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  1. 14 hours ago, The GOAT said:


    If the new Space Jam can't beat the original Space Jam opening weekend, 

    it will officially confirm that the Michael Jeffrey Jordan is and always has been the undisputed Greatest Of All Time. 

    Lol, I think it blows past that, especially if it wasn’t covid. I think it would be better to compare adjusted. 

  2. Saw it, wasn’t better than the first but it was still solid. Felt the soundtrack - which was a monster part of the first- was lacking in this movie. James’s acting was fine- loved that he poked fun at himself. Felt the plot was inferior the villains were inferior (monstars > goon squad) but considering the digital era it made sense and that’s all that matters.  Kids of this era will love it just like kids from the past era loved the first one. 

    People wondering why there’s “hate.” Remember, the first wasn’t well received either critically so who cares. I wonder if people were saying people “hated” Jordan because of the reviews.


    For many Lebron James is the MJ (GOAT) of the gen Z and younger millennial generation, but while being a better human being, better role model (and sorry if this is going to hurt his hardcore fans), he simply is NOT QUITE what Jordan was in the pop culture zenith of popularity in the US and Worldwide. Why that is? That’s up for debate. I do think there’s a bit of that for people going on in this movie and it’s a waste of time. Lebron is Lebron. MJ is MJ. Space Jam 3 (if there is one) should continue to star the GOAT tier ball player of the generation (so wait another 15-20 years for the next lol). 

  3. On 3/28/2021 at 6:00 PM, excel1 said:

    Strange that these feel so outdated now. Peter Jackson is basically a nobody, as are near all of the actors. For winning 11 Academy awards and ending as the #2 highest grossing film ever, ROTK and LOTR in general seem to have left almost no pop culture footprint whatsoever aside from possibly Gollum. Like so many things from the early 2000s that dominated pop-culture, the legacy of series just feels so overwhelmed by other series that came not too far after it.


    The hell? Lmao. They’re literally regarded as some of the best movies ever made and the trilogy is constantly polled as a top tier masterpiece. Gollum, Gandalf, and jokes about Frodo and Sam still resonate in multiple references today. 

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  4. On 5/1/2020 at 2:19 PM, ThePhasmid said:

    The original was no Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and its lasting legacy was contributed by a man who is currently serving time in jail for a lengthy list of sexual abuse. The NBA should consider rebooting Air Bud before this. Reboot it with Cats. It can't be any worse than that awful film directed by an award winning director.

    Nah. Was 10 when it came out. It’s a big movie for kids from the era. Trust me. As others said it grew on video and TV. And I’m sure this will trigger many zoomers, but Michael Jordan is one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons in American history. Literally made the NBA a global phenomenon even more than Bird and Magic. Regardless of how people think James is the “GOAT”  or what not, in terms of popularity MJ is probably at least 2 tiers ahead of James highest of heights (his lack of politicking helped for better or worse). Jordan’s brand made 132 million in sales in 2019, while James made 32 mil. Lmao. Jordan retired in 2003 and the real MJ as we knew was done in 1998. Honestly if WB plays cards right this is a can’t miss. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, JohnnyGossamer said:

    Non-Skywalker saga Star Wars? Aquaman will be bigger everywhere. Potentially much bigger. Could be close DOM I suppose but AM will slaughter it OS everywhere, especially China.

    I think you're severely underestimating a Knights of the Old Republic movie (it's that's the next batch of Star Wars movies). If it's well done than all bets are off domestically. But yeah i think AM2 does well regardless.


    Also ,with rumors that Kevin Feige will be on Star Wars and after seeing the first 5 episodes of the Mandalorian...I'm betting Disney "rights the ship" although when a mixed-reviewed movie is making 500 million and a billion worldwide after an ill-received predecessor that apparently turned off a large portion of its fan base that alone shows how potent the brand is. Just can't write it off. Star Wars (and Star Trek) basically spawned pop-nerdom and has two legit movies that changed modern day cinema (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back). Star Wars IS American pop culture. Comic book movies ala, The Dark Knight/Heath's Joker, Tobey's Spidey, X-Men, then topped off by the MCU made it cool in the social media age.


    Star Wars through the good and bad will remain timeless simply based on the OT and the original characters and the other extended stories that they came from.  

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  6. If Captain Marvel grossed 150+ million OW after the Infinity War boost, Black Widow, an OG 6 MCU member, will push 175+ million if marketed right with Endgame soul realm ties. If it's a straight up prequel with no mention of Endgame than interest could wane. If marketing features excerpts or clips from Widow recounting her life or something while being in the soul realm, than all bets are off. 



  7. 11 hours ago, LawrenceBrolivier said:

    Not everything is a question of "stanning" or whatever.... 

    I agree with his take if only because I think at this point audiences for superhero films are a little more interested and intrigued by the promise of newer things, and newer takes on things. 

    Batman is a series that has been around for a long time now, and "new takes on Batman" is not a unique or intriguing thing, really... If a new Batman is going to make a lot of money, it has to overcome the bad taste in everyone's mouth from Snyder's take, and decades of Bat-saturation....

    Think of it this way: Batman Begins was a re-set and re-introduction of the character. A new take on the character that was essentially the first ever "real" take on the character from the comics.... and while it was a success, it wasn't a blowout success. Everyone didn't rush back all at once and give it 1989 money and attention... They waited until a very new, odd, and amazing take on Joker was placed against that Batman... and THEN it became a thing. 

