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  1. Thanos for #1 ??? I didn't have time to ponder over and submit a list but if I had, Gandalf would be #1 I think Jules from Pulp Fiction, Agent Smith, Yoda, Rey, and Aragorn would all rank very high. Great job @chasmmi, and keep up the good work!
  2. Sorry about not being able to participate in this list, finally back from Indianapolis, maybe next year I could try to meet someone there. @Blankments are you near Indianapolis? 17 hours drive. Easy 2nd half of July and up until today was crazy for me, so it was a no go. Definitely eager to see the choices though!
  3. Indeed they look similar, more than I recalled. I never had a problem identifying either of them though. Also, his ex-wife has been shown in all the mission impossible movies to, well, not be an "action girl" at all. Seemed obvious to me from the start that it wasn't her based on narrative hint alone, especially since the female agent rode a motorcycle for the better portion of the previous installment. Seems only natural it would be her again, and not his ex-wife. But I can see how it could be confusing based on looks alone.
  4. The trailers before mission impossible were really unconvincing to me, lots of people groaned or laughed at them. Christopher Robin, Nutcracker, Darkest Minds, it all mostly looks terrible. Great, more room for Fallout to leg it out
  5. The ex-wife doesn't appear in the movie until after Paris so not sure what was confusing about her in Paris. If you're referring to the White Widow then she's definitely not his ex-wife since she's a mob boss, and blonde while the female agent has dark hair. Not sure how you confused anyone out of these 3 actually
  6. Yes. They interviewed Hong Kong actress and well-known B-movie action star Moon Lee on this subject (she lives in the US now), and she said it was totally crazy and dangerous filming in Hong Kong during these days, and it shouldn't be done again. But she enjoyed it so much, she misses those days. The "Golden Age" as it were, where stuntmen and even lead actors regularly put their lives on the line for entertainment. She herself ended up in the hospital for several months with third-degree burns and returned to filming ASAP when she came out. Case in point, a stunt sequence starring Moon Lee: I mean... there is NO WAY a stunt like this could be filmed today. Impossible. A 4 years old kid dangling from a car without protection? Absolute joke! For us viewers, it's really a case of, "damn I love watching this, but it's so dangerous, I'm not sure if people should do it... but since they do it anyway, might as well enjoy it?" haha Which is pretty much what we're doing watching Fallout. Admiring Tom Cruise for putting his life on the line AKA Hitchcock's theory of getting immense satisfaction out of watching someone being an absolute ace at their job (both on- and off- screen). Which is why I think Tom Cruise might have some problems filming another movie like this in the future. A mere injury cost $70M, imagine worse? And you can be sure that the studio are imagining worse, all the time.
  7. I love my superhero movies right now and all, but movies like Fallout bring action to its A-game and most grounded, and in a way that isn't often filmed these days. Really hope it performs well enough. But like others have said on reddit, Tom Cruise's injury cost the insurance company $70M, there's no way in hell they're gonna let him do whatever he wants from now on. This is possibly the last time Tom Cruise makes such a crazy action movie (with dangerous stunts chaining one after the other). Enjoy it while it lasts!
  8. Ha! While watching it I thought "fucking finally someone in Hollywood who gets it". I'm pretty sure they must have studied fights from Asia, the fight coordinator is an unknown German who made the last Mission Impossible, maybe in-between? Hard to tell. Some rumors say that Tom Cruise choreographed the fight himself, maybe he had a stroke of genius. The actors brought their top physical game to this scene. Just a very well-directed, staged, and filmed fight overall that looks clean, but feels raw. Also, watching Tom Cruise jump over that building in Paris (and hurting his ankle), it instantly brought me back to Jackie Chan doing the exact same kind of jump in Rumble in the Bronx. Only difference was that Jackie never wore any wires for protection -- ironically, Tom Cruise was held by a wire and still hurt himself! They're both madmen. After this movie I think I can safely say that Tom Cruise is America's Jackie Chan, just a little bit less reckless in doing so (but still totally crazy). In fact, Tom Cruise is somehow getting better with age?
  9. Ok I'm just gonna go ahead and say this Boy, the bathroom fight!! hnnnggggg Finally a Hollywood fight done right! The last one was in 2003 with The Matrix Reloaded for god's sake! (Mad Max Fury Road doesn't count, it's like a continuous car chase for 2 hours ) Why does it work so well? Well this should come as a surprise to no one, but when you film a fight for 4 weeks, and it's brilliantly choreographed, what you get is a fucking classic! They went to the Hong Kong school of shooting fights -- schedule 4 days of filming for it, then realize it's taking weeks and just go "to hell with it, we want to make it good, it's gonna be good" and then produce a classic. It also helps that Christopher McQuarrie has got a great sense of geography when filming the action, which is a major component of making chaotic action scenes actually work. Rest of the movie rocks btw, one of the best pure action movies to ever come out of Hollywood, at least in recent years that's for sure. The whole Paris sequence is mesmerizing. I'm so, so glad the days of Paul Greengrass nauseating shaky cam nonsense seem to be mostly behind us. Now if only the frenetic over-editing could go as well I'd be on cloud nine. My rating: ★★★★½
  10. Daxtreme

    Evil Dead II (1987)

    pretty much the same as me then! Ha!
  11. Daxtreme

    Evil Dead II (1987)

    @baumer have you reviewed this movie somewhere? I'd be curious to see what you think!
  12. Daxtreme

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Infinity War really collapsed in the last few weeks. Great bump for Ant-Man, Tuesdays are really mini-Fridays now
  13. Daxtreme

    Evil Dead II (1987)

    Surprisingly, I prefer the original, simply because of how focused it is. The restraint serves it really well. The fact it is more horror and atmospheric helped I think, with just the right, subtle hints of comedy. Evil Dead II wants to be both horrifying and hilarious at the same time, and I'm not sure I was fully on board with that. Don't get me wrong though, it does work, to an extent. Ash struggling with his evil hand was a glorious scene, I wish the rest of the movie was on this level! I was in stitches, so much awesome condensed in a few minutes! Bruce Campbell really channeled the body language and physical comedy necessary to perform in this, I thought he was fantastic. I believe this movie took everything about the first one and dialed it up to 11, for better or for worse. It's more of everything, and more intense. If that's your thing, don't worry, you're gonna love this movie. But I definitely preferred the paranoiac atmosphere and focus of the first movie. Loved how Ash goes through yet a second night of twisted shit. The ending was top-notch. Not sure when I'm gonna watch Army of Darkness, but I'm definitely eager to see it! Overall, this is a good sequel that expands upon the original in lots of imaginative (and gory) ways, but failed to capture its predecessor's true strengths, in my opinion. My rating: ★★★½ Note: I watched this movie at the age of 5 back then, over 20 years ago. Wasn't a good idea. Glad I reconciled with it now Some shots were still ingrained in my mind.
  14. I think it's because there was no sense of urgency in watching this movie. MCU fans flocked to the Thursday previews obviously, but a lot of people went "I'm gonna catch it later" We're pretty far from Infinity War in this way.

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