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  1. This movie is a delightful, over-indulgent mess. You have to admire just how dedicated Zack Snyder is to his own vision because he just goes all in. I don't think we'll ever get the chance to watch a $70M investment into fixing a $300M blockbuster again, and it results in a unique experiment well worth watching. Highlights: Gal Gadot Jason Momoa The Flash's rescue scene. Gorgeous. The look and feel of the film _________________________________________ Narrative - 61/100 | That it manages to work at all is surprising. Cyborg's arc is light-years away from Joss Whedon's version. Now there is substance. When the team finally comes together it feels more earned than before. The last 10 or 15 minutes were horrendous though. I was whelmed sufficiently enough with the ordeal and then they dragged this on forever with out of place setup and the most absurd dream sequence I've seen in the last decade. sigh Snyder!!! Fight Choreography - 79/100 | Shoddy CGI aside, you know what, I think they did a remarkable job in choreographing fights between gods like this. It's pure fantasy at this point anyway. It's ridiculous and exaggerated of course, and there's no way the physics support any of it, but that's really not the point. The point is to try and show that these people are just on another level in terms of strength and speed, and there's a limit to how you can portray that on screen and have it make sense. At least you can follow the action and see what's going on and it's, well, a comic book movie. The camerawork complemented the action beats and I enjoyed that. It's what I imagine DBZ fights should roughly look like in an eventual live-action movie, but with more energy beams of course. Wonder Woman's first fight was fire. Enjoyment - 72/100 | The added violence was unexpected. I dislike CGI blood but considering this unique case… I'll allow it. Didn't like the beginning, especially the Amazon battle it dragged on way too long, but the middle part (well, all 3 hours of it) was engaging and filled with interesting sequences one after the other. It's really a full-blown comic book movie that isn't afraid of being itself and if it made big-time DC fans happy (which I'm certain it did) then all the merrier for them. For my part I thought it was an exciting way to spend 4 hours.
  2. In a scenario of mass vaccination even 3 weeks can have a huge impact. Entirely possible that they delay this movie just a few weeks to have a much higher vaccination rate, and thus, opening rate throughout the country. In Canada though... I don't think people under 40 are gonna be vaccinated come May.
  3. The ending of Schindler's List "I could have saved more".... fucking DAMN Unbelievable, heart-wrenching, emotional&heavy, so many ways to describe this scene. Spielberg is a genius and this scene proves it without a doubt. Movie magic.
  4. So some fucker from out of town butchered 2 people in my home city last night with a katana (WTF?) At least this time I don't know anyone involved, not that it makes any of it better.
  5. I'm catching up still, but watching too many Spielberg movies in a short span of time you start seeing his almost trademarked reaction shots sticking out like a sore thumb. Still pretty great though
  6. my best friend's wife got a positive COVID test today. Today's her birthday
  7. I kid, I kid Congrats to the both of you, even though I have absolutely no idea what it entails.
  8. Eternals | Marvel Studios | Nov 5 20201 | Delayed again | Life No Longer Has Meaning Well that gives post-humans something to look forward to!
  9. well at least the top 50 highest grossing movies of all-time (worldwide) should be quite stable for a while.
  10. 30% is a highly improbable number. I'd wager that 50% of people who pay for disney+ don't even open the app more than once a month, let alone pay an addition $30 to watch a movie they probably don't even know is on the service. Bullshit number if you ask me
  11. I'm shocked, shocked to find that a system where studios throw $210 MILLION on a single movie one after the other isn't such a great system after all and was bound to crash and burn as soon as anything major happened! Shocked!
  12. Quite surprising that this transparent reporting lasted as long as it did to be honest, quite a miracle. Transparency is just no longer on the menu these days.... anywhere
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