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  1. @JamesCameronScholar Finally watched The Prodigal Son (about time) and man, I have to agree here, the final fight is excellent! Frankie Chan is virtually a complete unknown and yet look at that! What a guy. I've seen him in only one other movie, Outlaw Brothers, and he was amazing as well, I recommend it since it also stars the incredible Yukari Oshima. To the surprise of no one, Yuen Biao is also a rockstar here.
  2. $50M intl week-end is pretty good for TROS no? Higher than I would have guessed anyway.
  3. Is that in $CAD Jedi or USD converted (if USD, how was it converted?)
  4. It's a book adaptation. They've said numerous times that they follow the books not the games. However, they do take things from the video games (bathtub lmao)
  5. You know you can like something without dissing what other people like in a derogatory way right? Fans weren't mad because Luke didn't have a lightsaber fight with Kylo. His force projection was beyond badass and everyone knows that. He tricked him, it was brilliant, and 100% an in-character move. Fans were mad because he died literally just after that, because Rian Johnson decided as such. I've never seen something reeking so much of a writer going "because I said so" than when I saw Luke die in theaters 2 years ago. It absolutely reeked of "oh yeah and he dies because he has to die at that moment" writing. That's when I understood that the ST was doomed. And I say that as a huge TFA fan.
  6. I think Kevin Feige's role now is basically to surround himself with the best. Think about it, he can't micro-manage everything he's micro-managing, it's just too much job, there's only 24 hours in a day and he can't be everywhere at once. So what he does is select the right people to do those things. It's probably his #1 priority in fact, finding the right people for everything. And what he focuses on. You could say Lucasfilm have done pretty much the polar opposite of that, with their firing/dismissal of about 50% of the people they employed to oversee their projects.
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