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  1. 1 576 425 OWeek for Joker. Very, very nice. If (that's a big if, French PS can be very misleading) it holds like TLK suggests it will, it should be around 3M, yes. The "weekend" is Wed-Sun.
  2. As said in the France thread, very few data for PS holdovers, but 10/20 % drop likely.
  3. Ok.. So Joker PS are down 65% from last week. BUT don't pull the trigger alarm so quickly. There's very few data on holdover PS. TLK dropped around 80% in PS, but still managed a stellar 30% second weekend hold. TLK Week 2 comp : 1 150 000 admissions (-32% inc. previews/-29% off a likely 1,7 (82k previews) OWeek) TLK Week 3 comp : 1 469 000 (-11%/-9%) Besides, neither of these TLK weeks losed PLF like Joker does to Maleficent, and the MTC (Pathé Gaumont) here has exclusivity to IMAX, 4DX, Screen X,... Last week's walk-ups were deflated by a technical problem on Saturday, unableling most Pathé theaters to sell any ticket, while this week has the beginning of the school break. Overall, I'd say Joker is headed to 1,3-1,5 second weekend, for a stellar - 10/-20 % hold. Maleficent is performing as expected, towards a likely 60-70 OD. La Vérité ! (...) is bombing horrifically, and will be incredibly lucky to hit 1M total. Everything below is awful.
  4. 1 357 118 admissions OW for Joker it seems! Next week opens : Maleficient 2, La vérité si je mens ! Les débuts, Hustlers (renamed Queens here), Fahim, Angry Birds 2, Matthias & Maxime, Shaun the sheep 2. Joker should retain #1, followed very closely by LVSJM! LD whose predecessor opened with 1,9M. This one has muted buzz and so-so response. It should still open around 1M. Maleficient opened with 627k back in 2014. A Mary Poppins Returns-like (389k) performance feels about right here. Fourth place should go to Matthias & Maxime, Xavier Dolan's latest. Even The life and death of John F. Donovan opened close to 200k. AB2 and Shaun should battle for #5 while Queens/Hustlers likely will be a non factor.
  5. French ATP seems a bit low using RTH's numbers. Are they underestimating it again?
  6. 1.6 OWeek is back on the table then. 5M total likely then with the school break (week 2 and 3), maybe more.
  7. Indeed. It has become a cultural phenomenon in France. Only its Paris admissions, where it posted MCU-level numbers would be enough to be the highest grossing Korean film here. Lots of repeat viewings, incredible WOM, it spent 3 consecutive weeks flat. Four months after its release, a lot of theaters are still playing it. One of them is also running a Bong Joon Ho marathon for the 20th consecutive week. Wouldn't be surprised if America catched Bong Hive.
  8. ArcLight Hollywood - Parasite Update Afternoon and evening tickets sold for Saturday : 3374 (+879 from 4am) Afternoon and evening tickets sold for Friday at the same point : 1107. Now, Saturday is inflated by the two Q/As. Removing them gives 2075 (+87%). Final numbers probably won't have the same increase due to screen capacity though. Still, the 3374, with 17,75 avg. is 60k, with pre-sales only. Very, very strong. In fact, it seems too strong. Must be an error somewhere.
  9. ArcLight Hollywood (without matinee showings). Friday : 5090 seats available Saturday : 5645 seats available (+11%) 1107 tickets pre-sold for Friday afternoon and evening shows at 2pm Los Angeles time yesterday. 2495 tickets pre-sold for Saturday afternoon and evening shows (including two sold out Q/As with a 1298 total capacity) at 4am Los Angeles time today (which is 44k with 17,75$ avg. price).
  10. No idea. We get hints on Wednesday, but OD numbers released on Thursday, Weekend on Monday and full week on Wednesday are the only numbers released, if an insider or the distributor (for milestones) doesn't say anything.
  11. Neon should take lessons from Disney accounting and roll that sweet 40k "Culinary Preview Showing" into the FFS gross to put it over 100k...
  12. 291 192 admissions OD for Joker (includes 81k previews). So yeah, around 1,3 OWeek.
  13. Hmm.. Much lower than what Paris indicated. Includes 81k previews. Still, really good. Maybe 4M admissions? We'll see if WOM kicks in.
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