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Y8 Un-Critical Consensus [The Bad Films Versions]

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    Rorscrach and I are doing a mini Razzies for this years CAYOM [we did mention it in one of the threads] so please also submit worst of lists for CAYOM YEAR 8


    Lists Counted





    Totals So Far

    Bloodbath Unite- 71 [1]

    Espionage Project: This Time It's Espersonal- 65 [2]

    Horror House- 61 [3]

    Demon: The Summoning-58 [4]

    Daniel Tosh: New And Improved- 53 [5]

    Candy Crush- 49 [6]

    The Chain- 45 [7]

    The Valley- 44 [8]

    Ice Station 2: Area 7- 38 [9]Spinach Artichoke Dip- 36 [10]

    The Gold Rare Leaf- 31

    Silent Invasion 3: The Attack- 30

    Farmville- 26Simpsons 2: The Ride- 26

    The Garden- 25

    Wallace And Gromit: Christmas- 23

    The Innocent- 22

    Slenderman: The Beginning- 20

    We Are The Champions 2: Rise Of The Crusaders- 19

    Move- 19

    Happy Tree Friends- 17

    The Last Rider- 14Origin- 14

    Next Vegas- 13

    Madel- 12

    Hairspray: Shimme More- 12

    Remember Me- 11Romeo Vs Juliet- 8

    Identity Crisis- 7

    Thomas Was Alone- 7

    Wizardversity- 7

    Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With The Dominant Walruses- 5

    A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Fourth- 4

    The Immune: Permanence- 4

    Age Of Empires- 3

    Hairspray- 3Christine- 1

    My Little Pony- 1

    American G-d's- 1

    Blood Brothers- 19

    Avatar- 1

    At The Mountain Of Madness- 1

    Stranger In A Strange Land- 1

    Dracula- 1


    Bottom 5 Tracking


    5 lists [had to be nominated]


    4 lists [should be nominated]


    3 lists [odds looking ok to be nominated]

    Bloodbath Unite


    2 lists [battling for final spots]

    Espionage Project: This Time It's Espersonal

    Horror House

    Daniel Tosh: New And Improved


    1 list [pretty unlikely but still a chance]

    The Valley

    The Chain

    Demon: The Summoning

    Candy Crush

    Wallace And Gromit: Christmas

    The Innocent

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