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  1. Bland people always get to decide what's "related" when stuff that pokes holes in their balloons gets brought up. And I like your highly specific response - the insinuation that police violence and brutality against protesters and non-bland people is only relevant in the context of a lead actor or actress of an upcoming Hollywood film making reference to it - against my obvious point that you sanctimonious do-gooders only moralize Bland People's Officially Hated Governments for doing the exact same things that bland people's governments do. The thread has been derailed because the conversation, for the past several pages, has shifted to "moNgReL ChInA bad," while, as I have said, you all ignore and justify the similar response of bland governments to riots and to protests.
  2. If only Okinawans who are beaten, battered and accused of faking their injuries just for trying to stop continued US imperialism on their tiny island could get a third of the Western support violent rioters in Hong Kong are getting, especially as United States military personnel continue to brutalize the Okinawan people, especially the women, of the little island. Bland people are so picky and choosy about which protests they'll back and which brutal police crackdowns they'll support. 🤨
  3. Moderators... well, a moderator, has informed me in private that I'm only allowed to use certain terms in a manner consistent with the popular (see - bland) narrative. If those terms are used in any way that deviates from that popular (bland) narrative (in the case of this thread, "mOngReL cHinA baD"), I am "trolling" and "poisoning the well." 🙄 A couple years ago, in a conversation about China, this (socially liberal) bland woman, like all bland people do, regardless of political leaning, was insisting to me that her worldview was the only proper view, that it should be the only one followed and that anything else was unacceptably "wrong" ("evil," "immoral," blah, blah.) In all their interactions with other groups of people throughout history, bland people (intuitively) have always thought and always encroached this idea upon others, and today is no different. What's ingenious, however, is that as time goes by, they evolve new ways of expressing this very same sentiment, only in ways that are palatable to the times. "muh democracy" 'n "muh freedom" n' "muh human rights" and such. In the referenced conversation, said (politically left, socially liberal) bland woman informed me that Chinese people living in Western countries were more aligned with the identity of previous dynasties and were thus "more Chinese" than those today who support the current government. So, TL;DR - your outer appearance isn't what's important - the make-up of your mentality and your worldview are what is bland.
  4. What's this "minorities" generality crap? I was very specific. Bland people don't target "minorities" - they target non-bland people. You're not going to rightwash - I mean whitewash - the issues the very select group of non-bland people have within the United States by incorporating them with the pretend problems those outside that specific group have when speaking to me. EDIT: And you and anyone else is also not going to fake like ALL other groups don't hate non-bland people just as much as bland people do, just so that you can piggyback your minor issues on the backs of people who have suffered abuse from all around. Along with that, the insinuation that bland people in Western Europe and Canada aren't the exact same as the bland people in the United States is always hilarious. You can always count on a bland person - worldwide - to justify their mistreatment of non-bland people, while they simultaneously take on (a what seems to be instinctive) patronizing role when it comes to other countries countries where bland people aren't the majority. "...aren't from the US" police in France have been beating the dog shit out of protesters for coming up on a whole ass year now, but I don't see a thread being derailed by condescending bland people lecturing their own. A couple years ago, "...aren't from the US" Spanish police were violently stomping out protesters in Catalan, but not one concerned peep of disdain from the bland people and their global mass media. (I know, I know - "tHat's diFfEReNt" - it always is when it comes to bland people - worldwide - busting the heads of protesters in their respective countries open. 🙄) Meanwhile, talks of "tEh MoNgReL brainwashing" from bland people and their pets who always have a justification and excuse for when the law enforcement of bland countries - worldwide - punish protesters - especially non-bland ones - even more harshly than the relatively passive way China has enforced civility in Hong Kong is always funny.
  5. These last few pages have been so great. A bunch of bland citizens in a country where it's always justified and perfectly ok to extrajudicially murder its non-bland population wagging its finger at the government eight thousand miles away for rightfully keeping the poisonous values from said instigators and busy-bodies infecting its distinct people groups. Nothing could sound more white... errr, right.
  6. Guy who figures out time travel, but can't figure out to insulate his high-tech prosthesis from radiation absorption for a limited time period would be an actual plot hole.
  7. So... reshoots are happening any day now.
  8. It's how the SubstituteWordforMentallyIll Generation interacts with the world. I told two girls who asked me to go see it with them that I was reluctant to financially support Disney's "creative bankruptcy" and both used that now stupid word in response. Back in the day, before the Internet ruined everything and made certain groups of bland people hip to every slang word another group of people made up and used for certain scenarios, a "hater" was someone who went out of their way to block and restrict the potential success of another out of jealousy or... hatred. It's not someone who isn't going to participate in or pushes back against another's circle jerk of subpar entertainment.
  9. I saw "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" today, then dropped in the IMAX room to see the rest of "The Lion King"... and I must say... this movie deserves every bit of negative word and low critics scores it has. Other than Hans Zimmer's re-scores and the visuals there was nothing good about this movie - nothing. Beyonce and Donald Glover were horrible. The awfulness of their voice-acting stood out amongst the generally awful cast. There were three scenes that had no semblance of graceful transition, just bam-bam - did we really just jump here like that? Not a single part of the movie of was funny - even Zazu was yawn-inducing. Overall completely soulless... everything about the original copied and injected with dollar signs instead of effort. The renditions of these classic songs were garbage. Emotionless, blase, blase, blah. I went into the movie expecting not to like it, but not expecting to hate it - even more, not even having to find reasons to hate it. This makes me sad, because I like Jon Favreau a lot and root for him. I totally get wanting to like the output of your favorite, favored, or favorable movie production company, but holding them accountable for farting out unnecessary trash like this remake - not making ridiculous excuses and whining like a two year old about "hating" - comes along with that.
  10. So, ten years from now, does the Marvel Cinematic Universe give us a proper Dark Phoenix epic film series, or do we think they'll scrap the story line for years to come after the abysmal job that's twice been done to it?
  11. When my roommate (black female) and I were talking about "Captain Marvel," she wasn't enthusiastic about seeing it, because she "doesn't like bitchy white women." Unlike the ones on this board, not every black woman wants to be white women's lap dogs, as much as that's difficult to understand for you.
  12. Random, but for all the "concern" the moderators have for "trolling" and "spoiling the well" or whatever it's called when you're threadbanned for not agreeing with the "woke" consensus, it's incredible that they have no problem with and allow @shayhiri to do whatever he wants in whatever thread he wants. Must be one of the perks of associating closely with a popular "identity."
  13. I'm late, but this is spot on. I waited weeks to see this movie, because "Endgame" was the peak for me - and this just goes to further that case even more. I'm even more nervous about "Black Widow" now and have growing anxiety regarding "The Eternals."
  14. I had massive Madame Web vibes during this point in the sequence. For all the other Spider-Man characters that have been used, plus other characters being talked about, it would be really cool to have her incorporated into the MCU.
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