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  1. This is turning into a streaming juggernaut. Would be cool if Disney did one little theater push to get it past $100 million. The Oscar is most definitely in the bag.
  2. UK, Germany and The Netherlands are dizzying. So nice to see these large numbers again. Box Office normality!
  3. It’s still a staggering number for the Netherlands. Full on pre-pandemic sized juggernaut. Will very likely make around $20 million.
  4. Cinemas in The Netherlands reopened yesterday. Lot of ‘sold out’ showings. Big chains are showing Harry Potter marathons, Inception, 1917, etc. Art House cinemas have more or less the same offerings as in March.
  5. Awkwafina snub is ridiculous... the entire list of nominations feels completely out of touch.
  6. This takes the fun out of box office tracking. What an absolute train wreck.
  7. He sounds fine to me. Pretty close to the original even. Really curious to see what they’d do with a sequel.
  8. The original film’s popularity has only grown since it became a runaway smash hit. Remember, Let it Go didn’t reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 until March 22... when the film had been out for four months. And this was the movie version by Idina Menzel. Frozen is the ultimate example of a cultural phenomenon. So it’s not unreasonable to expect the sequel to be big in my opinion.
  9. That Netherlands OD is insane. Avengers was always going to be frontloaded, so just below AE is bonkers.... TLK will easily win the year and end quite high on the all time chart in the territory. Impressive all around.
  10. The question now is whether or not it can pass TS3 worldwide in my opinion. It’s going to be closer than originally thought possible.
  11. Naomi Scott breaking through is what saved Aladdin I think. Will Smith was Will Smith.
  12. Why would audiences invest in another X-Men movie when Disney is going to reboot the whole series anyway? Some might have been waiting to see if it was any good but it wasn’t so it’ll tank spectacularly.
  13. Aladdin was my favorite Disney film growing up. What Disney has done here is blasphemous. Wrong director, wrong cast. It’s just a mess. It’s like nobody cared about the source material.
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