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  1. Full week top 10 (22/06-26/06) Rank Movie Distributor Admissions (7 day) Prints Cume Week 1 La bonne épouse (How to be a good wife) Memento Films 125 217 962 338 002 2 2 De Gaulle SND 96 030 1060 691 209 3 3 L'ombre de Staline (Mr. Jones) Condor Films 66 927 382 66 927 1 4 En Avant (Onward) Disney 55 534 722 671 209 3 5 The Demon Inside (The Assent) Alba Films 38 636 272 38 636 1 6 The Invisible Man Universal 32 223 372 661 009 4 7 Filles de Joie KMBO 22 853 260 22 853 1 8 The Hunt Universal 19 217 242 19 217 1 9 Nous les Chiens (The Underdog) The Jokers / Les Bookmakers 19 115 379 19 115 1 10 Radioactive Studiocanal 15 376 278 62 355 2 Many of these are on a much much wider release than they would get under normal circumstances (only uber blockbusters get a 900+ prints release. The all-time record is TFA with 1093 prints, while De Gaulle currently has 1060). La Bonne Epouse seems to be doing really well. Great performance for L'ombre de Staline which is the best opening for independent distributor Condor since Enemy in 2014 and their all-time best performance in terms of ranking. Approx. 870k tickets were sold since the reopening, but that number is likely underreported so the real total is probably closer to 1M admissions for the week. The 19/06-25/06 week last year sold 1,68M tickets (the following week saw the release of Toy Story 4, as well as the beginning of Fête du Cinéma), while the 20/06-26/06 week in 2018 sold 1,6M tickets. It's typically one of the worst weeks of the year because of the heat wave, national exams, little to no new releases, sporting events and proximity to Fête du Cinéma. It's not actually great, but it does seem more than decent for a reopening. On the first two days of reopening, ages 15-24 accounted for 32,7% of the admissions (19,8% on a normal week) and 25-49 for 40% (28,2%), due to the weaker share of 3-14 years old (because schools became mandatory again on the same day as the theaters) and of the 50+ (24,6% against 37,6 usually), per Vertigo. The release schedule so far : 08/07 : Scoob!, Tout Simplement Noir (all-star french comedy), Lucky Strike (korean thriller) 15/07 : Eté 85 (Ozon's latest picture), Divorce Club (another french comedy) 22/07 : Madre, Ip Man 4, The King of Staten Island
  2. Top 10 last week : Rank Movie Distributor admissions TC PTA Cume Week 1 Onward DISNEY 515 381 579 890 515 381 1 2 DE GAULLE SND 511 913 619 827 511 913 1 3 THE INVISIBLE MAN UNIVERSAL 211 350 348 607 561 091 2 4 PAPI SITTER GAUMONT 187 681 445 422 187 681 1 5 THE CALL OF THE WILD DISNEY 186 503 499 374 1 144 973 3 6 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG PARAMOUNT 165 206 792 209 2 038 554 4 7 10 JOURS SANS MAMAN STUDIOCANAL 157 554 496 318 1 081 031 2 8 RICHARD JEWELL WARNER 118 941 512 232 748 150 3 9 DARK WATERS LE PACTE 90 071 265 340 248 372 2 10 DUCOBU 3 UGC 68 676 507 135 1 455 590 5 Awful OWeek for Onward. It had the worst opening for a Pixar movie since The Good Dinosaur. With the coronavirus restrictions it will probably (by far!) become the lowest-grossing Pixar movie (Cars is the lowest with 2M admissions). Excellent start for De Gaulle though WOM seems kinda mixed. Without coronavirus, it could have had a shot at 1.75M admissions. La Bonne Epouse, Memento Films' first release in over 600 theaters had a great opening day with 80k admissions (inc. 40k previews). New restrictions due to coronavirus include the ban of gatherings of more than 100 people but the FNCF (National Federation of French Theaters) is pushing to keep theaters open (with only 100 people/showing). Distributors last week started the hashtag #jevaisaucinema ("I go to the movies"), calling audiences to keep going to the movies despite coronavirus.
  3. How's Day 2 looking like? Endless Love dropped - 52% and About last night - 37%...
  4. Out of the top 20 this week. Sonic sold 15 028 admissions Paris-Périphérie (2794 admissions Paris only). It's inflated by the school break (Paris students are in vacation, but not all of France is yet) but it's outstanding. Should go above 1.25M OWeek. Reviews are trash (1.9/5), but early audience ratings are very decent. Le Prince Oublié (Michel Hazavanicius's new movie, starring Omar Sy) is also off to a decent opening with 4804 admissions Paris-Périphérie. 600k should be a good goal for the week. Reviews were better than Sonic, but still mediocre (2.9/5). Critic-panned (1.5/5) Fantasy Island ("translated" to Nightmare Island here) is flopping with around 200k OWeek.
