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  1. The year is 2035 The long-anticipated "Avengers Forever" AKA Avengers 8 opened to a record 2.4 BTC worldwide. Forecast pegged the movie for a 1.8 BTC opening so this extraordinary performance is sure to please all the worldwide investors in MarvelCoin. Rumors has it that the bitcoin creator (still anonymous) is considering buying Disney with a 1000 BTC buy-out. The total value of all the Disney properties is estimated at a staggering 800 BTC, or approximately what the average "bitcoin billionaire" owns in this day and age, so according to what we've been told here at Deadline, this is a no-brainer kind of deal. Stay tuned for more BO numbers this week! Or number, singular, if the movie grosses a single BTC.
  2. Q: Hey Kevin! Thanks for speaking with us today! Without going ino to details about developing projects, are there any plans to incorporate the Ten Rings from the first Iron Man, or the "real" Mandarin teased in "All Hail the King" in the future? Kevin Feige: Yes.
  3. Can we stop with calling them Dumb and Dumber? I hate this trend of "labelling" people. Kind of thing kids do in kindergarten to be honest
  4. Assuming GRRM releases the books one day, my headcanon of that whole thing will be (saw it on reddit): -- The books are the story as written by the Maesters = very faithful. However, the show is like an uncle at a table centuries after the events of the show telling the story of the Mad Queen. At first he tells it fine and quite accurately but as the evening goes, he gets drunker and drunker, and yet somehow he still tells the story to the end, albeit skipping over many details and it not being very coherent. But it's a damn entertaining drunk uncle story and it's got everyone talking about it after he passes out.
  5. I was having Revenge of the Sith flashbacks this episode. Daenerys burning the innocents is like Darth Vader killing the younglings. In both situations the seeds had been planted for a while, but in both cases, the switch from light side to dark side was a bit too sudden and intense. But I love myself a good old tragedy story once in a while.
  6. Jesus christ what a wonderful, absolutely mesmerizing goddamn fucking mess this episode was. And I mean that both in the best and worst ways. The directing, editing, cinematography... so awesome. This battle sequence is incredible! Season 8Episode 3 is like a student film compared to this. Rivals the best of war scenes I've seen. Shit's lit As for the plot... This is the most popular TV show of all-time with characters known all over the world and they do THIS?!?! LMAO Jaime whose character' arc is more like a full circle than an arc. Arya the Goddess of Death on a white horse. Daenerys the genocidal maniac who killed a million people in cold blood on dragonback Varys who joins Littlefinger in the "we had no idea what to do with schemers once the show became high-fantasy so we killed them off" category. Jon "Hey are we the baddies??!" Snow and, most importantly... #CleganeBowl2019 ends in a... DRAW? I'm speechless.
  7. Chris Hemsworth does. I think new Thor definitely has potential, especially if he sticks around for a while. Would be different too -- he was there when RDJ was the titan, and then filled in the gap when RDJ left. He also has a huge background as a character, tragic, so that's sympathetic as well. And Chris has impeccable comedic timing. I could see that working.
  8. I agree that Marvel have perhaps not found their new "titan" yet as far as replacing RDJ goes... but they still have time to find that character. But personally I'd wager that Doctor Strange will be it. He had 1 movie, an important role in Infinity War and basically a cameo in Endgame and he's one of the most popular ones already. Give him 1 or 2 more movie roles and an Avengers role akin to RDJ in the first avengers and there you have it, the new titan
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