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  1. Mega churches, yes. Community churches shouldn't be judged the same. I still don't like religion, but I like a lot of the things that come from my mom's involvement in her church. Genuinely great stuff and if it works for my mom and others, if it helps give them peace and meaning in their lives, then great.
  2. I did not hear about that. Insane, totally insane. We agree on this, @dudalb: I despise religion. All religions come from a time when humans were less enlightened and needed to attribute certain things in nature they didn't understand to something. That's it. I don't mind spiritual people, though. There's a big difference. I, myself, wholeheartedly believe in a higher power. Do I know what that is? No, but I'm just not a pure science guy either.
  3. Remember when Joel Osteen wouldn't let anyone in his church in Houston during the hurricane? Despicable.
  4. Yeah I've been starting to do that, as several people have suggested it. It actually does make Twitter a bit less of a headache because you always need other opinions and views for balance. In terms of straight up truth in reporting, though, I still don't know who to trust. It feels like political agenda has seeped into everything.
  5. Are there any unbiased sources left though? If something isn't Pro Trump, it's anti-Trump (which is okay in and of itself, but usually means it'll go overboard the other way with disinformation).
  6. I don't mind the Balfe choice. People forget that, given COVID-19, it looks like he'll actually have a long time to work on the score. Hope he delivers something unique!
  7. That's awful about the two Asian women in Sydney, but the other part is a projection and assumption by the FBI. That shit just fans the flames. Let's save our outrage until there is actually a widespread issue of hate crimes towards Asian-Americans (wait, can I say that? I honestly forget), which there won't be.
  8. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-mps-take-a-pay-raise-while-raising-your-taxes-during-a-crisis/amp?__twitter_impression=true Aaaand there goes the little bit of respect I gained for our government.
  9. One issue that's come up, at least in my town, is people being able to walk through drive-through's. McDonald's and Tim Horton's don't do it, but the A&W has started allowing it. It applies to everyone, but the issue arose from truck drivers who need to stop for a meal being turned away when they'd walk through the drive through. They obviously can't take their truck through and the lobbies are long closed. We're talking about critical workers who contribute to keeping things running and they can't even stop for a hamburger. A&W caught wind of McDonald's turning a bunch of folks down and spread the word that truck drivers are more than welcome to walk through OR they can even call ahead, dictate their order and they'll open the restaurant doors for them only. The willingness to take walk-through's has since been extended to all customers (not opening the lobby doors though, that's for truck drivers only) because some folks don't have a vehicle and rely on being able to enter the restaurant. Anyway, just thought I'd share that tidbit from my community.
  10. Mark my words, we're entering dangerous times here. There is going to be worldwide tension between nations over this soon based on the way each one is handling the coronavirus and how it will affect the other. It's basically the same way civil tension has already erupted in China (the riots in Hubei) and will most certainly erupt between states in the US. This is a worldwide pandemic, which means the whole world has to be somewhat unified in order to combat it. You can forget that, because there isnt even unity within certain countries.
  11. I know this isnt important right now, but come the first week of April it will have been 9 months since the last MCU film. Gotta say, I'm really ready for the next chapter. It's going to suck waiting for this. Like I said, not a priority though, I know.
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