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  1. Jake Gittes

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    In. This and Dark Phoenix will be the big blockbuster casualties of the summer.
  2. what's the hook? what's there to interest the GA about this as a story? i'm not saying nothing is, just that they haven't showed it yet. stuff like revenant, gatsby, basterds, django had very clear hooks. survival/revenge, fresh adaptation of iconic novel, killing natzees, killing slave owners. this has... struggling TV actors, some stuff about Hollywood 50 years ago that mostly appeals to cinephiles, and the Manson murders? i'm skeptical. that I'm predicting well over 100 even with those reservations is already a big testament to the drawing power of the names involved. (and I trust that quality/WOM will be good.) from what i understand it's not playing Cannes simply cause it's not finished.
  3. The Nun was better. At least it had some overheated pulpy gothic atmosphere and, well, the image of the Nun herself. In this the villain is The Nun without presence, the setting is green-screened 1973 Los Angeles without atmosphere, the director is James Wan without the style, the length has to be painfully dragged out to 90 minutes by way of people repeating the same bits of exposition to each other and ignoring the sure signs that things are bad (it takes an hour before anyone actually does anything) and characters, dialogue and actions are all more like signifiers of the real things. Cardellini is committed to earning that paycheck and Daddy Ex-Priest is fun but those are some slim pickings. Ties the first Annabelle for the bottom of the barrel among these movies imo.
  4. You should change the thread title to prevent any confusion.
  5. Jake Gittes

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    They usually add one or two movies post-announcement so it might still happen. QT loves Cannes so much he might even want to premiere a not-final version, like he did with Basterds. Regardless, can't wait for the new Bong Joon-ho and Malick. And hopefully the rest of the competition will yield some must-sees.
  6. Jake Gittes

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Sure but do it with something like Endgame or an Avatar sequel where massive grosses are guaranteed anyway. Movies like this need the awareness.
  7. Jake Gittes

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    September 13 and 27 and October 4 all have Fox movies scheduled, something would have to move.
  8. Jake Gittes

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Late August would work though it'd miss out on the fall festivals. The Thanksgiving weekend is relatively light, though this and Knives Out would be going for much of the same audience. Otherwise, what the hell, Christmas limited/January wide. Might as well.

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