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  1. Wow. Is that the lowest PS to OD multi ever ? Even Endgame was nowhere as frontloaded as this.
  2. It may affect that particular indicator actually. The strike benefits local and indie theaters, most of which are not showing SW. Most subways are closed but the biggest lines are still open, between 6-9 AM and 4-7 PM. So people are more likely to go to an 9 AM and especially to a 5 PM showing rather than going before 2PM. Without the strike it would be much closer to TLJ, but it probably would't have passed it anyway. Early ratings are not so good.
  3. TLK (2019) if higher is we consider it an animation film. These Ice Age and Finding Nemo figures are 7-day OW vs 5-day for Frozen. F2 is higher than both for 5 days (Ice Age 3 was 1 740 293 OW ), but it will likely fall under IA3 on the full week.
  4. Disney is known for inflating numbers in France (Black Panther last year, reported 9th by Disney was actually 11th). A big jump is expected for this kind of movies due to theaters (and special events) not reporting during summer, but +250k admissions seems doubtful...and the fact they waited just until the DVD/Blu Ray release to say it is not helping either. We'll have to wait until CNC's yearly report to know. It's an official source, so it's the only ones 100% reliable.
  5. All schools were out for TLK, none for Frozen.
  6. http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=233713.html https://www.senscritique.com/film/La_Reine_des_Neiges_II/12847392 Average on both sites, but it's still very early (only 200 ratings on each) and it could fluctuate.
  7. It won't have the legs of the first one due to being a sequel, weaker WOM and F1 opening two weeks closer to christmas, but passing F1 is very very likely (like 90% chance).
  8. Les Misérables is breaking out with 73 068 admissions (including 15k previews) ond its way to 550k OWeek. Distributor Le Pacte has been pushing this one hard. Early WOM seems really good, with 4.1/5 on Allociné and a phenomenal 8.0 on Senscritique with already over 1k ratings.
  9. Their prediction was based on Paris-Périphérie 14h only. OD is 361 818. If it follows Frozen, it gets to 1.95 M OWeek (removing previews from Frozen I's OW). II had a fairly frontloaded ps to OD multi, and it's a sequel, so their prediction makes sense. WOM also seems average. TLK gives it 1,85M, but F2 is skewing younger. However, Frozen OD/OWeek multi was also a lot unexpectedly low, which was compensated by legs. There's no really good comp, since Disney Christmas films generally have at least two weeks of limited release, so their OD and OWeeks are deflated. Half of OD for animated films is often previews while Frozen II had close to no previews. So maybe around 1.9-2M OWeek.
  10. 8470 admissions Paris 14h for Frozen. 2nd best of the year, only behind Endgame.
  11. WOW. Frozen II sold 77830 tickets in pre-sales at Pathé-Gaumont. It's 10x higher than Aladdin and 460% of Toy Story 4. Aladdin, Maleficent and Toy Story 4 indicate an OD around 700k admissions, while the TLK comp is giving it 470k OD. 500k would be absolutely phenomenal. Reviews and early ratings aren't so hot right now, so we'll see if it hurts it. Les Misérables is also off to a great start ! Pre-sales are indicating that it could open around 50-60k OD.
  12. Paris 14h suggests that Ford v Ferrari is doing nowhere near 80k OD. It's playing more like Anna and John Wick 3 than Ad Astra or Gemini Man in terms of pre-sales frontloading. Maybe 40k OD if evenings are really good. Not great. J'accuse is breaking out, at least in Paris. Probably 60k + previews OD at least.
  13. The only showings listed now are 3D, full ps will start on 18/11, so they will be adding many shows, but for now it looks like normal 9-10am start, without midnights. Ford v Ferrari is looking at about 100k OD if it follows Ad Astra or Gemini Man in pre-sales. That would be a lot higher than what was expected, but even a likelier 80k OD would be a big overperformance. Presales are also indicating J'accuse to open at around 50-60k OD. 1M will be in play.
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