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  1. This is really the main underlying issue with the film and the biggest reason the novel is hard to adapt properly, I feel. The characters' extreme internal self-awareness and self-control is an essential part of the narrative yet one that's hard if not impossible to translate onscreen properly, the "mental voiceover" in the 1984 film is not ideal but at least it was an attempt. Villeneuve just ditches it, and leaving only the surface action and imposing a heavy and portentous tone on every scene (the only way he knows how to make movies) doesn't adequately compensate once we're left with just
  2. ....but really, it's about two hot gypsy women wrestling in the mud.
  3. Watched The Spy Who Loved Me too yesterday. Not so bad. Something almost relaxing about it once you accept that it's a semi-remake of You Only Live Twice paced with all the excitement of a middle-aged man's vacation. For some reason I'd expected Moore to be leaning into the silliness so it was nice to see him dryly underplaying much of it instead. Barbara Bach is hot. Between her, Isabella Scorupco and Daniela Bianchi I appreciate the series' casting of Soviet/Russian women even if none of them were the real thing.
  4. I watched all the '60s ones save for Thunderball (which I chose to skip) for the first time this week. (Had never seen a pre-'95 Bond before.) Wasn't totally into any of them from start to finish - Casino Royale is likely to remain my favorite - but You Only Live Twice was the most enjoyable on account of it's got the best ratio of action to wheel-spinning. From Russia with Love and OHMSS have higher highs though, the former in the train section, the latter in the photography - that's one beautiful-looking movie - and most of the second half (from when Bond first escapes the institute until th
  5. Who said they'd be attacked? Again, it would mean they haven't seen a lot of movies beyond the popular mainstream stuff from the past 50 years. And being familiar with a lot of movies is kind of important if you want to list the greatest 10 *of all time*.
  6. RIP. Just got to rewatch Breathless on the big screen a month ago. Icon. I should also definitely watch more of his action movies.
  7. If you made a top 10 greatest films of all time list where half of them were by the same director it'd just mean you haven't seen shit.
  8. August Westerns Rio Bravo - 8/10. Too much of a self-aware Ultimate Howard Hawks Movie (must work like gangbusters if it's your first one, though), exasperatingly so in the romance that's blatantly recycled from Only Angels Have Wings (down to some verbatim-quoted dialogue) except here the woman is an impossible character desperately throwing herself at a twice-older John Wayne. The professionalism and camaraderie are purely Hawksian but less effective when they're not being counterbalanced by anything; Wings - an all-time top 10 movie for me - made them deeply affectin
  9. Hateful is too high, but at least it's above the much worse western released in December 2015 👀
  10. That has nothing to do with whether it can or will win best screenplay over another movie that no one has seen yet and whether that's going to be a good thing or not if it happens. Just seems particularly strange to already "ugh" about something so completely hypothetical. As for Campion, I got the impression people were banking on/rooting for this being her BlacKkKlansman-esque high-profile movie comeback. No big surprise if it turns out more divisive than that though.
  11. The Descent? Not a major studio movie but still an accessible wide release.
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