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  1. Pepperidge farm remembers when Boris Johnson said there would not be further restrictions after vaccines On the subject of Spider-Man, this may be controversial but Spider-Man 3 might be my favorite of the original trilogy... lmao Then again, I love messy, ambitious movies.
  2. Just want to correct you here, the mafia are actually speaking Polish in those rare words they're saying, not Russian. I know because I speak Polish decently well. And also the actor is Polish. I liked this, Jeremy Renner is all right, Hailee Steinfeld is crushing it as usual. She's so good, how does she do it? Like her role isn't even that good to begin with, but she manages to lift any role to a higher status. Every time. I don't know where this will land ultimately but right now I think it's right in the middle in terms of MCU Disney+ shows quality. Has lots of
  3. Oh yeah the variance. Indeed it's very high. Thanks
  4. What do you mean 90 to 10? The current score is 45 critics score, 8.5 user score. Let's say it started with 90 critics score, where does that 10 come into play?
  5. My hype for this is considerable because Hailee Steinfeld is an absolutely amazing actress and isn't just popular because she's famous to begin with. It's a secret that everybody who watched both TRUE GRIT and THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN are in on.
  6. Inject new big-budget fantasy directly into my veins please. Always. Will likely watch this soon. I have no idea what it is or what it is about except magic, medieval stuff, and costumes and weird werewolf-like monsters. Love Rosamund Pike because who doesn't. I hope it's good
  7. Amazing week-end, loving the numbers across the board Legs are back on the menu boys!!
  8. as usual people doom and gloom at reshoots when we have literally no idea why they have been ordered, what they are fixing or adding, and whether it was (partially) planned or not. The only thing that matters in a movie is the end result, so just please stop with the baseless rumors when you know nothing of how movies are actually made, especially big studio tentpole movies like this. It's nothing more than guesswork at this point and anyone claiming otherwise is full of themselves.
  9. Just gotta say that I love that marvel are finally releasing their movies in Imax format. It was a long time coming and many were losing out hope after a decade of seeing IMAX-sequences never making it to the small screen. Well the wait is over. Might have to binge watch a few MCU movies soon lmao The ones that benefit the most are the last 2 avengers movies (100% IMAX A/R), Guardians of the Galaxy, Shang-Chi (100% IMAX A/R), and maybe like Captain Marvel or something
  10. A clear step down from the 1st installment but still decent. This movie suffers hard from Prequel Syndrome, where the story is limited in scope and possibility by what comes after. The self-contained part of the story was great, it's what comes after that's the problem. The ending montage, while fun, reeks of "hmm here is where the characters need to be so this has to happen." It also seemed to be aimed at American audiences a bit too much, basing the Monsters school system fully on America and all. For non-Americans, the "college life" reality in the movie doesn'
  11. Starting a sort of Pixar marathon but I'm gonna skip a few that I've already seen way too many times, like the Toy Story movies and Finding Nemo. So it's more like a random Pixar binge watch due to the fact that I have an active Disney+ subscription. Kicking it off with this one what I liked the most about this movie were the themes and the great characterization of both the protagonists and villain. It's a fun movie with lots of heart and imaginative sequences. It tricks you into forgetting that it's quite disturbing that the (likable) protagonist is in fac
  12. I write fics too, I'm not even a woman nor asian but she's such an inspiration for writers She just does and says things without giving a fuck about what people think, but contrary to most people doing that (they're assholes), she's so genuine and kind and intelligent A role model for those who know where to look
  13. top 10 actuals 1 N Eternals Walt Disney $71,297,219 4,090 $17,432 $71,297,219 1 2 (1) Dune Warner Bros. $7,790,194 -49% 3,546 -579 $2,197 $84,116,356 3 3 (3) No Time to Die United Ar… $6,038,799 -22% 3,007 -500 $2,008
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