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  1. How big has the peasant revolution affected the Chilian boxoffice?
  2. Why is this trailer so good? "no, i'm blessed with two daughters" got me all emotional.
  3. RT is for the libtards. Imdb is for the Nazis. Only way to determine the quality of a movie is watch it yourself. Side Note: if there's a socialist revolution in this movie, I will watch it 20 times.
  4. seeing as how tickets are getting so damn expensive....... I see this as sooner rather than later.
  5. So, when do you guys think funnybook movies will die? when cinema dies? I feel they will go the way of the western soon.
  6. I bet he says the N-word and called Harley Quinn fat.
  7. What did ya'll expect? It's 3 hour movie and a horror movie at that. You gotta remember they played Endgame 24/7 for 3-4 days straight. I think the change from kids to adults also definitely didn't help appeal to the young guns.
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