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  1. So happy you've cleared this up for me! I was also wondering why I couldn't find this movie. My theatre is the Cineplex Scotiabank Chinook in Calgary, which is apparently one or the busiest in Canada, and they get almost everything (wide releases anyway) so it was really confusing that it was seemingly omitted. Now I know.
  2. At the mall and want to see something. What would you guys see between WHITE BOY RICK, A SIMPLE FAVOR and ASSASSINATION NATION?
  3. Am I the only one who is adamant that won't be the real look? It just can't be. It looks ridiculous! More actual clown than the Joker.
  4. So how many views is the trailer on the official Marvel trailer (I assume that's the one we're tracking) on pace for?
  5. Just took my dad to see THE PREDATOR. Yeah, wasn't great. Wasn't awful either. It was a fun movie for about 2/3 of it but the third act is pretty bad.
  6. What??? Wait, but I.....I can't question this because then I'll be labeled as racist.
  7. Seeing it in IMAX as well, but tonight. Been looking forward to this for awhile now!
  8. Ugh, that sucks. Was hoping for an origin story for this one. It's not like this is Spider-Man or Batman.
  9. Great post, Barack! I never saw it that way.
  10. I can't see how THE NUN makes less than ANNABELLE: CREATION on opening weekend, despite the latter opening in summer. I've got at least $45M to $50M for THE NUN.
  11. It was a joke, believe me. This post is music to my ears!
  12. Finally got my ticket for Thursday the 6th (the obnoxious teenagers will dominate the auditorium for this over the weekend)! I'm probably more excited than I should be haha.
  13. I wasn't serious. I was referring to a pretentious post she made in another thread.

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