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  1. tentative list for now, I'll see if I can extend to more than that but I have to actually like the film, you know Pulp Fiction Shawshank Redemption The Legend of Drunken Master Speed Forrest Gump Chungking Express Leon The Professional From Beijing With Love Ashes of Time Fist of Legend The Mask Three Colors: White Heavenly Creatures Wing Chun Ace Ventura: Pet Detective True Lies Three Colors: Red The Lion King
  2. I can't believe Marvel banked on having Spider-Man in their movies for a while longer just this July when FFH released, while this new deal was being negotiated. Like, of ALL the characters you have, including very popular ones, Tony Stark chose... literally the ONLY character Marvel don't have the full rights to. genius
  3. Finally, some time for a countdown! So busy lately... Count me in for the upcoming foreign movie countdown, gotta get some asia representation in there So here's my tentative list for now In the Line of Duty 4 Devil Hunters Kiki's Delivery Service The Killer Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Iceman Cometh Weekend at Bernie's Back to the Future II Kickboxer The Inspector Wears Skirts II So basically a Hong Kong best of and American blockbusters... and Kiki of course Donnie Yen would top my list @baumer haha BTW in DEVIL HUNTERS there is the single most exploitative ending stunt ever put on film, it has to be seen to be believed. The movie ends on the producer explaining what went wrong and it cuts to the end credits sequence which consists of a newspaper montage of the lead actors in the hospital LMAO What the hell
  4. Please, please, please bring back Hong Kong action choreographer YUEN WOO-PING He hasn't made a Hollywood movie since 2005, but if a movie could bring him back, it's this one.
  5. We're already swarmed with NA releases so foreign releases can't find their demand in the overall supply. Also, subtitles.
  6. how much can we expect from Lion King dom?
  7. 2019 WORLDWIDE GROSSES Rank Title (click to view) Studio* Filter A24 Amazon Annapurna Aviron Briarcliff BST BV ENTMP Fathom Focus Fox FoxS FUN LG/S LGF MGM Neon Orion Par. PFR RAtt. SGem Sony SPC STX UAR Uni. WB WB (NL) ALL Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % 1 Avengers: Endgame BV $2,793.0 $856.4 30.7% $1,936.6 69.3% 2 Captain Marvel BV $1,128.3 $426.8 37.8% $701.4 62.2% 3 Spider-Man: Far from Home Sony $1,036.9 $344.5 33.2% $692.4 66.8% The MCU is currently holding the top 3 spots this year.... jesus
  8. Looks like a wonderful mess, I'm in!
  9. In terms of actual plot and importance, WandaVision is looking to be the show not to miss as it will lead directly into Doctor Strange 2
  10. @Fullbuster Watch a lot of truly terrible movies then you'll swing the pendulum in the other direction enough that you'll come back.
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