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  1. Re: Big Little Lies, it's a very good show but damn, do I hate all but one of the Monterrey Five. Well, Celeste is alright. I only like Jane. I hate it because I LOVE Reese Witherspoon. It kills me to see her play a character I absolutely despise. Laura Dern's character? I literally feel myself getting heated just seeing her on screen. The depiction of that section of society makes me want to throw up. I know it's written and acted that way exactly for that effect though, which is a credit to all involved.
  2. Florence Pugh is a goddess. That is all. I hope she doesn't get mangled or something in this movie.
  3. Oo, good point. On a side note I'm really, really looking forward to more news on that movie! Back to Bond, it's all about the image I think. Certain characters are just so steeped in culture that the image matters. It's like how we all laugh at Nicholas Cage getting considered for Superman. It would be ridiculous! Why? We want to believe that's Superman, or that's Bond, we're seeing on screen. Certain characters have that image you need to uphold, and that's a testament to their popularity and timelessness.
  4. Star Wars detractors are trigger-happy these days with any little thing they can nitpick or spin. I don't really take anything they say seriously.
  5. Touche. We'll see what happens with the Bond casting. I'm just not a fan of RPat, despite how much I respect him as an actor. I do like Richard Madden. Henry Cavill I know almost seems cliche, but I also like him for the role.
  6. Coming from someone who agrees that dollars and cents are what matters, I would say re-releases matter when comparing box office runs. I mean, it's pretty damn simple. You can't fairly compare a film with a normal theatrical run to that of one that had extra opportunities to add to its gross. Pretty straightforward. Avatar still gets credit for every single dollar it made obviously but if you're judging it against other films that had one theatrical run, use the original run of Avatar, which up to this point has vastly surpassed every other film's original run anyway. It seems normal that it would enter the discussion only now that a film (Endgame) is coming so close. Nobody is moving goal posts here.
  7. The problem is, in today's political climate there's no room for the classic Bond image and persona. In other words, no suave manly man. Unless Eon holds their ground they're going to pretty much re-invent the character because past Bond's are basically nowadays deemed to be pigs. No offense to RPat, he's a fantastic actor, but I look at him and go "Yup, that's 2019 James Bond right there".
  8. I find myself if kids are liking movies less and less these days in general. These days I wouldn't be surprised if barely any of them can sit through one, having been born in the iPad and smartphone age.
  9. Yup, this. This isn't become I'm some Disney stan either. It's just an objective truth. Where would the box office be this year without Disney?
  10. Cool. Been waiting for awhile to know what the "Untitled Ben Affleck movie" that's been on BOM's schedule for so long is. In fact, I notice this thread was started March 22 with a description. I wasn't even aware of that. All I knew was that there was a Ben Affleck movie coming out in October. So yeah, cool. Really different from his last several movies too.
  11. I respect the boldness @baumer, but yeah this isn't happening. This will be one of the few movies outside superheroes and Star Wars that classifies as a mega event.
  12. Superb start for The Lion King. Some fun tracking coming up in the weeks leading up to July 19.
  13. The thread, not the film. Like I said, I really don't care. It's just an observation.
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