    This movie is going to have to show what it has to offer audiences that they can't readily get not just from previous Batman films, but from other superhero properties currently out there. Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Aquaman are trading on that novelty, and their quality as films is helping provide extra rewards... Batman is going to be a "wait and see" proposition now... although it speaks to Batman's ability to draw that even a "wait and see" new incarnation of Batman is likely going to make Homecoming numbers. 

    I actually agree with this. I'm pretty big on Matt Reeves. His apes movies were better than most if not all MCU and DCEU/DC (they're fantastic). The franchise has broken the opening weekend record 4 times. Batman, like Spidey, is historically among the most popular comic book characters ever. The Batman's job isn't to break records; it's to get the character back in to the public's good graces (ala Nolan with Batman Begins). If Reeves' The Batman blows people away, I expect good to great legs and then the following sequel to explode, especially.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, YourMother the Edgelord said:

    As for the next $200M+ OW grossers, I think Frozen 2 has a shot and maybe TROS, but in the future, here are probabilities:


    90% 5vengers

    75% The Little Mermaid (if not on Memorial Day weekend and actually adds something)

    60% Black Panther 2

    35% The Little Mermaid (if on MDay)

    20% WW1984

    15% Avatar 2

    10% Jurassic World 3


    Note: A live action Crisis on Multiple Earth with DCEU cast, Phoenix Joker, Reeves Superman, Keaton Batman, Bale Batman and a few surprises, could take the record imho.

    If that movie was made the right way and with the right buildup (Crisis)? Nostalgia as well? That would be an interesting opening weekend. I don't know if it breaks the record but it could approach 275-300 million definitely. Reeves Superman tho? What would that be CGI? 

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  9. I loved the Raimi Spider-Man films (Spider-Man 2 is still in my top 5 all time superhero movies) and Holland has killed it as Spidey for the MCU. Remember, Spider-Man is probably the most popular superhero of all time aside from Superman and Batman (historically***  meaning over the last 50-70 years not just within the last 10 years with the MCU heroes). The Raimi films were box office juggernauts. Even the crappy 3rd film shattered records. Coming off Endgame this could really have the "Iron Man 3 coming off Avengers" boost. So 420-475, even 500 isn't that crazy of a thought. Damn, Could Star Wars Episode 9 not even be within the top 4 domestically for 2019? o.O (hahahha jk but i mean...)

  10. 3 hours ago, HeadShot said:

    Eh I don't care. The cameron fans are angry as hell because End Game is the bigger movie. They know it. The fact that EG is even at 2,7 billion after years of them saying NO ONE IS GONNA GET CLOSE  must be really bothering them. Avatar's achievement as being so much a head of every other movie in gross has been ERASED.  

    Instead of "erased" shouldn't it be "snapped?" Also, I even tho apparently Endgame is about to or in someways has already surpassed Avatar worldwide according to admissions/exchange rates/what have you, I maintain that EG fans can't truly talk **** until Avatar 2 doesn't beat Endgame. Why? Cameron has literally had the last 2 top grossing movies of all time. It took over 20 years for the 2nd movie to be dethroned, then 10 years for the current number 1 to have a true challenger. He replaced himself as number 1. Which is pretty ridiculous. Gotta give credit.

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  11. This happens time and time again. Batman has a history of casting outrage. People freaked for Keaton probably worse than they're freaking now for Pattison considering the time back in 1988. He's the GOAT Batman (imo). People freaked for Heath (don't do revisionist history, I watched it as it happened. People HATED; LGBT jokes that people made, making jokes about his flop movies like the order, making fun of him being a heartthrob via 10 things I hate about you, etc), he's not only looked at as GOAT Joker but many look at him as GOAT VILLAIN in movies; at least on that tier).


    Affleck - Whether people liked him or not he played what he was asked to play, a Dark Knight Returns influenced Batman, and that's exactly what he did in BvS. JL doesn't count because that was a mess and he was "marvelized (not a marvel diss, i say this meaning that Batman was reduced to making tension breaking jokes- it was MCU esque, and that's just not Batman imo)" by Whedon. It was awful.


    Anyway - I don't like the casting (if it turns out to be true) but it was Reeves' choice; if anyone has read up on the movie Reeves asked for 100 percent creative control. This was Reeves choice not WBs. 





    Don't believe that? Here's more from reddit lining it up:



    Reeves has full creative control over the film.Why do you think Matt Reeves exited the talks to direct the Batman in early 2017?

    A week after entering negotiations to direct The Batman, Matt Reeves has exited the talks, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    A studio source confirms that negotiations have broken down. The possibility, however, exists that talks could resume when heads cool. The studio is intent on making the movie no matter what, as the Batman franchise has proven to be bigger than one. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/batman-negotiations-break-down-director-matt-reeves-977266

    1 week later, Matt Reeves closed a deal to direct and produce The Batman for WB.

    There were reports Reeves wanted creative control just like Nolan had it with TDK trilogy

    Another report:

    Reeves' involvement was far from a sure thing just a few days ago. While the initial reports pointed to a deal being all but a formality, as talks continued, Reeves and Warner Bros. were reportedly at odds and the studio saw their frontrunner ready to walk. According to a new report, Reeves' issue had to do with creative freedom.

    Following the negotiations that saw him officially sign on to the project, Reeves now reportedly has "the final say on all things The Batman."

    With this control and freedom, Reeves has the ability to make the movie he intends and does not have to worry about the studio demanding changes. https://screenrant.com/batman-matt-reeves-creative-control-dceu/

    I doubt WB will demand change when Matt Reeves cast the actor he wants for the role.


    Everyone can (and should) make the jokes and be disappointed but with that said also be prepared to eat crow IF he kills it.

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