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  1. Obviously Hong Kong should have won of course But France? Hey I'm gonna take it. After all, I can watch them without subtitles
  2. Joining in on the Thank Panda Train. Good job, and kudos for doing this! Always a pleasure to follow these
  3. I'm just glad The Dark Knight didn't win All hail King Spielberg
  4. Normally we'd have a pretty good idea of the order but star wars did drop a lot... and the other LOTR movies too...
  5. ESB still in the top 10... it's not even the best Star Wars
  6. lowest placement ever, the LOTR stans retreated a bit this year!
  7. 2 #1 placements holy shit This could be a contender for #1 if it showed up in more lists
  8. Astérix that would be me lmao Nice job on those, really enjoying them!
  9. LOA landed in the 80's last top so anyone who's disappointed should tamper their expectations to begin with and oh yeah on The Matrix
  10. I saw Rashomon... didn't like it very much Yojimbo was much better in my opinion
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