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  1. 'Said on his computer build through capitalism.' I love how when someone puts everything in perspective for some of you, you resort to anger and insults. Pretty much sums up your intelligence Also if it helps mods, please dont ban him for his comment as I really dont mind
  2. He's saying capitalism will kill us faster than Covid, i have to laugh at the ignorance of that comment alone. Capitalism gave us the cure to covid lol You kids are funny
  3. Social media is the home of exaggerated complaints of people who love to paint themselves as victims. 80% of what people post on social media is manipulative bullshit.
  4. There something embarrassingly ironic about people on a movie forum complaining about capatalism isnt there.
  5. Probably because of all the off-screen tension. I loved Fast Five but I've only seen the rest once and can't really tell them apart to remember
  6. I care about Cineworld's share price 😂. That being said my Thatcher comment was tongue in cheek, I think people working behind the scenes deserve more pay than many actors out there who take up a huge chunk of a films budget. I think that needs to be looked at more than anything.
  7. Here are my likely not so popular opinions. Hayden Christian in Star Wars The two leads in Valerian. Keane Reeves in anything that requires good acting (though i love this guy) Brie Larson for CM (she wasn't bad but her performance wasnt as fun as other MCU actors) Ben Affleck in any superhero movie ever (seriously how did they not learn from Daredevil) Quentin Tarintino every time he casts himself Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (he was one of many factors but his performance seemed unfinished and lazy) Brad Pitt in Troy (he's serviceable until he h
  8. That would have been brilliant. Wish i never read this, now that scene will always disappoint me
  9. It seems to me Vin and co didnt like the fact that The Rock joining the franchise made it more relevant at the box office.
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