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  1. RT is for the libtards. Imdb is for the Nazis. Only way to determine the quality of a movie is watch it yourself. Side Note: if there's a socialist revolution in this movie, I will watch it 20 times.
  2. seeing as how tickets are getting so damn expensive....... I see this as sooner rather than later.
  3. So, when do you guys think funnybook movies will die? when cinema dies? I feel they will go the way of the western soon.
  4. I bet he says the N-word and called Harley Quinn fat.
  5. What did ya'll expect? It's 3 hour movie and a horror movie at that. You gotta remember they played Endgame 24/7 for 3-4 days straight. I think the change from kids to adults also definitely didn't help appeal to the young guns.
  6. so many half stars. not sure if it's serious or just trolling.
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