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  1. To me, it always felt that her role should have been given to Sandra Bullock (who may have been offered it for all we know, but didn't want it). It would have given someone who we've seen that can play effectively against Melissa McCarthy, but more importantly, would have given the movie a legitimate and pretty universally beloved movie star. A more grounded actor at the centre would let the others stars go bigger in their roles.
  2. Both the 2016 and current Ghostbusters movie is in the "fine" category, both in terms of quality and box office performance. This film is going to be moderately profitable, but, I don't know if it's well positioned for sequels personally. With so much of the emotional resonance of the movie tied to the old cast, it limits the interest of the new ones. That said, I think people got what they wanted out of this film, which is some closure on the original movies. Whatever they choose to do with the property in the future can live or die based on the strength of the idea.
  3. I have a friend who's a massive James Bond fan and who still hates them decision to cast a blond actor. I don't think it stops the die hards, but, I think there's a large casual audience in that older demo that stays home if they're enthusiastic about the product. It's a tough brand to manage. I'd personally enjoy the movies if they took more risks, but I'm not the core audience. I'll probably see it, but, only to keep my dad company, who wants to check it out.
  4. Given how the core fans react to the slightest hint of change, there isn't going to be any risks taken with casting. I find that any of the potential POC actors that could make an interesting Bond are quick to shut down any rumours to avoid being bombarded with hate mail. The next Bond film has the deck stacked against it. It will do well internationally based on the brand, but I don't think there's an appetite to take the risks needed to make it interesting to new audiences.
  5. In its first four weeks of release, the biggest new releases Shang Chi has had for competition are Malginant ($5.4M), Cry Macho ($4.4M) and now DEH at $7.5M.
  6. I took a quick peak at ticket sales for today at my local theatre. 110 tickets sold for SC over 8 showings on 2 screens. 24 tickets sold across four showings on one screen for DEH. DEH is closer to Free Guy, with 17 tickets sold. This is only one theatre, and maybe there's a big walk up crowd coming, but, that seems pretty bad. My wife wants to see, and we're hoping to check it out, but, while I've seen a lot of films this summer by myself, we haven't gone on a date night, since we haven't been comfortable with a babysitter yet. It makes it a lot harder t
  7. This is why I think Disney will keep the door open on JC2 as long as they can. The Rock is a scarce resource in Hollywood. If he's open to making a sequel, you may as well try.
  8. There doesn't seem like there's much reference to the status of the next film. It's probably trying to find a suitable production date. That cast is probably hard to line up with their other commitments. Still, it is odd. Jumanji is a pretty powerful franchise, but, seems like one that can quickly fade from memory if it's gone too long. Plus, Sony has been able to keep its Spidey films on track during the pandemic. I'd think that Jumanji is at the same level of priority.
  9. I think Disney really wants another POTC style franchise, and willing to double down on this if they need to, and see how it does in normal times. Plus, The Rock remains one of the few guys who can headline a big action movie on his own. From Disney's perspective, breaking even with him on JC2 is better than him making a summer blockbuster for a competing studio.
  10. There's a wide space to being a critical misfire and an Oscar contender. Oscar calibre directors are not immune to making bad comic book movies (Ang Lee says hello), but it feels like between the goodwill that Chloe has from her Oscar win and the general safeguards that the MCU provides, its hard to imagine this really going off the rails. I don't think there will be much in the way of awards talk around any of the MCU films, but, that's almost impossible to predict. Only way is if there's a desire to have a big box office film in the mix, and if that were to be the motivation, I'
  11. What a disappointing weekend. Hopefully this forces Disney to reconsider their stance on distribution, but, I'm doubtful. I want to see Raya, but I'm not going to do the pvod price again, as, I'm sure it will appear in the regular D+ availability soon enough. It'll be an option for a drive in movie once the weather warms a bit.
  12. I'm very similar. We'll likely be doing a number of drive in visits with the kids this summer. There will at least be new film content compared to last summer, and, until the overall risks are down via herd immunity, or, kids being eligible for the vaccine, a regular theatrical visit doesn't seem like a must for me. I'll likely go myself to some movies though. I live across from a theatre, and, back in the fall, waited for an empty showing and caught Tenet (ie random weeknight late show). I expect to do that. I have general health concerns for my family, but, even if
  13. It honestly feels there's a lot riding on this weekends performance. If Disney makes decent money here, they'll have every reason to try and squeeze distributors. Distributors can probably afford to skip this, but once the MCU movies start rolling, there won't be much choice.
  14. In the greater Toronto area, drive ins are opening up this weekend, and I assumed this would be playing there, but they also appear to be skipping it. I wouldn't have gone this weekend, but, I was going to hold off renting it from D+ so I can take the family once it warms up a bit to the drive in (I'm not planning on taking kids to the regular theatre until vaccine rollout is much farther along). I'll need to decide whether to rent now or see if it eventually does play here.
  15. Toronto area is closed and I don't see that changing soon. Drive in theatres are opening in the area this week. It's still a little cold for most people I'm sure, but, I expect business there to increase as things warm up.
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