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  1. Just now, George Parr said:

    Monday numbers from insidekino see no real change at the top, but some improvement beyond that:


    #1 Sonic the Hedgehog 250k 
    #2 Nightlife 200k 
    #3 Parasite 110k 
    #4 Lassie 105k (back to the number it started the first trend with)
    #5 The Call of the Wild 85k
    #6 Dolittle 70k

    #7 Enkel für Anfänger 67.5k
    #8 Bad Boys for Life 62.5k
    #9 Fantasy Island 60k (doesn't get listed in the post, but stands at 60k in the chart on the right, maybe with previews?)
    #10 Birds of Prey 55k

    Frozen 2 6.7M  yet? 

  2. Just now, Jedi Jat said:

    I think we can't rule out under $125mn as well. There will be another big drop in next two weeks going by historical trend of November releases. I was expecting this and thus had expectations of $120-125mn. Though the New Year week was bigger than I expected but that's cancelled out with smaller Xmas week & follow up drop.

    How much does Japan $120-125M affect the OS projection? Is it still looking at $975M ?

  3. Just now, Mau said:

    Finding Nemo = 102 M 

    Finding Dory = 65M

    Toy story 3 = 126 M

    Toy story 4= 93M

    Finding Dory decreased from nemo and toy story 4 too. Even tho it wasnt a huge drop, TS4 couldnt make 100M, but it is still a big success. Frozen 1 was a phenomenon, and frozen 2 is still a big hit like these other four movies.

    If I am not wrong. Toy Story 3 benefited very much from the good ER back then. 

    In local currency, it is around ¥9.5B, not yet ¥10B while Toy Story 4 is around ¥10.2B

  4. Just now, edroger3 said:

    Do you have the actual number after the Monday yet? 

    As usual:


    Harry Potter has more than 1 sequel, right? 

    I mean original + first direct sequel, all of us know well that the HP saga has 8+2 movies for now (my nieces aged 4 and 5 too).

    Thank you.

    So F2 is currently at ¥12.2B/$111.5M, do you think it can gross ¥2B/$20M more? 

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