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  1. Says here it's $4.20 CAD Smoke weed... find Tuesdays numbers?
  2. Also not announced yet but we all know it's coming: Captain Marvel 2 Out of likes but thanks
  3. For others joining in, Some wuxia recommendations in light of this trailer Come Drink With Me (1966) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) A Touch of Zen (1972) (by the way the 3 movies above feature Cheng Pei-Pei who is also in Mulan) Once Upon a Time in China (1991) Once Upon a Time in China II (1992) Once Upon a Time in China III (1992) Last Hero in China (1993) The Bride with White Hair (1993) Swordsman (1990) Swordsman 2 (1992) Swordsman 3: The East is Red (1993) Hero (2002) A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) Jet Li's The Legend (1993) Dragon Inn (1967) -- the Tsui Hark remake is also pretty decent basically because of Brigitte Lin And, of course, the best post-apocalyptic martial arts superhero movies ever made, Heroic Trio and Heroic Trio: Executioners (both 1993) And many more. I can feel the distinctive style of wuxia epics bleeding through this trailer so you will feel right at home watching those
  4. oh my gosh it looks so authentically Chinese? Except for the English voice of course it seemed like I was watching a chinese movie trailer in terms of production design Seems like they didn't hold any barrels on that one, they went full hashtag wuxia and this looks very interesting! Also, Cheng Pei-Pei legend Excited!!
  5. BK007 Can't say I agree with everything you said but the overall sentiment, yes. This movie lacks a coherent thread gluing it together. It's a bunch of interesting stuff happening in a movie but when put together, it's kinda awkward, at least for me. Most of the characters were pure stereotypes/excessive caricatures of themselves or what type of person they represent (case in point: Ned, the teacher, Betty) Also, Tony Stark chose this kid... really? What has he truly done to be deemed worthy of having the ability to choose between life and death for billions of people? He didn't choose one of his own pals whom he saved the world repeatedly with, but instead this high school kid who lacks experience... Right. It reeks of corporate decision (executives saying Spider-Man WILL be the future of the MCU -- make it happen) in place of a character-driven one, which so far, the MCU has excelled in. Anyway, it was pretty decent, I'd have to rewatch it to be sure, but that's it. I really hope Spider-Man does not become the face of the MCU because I think he works best as a supporting character (like in Avengers 3 and 4)
  6. I thought this was quite average. Passing grade, but barely. Lots of good ideas but ultimately I was just completely disengaged throughout. Surprisingly enough, only the romantic subplot kept me interested, which is quite unusual for me with these types of movies. Never been a fan of Spider-Man either. The only reason I watched this movie is because it's part of the MCU, in which it inserts itself quite well. Can't wait for them to go full cosmic and weird though. I hope it does happen soon enough.
  7. Well... At least, the MCU version of the X-men will probably get to rise like a phoenix from these ashes...
  8. -34.5% is actually great after jumping 65.9% yesterday!
  9. The drops are quite horrendous this week-end. ... BO gearing up for Dark Phoenix?
  10. Moments like these when I must commend @EarlyDeadlinePredictions for choosing this name.
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