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  1. Excellent write-up. Even more of a justification in my steadfastness to not ruin my love for the original by seeing this watered down version. Every time I watch the animated "Beauty and the Beast" (twice since seeing the remake) I can't help but think of they got so much wrong in remade version and it really saddens me I can't enjoy the movie as much as I used to because of that.
  2. I love the extreme disparity in things allowed here, @YourMother the Edgelord. I replied to @Lordmandeep in a Star Wars thread and agreed with him on how terrible "The Last Jedi" was and was immediately attacked and insulted and called names by other posters, but was given a warning for "poisoning the well" in another thread because I said Robert Pattinson had made a particular name for himself after his first lead in a high profile movie, and that people are allowed to not think he's a good actor through that. 🙄
  3. I'm glad you said something, 'cause I was falling into "the trap" and thinking about seeing it. Then I breezed through the new soundtrack again (the vocal parts are bad, and so is generic, forgettable "Speechless") and knew that I would be having huge remorse if I contributed to it's theater run. "It's better than I thought" isn't doesn't qualify. This isn't a decent or good remake of a decent or bad movie - it's a remake of one the best animated films of all time, and my favorite animated film of all time, and a half-ass, cash grab effort just will not cut it for me.
  4. Just like audiences "loved" the "Beauty and the Beast" remake then everyone forgot about it six months later.
  5. I'm not entertained by remakes that are hollow shells of original classics.
  6. Between "Aladdin," "Toy Story 4," and "The Lion King"... most families are only going to be able to see one or two at the most, forget about all three. If audiences like "Aladdin" and word of mouth convinces families who were on the fence to see it, does that hurt "The Lion King" at all? I know one of my cousins is taking her kids to "Aladdin," but is specifically not going to see "Toy Story 4" or "The Lion King" in theaters, because she doesn't want to spend $50 in tickets (much less the concessions the kids are going to want) three times this summer.
  7. If I do see this in theaters, I will definitely go in with an extremely critical mindset, and it's up to Disney, Ritchie, Massoud, and Scott to change it. I'm not satisfied with "at least it's not" or "good enough." This movie, as with other remakes, has to be better than the original, or else there's zero justification in making it.
  8. Hey now! The original "Pete's Dragon" is a decent classic, albeit not an animated one!
  9. Chris is one of the few YouTube movie reviewers that I will actively search out to find his thoughts on a film, so if he doesn't like it, that's the cherry on top confirmation it's a no go for me.
  10. The folks who are going to accept whatever Disney mushes in their face don't realize the long-term effect of enabling their behavior and the quality of films in the future will suffer for it. As far as I remember, "Brave," "Tangled," "Wreck It Ralph," "Frozen," and "Moana" were all "original" films that were well-received by audiences and critics alike. There is literally no need for them to forcefeed us these unwanted, not well-received remakes. If Disney has to go back to putting out one or two of their own extremely well done films a year, as opposed to serving us "fast-food entertainment," as excellently termed by @JGAR4LIFE, that will produce better long-term results for their bottom-line and for audience satisfaction. But then again, when Disney announces the "Zootopia" live action remake for 2026, we'll just be deemed "toxic" "haters" for not wanting to hold the company we pay up to $22 a movie ticket to to the standards (Golden Age, Silver Age, Renaissance Era) we know they are capable of performing at. 🙄
  11. I read somewhere, it might have been here, that very few people would accept a book author or singer rewriting and "updating" their classic material due to lack of creativity, so why do we accept it from movie production studios...
  12. She was fantastic. I'm sure she'll be very good in the second one, but I'm not spending anymore money on Disney remakes, so I'll wait for it to come to Disney+ or whatever. To me, Will was the obvious choice to follow up Robin Williams, but I'm so sad that the quality of the film as a whole doesn't seem to match the effort he apparently put into portraying the character. I wasn't too disturbed by his musical renditions on the soundtrack, because they were at least different in a good way and played to his strengths - knowing you can't just suck up the originals and crap them out forgettable 2019 pop song-style like "Speechless" and the new "A Whole New World."
  13. Lol There is no way those posters are actually from a multi-billion dollar movie studio.
  14. I'm indifferent to the first "Alice in Wonderland" remake (which I guess means I wasn't impressed) but I feel the same way about "Maleficent." I enjoyed it for what it was and more than I thought I would, because it wasn't a poor clone of the original. The next remake I was enthusiastic to see was "Beauty and the Beast," and I went into it pumped and came out unimpressed and upset. "Aladdin" is my favorite, and if the movie is going to be made, the requirement for it is to be perfect, not "good effort, guys" and not, "It's not the same 'Aladdin!'"
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