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  1. I think alot of these awards, especially the Oscars takes themselves far too seriously. I think the Game Awards knows what everyone is watching them for at least. Which is also why the best award was the one that hosted by Ricky Gervais where he just roasting everyone.
  2. The Oscars is so out of touch. Maybe that is why they get fewer views every year. Meanwhile the Game Awards are outpacing the Oscars like 84 percent last year. So much Hype for Sonic 2. You'll never get that for the Oscars.
  3. Looking at the Deadline Article. It seems like someone overdosed on Copium. It even tries to pull a "What about" On Red Notice. One it isn't in Theaters, and two, it is there to provide content for Netflix.
  4. Well the resident evil movies always had frontloaded box office numbers. The fans come out for the weekend and then don't show up for repeat views.
  5. Not sure why Resident Evil is doing so poorly when it is more like the games than the milla jovovich movies. I guess i can always blame it on the lack of Lady Dimitrescu 😛
  6. Are we just going to ignore that the news has hyped up several other variants and they went no-where. What will make this one any different? This is pure Scaremonger
  7. I think there was something about Will Smith being into some creepy Scientology stuff when After Earth was released but is it
  8. I will say this about the reboot: Neither side came off looking good at all. Yeah there were some childish men who were vocal about their member berries being violated, but the news and sites honed in on them and ignored people who had legitmate issues with the movie. The response to James Rolfe's video was a wild overreaction and more childish than his video funny enough. Don't know news thought that video was newsworthy. Some one didn't want to watch a movie after seeing trailers? Ok And?
  9. You know that Trades and News sites are going to be smug about the Ghostbusters Afterlife's performance considering the movie panders quite a bit to Nostalgia and "listened to the fans" yet it is losing to the reboot the internet hated so much 5 years ago.
  10. Well the Great Depression crash happened in 1929...soo But yeah unless Delta acts like it is doing in UK, i don't expect a big recovery from the movies very soon. Everyone should get vaccinated, even if you have a breakthrough, it'll be much than without a vaccine.
  11. Tommorrow Land, and Jungle Cruise. When will Disney learn that Pirates of the Caribbean was a fluke. Of course, it helped that the first Pirates movie was actually good, but still.
  12. The funny thing is that even though this movie predictably would turn out bad, Snake Eyes somehow is better reviewed than all the other live action G.I. Joe films.
  13. Outrage sells. If there is anything gamers and nerd culture loves more than anything it is getting mad.
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