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  1. I get the feeling George listened to the massive prequel backlash and instead of being involved the movie-making aspect of his sequels, would step back and let Disney take that over, while he got to be heavily involved in the story process. It's a good explanation for why he's so upset at them for throwing out his ideas.
  2. 2017: "Star Wars fans are toxic woman beaters!" 2019: "Star Wars fans got what they wanted - a strong female character cleaning up after Anakin and Luke!"
  3. Or both. @John Marston, open up you messages. I have a response to send you to something you said in the main thread.
  4. They clearly and obviously even told him to flat out copy the musical pacing of "Endgame" for that scene. I watched it, jaw agape, but also managing to chortle at the same time.
  5. The general audience rewarded Transformers for being mindless, but simple action. "The Force Awakens" was kind of like that, but from everything we're being told about "Rise of Skywalker," its story is noticeably distracting, which is why I can't see word of mouth being enough to push this into "Aladdin" legs.
  6. In the Bay Area, which is a very theater-friendly region compared to other markets, the majority of Sunday afternoon and evening showings in our biggest theaters have still sold exactly zero seats. Two weeks ago, I thought opening weekend would be just under TLJ, but now, pending massive turnaround in audience reception (which has stagnated greatly) to Star Wars, I can't see how this crosses $200 million.
  7. LOL Oh my God, they even ripped the last lines from the final "Endgame" battle. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Lawd have mercy!! Ian delivers his ripped line well, but Daisy really goes to show how can incredible moment ("And I... am... Iron Man") can come across corny af when delivered poorly.
  8. Which is why "critics" trying to uplift TLJ makes zero sense. TFA, for all its faults, did leave room for potential. TLJ pushed potential right off the cliff. It seems like "Rise of Skywalker" is two movies in one, because there was no sensible direction to go after "The Last Jedi."
  9. At the beginning of the year, the biggest movie in history was critically acclaimed and lauded for "pleasing fans." At the end of the year, what was supposed to be the second biggest movie of the year is critically crucified for "pleasing fans." Another "defining word or phrase" I'm seeing is "safe." When "critics" review these kinds of movies, it's almost like there's this outline given to them in advance (oh, the irony) and most of them follow it to the T, with some slight panache (usually in the form of a few "zingers" that hopefully leads to retweets.) For the record, I'm leaning back towards my previous feeling this movie will be a box office disappointment. Star Wars just isn't "in" with the general public enough to take it very far. "Aladdin" was a dry, unimaginative remake, yes, but it didn't have the FOMO appeal of "The Force Awakens," nor the stink attached to "The Last Jedi," which is why its legs exceeded expectation. Is "under a billion" on the table here?
  10. I got called you in the main thread. Hello, nice to meet you. TLJ fans seem to really internalize that disliking TLJ and Rian is something like only two people in the world feel.
  11. Remember when I foresaw and predicted that a "defining word or phrase" would emerge? And then was banned in the main thread for "tRyInG tO cReAte A nArRaTiVe"
  12. Yeah, you can make totally that dynamic work, story-wise. But, it would simultaneously put "under a billion" into play a very possible reality. If you're going to have a mess of a story, might as well make that mess using the character that will make you more money.
  13. LOL Thanks. It sounds ridiculous. I heavily blame Rian for taking TLJ off a cliff and setting up this mess, but I also blame JJ for setting up stuff in TFA to be answered on another person's accord. Not only that, I'm now discovering long whispered rumors that, supposedly, the two have... let's just say nothing more so than a cordial relationship, to say the least. Two different directors, on two different pages, and neither seems to be overfond of the other... In ten years or so, the antagonism and intrigue behind-the-scenes of this project is going to turn out to be more interesting than the films themselves, I believe.
  14. lol wut What I want to know is where the hell this RPG character class Force healer comes from in the first place? Or is it because of their "connection" that they can pass their "life Force" through each others tongues?
  15. The narrative is starting to form. The movie is antithetic to "The Last Jedi," which "critics" loved, so therefore, "Rise of Skywalker" has to walk the plank for ignoring the dump Rian took on the table. Look for a defining word or phrase from detractors to emerge by tomorrow.
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