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  1. Weekend actual The effect of 4 Oscars winning already kicked in Japan BO today for Parastie, can finish at $25-$30M
  2. The next $1.2 Billion Animated movie? $350M DOM $850M OS
  3. So now, the final milestone in Japan it can dream of is China $122.3M. How pathetic
  4. How much does Japan $120-125M affect the OS projection? Is it still looking at $975M ?
  5. If I am not wrong. Toy Story 3 benefited very much from the good ER back then. In local currency, it is around ¥9.5B, not yet ¥10B while Toy Story 4 is around ¥10.2B
  6. Frozen 2 through Wednesday (?) 5.7 million admits 91M lc = $22M
  7. The sing a long version is only for domestic market or overseas markets too? When can we expect it will be released?
  8. Thank you. So F2 is currently at ¥12.2B/$111.5M, do you think it can gross ¥2B/$20M more?
  9. Do you have the actual number after the Monday yet? Harry Potter has more than 1 sequel, right?
  10. It made $19M in 1.5 weeks, so I think it can make $15M in those 7-8 weeks later? Do you think it has a chance?
  11. @Fullbuster how long is the run of animated movies in Brazil in general? 2 months? 3 months? Frozen 2 may have 7-8 weeks left?
  12. OS 912 Brazil +15 Japan +20 =>947 Other markets? +35? => 982 (?)
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