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  1. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Went to see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari yesterday with a live score that was like Goblin and Giorgio Moroder together on steroids and losing their goddamn minds. Good shit.
  2. This has to be my new personal record of the number of times I waded into a weekend thread only to immediately wonder why I bothered. Moth, flame etc.
  3. Part A: 1. Will Solo Open to more than $115M? 1000 No 2. Will Solo Open to more than $135M? 2000 No 3. Will Solo Open to more than $125M? 3000 No 4. Will Solo's Dailies over the weekend be All over Deadpool's, All under Deadpool's or Mixed? 4000 All under 5. Will Infinity War or Black Panther have the larger percentage drop? 5000 Black Panther 6. Will Solo and Deadpool combined be closer to $150M or $200M? 1000 150m 7. Will Deadpool drop less than 56%? 2000 No 8. Will BReaking In stay above Show Dogs? 3000 Yes 9. Will any film in the top 15 drop more than 75%? 4000 No 10. Will Life of The Party's PTA stay above $1,350? 5000 Yes 11. Will Overboard increase more than 62.5% on Saturday? 1000 No 12. Will Book Club drop more than 31% on Sunday? 2000 No 13. Will RBG stay in the top 10? 3000 Yes 14. Will Rampage increase more than 115% on Friday? 4000 No 15. Will the top 12 make more than $220M? 5000 No 16. Will Overboard stay above A Quiet Place? 1000 No 17. Will Deadpool or A Quiet Place be closer to $200M by the end of the weekend? 2000 Deadpool 18. Will Every film in the top 10 make more than $1M? 3000 Yes 19. Will I Feel Pretty stay above Super Troopers? 4000 Yes 20. Will this film have a scene where a bunch of people spend decades arguing over something arbitrary such as who fired their gun before the other guy? 5000 Maybe Bonus: 12/20 3000 13/20 5000 14/20 8000 15/20 12000 16/20 16,000 17/20 20,000 18/20 26,000 19/20 32,000 20/20 40,000 Part B: The top 3 predictions will score points as follows: Closest: Within 1% - 15,000, Within 2,5% - 12000, Within 5% 9,000, Within 10% - 6000 Outside 10% - 3000 points 2nd Closest: Within 1% - 12,000, Within 2,5% - 10000, Within 5% 7,000, Within 10% - 4000 Outside 10% - 2000 points 3rd Closest: Within 1% - 10,000, Within 2,5% - 8000, Within 5% 5,000, Within 10% - 2000 Outside 10% - 1000 points 1. What will Solo make for its 3 day OW? 105.813 2. What will Show Dogs' percentage drop be? -37.6% 3. What will Life of the Party's PTA be for the 3 day weekend? $1,508 Part C: There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 3. Avengers: Infinity War 5. Life of the Party 6. Breaking In 8. A Quiet Place 10. RBG 12. I Feel Pretty
  4. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I kinda liked the final 30-40 minutes when he's getting more and more undermined by his own insanity. When he's actually in control of a scene and delivering all those breathless monologues about Huey Lewis and the News or admiring himself in a mirror during threesome and shit like that I just felt embarrassed for everyone involved.
  5. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    so would it be too controversial of me to say that American Psycho is glib overdone one-note bullshit for the most part?
  6. Infinity War is losing less than 6% of its theaters why would it have another 50% drop? On a holiday weekend no less?
  7. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Heathers is really fun in the early stretches but I was less and less into it the more it went on. The lead performances are iconic and the chemistry off the charts the movie kinda shoots itself in the foot when it drives them apart and has to plot its way towards a freaking action movie climax. And it's having its cake and eating it too by wallowing in cool cynicism and dark humor for as long as it can before it ends... the way it does.
  8. Yeah sure why not. John C. Reilly getting dat first billing too.
  9. The lightsaber kind of is the thing that defines the darkest moment of his life and the reason he went into exile in the first place. It makes perfect sense that he would go as far as to throw it away to make his point. Also "pointless and made to just subvert expectations" doesn't work my friend. Either it's pointless or its point was to subvert expectations.
  10. I wish they waited for Coogler, unless he straight-up didn't want it. He brought an energy and craft to Creed that I can't see being replicated or even closely approached here.

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