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  1. Welcome to the madhouse! What a time to join. The April 26-28 weekend thread should be a blast! That gives me a thought: For those who have been here for awhile, what would you say was the most fun weekend thread? Jurassic World? Black Panther? TFA?
  2. JB33

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    Tessa Thompson is not attractive to some men? Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Some men are morons.
  3. No kidding. I mean, I thought we would have gotten it in March, let alone end of April.
  4. Impressive previews for this. Wasn't expecting as much as $2.75M. It'll be frontloaded as hell, but still. Probably going to catch it on Tuesday.
  5. In light of initial DP tracking I thought I'd bump this club. Anyone else?
  6. JB33

    THE ANGRY BIRDS II | Aug 16 19 | Sony

    Thanks for the info. I mean, I figured it wasn't staying. BOM tends to wait until the last minute to list release date changes.
  7. JB33

    THE ANGRY BIRDS II | Aug 16 19 | Sony

    Oh for sure. One of the animated films, whether it's Angry Birds again or PLAYMOBIL, will definitely move at the very least.
  8. I'm in! I guess it's not unlike many other months but I'll be at the cinema all month in July 2019!
  9. Honestly not trying to start something, but why can't you apply this logic - which is sound, by the way - to Snyder's DC universe?
  10. JB33

    THE ANGRY BIRDS II | Aug 16 19 | Sony

    Moved up 2 days to Wednesday August 14 alongside Warner Bros.' Blinded By the Light, per BOM. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/schedule/?view=&release=&date=2019-08-02&showweeks=5&p=.htm
  11. Oh, and to put things in perspective: @RthZam would have to confirm this but I'm pretty sure "my theatre" is the biggest in Calgary. I might also start tracking my other go-to theatre, which is smaller so all the shows naturally look "more sold out".
  12. I'm surprised at the number of "In's" in this club. It would be a massive achievement for Frozen II to be the first animated film with over $1B overseas.
  13. Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Chinook - Calgary, AB Avengers: Endgame Thursday April 25, 2019 UltraAVX (3D Atmos 7:00PM - 322/363 seats sold (89%) 11:00PM - 248/363 seats sold (68%) UltraAVX 3D 10:00PM - 260/406 seats sold (64%) UltraAVX 6:00PM - 324/406 seats sold (80%) IMAX (3D) 6:30PM - 271/279 seats sold (97%) *Basically a sellout. 4 handicapped seats + 4 handicapped companion seats remaining. IMAX 10:30PM - 267/279 seats sold (96%) *4 regular seats remaining. Regular (3D) 6:15PM - 55/366 seats sold (15%) 8:00PM - 234/330 seats sold (71%) 8:30PM - 2/163 seats sold (1%) 10:15PM - 9/366 seats sold (2%) Regular 6:45PM - 106/234 seats sold (45%) 7:30PM - 27/162 seats sold (17%) 9:00PM - 180/234 seats sold (77%) 10:45PM - 43/234 seats sold (18%) I wish I had comps for you guys but this is my first time tracking my go-to theatre. I'm going to try to start doing this for all big-ish releases from now on, though, so I have comps to refer to.

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