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  1. As Tele once wisely said, it's almost impossible to know what really happens behind the scenes on those huge productions, even the people taking part in it barely know, so let's not infer conclusions from vague articles which are often backed by only one fact: the movie has been delayed. The rest is pure speculation. At best we can only chatter and propagate rumors like teenagers in high school, as it's such a chaotic process that often only the people at the very top have an idea or sense of the whole thing. It could have been delayed for any reason, a huge majority of which we have no clue about. It has been proven again and again that any movie can come out of scenarios such as this one. Garbage movies have come out of chaotic productions and/or chain-delayed movies, sure, but great and well-received movies have as well. It's not an indicator of final quality. The only indicator of final quality is the movie itself. Trying to infer any information from this is futile...
  2. FYC Because Jackie Chan is one crazy m-fer And also the contender for Best Animated Film of 1998:
  3. I'm really not enough of a horror movie buff to have 50 worthy entries! Thanks for the tag
  4. Welcome on my ignore list. Basically the only posts I've seen you make in the last 2 weeks or so are how retarded I am for having TFA as one of my favorite movies. Multiple times. Do you really have nothing else better to do than stalk my posts and spam this nonsense in every thread I post in? Never mind the fact that enjoying movies is a purely subjective thing and I'm damn well free to like whatever I want. So yeah, this is the last post I will ever make that acknowledges anything you do or say. Good riddance.
  5. Oh look, random people on the Internet acting as if they had any idea how a billion dollar company is run. Soon we'll see a new job title popping on resumes around the world: Professional Armchair Specialist.
  6. Keep dreaming Grace, keep dreaming...
  7. You know, if they are remaking The Last Stand but it's actually good or interesting this time... I'm on board with that I'm gonna watch this for sure. DOFP is one of my favorite superhero movies (if not my favorite), and I enjoyed Apocalypse, even though it was flawed.
  8. Contrary to most people I liked Sansa's portrayal of Jean Grey. She has that vulnerability to her that is essential to the character. Jean Grey shouldn't look confident, The Phoenix should. Curious to see her as the villain, interesting turn after the end of Apocalypse. Great poster, this movie has got me intrigued, I like what Fox have been doing with the X-men. For the most part.
  9. While we wait, if you guys are interested in what is basically Hong Kong's Charlie's Angels (it was inspired by the TV show not the more recent movies), I suggest you check this one out, a mostly unknown action masterclass: FYC Prepare for balls-to-the-wall action
  10. Yay someone besides me voted for The Thief and the Cobbler :P Really eager to see the results
  11. List sent. Not too much of an animation buff but I included all those I deem good enough to make a "top"
  12. Seems reasonable enough. Marvel should be very happy with this, it would be a big success.
  13. Daxtreme

    Upgrade (2018)

    So this movie is yet another reminder of just how much money is being wasted on Hollywood productions. 5 million dollars and this movie has better CGI and action scenes than most blockbusters including (and especially) the likes of phenomenon Black Panther. I liked the fight choreography aesthetics. Sure it was filled with quick cuts but that was actually the point. I'm not gonna delve into spoilers here but at least this movie understood the reasons why it chose to frame and cut the fights the way it did, really one of those few instances of a director filming action in a way that serves the story and not just for some specific thrills (although it's an added bonus). It's just a nice, self-contained sci-fi movie that knows exactly what it wants to be. Sure the acting isn't anything to write home about, but it's adequate enough for me to give it a pass on that front. The writing, however, is pretty good and plays sufficient ball with its characters for it to be engrossing. Director Leigh Whannell will be one to watch for sure. More movies like this please! 8.3/10

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