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  1. Yeah...sure. Anyway, yes, Canada is doing pretty well all things considered. Re-opening has begun snowballing as businesses realize they will in fact be able to do business. Almost every restaurant is dine-in here at this point, with proper social distancing policies in effect of course.
  2. Watched Life Itself (the Dan Fogelman one) this evening with the girlfriend and....it wasn't bad? Don't know what the critics saw that resulted in a 14% RT score. Clearly the audience disagreed, given the 83% audience score. We enjoyed it. 6/10
  3. Angelina Jolie in the first Tomb Raider launched me into puberty.
  4. Soooo the Bubba Wallace incident was a whole lotta nothing. Congrats everyone.
  5. The nature of those breakdown videos is that they waaaaay overthink things. The movie will be fine.
  6. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-records-lowest-number-of-new-covid-19-cases-in-nearly-three-months-1.4994349 Great news for Ontario!
  7. Speaking of games, recently started playing Watch Dogs for the first time (for $9 bucks on the X-Box store, why not?). I'm kinda hooked.
  8. Ah, gotcha. We'll see what comes of it. What's the general feeling on COVID over there in the UK? Fear? Desperation to open up again?
  9. If I was in complete denial about it I wouldn't be talking about taking risks because I wouldn't believe there are any to take. Anyway, may as well end this here because you aren't addressing my point.
  10. Meh, I'm not sure. It will get old quick. There's only so long people will keep up the buzz and conversation before saying "release the damn movie already or I'm out".
  11. So #BrownFragility and #BrownComplicity are trending on Twitter. For real. Check this out I can't anymore. 😂
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