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  1. Just sitting down to see DEADPOOL 2 now. Ready for some good fun! @Nova your thoughts? I'm sure you've shared them already but I haven't really been around lately.
  2. That drop for IW. Ouch.
  3. Cool, though I was thinking Casey Affleck for Eddie. God I can't wait for this!
  4. Horror 2018

    I'm just here (im)patiently waiting for the NUN trailer.
  5. For those in the know, is that a normal drop in China? Good? Bad?
  6. Yes, but it did have a $179M opening weekend. Despite all you said, you can't take that away. Keep in mind, I'm not saying it bombed and I'm not talking about overall gross. I'm simply saying the drops were baaaad. It's not a dig at the movie or anything, it's just the truth.
  7. The title has got to be spoiler-ish, otherwise they would have just released it by now. I actually thought for sure we would get the title at the end of the credits in IW. Maybe the title is spoiler-ish for CAPTAIN MARVEL, and therefore we will get it after that movie. It won't be INFINITY GAUNTLET because that would be backwards. If they were going that route than the latest film would have been titled that and Avengers 4 would be INFINITY WAR.
  8. Still can't get over how much CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR cratered. I absolutely loved the film but clearly the GA did not.
  9. To me it's the stupidest part of the franchise: The villains eventually teaming up with the crew.
  10. If it's that bad I doubt I could watch it. Sounds like the kind of movie that leaves me sick to my stomach
  11. Miscellaneous Record Thread

    This is awesome stuff! Thanks so much guys!

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