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  1. Jake Gittes

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    It's distributed by the same guys who had Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Terminal whose theatrical releases were so limited they don't even have pages on BOM, and they went on VOD either the same week or a week later. So presumably you'll be able to see this at home within weeks or even days.
  2. Jake Gittes

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Why is Venom longer than The Tree of Life
  3. FYC two of the greatest uses of black-and-white ever
  4. Congrats to 12 Angry Men for its eventual win. This is a fun idea though. This gonna be a top 50? Top 100?
  5. I mean the thing about The Nun is that it continues a franchise that's extremely popular *right now*, and broadly speaking it's part of the supernatural subgenre that has dominated the genre in the 2010s. Don't treat Halloween as if it's in the same starting position. It's not. Halloween is not continuing something popular, it's bringing something back, something that's iconic but also has been dormant for ages, and both its floor and ceiling with the casual audience could be lower than you expect. At the end of the day it's still a dude walking around and stabbing people in an age where the main attraction is explicitly supernatural horror with demonic imagery and flashy effects. Don't go around crying disappointment if it opens in like mid-40s, no matter how good the reviews are.
  6. I didn't appreciate just how much SOTMs saved me. #25, #26 and #27 in preseason/dom/ww, crazy that I got to #12 overall.
  7. Agree to disagree. Camp works for me when a movie is The Room level of incompetent, or when it's knowing and fun. And there are moments of the latter in MM2, like Fernando. But the first one is just inadequate and cringey
  8. Jake Gittes

    Monday Numbers

    How the hell did both of these drop sub-70% in September?
  9. I like ABBA. I love musicals. You people have some low standards.
  10. So it's the good version of The Nun basically
  11. I'm not even 25 yet why are you making me feel old. Why. You'll know what it feels like when it's 2026 and some teenager's coming in here all like "I'd never heard of American Honey before this list. It's got a cool cast though"

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