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  1. Half of the markets are still coming and there's big draws still left when comparing the markets where G2016 delivered like Russia, Spain, Japan (Feb), Australia (Jan), and France. However, that said, as with the previous Ghostbusters movies most of the gross comes domestically.
  2. Yeap, the only way I'd see Dune not achieving $400m WW is if Australia & NZ would totally tank with less than half the BR2049 numbers, and don't know how that could happen given the performance elsewhere. We'll know for sure next weekend.
  3. Wknd estimates list Movie Distr Gross %LW Thr Thr Chng Per Thr Total Gross W 1 N Encanto Walt Disney $27,000,000 3,980 $6,784 $40,300,000 1 2 (1) Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sony Pict… $24,500,000 -44% 4,315 n/c
  4. FRI long list here too... NTTD has been missing all along and Dune appeared now but not two last days. Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D 1 (1) Encanto Walt Disney $11,000,000 +90% 3,980 $2,764 $24,300,000 3 2 (2) Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sony Pictures
  5. FRI actuals starting to come in... Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D 1 (1) Encanto Walt Disney $11,000,000 +90% 3,980 $2,764 $24,300,000 3 2 (2) Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sony Pictures $9,750,000 +84% -41% 4
  6. Nope. 25% of GBA audience was latinos & hispanics so they'll be fighting much on the same demo even if Encanto works better for younger kids. However, I would imagine Encanto having an advantage but still losing some of that demo to GBA.
  7. Looking at a quick glance 2019 & 2018 numbers that this Thanksgiving weekend seems to follow more than the 2020, GBA is expected to have -5%-+10% Saturday and -40%-45% Sunday. If it has exceptional WOM & holds going for the weekend, then a little bit better. With these numbers weekend expectation for GBA would be $23.7-26.5m but thinking of GBA's Thu hold and WOM a good chance that the Sunday drop is sub 40% and the Deadline's $26.6m makes sense.
  8. Omega is the Endgame. Though I'm less worried about that as what happens when NWH comes out. It's an irrational probability number that it performs over expectations, hence the nuclear blast radius will be huge here. I hope you all that are in that game book your therapy times well in advance.
  9. Criticising in a constructive manner a possible perceived double standard is okay but your second line of words didn't have anything sorts but just personal character attack wrapped in childish name-calling, and I think all or at least most here agree that there's no place for such on this forum.
  10. Sony’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife earned another $5.3 million on its seventh day of release, dropping just 2% from its $5.45 million Wednesday gross. That gives Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan’s $75 million “legacy sequel” a solid $63.258 million week-long cume. That’s a better Thanksgiving day hold than any mid-November tentpoles going back 20 years
  11. Is the lockdown suppressing numbers now compared to month ago and how is it looking like for December?
  12. Brazil is the lousiest opening for GBA but otherwise it's doing good compared to G2016 and great if factoring pandemic in. GBA's legs OS will be considerably better than G2016's. However, it hasn't been a big overseas IP ever and how it has been handled since the early 90s have just barely kept it alive rather than grown it. It hasn't had any SW prequel or sequel trilogies. It's also another thing that people don't care about it in some parts of the world now if they haven't ever really experienced it before but doesn't necessary mean that there wouldn't be potential demand. Like w
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