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  1. I take bigger risks getting into my car everyday....especially when I've been drinking I'm not being serious
  2. Call it what you want, if people get offended then its down to you whether you give a shit or not. One thing i learnt in life is people who say they are offended are just attention seekers and not worth your response
  3. Yeah it was the lack of data for pregnant women that was the concern. She wasn't concerned about feeling rough from side effects but if the results are promising then great. The advice from our NHS if you're pregnant suggests if she works on the front line or is of high risk then its recommended you take it. Thank you, I'm sure you had said it
  4. Now that my Mrs is pregnant we decided its best she doesn't get vaccinated due to the lack of tests in pregnant women. Ill just have to get vaccinated and make sure she stays in her closet until the baby arrives
  5. The whole thing is just a shambles. I'd understand people's hesitancy if they had more pfizer sat ready to use but the reality is most countries don't so the sensible thing would be to take the 1 in a million chance over the 1 in 100 chance and save as many lives as possible. There are so many other countries that would put these doses to better use right now that I would understand prioritising poorer countries that are willing to use it until a higher percentage of AZ starts to be administered in european countries. I actually don't know whether these figures have been improving as of late.
  6. They can still get their goods, just last. They have already slandered their company enough
  7. Then AZ shouldn't rush to give EU their doses, put them last in line. They paid less and won't be a future customer so just burn the bridge and use the time and resources on other regions. They've given AZ more grief than its worth
  8. Yeah we can't stay locked in forever. If vaccines don't work then it has to be herd immunity I'm afraid
  9. No I'm assuming Booster shots in Autumn will aim to target the most threatening variants. Hopefully its not a big issue, I just wanna go on holiday
  10. Of course its the British one trying to take over the world. Sorry guys
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