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  1. In Canada, the province of Quebec (Canada's second most populated province) has just ordered closure of a bunch of businesses in the two largest cities (Montreal, Quebec City), including movie theatres. Ontario's case volumes are also rising, and, probably about a week or so behind Quebec, so we could be seeing as shutdown here soon as well.
  2. I agree. I think restaurants represent more of a social activity to people, with theatres being more passive. If you've been couped up and decide you're going to take an exposure risk, it's not hard to see how a restaurant is more appealing (even if the risks are higher). I also think that the desire to get to the theatre is to catch the big pop culture events and be part of the conversation. Over this past month, it's probably more important that someone has watched Elona Holmes than if they saw Tenet if they want to participate in the Zoom equivalent of watercooler talk.
  3. I'm wondering at what point does it make sense to have Tenet on as many screens that it has. There's nothing else to replace it with unless they go back to older movies, but, from what I'm seeing locally, you're getting maybe 5 to 10 tickets sold during the prime time showing in the premium screen, and 1 or 2 tickets sold to the 3 other smaller screens showing it. That doesn't make much sense either, and only gets worse each week.
  4. I'm just outside the GTA myself, and based on numbers we're seeing from Tenet, it doesn't feel like we're necessarily overperforming based on ticket sales at my local. I'm the only person I know who's stepped into a theatre (and did so in an empty showing for Tenet). I don't know where to find Canada specific numbers, but it would be interesting to see. I think it would give a fair bit of insight into Canada's risk tolerance around the virus compared to other countries. We're fairly close to Europe in our current case counts, but it feels like the European theatres are doing better.
  5. I'm wondering how many screens it will hold. For most multiplexes, I assume it's on close to half the screens right now. At these numbers, there's going to be frequent empty showings. Problem is, you need to replace it with something. Do we see more classic film showings again? There's really not a lot of good options our there right now.
  6. So, will we see this as a regular reporting feature from WB where we get two sets of weekend numbers, one during the weekend, and a revised one when they're presenting the drop for the following weekend?
  7. Spongebob with $200K from Canada this weekend and just shy of $4M after 5 weeks with zero promotion up here. Could this have gotten same per theater traction in the US? We would be looking at a $40M total if it did. Or, is Canada just showing stronger results in general right now.
  8. If this is the end of box office tracking, the part I'll miss most is using it to suss out movies that I may have otherwise skipped, but, it's box office performance, particularly if it shows good legs, makes me give it a second look. Critical response has its value, but, I put little trust in user reviews with how much they're often manipulated, but box office data is a raw metric that can often tell the audience response to a film better than anything else out there. On the flip side, it this data isn't going to be widely available, a site like this can probably provide a good sense of ticket tracking, and can probably help provide some indication.
  9. I was curious how Tenet was holding up in my theatre heading into its third weekend up here. A quick peak through shows a total of 12 tickets sold across 32 showings (under 1% of already restricted capacity). This is just outside of Toronto, and cases are rising here, so maybe this is caution setting in, but, I'm very curious to see what type of hold Tenet has this weekend.
  10. No, but plenty have featured things you don't expect to see. And that bar keeps moving, so for many, this may not have seemed so ridiculous. To someone not really paying close attention, that set piece in the trailer could easily be explained by some sort of supped up car or something of a similar nature.
  11. I think it would be very easy to think the movie is something different based on the trailer. It's focus on a secret agent type character being tested and recruited going up against some dangerous and strange technology isn't far from the James Bond formula. For those paying attention to who the director is, they probably know they're not getting that, but, most of the movie going audience doesn't focus on that.
  12. It's great that you loved it. I enjoyed it as well. But, as this is a box office site, it's perfectly reasonable that people are focusing on how it compares to his other films to get a sense of how it may perform. There's film is going to have challenges in building the word of mouth needed for a lengthy run. I don't think that's a controversial statement. Tenet also is in the unfortunate situation as acting as a test case for the entire industry, so trying to get a handle on its box office returns is needed to get a sense of what we may see in other big films that release in the current environment.
  13. I saw it last night. I'm in Canada, so it's been out for a week, and managed to get into a fully empty theatre to watch. I would be a little worried what empty screenings already mean for its domestic box office, but, I think American audiences will be less risk adverse. The challenge is that this is not an accessible film. Those that love Nolan films that feel safe will make their way to theatres. I'd be reluctant to recommend it to general audiences, as the confusing (but good) plot and sound mixing issues really will throw people off. It's an interesting test case for box office, but, not sure if it's going to have the legs to be successful in a social distancing environment.
  14. My attempt to find an empty showing was foiled. 3 people bought tickets to the 6:30 showing, and 2 people bought ticket's to the 7:00 showing. If I was willing to skip out of work, I could have gone to a 3:30 show and been by myself. Will check again tomorrow. Cheap Tuesday will be a tough bet, but, we'll see. If ticket sales in the extra theaters are this low, in other times, I'd wonder if they'll drop screens, but no idea how what they'd show instead.
  15. It's hard to really contextualize any number right now, but I thought I'd offer up this anecdote that I'm seeing. I'm in Canada (specifically a suburb west of Toronto), with a 8 screen theatre across the street from me. I'm not too keen to go to a crowded theatre, even with the social distancing measures in place. Covid numbers are fairly decent around here,with only about a dozen active cases in the town of 100K people. Tenet is playing on 4 screens right now. My plan is to go on a night when I'm free where I may be the only person in the theatre. I looked last night and there was an show at 10:00 that was fully empty about an hour before Showtime i considered going, but someone bought a pair of tickets shortly after. I'm currently tracking sales for this evening to see if there's any empty showings. From what I'm seeing, I'm guessing that I'll be able to buy a ticket at some point this week where there's no other people 20 minutes before. This is a family driven market, so, that may play into it, but, I originally assumed that I'd need to wait a couple of weeks to get a shot at an empty theatre to watch the film. I assumed reduces capacity on weekends, and pent up demand for a new blockbuster movie would have seen consistent demand for a couple of weeks.
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