. Sorry to sidestep football here but that was a good game against your Flyers last night! I thought the Canucks did well in the first period and didn't necessarily play bad for the rest of the game but they just couldn't get much going. The Flyers have a good system and Hart is a beaut!
  13. Sometimes @The Futurist has the worst takes. Sometimes he has the best takes. The bold is one of the best takes. I agree 100%. It's not just the media either, it's people in general (perhaps BECAUSE of the media I guess). The one thing I'm allied with Trump on is his crusade against the press. Otherwise, he's a buffoon who only cares about people with money and I despise people like that. The press though.....he's got a point.
  14. The thing that brings it down for me is the Rock just being the Rock. Films liked PotC worked because Jack Sparrow was a CHARACTER. Based on the trailer I don't see anything unique about The Rocks or Blunt's characters.
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