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Best Animated Shorts

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1. Zero: a stunningly and beautifully crafted animation with quintessential execution and delivery paired with an emotional, perilous, and lost lorn plot structure that will leave audiences appalled and teary eyed. 


2. Paperman: Disney's return to critical acclaim stature, Paper-man offers gorgeous animation topped off with a heartwarming tale about love.


3. Feast: Feast offers finely detailed animation with an embracing and calming ambiance.  The plot structure may seem overdone but the execution will have you reeling.


4. La Luna: One of Pixar's best offerings animated shorts wise, La Luna delivers and then some.


5. Partly Cloudy: Creative, hilarious, and heartwarming.


6. The Maker: Depressing yet oddly heartwarming.


7. Students: Unconventional to a degree yet enticing and adventurous in its political message.


8. Descendants: Thought provoking world with a powerful ending.


9. The Little Matchgirl: When it comes to storytelling, The Little Matchgirl offers an exquisite tale topped with an emotionally wrecking ending.


10. Coda: Dark, brooding, and thoughtful, Coda offers something animation is keen to avoid.


11. Yearbook: A must-see this animated short is simply amazing.


12. Sweet Cocoon: Entertaining yet offers a thought provoking ending about life.


What are your "Best Animated Shorts?"

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