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  1. Could this movie break 220 million+ OW? Thoughts? Nostalgia for the past movies, intrigue about Tobey and Andrew, MCU brand, biggest release since the pandemic began, etc.
  2. Lol, I think it blows past that, especially if it wasn’t covid. I think it would be better to compare adjusted.
  3. Saw it, wasn’t better than the first but it was still solid. Felt the soundtrack - which was a monster part of the first- was lacking in this movie. James’s acting was fine- loved that he poked fun at himself. Felt the plot was inferior the villains were inferior (monstars > goon squad) but considering the digital era it made sense and that’s all that matters. Kids of this era will love it just like kids from the past era loved the first one. People wondering why there’s “hate.” Remember, the first wasn’t well received either critically so who cares. I wonder if people were sayin
  4. The hell? Lmao. They’re literally regarded as some of the best movies ever made and the trilogy is constantly polled as a top tier masterpiece. Gollum, Gandalf, and jokes about Frodo and Sam still resonate in multiple references today.
  5. Nah. Was 10 when it came out. It’s a big movie for kids from the era. Trust me. As others said it grew on video and TV. And I’m sure this will trigger many zoomers, but Michael Jordan is one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons in American history. Literally made the NBA a global phenomenon even more than Bird and Magic. Regardless of how people think James is the “GOAT” or what not, in terms of popularity MJ is probably at least 2 tiers ahead of James highest of heights (his lack of politicking helped for better or worse). Jordan’s brand made 132 million in sales in 2019, while James made
  6. I think you're severely underestimating a Knights of the Old Republic movie (it's that's the next batch of Star Wars movies). If it's well done than all bets are off domestically. But yeah i think AM2 does well regardless. Also ,with rumors that Kevin Feige will be on Star Wars and after seeing the first 5 episodes of the Mandalorian...I'm betting Disney "rights the ship" although when a mixed-reviewed movie is making 500 million and a billion worldwide after an ill-received predecessor that apparently turned off a large portion of its fan base that alone shows how potent the brand
  7. 8/10, slow start, bonkers ending that I should've realized was coming but didn't. Grading on a Tarantino curve as well. Pitt and Leo were amazing and Pitt should get a best supporting actor Oscar nomination imo.
  8. Batman is one of my favorite movies. Wither ya'll love or hated the movie, IMO it no doubt has one of the best film scores I've ever heard.
  9. If Captain Marvel grossed 150+ million OW after the Infinity War boost, Black Widow, an OG 6 MCU member, will push 175+ million if marketed right with Endgame soul realm ties. If it's a straight up prequel with no mention of Endgame than interest could wane. If marketing features excerpts or clips from Widow recounting her life or something while being in the soul realm, than all bets are off.
  10. I actually agree with this. I'm pretty big on Matt Reeves. His apes movies were better than most if not all MCU and DCEU/DC (they're fantastic). The franchise has broken the opening weekend record 4 times. Batman, like Spidey, is historically among the most popular comic book characters ever. The Batman's job isn't to break records; it's to get the character back in to the public's good graces (ala Nolan with Batman Begins). If Reeves' The Batman blows people away, I expect good to great legs and then the following sequel to explode, especially.
  11. If that movie was made the right way and with the right buildup (Crisis)? Nostalgia as well? That would be an interesting opening weekend. I don't know if it breaks the record but it could approach 275-300 million definitely. Reeves Superman tho? What would that be CGI?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but after Endgame overtakes Avatar to become the highest grossing movie of all time, won't Avatar just take the record back sometime in 2021 or even next year as a pre-release hype for the sequel?
  13. I loved the Raimi Spider-Man films (Spider-Man 2 is still in my top 5 all time superhero movies) and Holland has killed it as Spidey for the MCU. Remember, Spider-Man is probably the most popular superhero of all time aside from Superman and Batman (historically*** meaning over the last 50-70 years not just within the last 10 years with the MCU heroes). The Raimi films were box office juggernauts. Even the crappy 3rd film shattered records. Coming off Endgame this could really have the "Iron Man 3 coming off Avengers" boost. So 420-475, even 500 isn't that crazy of a thought. Damn, Could Star
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