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  1. Chalkboard-scratchingly annoying is how I describe Deadpool, but a lot of people love him.
  2. Demote Feige and put Zatt Murdock as the head of Marvel Studios. And Their reign will continue for another 20 years.
  3. Okay, but if it was released in November it would’ve earned $50-$200 million less
  4. If I’m Iger, I would blacklist the director, writers, editor, producers ex Feige, sound mixing, and put Kevin in house arrest. For quality control purpose ofc
  5. Superhero movies are dead. I’m calling it in early. One film a year from each studio from now on.
  6. Tbh. Since summer, What movies haven’t flopped that aren’t Barbienheimer or Horror Flicks? Some perspective
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