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  1. What a disappointing weekend. Hopefully this forces Disney to reconsider their stance on distribution, but, I'm doubtful. I want to see Raya, but I'm not going to do the pvod price again, as, I'm sure it will appear in the regular D+ availability soon enough. It'll be an option for a drive in movie once the weather warms a bit.
  2. I'm very similar. We'll likely be doing a number of drive in visits with the kids this summer. There will at least be new film content compared to last summer, and, until the overall risks are down via herd immunity, or, kids being eligible for the vaccine, a regular theatrical visit doesn't seem like a must for me. I'll likely go myself to some movies though. I live across from a theatre, and, back in the fall, waited for an empty showing and caught Tenet (ie random weeknight late show). I expect to do that. I have general health concerns for my family, but, even if we caught a mild case in our household, it would shift kids to online school, and disrupt work schedules. That's not the biggest risk in today's world, but, enough that it's not worth it to watch Tom and Jerry or something.
  3. It honestly feels there's a lot riding on this weekends performance. If Disney makes decent money here, they'll have every reason to try and squeeze distributors. Distributors can probably afford to skip this, but once the MCU movies start rolling, there won't be much choice.
  4. In the greater Toronto area, drive ins are opening up this weekend, and I assumed this would be playing there, but they also appear to be skipping it. I wouldn't have gone this weekend, but, I was going to hold off renting it from D+ so I can take the family once it warms up a bit to the drive in (I'm not planning on taking kids to the regular theatre until vaccine rollout is much farther along). I'll need to decide whether to rent now or see if it eventually does play here.
  5. Toronto area is closed and I don't see that changing soon. Drive in theatres are opening in the area this week. It's still a little cold for most people I'm sure, but, I expect business there to increase as things warm up.
  6. I'd also add that movie going, even with rising prices, remains one or the cheaper outings you can have, so, even among those that have experienced hardship, there will be people that are looking to finally get out. I think frequent movie goers will be out in full force quickly. More infrequent movie goers will probably add a couple more visits to the theatre this year. Tom and Jerry having a double digit weekend signals that people are hungry to get out.
  7. Timing of the opening makes a lot of sense. Within the US, vaccines will be far enough along that you'll have people willing to go at reduced capacity. If people's experience is mainly positive (ie people are comfortable with the safety precautions) and word of mouth spreads, business should steadily grow as more people get vaccinated. Biggest challenge is that with kids not getting vaccinated soon, it may be adult skewing fare that performs better.
  8. Just an update about the impact of the Toronto area closures. I've been monitoring periodically my local theatre, which is just outside the closure zone to see if there's any increased activity. Hard to really evaluate, as I don't have a baseline, but, things continue to look slow. For tonight for example, across 8 screens, only a pair of tickets have been sold. On the flip side, when theaters in Toronto and key suburb areas closed, so did gyms. In the same plaza as my theatre is a major gym chain. There's been constant lineups to get in there since the closure took effect due to people driving from impacted areas. Its enough that its being covered by local media, as there's been a big outbreak in the province recently from a spin studio. I don't think this reveals much that isn't already known, but, I think it further highlights where people's priorities are. For those who frequent the gym, they'll make extraordinary effort to go even as situation erodes. For movie fans in the current environment, there isn't a similar drive.
  9. It's hard to say what type if theater reduction we'll see, but probably safer to say there will be a drop. I'm really wondering what that does to the box office. Does reduced capacity reverse trend on opening weekends? Can you really shift consumer demand on that, as with social media, people will probably want to see it as soon as possible for heavily marketed releases. Does demand for screens push out more smaller budget films. If opening weekend capacity is lower, then that A:EG opening weekend record will be interesting to watch. It was already hard to see anything toppling it any time soon based on the pipeline. If we've now seen the peak number of theaters that we'll have for a long time, that record could sit for a decade or so pretty easily.
  10. Yeah, this particular regional approach isn't exactly popular. Especially since you're talking about different parts of the same metro area. It's did take a peak at various points at ticket sales at my theatre, and didn't see much of an increase. Still had a lot of empty or near theatres., even though it's a long weekend up here. CEO of Cineplex has made a statement on it. I think the suddenness of the shutdown has annoyed people. People have been calling for closures for a few weeks, which was heavily pushed back on by the government, who claimed they weren't going back. They reversed course suddenly when cases jumped up on Friday.
  11. It's definitely agree. However, at my theatre (Milton) numbers seems so slow, I'm wondering if it can really move the needle. Maybe the bigger theatres like Oakville pick up more business. I give it 2 weeks maximum for rest of the GTA. What's interesting is if the Cinemark deal with through with Cineplex, we'd probably already have seen most theatres in the country shut its doors.
  12. Not just Toronto, but Ottawa and Peel (large suburb region of Toronto). With Montreal and Quebec city shutting down cinemas a couple of weeks ago, that's a big chunk of the Canadian market offline. I live just outside the impacted area, so wondering if my theatre will see people come over from other neighbourhoods. With very little to draw people in terms of content, I'm guessing not too much. I also wouldnt be surprised if our region shuts down soon as well.
  13. In Canada, the province of Quebec (Canada's second most populated province) has just ordered closure of a bunch of businesses in the two largest cities (Montreal, Quebec City), including movie theatres. Ontario's case volumes are also rising, and, probably about a week or so behind Quebec, so we could be seeing as shutdown here soon as well.
  14. I agree. I think restaurants represent more of a social activity to people, with theatres being more passive. If you've been couped up and decide you're going to take an exposure risk, it's not hard to see how a restaurant is more appealing (even if the risks are higher). I also think that the desire to get to the theatre is to catch the big pop culture events and be part of the conversation. Over this past month, it's probably more important that someone has watched Elona Holmes than if they saw Tenet if they want to participate in the Zoom equivalent of watercooler talk.
  15. I'm wondering at what point does it make sense to have Tenet on as many screens that it has. There's nothing else to replace it with unless they go back to older movies, but, from what I'm seeing locally, you're getting maybe 5 to 10 tickets sold during the prime time showing in the premium screen, and 1 or 2 tickets sold to the 3 other smaller screens showing it. That doesn't make much sense either, and only gets worse each week.
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