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  1. Maybe that's their way of saying to the theaters "it's at least 180 minutes so prepare for that". Could be even longer.
  2. #1 technique : Don't drink anything few hours before the movie and go to the bathroom just before it starts no matter the state of your bladder (during the ads). RIP problems.
  3. Jesus. They really had a lot of story to cram in. If that means a better movie then I'm all for it. I mean... they do have a LOT of stuff to insert in this movie, it's not exactly needless padding.
  4. Manborg So the total budget becomes $10,001,000 See what they could do with a budget ten thousand times bigger than they had!
  5. Daxtreme

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    Yes some of the guys I'm following around have been saying it's pretty good. I will watch it for sure!
  6. Daxtreme

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    More old school Jackie Chan! My Lucky Stars (1985) Directed by: Sammo Hung Fight Choreography: Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah Starring: Sammo Hung, Charlie Chin, Stanley Fung, Jackie Chan Worldwide Box office: HK $30,748,643.00 My rating for this movie: ★★★ Synopsis: Two Hong-Kong cops are sent to Tokyo to catch an ex-cop who stole a large amount of money in diamonds. After one is captured by the Ninja-gang protecting the rogue cop, the other one gets his old Orphanage gang, dubbed the “Five Lucky Stars,” to help him. They don’t like this much, but they do it. I'm gonna go outright and say this: The whole 3 stars out of 5 I gave this movie go to the action/fight sequences, which are terrific. Typical Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung stuff, excellent. Outstanding stunts and fight choreography, as usual. Like I said in entry #14 of my top, the rest of this movie series is quite simply, pure nonsense... and this movie is no exception. I would dare say it's the worst out of the first 3 on that front. Poor Sibelle Hu, the cringe induced from this movie must have shattered all her teeth right off. But the fights are amazing! One sequence This sequence is only a small part of the final fight but I thought it was hilarious (couldn't find the whole of it on youtube). The fight is between Sibelle Hu and Michiko Nishikawi. The rest of the final fight lasts, I don't know, maybe 10 minutes? And it's a big brawl between many of the martial arts stars from that period. You can find the whole movie on dailymotion but I'm not going to link it here. Jackie Chan as usual performs the most impressive stunts, and he does so absolutely seamlessly as usual.
  7. Kevin Feige is such an expert at dodging tricky questions. He does it so naturally it's unbelievable. But we notice Cool videos, but I must say he doesn't speak much of Phase 1 in the Phase 1 video. 50% at most
  8. Daxtreme

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    @EarlyDeadlinePredictions Accident Man starring Scott Adkins had some good fights but the story was cheesy. Aside from that, I would say Mission Impossible: Fallout is probably the best action movie of 2018. It certainly features the best fight anyway (bathroom fight)
  9. 1. "ALWAYS" Like others have said above, Harry Potter? Twilight? That's not always. 2. Personally, this time around I have even less of an idea what will happen in Endgame than IW. Anything could happen, except the broad strokes of course (it's quite obvious that the heroes will succeed ultimately, but how? Good luck predicting that one!) 3. See #2 above 4. You're welcome to share numbers and proof that number of pages on the BOT boards = Box office gross. I'm afraid there's no correlation, however. 5. That's a fair complain. It's real for the characters though. Spider-Man's dusting scene had such an effect on teenagers watching that some youngsters came out crying out of the theater, even though anyone who follows the MCU knows it's 100% certain that he will be resurrected. Seems to me like the stakes are just fine, and knowing the outcome doesn't really have an impact on emotional scenes. 6. Endgame having both the #1 and #2 all-time trailer views records would disagree with you here. 7. Last Jedi pissed off half of the Star Wars fanbase or so. Aside from a vocal corner of the Internet, Captain Marvel definitely hasn't alienated the fanbase. Also, we're comparing apples and oranges. Last Jedi was a "main saga" movie, Captain Marvel is a side chapter movie that doesn't even bear the "Avengers" name. The impact will be negligible. I would dare even say that Captain Marvel merely existing as a movie will have a positive impact on Endgame overall, keeping the awareness high, hyping people up, so yeah... Major reasons? More like seven minor/negligible reasons why you think it will fail. When all this is said and done, I think Endgame will increase over IW, but not by much.

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