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  1. my best friend's wife got a positive COVID test today. Today's her birthday
  2. I kid, I kid Congrats to the both of you, even though I have absolutely no idea what it entails.
  3. Eternals | Marvel Studios | Nov 5 20201 | Delayed again | Life No Longer Has Meaning Well that gives post-humans something to look forward to!
  4. well at least the top 50 highest grossing movies of all-time (worldwide) should be quite stable for a while.
  5. 30% is a highly improbable number. I'd wager that 50% of people who pay for disney+ don't even open the app more than once a month, let alone pay an addition $30 to watch a movie they probably don't even know is on the service. Bullshit number if you ask me
  6. I'm shocked, shocked to find that a system where studios throw $210 MILLION on a single movie one after the other isn't such a great system after all and was bound to crash and burn as soon as anything major happened! Shocked!
  7. Quite surprising that this transparent reporting lasted as long as it did to be honest, quite a miracle. Transparency is just no longer on the menu these days.... anywhere
  8. I think it was good, the first hour really flew by, I was really liking it. Then, as soon as Mulan becomes herself again it just kinda sucks? Her big reveal is botched, no one sees it, the CGI avalanche is horrendous, and then the writing just stumbles into oblivion. The actress was really good at looking pretty but not so much at selling her action scenes. It's like she's trying too hard to be gracious and elegant but that's not what good action is about. It needs kinetic energy. It was filmed well overall (no awful shaky cam, god I hate this thing), but the actress wasn't committed enough. I guess that's what happens when you cast a fashion model in an action role. All hail Donnie Yen though, he rocks here as usual. I feel like this movie can't decide whether it wants to be a war drama or a fairy tale, and it just doesn't work because of that. Great production design, not so great story. 6.5/10
  9. She's really one of the more interesting new directors that's for sure, in terms of her personal life. Intrigued to see this
  10. Well, having the #1 spot surely deserves beating tie breakers Thanks a lot for the list, it was great! Glad to see such a varied selection, it wasn't one-dimensional at all. Parasite is gonna be like the Shawshank Redemption of foreign movies - it's gonna top lists because it's universally liked AND popular, not because it's the most ground-breaking. Very few people dislike the movie
  11. gg japan Pan's Labyrinth was my #1 so really glad to see it in the top 5 It's a movie sitting pretty much alone in its genre (Dark Fantasy/War) which is why I love it Also, since A Separation you forgot to add Iran in the "Films by nation" section. It's not over yet but... we have good tastes, people!
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