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  1. 7 minutes ago, fabiopazzo2 said:

    mine was a question, he is an Italian journalist sent to Spain. Are these real data?

    He is saying that 856 people died in the past 24 hours. That's false. Going by many articles like this one, the total number of confirmed dead (in past 24 hours) is 462: http://www.aaj.tv/english/latest/spain-death-toll-tops-2000-after-462-deaths-in-24-hours-govt/. Also around 5k-6k cases confirmed..


    Do we have someone from Spain here?

  2. Coronavirus in Romania: Country closes borders for foreign citizens, malls close, people’s movement and religious service restricted

    And these measures come after one week of schools, unis and pubs being closed nation-wide.

    We "only" have 367 cases, 52 recovered, 0 dead. More than 55.000 are in isolation.


    I must say, I don't think I was as pleased with the measures my country has taken.. like, ever. Especially since 1.2 million Romanians live in Italy (the most out of EU-states - Romania) AND our medical system sucks.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, DAJK said:

    I mean, is it possible that the case-death rate is lower than we think, just because we don't have the testing to see exactly how many people really have it? I mean, we could have 2x the # of cases than we know about, so theoretically, could the death rate really be at 2% rather than 4%? 

    Yes and it probably is even smaller than that. Look at the death rates of countries that test A LOT: Germany (0.37%), Austria (0.27%) and even South Korea (1.1%)

  4. 3 hours ago, charlie Jatinder said:

    What's mortality rate under age 40 in Europe, especially Italy.

    Low. Back when Italy had "only" 2.500 deaths, there were only like 3 people under 40. 2 were 39 year-old men suffering from diabetes and cancer.

    Yet there are some 42-45 year-old people in Italy who died, without having prior comorbidities.


    Two odd cases are in Spain. A 21 year-old died, but apparently he had leukaemia. A completely healthy 37-year old man died there too.


    So, death rate for young people is very low, but there are quite a few ending up in hospitals and even in ICUs.



  5. 40 minutes ago, Lordmandeep said:

    Yeah my body has been odd, some days i feel sore throat and chest tightness, then a few hours later i am fine and this has been going on for the past week.


    Like if i was actually infected i would get worse and worse. 


    I just think its anxiety playing games with my body.  :kitschjob:


    I find when i stop reading the news and watch funny videos i feel 100% fine or when i am at home. 

    same thing happened to me after I've returned home from college, a week ago. Honestly think it's our minds playing games on us. I don't feel it anymore now

  6. 23 hours ago, Andreas said:

    First update today, Spain is up +2.378 cases and +129 deaths. This is bad-bad :(

    Another first update, +1.903 cases and +171 deaths. Not getting any better. Can we just wake up from this bad dream?


    In other news, I've smoked my last cig yesterday and don't plan on buying another pack (after about 5 years of smoking around 1/2 pack/day). Figured it would be a good time now.



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  7. 19 minutes ago, cannastop said:

    Do you believe a rate of 1%?

    There's a huge discrepancy between mortality rates per countries, for example (Per Worldometers):

    Germany - 0.27%

    South Korea - 0.99%

    But then, on the other hand we have:
    Italy - 7.94%

    Iran - 6.53%

    So, in my opinion, the more accurate numbers are the ones reported from SK and Germany, because they test way more, even young and asymptomatic people. Iran and Italy's situation is much worse now, so they only report the confirmed symptomatic cases (or perhaps even just the hospitalized people). Here in Romania we now have 246 cases. No deaths. Only 5 people in serios/critical condition.


    The overall fatality rate is probably under 1%

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  8. With "just" 116 confirmed cases and no deaths yet, Romania takes extreme measures. Schools and unis have been closed for half a week now, and our President has just declared that Romania will be in a "state of emergency" starting Monday the 16th.


    Imo, Romania acts very carefully because our medical system just isn't prepared for this, at all. Also, I believe we test too little

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  9. Saying that people in Europe are panicked would be an understatement. Italy has around 700 cases and many deaths, France and Germany gained a lot of cases today, likely becoming the next Italy. German prime-minister declared corona to be an epidemic, many cases are untraceable. New cases are coming every hour from Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Poland (was just confirmed), Netherlands... numbers have grown extremely fast today.


    Here in Romania we've got our first case last night. People are out of control and started emptying supermarket-shelves in the big cities, mainly because we don't trust our medical system and authorities (because of past events) and we know that, if France, Germany and Italy can't stop this, our chances are 0..

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