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  1. What is HBO max? I'm from the UK. Does it mean it's available for free on Friday for the US?
  2. I think BOP is a poor comparrisson. BOP had a fraction of the budget and was advertised as a fashion show. The reviews were't good enough to bring in people who had doubts, it never looked like it had anything fun to offer. Without Covid TSS will have needed what, 500m worldwide to turn a profit? I think that would have happened
  3. I'm simply giving examples of how audiences have been known to forgive mistakes. All the film's I mentioned saw sizable increases. I'm not suggesting TSS is going to out-perform the previous film, but I don't think questioning and opening as low as 30m, just a quarter of the first's shows a lack of understanding. Even your Justice League comparison wouldn't suggest an opening as low as 30m TSS is clearly being treated like a mini reboot/clean slate. It got an R rating, it looks fresh, now has positive buzz and it's a Big budget Comic Book movie. It's not getting beaten by some damn
  4. Winter soldier Infinity war Logan Thor Ragnarok BVS (opening weekend) All these movies arguably had weak predecessors yet created a pull. I think people are more forgiving with the Comic Book franchise. I do get what you're saying but 30m tracking is just shocking. After seeing the film, it just feels like something that should be a hit, obviously that means very little.
  5. But it is innevitable to see a big number of cases so why would we be screwed? If the vaccination programme ends successfully then we would expect cases to rise as normal life begins to return. There would only be an issue if there were a high number of deaths along with the cases. Fortunately the early figures in some countries are suggesting this hasn't been the case, though it is still early days. I think in time the cases will zigzag but deaths won't reach anywhere near the heights of previous waves. There will be less and less news coverage as the years go by and eventually wi
  6. 30m seems ridiculous. Just 8m more than Mortal Kombat? I would have thought the strong reviews would have helped turn the tracking around
  7. I doubt that will happen now though, too much pressure to justify more lockdowns. It would play into anti vaxers hands if they announced further lockdowns as one of the incentives to get jabbed was so we could return to normal life. I'm interesting in knowing what percentage of the population can't have the jab due to genuine health reasons?
  8. Maybe, what do I know. i'm basing this of the fact I believe'd it will be bigger than BW. Granted I'm not sure what the Delta situation is like in the US
  9. You sound like me with my nachos. I usually choose empire cinemas over Cineworld because the nachos are just that much better
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