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  1. Exactly! This is why audiences will side with Disney/Marvel even if Disney/Marvel are the ones technically to blame here. As I said before, it isn't the audience's job (unless you're a studio fanboy) to concern themselves with which studio is getting the short and long end of the stick. They're the paying customers and they only care about what they're seeing on screen. If the Spider-Man character suddenly gets plucked out of the MCU, a chunk will still see the now detached Spider-Man films from Sony but a lot will say screw this and just stick with the MCU.
  2. But Feige's involvement isn't the only issue in a vacuum. I assume if Feige isn't producing then Marvel Studios isn't making it, which means it's not MCU. That's the issue. It's not a simple issue of Feige's name being attached or not.
  3. But will they be MCU films? I mean, if they're still MCU canon then I can get behind this because Sony deserves a better deal for them. However, if they're going to continue where they left off with Holland's Spidey and the stories they were telling, but not have it set in the MCU anymore, well that's just stupid and I have no interest. As it is I had only minor interest in Venom and their other forthcoming Spider-Man villain/anti-hero films. You can only offer so many different takes on the same universe simultaneously. Or I guess I should say the same take in different universes.
  4. Okay if Sony brought back Tobey Maguire, I'd be on board. That I can say.
  5. I agree with nobody needing to take a side, but it's not as simple as sitting back and enjoying the ride. I mean, they just spent the past few years establishing the character in the MCU and now - woops! - not anymore. The more I think about it, the more I feel both sides will suffer a bit, though Disney has the entire MCU so they'll clearly come out again. There will be backlash though. Sony may not receive the backlash but they just won't receive the box office dollars they were with the character being handled by Marvel Studios. Hence, both sides will suffer.
  6. Fair enough. I mean, I'm not taking a side here. I'm just stating how I think this will play out and my feelings as a fan of the MCU. It's not my job to look out for Sony's wellbeing on the business end of it. That's their problem. All I know is Sony is not going to win the battle for the fans, even if Disney/Marvel Studios are the ones being the dicks here. The fans will, for the most part, spend their precious dollars on what they know and trust: the MCU, including me. That being said, if Sony is legitimately happy to continue the partnership with Marvel Studios if they can continue with the original arrangement then there should be some pressure from the fans on Disney/Marvel. Fuck them if they're going to tarnish what they've built somewhat by being greedy.
  7. Good on Sony in principal maybe, but they're going to go right back to falling flat on their faces doing Spider-Man alone. Good job. Nobody is going to see your movies. Fuck this.
  8. As usual, I couldn't give a crap about early reactions. I things looks outstanding and my opinion is really the only one I care about. Of course, we'll see how I feel AFTER seeing the film.
  9. I'm really looking forward to this, even more so than Good Boys (and that was worth the anticipation; what a fun film!).
  10. I have no words for what's going on in the Amazon right now. Apocalyptic is right. So, so, so sad and terrible. Humans really will be the architect of their own demise. We're the disease here.
  11. I kind of get what he's trying to say and somewhere in there he does have a point.
  12. I like the title. We have absolutely zero context for it so may as well not hate on it.
  13. I'm a pretty political person these days and I'm not even touching this. Nope. Uh-uh.
  14. Yeah if this stuff turns out to be true, the execs at Disney are in deep shit and deservedly so. Of all companies, too. A lot of people won't look at Disney the same.
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