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  1. Maybe the explanation is that in some markets it also was out since tuesday or wednesday like in the States.
  2. Yeah its good indeed. I think its the last time ever Warner opens on a tuesday. Just did not make any sense. First Purge was different it opened on 4th of July. Annabelle opened on a week full of normal workdays ahead.
  3. I really can't stand this Anthony dude. I really can't. He had Annabelle lower now its higher then what he projected yesterday for it and he can't even say that in his article. And he does not even mention it has a good score on RT with a good audience score as well. His bias is appalling. They should find a writer more neutral.
  4. Yeah i do not believe Anthony with this one. The audience score on RT do not match at all with what he is saying.
  5. Christ man. The weekend hasn't even begun yet.
  6. @xiazhi weekend hasn't even started yet. It just opened with $12.2 million international from one day.
  7. thats very good for an international Thursday opening.
  8. $55 mill Dom what are you smoking. Its on almost 11 million now. Probably another $7 on today. Then Saturday $8 then $6 on sunday will get it to $32 million. You think its multiple will be under 2.0 lol. Its a fresh RT score its audience score is good too. Your OS numbers are also too low.
  9. I still say its because it was a normal day and people have to go to work the next day. Its an R rated movie so probably more business at night too. Its still has almost 11 million in the bag going into the weekend.
  10. What the hell are you talking about. It was a THURSDAY. Now we are going into the weekend with already almost 11 million in the bag.
  11. When is Annabelle opening and is presales looking good ?
  12. When is Annabelle opening there ?
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