  5. Parasite will be re-released in 152 theaters starting tomorrow, followed by the Black and White version 02/19. There will later be a smaller additional boost with the Césars (french Oscars) where the movie is nominated in the Best International Feature category. 2M is very likely at this point. Portrait of a lady on fire crossed the 300k admission mark ! Weekend numbers (courtesy of BoxOfficePro) 0 Titre Distributeur Entrées Copies Moyenne Cumul Semaine 1 BIRDS OF PREY WARNER 339 151 593 572 339 151 1 2 LE VOYAGE DU DR DOLITTLE UNIVERSAL 339 069 514 660 339 069 1 3 DUCOBU 3 UGC 323 213 503 643 323 213 1 4 1917 UNIVERSAL 212 775 748 284 1 657 195 4 5 BAD BOYS FOR LIFE SONY 195 785 536 365 1 256 816 3 6 THE GENTLEMEN SND 187 484 368 509 187 484 1 7 #JESUISLA GAUMONT 88 390 387 228 88 390 1 8 LE LION PATHÉ 84 986 783 109 338 078 2 9 JOJO RABBIT DISNEY 69 826 171 408 201 880 3 10 SAMSAM STUDIO CANAL 69 558 412 169 69 558 1 Stronger than expected for the family movies. Dolittle should be first for the week and Ducobu might upset Birds of Prey for the second play.
  6. From Deadline : "UK distributor Curzon and box office org Comscore both confirmed to us that the movie’s opening of $1,796,659 (£1,389,856) including previews is a record for a non-English language release. Across its opening Fri-Sun session, it grossed $1,395,025 (£1,079,102) with a screen average of $10,258 (£7,935).That tops previous record holder Apocalypto, which opened with $1,758,494 (£1,360,111) in January 2007 on its way to a total gross of $5,320,094 (£4,114,838)." It will expand next week to 400 locations (135 thus weekend). It should make at least 15-20M more in Japan plus 15M+ DOM will make it cross 200 with ease imo.
  7. 35,7k 11th Week for an amazing 7 340 000 admissions cume. With the vacations, it might be able to get to the 7.5M admissions milestone. Parasite will be re-released in black and white starting 02/19. We don't know yet how wide of a release it will be, but combined with a possible Oscars boost, it might be able to get close to the 1.8M admission mark. Long-anticipated adaptation of the series Kaamelott finally released a trailer which garnered unprecedented buzz for a French film. Reactions are incredibly positive and the movie apparently follows the series cliffhanger ten years ago. It has been moved up three months and will release 07/29. It's a huge wild card and it could be very frontloaded and do 2M like it could go 5M+. It's the top contender for biggest french movie of the year right now.
  8. 55 035 admissions OD for Birds of Prey. That's really poor. Marketing push was kinda weak here though WB set up a public premiere event in Cannes. Ratings and WOM seem pretty meh too (3.2/5 on Allociné and 5.5/10 Senscritique). It seems to recover a bit, being first everyday by a considerable margin. With the help of the school break beginning today for 1/3rd of students, it should sell around 425k admissions for the week, a touch under Shazam. Ducobu 3 is the threequel to another crappy adaptation of a french comic book. The first two have seen moderate success, selling 1M and 1.5M respectively. It opened with 69k (25k previews) OD. With the help of the school break, it might be able to sell 900k admissions total, down a little from Ducobu 2. Dolittle isn't a complete bust here, selling 62k (24k previews) admissions OD. It should upset Ducobu this week with around 300k admissions weekly. The Gentlemen's OD is lower (31k incl. 8k previews) than what its Paris 14h suggested. It should be able to have a very healthy 250k OWeek. It's a complete disaster for the french movie #JeSuisLà, selling only 16k admissions (and with awful ratings) despite starring Alain Chabat and a considerable budget.
  9. Wow. Is that the lowest PS to OD multi ever ? Even Endgame was nowhere as frontloaded as this.
  10. It may affect that particular indicator actually. The strike benefits local and indie theaters, most of which are not showing SW. Most subways are closed but the biggest lines are still open, between 6-9 AM and 4-7 PM. So people are more likely to go to an 9 AM and especially to a 5 PM showing rather than going before 2PM. Without the strike it would be much closer to TLJ, but it probably would't have passed it anyway. Early ratings are not so good.
  11. TLK (2019) if higher is we consider it an animation film. These Ice Age and Finding Nemo figures are 7-day OW vs 5-day for Frozen. F2 is higher than both for 5 days (Ice Age 3 was 1 740 293 OW ), but it will likely fall under IA3 on the full week.
  12. Disney is known for inflating numbers in France (Black Panther last year, reported 9th by Disney was actually 11th). A big jump is expected for this kind of movies due to theaters (and special events) not reporting during summer, but +250k admissions seems doubtful...and the fact they waited just until the DVD/Blu Ray release to say it is not helping either. We'll have to wait until CNC's yearly report to know. It's an official source, so it's the only ones 100% reliable.
  13. All schools were out for TLK, none for Frozen.
  14. http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=233713.html https://www.senscritique.com/film/La_Reine_des_Neiges_II/12847392 Average on both sites, but it's still very early (only 200 ratings on each) and it could fluctuate.
  15. It won't have the legs of the first one due to being a sequel, weaker WOM and F1 opening two weeks closer to christmas, but passing F1 is very very likely (like 90% chance).
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