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  1. 2 minutes ago, Brainbug said:

    Literally the first thing i see after having not visited the forums in 5 days is that Scott Mendelson tweet.


    My day may have started of rough but it certainly ends with a bit of laughter.


    Also im really fucking excited for the movie and its run!

    I believe TROS being a total opposite to TLJ will help its reception and legs in Europe. In Romania for sure and I have a similar feeling about Germany too.

  2. 3 hours ago, Porthos said:


    Comps so far off of Final Totals (spoilered for space)

      Reveal hidden contents

    I really like that you include these. Tomorrow TROS is going above 50% of EG's final tally. Not bad at all imo.

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  3. Update:


    Angel Has Fallen opens at no. 1 and makes $178K / 764K RON on OW. Impressive for this kind of movie. The Big Trip makes $48K.


    OUATIH has a nice run in Romania, it opened with $212K and has now made $637K.

    Even more impressive is The Lion King. The movie has proven to be very leggy, having grossed $1.82M. Could pass $2M in Romania.


    As expected, Hobbs & Shaw surpassed the $2M-mark in Romania. Currently sits at $2.006M. Even though it's a F&F movie (which is perhaps the most popular franchise in Romania), it doesn't have any chance at getting close to recent blockbusters Aquaman and Avengers:Endgame.


    Holdovers: Scary Stories $154K, Angry Birds 2 $507K, Good Boys $133K.


    IT 2 opens on Friday. Expect a huge opening for a horror movie.





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  4. Romania box office UPDATE:


    "Hobbs and Shaw" has a great opening, scoring $670K / 2.86M RON on its first weekend in Romanian theaters. It's not as good as F7 or F8, yet the movie should have solid legs and make it as far as it goes. $2M should be easy.


    "The Lion King" has shown great legs and made it to $1.28M, while "Spider-Man: Far From Home" made it to $1.21M, now $200K ahead of "Homecoming".


    Holdovers: Crawl $118K, Annabelle Comes Home $566K, Toy Story 4 $422K, Aladdin $1.157M.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, KP1025 said:

    Just a 13% drop on Sunday for TLK.


    Date Rank Gross % Change Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days
    Jul 19, 2019 1 $77,930,758   4,725 $16,493   $77,930,758 1
    Jul 20, 2019 1 $61,007,382 -22% 4,725 $12,912   $138,938,140 2
    Jul 21, 2019 1 $52,832,619 -13% 4,725 $11,182   $191,770,759 3

    So Friday was actually a bit lower than expected. Sat increase and especially Sun decrease bode very well for legs imo.

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  6. UPDATE on Romania's box office:


    "The Lion King" opens at number 1 and scores a hefty $411K / 1.73M RON on OW. Comps: "Toy Story 4" $83K, "Incredibles 2" $210K, "The Jungle Book" $375K, "Beauty and the Beast" $518K. The movie is well-liked and should have very solid legs.


    After opening at number 1 and making $418K on its OW (comps AMATW $238K, SM:H $281K, Black Panther ~ $500K), "Spider-Man: Far From Home" passed the $1M-mark after this weekend, now having grossed $1.02M. Movie needs $9K more to outgross its predecessor.


    Holdovers: Toy Story 4 $334K, MIB $592K, Annabelle $409K, Stuber $97K.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

    The Lion King    53,110,000
    Spider-Man: Far from Home    6,730,000
    Toy Story 4    4,700,000
    Crawl    1,920,000
    Yesterday    1,510,000
    Stuber    1,260,000
    Aladdin (2019)    1,190,000
    Annabelle Comes Home    790,000
    Midsommar    490,000
    The Secret Life of Pets 2    460,000
    Avengers: Endgame    370,000
    The Farewell    340,835

    Very good hold for TLK. Beating the second Avengers movie on OW is no easy feat, even for the king.


    On a side note, I've watched the movie a second time around and enjoyed it just as much. Whole theater was more than pleased with it, to say the least. Really can't understand why some of you guys and generally critics hate on TLK, while loving TJB. They're on the same level. Aladdin as well.

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  8. 37 minutes ago, Hydrogen said:

    Looking at the quality of people like @NCsoft and @JamesCameronScholar's pots in comparison to yours and @cdsacken is a really damning indictment of the american education system tbh XD Canada much smarter and wherever JCS is from. sacken even tried to defend having children as not-selfish which I am still confused about 😂

    You seem to have quite a far-right attitude, nicht wahr?


    @Sheldon Cr may also find it harder to use certain words or write perfect sentences. Do we make fun of him for that? I think not. It wasn't even pointed out until now.

    Stop being arrogant, you're not superior by preferring Avatar to Endgame, same applies to EG stans as well. Everyone's opinion should count just the same, no matter what country you're from, or how good your writing skills are. 

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  9. 24 minutes ago, Hydrogen said:

    It's actually a little bit sad to see Avatar deposed by something as corporate as AEG, it's like movie making is going the way of video games, where Fifa and COD just keep coming out each year and selling millions. 


    The numbers were so insanely manipulated too I think it shows Disney really doesn't care about much, even Iger and Eisner have said  plainly that Disney is about making money and nothing else. 


    Here's to another hundred live action remakes and Marvel movies eh. I wonder when they'll move onto the 1960s to start dregging up old cultural icons for us all to consume again :whosad:

    Ah yes, the meltdowns

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  10. 3 hours ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

    OS-China will be $290mn through Sunday. With $97mn China, $397mn through Sunday.


    Shall be able to do $850-900mn in the markets released. Italy, Japan and Hong Kong shall add $100mn IMO. Add $120mn from China to that, I don't see how it miss $1075-1125mn Overseas.


    Domestic shall do $550-575mn Approx atleast, that will take it to $1625-1700mn.

    @Charlie Jatinder, did you mean 850-900M total with or without China? 'Cause if you mean with China, then you've added China's gross twice to the total haul.

  11. 1 minute ago, cdsacken said:

    Call it whatever you want. Calling 1.5B a flop is idiotic. Flop for big budget is Justice League. 

    Where did I call TLK a flop? I was trying to make a point. An underperformer is not necessarily a flop, and I don't think that I should be explaining this.

    On a side note, I really don't see TLK getting to 1.5B

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  12. 5 minutes ago, cdsacken said:

    Predictions were 170-210 roughly before Thursday night. Box office pro predicted 185. Don't be ridiculous. Things will continue to "disappoint" in relation to previews as previews continue to expand.

    Your point being...?

    Hypothetically, if a movie is predicted to flop, and it does indeed flop, does that stop making it a flop, just because it was predicted?


    With I2 making $182M on OW and BatB making $175M, I don't see how $170M for TLK would be considered a "huge success". TLK is so much more well-known and beloved than those stories are.

  13. 9 minutes ago, nguyenkhoi282 said:

    *movie opening with 200M

    Not great - not terrible

    - It's a line from Chernobyl.

    - 200 is the absolute max rn which TLK probably won't touch.

    - TLK's OW is good, even great to say the least, yet..

    -.. Is it below expectations? Yeah, pretty much. 23M in previews and barely beating out BatB.


    I loved the movie, honestly. But with that much anticipation and big theater count, it definitely shouldn't have had problems passing 200.

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