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  1. Tonight's listening has been his live at Carnegie Hall album, always liked it and it does not get old Also have been led to this 2011 interview, which is fantastic - the man had a rare mix of wit, wisdom and perspective: https://music.avclub.com/bill-withers-1798225695
  2. Mad Men, good finale. Deadwood had a strong finale that was perversely powerful *because* it wasn't actually intended to be one.
  3. Thanks again to all participants. I'm about to start doing the calculations and will do my best to get the countdown going over the weekend. On the off chance anyone who hasn't submitted a list sees this and wants to contribute, you can do so today and tomorrow (basically while the thread title is what it is).
  4. Too soon to say maybe but the new Jumanji movies. Granted they've never aspired to THG's air of self-importance.
  5. I won't start calculating everything until tomorrow afternoon, and it'll certainly take me more than one day, so if you send your list in tomorrow I'll accept it, no problem. I've already received plenty I'll need to go through before I even get to yours.
  6. A couple of PSAs as we approach the deadline 1) A few posters have submitted lists with exactly 50 films on them and I've felt obligated to point out that adding just one more makes a big difference. @Amadeus I just remembered that this concerns you as well. 2) If you try to PM me a list but it says that my inbox is full, you can post it in the thread and it'll be counted. If you really don't want to make your list public, I'll be checking in on my PMs every couple hours when I'm awake so I'll clear out some space if/when it becomes necessary and you can try again a little later. And if you're in the Telegram chat, I strongly encourage you to DM me your list there. Much thanks to everyone who sent their lists in already, this promises to be fun based on what I've looked at.
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