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  1. He had a majority for the first 2 years in a RECESSION. And didn't do jack but give us $12k deductibles. Had all these Goldman Sachs Ghouls in his cabinet. Self Sabotage and Corruption screw the pooch on what was supposed to a transformative presidency.
  2. Was looking forward to this nostalgia trip. Any chance it gets released to VOD?
  3. On the contrary, Reagan is probably the most influential GOP figurehead in their parties' history. and Trump's disapproval ratings are below 50% for the first time since 2017. 51% of Americans approve of his handlings with the coronavirus.
  4. We're doomed. The fast food workers still have to go to work without sick leave. They'll probably get infected and infect others themselves. The warehouse peeps work w/o sick leave and distribute our package goods. Don't have enough medical supplies for the nurses and doctors to effectively treat their patients. Which makes our caretakers sick. Some people still traveling in public transportation b/c they have to work. Then you got people who won't see a doctor b/c the treatment would put too big of a debt into their livelihoods. Infestation all around. My friend had to make a business trip a few days ago and there were like tons of people passing without mask or gloves. TSA doesn't check jack.
  5. This will be happening next week regardless. The best thing that the government can do is to put wartime efforts to the production of medical supplies, ICU beds, vents, etc. And the production of more hospitals, maybe even from the ground up, Nationalize some private hospitals if you have to. And initiate an emergency lockdown.
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