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  1. In light of My Spy moving dates, I figured I'd mention this too. It hasn't moved but I do wonder if it will. There's been absolute radio silence regarding this movie. Not that it requires some thorough marketing campaign, but if it's indeed ready for January 10 I would have thought we would have at least gotten another trailer by now. I think it looks great, personally. I have no idea why it moved from March then from August again.
  2. Makes me wonder if the thinking is simply: a literal empty weekend might mean a couple more million in the bank and is better than sharing a weekend with 3 other wide releases + 2 more going wide (1917 and Just Mercy). That is a crowded weekend.
  3. How comparable are Jumanji and Into the Spider-Verse for presales and tracking? I know one is an animation but we're talking about a more mature, superhero animation. Not exactly Wreck-it-Ralph or Frozen. Would just be interested to compare the two movies if anyone has data for Spider-Verse. It opened on the same weekend last year (December 14-16) so that's another reason I'd like to compare.
  4. Surprised at that decrease, which is 10% or more. Not surprised as in I didn't see it coming, as you alluded to this drop earlier, but surprised overall. However, it probably lends itself well to an absurd Friday increase. Look for around 220-240%.
  5. I know there's you can't forecast walkups but do you get the feeling personally that walkups could make up for that a bit? I ask because TRoS looks to be more of a crowd pleaser compared to TLJ. If previews end up being lower I wonder if we get a better internal multi.... I guess I'm just really really hoping the OW doesnt come in too far below the $220M mark that TLJ hit.
  6. A constant item of feedback I get from people is that premium showings dont match up with premium prices. That is to say, whatever is premium about their experience is still not worth what you have to pay. This couldn't be more the case than with 3D, where theatres are finally learning that audiences just aren't buying it (literally). I believe lowering prices (both premium and normal) by even a couple bucks would make a huge difference. Especially when you get to things like IMAX. Sure, its definitely a more special experience, but well over $20 worth? Maybe for some people, but unless you're a mega film buff it's a hard sell.
  7. I should be over it by now but I seriously cant get enough of those violence and doom proclamations blowing up in people's faces! Like, it seriously couldn't have gone more wrong for them. What a bunch of bozos. In all seriousness though, calling them bozos is taking it lightly and letting them off the hook. At the risk of sounding just like them, sometimes I feel THEY are the danger, especially those in the media. People are generally sheep and it's so easy to put ideas in their had and cause unnecessary chaos and unrest (basically what George Soros does for a living).
  8. I totally agree. He's an artist. You have to let him do his thing. As a Star Wars fan I did not agree with some of his choices for TLJ but I would rather him not do Star Wars and use his God given talents somewhere else than limit himself with Star Wars just to please a fanbase.
  9. Yep. Lucasfilm may very well like and believe in Rian but audience reception will tell the tale at the end of the day. If audiences don't want it, and make that loud and clear, I doubt they move ahead with it unless his idea for the trilogy is so sure to be a hit and Lucasfilm knows it.
  10. They are, but Golden Globe winner still looks nice.
  11. Opening in 2,337 theatres tomorrow. I'm predicting roughly a $1,900-$2,000 PTA for an OW gross of $4.44M to $4.67M. However, that's before factoring in the discounted ticket offerings. I'm also probably being a littler generous with my predicted PTA. That PTA is pretty bad to start with but I could definitely imagine it being even lower, given the sheer lack of children and families that will actually elect to see this over Frozen.
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