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BSG: Now you're getting nasty...time to show your fellow players how much you love them

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There's 6 weeks left in the game.  A lot can change and there is a lot of scoring to be done in the next few days.  Here is perhaps my greatest creation.  It's a way for you to say FUCK YOU to those ahead of you.  The catch is this feature is only open to those in the top 12 spots.  Here's how it works.


Starting next week, anyone who is in the top 12 can call out another player in the top 12.  They will call them out with a series of challenges.  The challenges are three fold.  1) 7 questions, similar to and in the vein of, regular weekly questions (in other words, no chicanery, the questions must be legit) and B> A SOTM question, 


Once a player calls out another player, that player has no choice but to accept the challenge.  In order for the player being called out to be successful, he/she must get 5 of the weekly questions right, must get the SOTM question right.  If the player does get these questions right, they are 25,000 points to that player.  If the player being called out doesn't succeed, not only does he lose 25,000 points, but the player who called him out gains 25,000 points.  HOWEVER, if the player is called out and he is successful, not only is he rewarded the 25,000 points, the player who called him out loses 50,000 points.


Here are the stipulations:


Only players in the top 12 can participate in this.

A player can only be called out once. and only once

If you want to call a player out, you must do so publicly, in the main thread.

If more than one person calls out the same player, the higher ranked player is given the right of way.


This has obviously never been done before and I can't guarantee it will be done again.  I don't even know if this will go over well or not.  But this is to introduce a little chaos into the game.  And you know what they say about chaos, don't you.


Once you have been called out, you can never be called out again.  But as long as you are in the top 12, regardless if you fall out and come back in, you can continue calling out people.  Now keep in mind, you the individual are responsible for creating your own questions OR YOU CAN ASK ME TO DO IT FOR YOU. If you do them yourself, I have to approve them.  And they must be approved by me.  I won't allow stupid and unfair questions like (for example) "How much will Begin Again gross in Qatar this weekend?"  These questions must be in the spirit of the game.


Ok, let the fucking begin!!


Rankings will change tonight, but as a point of reference, here are the standings as of tonight:



1) Tele: 290,000
1=) cjohn: 290,000
1=) Cedar:290,000
4) jakegittes: 289,000
5) dipper: 288,000
6) Fern 280,000: 
6=) Alfredstellar: 280,000
8) tylerdurden: 272,000
9) Narnia 270,000
10) Blankments: 264,000

11) Simionski 259,000
12) Cmaster255,000

13) Iceroll: 248,000

14) mattrek: 247,000
15) Olive: 244,000
16) druv: 243,000 
17) LAguy 237,000
18) Ed 233,000
19) Chasmmi 231,000
20) Johnny 229,000

21) darkelf: 228,000
22) 24IsLost 227,000
23) clairehol7: 224,000
23=) Panda 224,000
25) Baumer 220.000
25=) Chewy 220,000
27) movieman 210,000
28) DAR 208,000
29) Grim22 205,000
29=) Numbers 205,000

31) Jajang 201,000
32) punishment: 199,000
33) JOS 196,000
34) Moviegeek: 195,000 
35) Empire: 192,000
35=) junkshop: 192,000
37) Gizmo 188,000
38) Mulder 184,000
39) Kitik: 181,000
40) damienroc: 177,000

41) Glassfairy 175,000
42) Stingray 161,000
43) Za Rukaio 160.000
44) bcf26: 158,000
45) MeanGirlsFilms 156,000
46) grey ghost 150,000
47) MGS 144,000
48) Winter Soldier 137,000
49) Spaghetti 132,000
50) Schumacher 106,000

51) Andy LL 89,000
52=) Jandrew 68,000
53=) Gokai Red 68,000
54) mahnamahna 61,000
55) filmovie: 56,000
56) Jay Hollywood: 52,000
57=) Kayumanggi 3,000
57=) RhyneOH1040 3,000
57=) Vanauger 3,000
60) nerdygeek: -1,000

61) goffe: -31,000
62) Neo -43,000

Edited by baumer
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