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Chasmmi's Winter Game Week 7: Victor Frankenstein, this is your time to shine!!!

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Part 1:


1. Will The Good Dinosaur have a 3 day Weekend above $40M? yes

2. Will The Good Dinosaur have a 3 day Weekend above $50M? 3000 no

3. Will The Good Dinosaur have a 3 day Weekend above $60M? yes

4. Will Creed and Frankenstein's combined OW be higher than Good Dinosaur's Combined Friday and Saturday? yes

5. Will Creed's OW be double that of Frankenstein's? yes and more

6. Will the top 3 New entries enter the charts at 1st, 3rd and 4th respectively? 2000 no


7. Will The Danish Girl have a PTA above $20,000? no

8. Will Spectre finish above Peanuts? 2000 no

9. Will at least 2 films have a Friday increase of at least 185%? yes

10. Will the Martian stay above Spotlight? no

11. Will The Secret in their eye's Sunday stay above $1M? yes

12. Will Mockingjay 2 overtake Spectre's Total gross by the end of the weekend? 2000 yes


13. Will Bridge of Spies' PTA stay above $1000 yes

14. Name any film in the top 15 that drops less than 45% (or choose none). 3000 spotlight

15. Will Goosebumps drop more than 55%? yes

16. Will the combined total Grosses of the three highest new entries by Sunday exceed MJ2's OW total? 2000 no

17. Will Pan drop less than 30%? no

18. Will we all do better for once this weekend? Maybe Creed but otherwise no.


12/18 2000 points

13/18 3000 points

14/18 4000 points

15/18 6000 points

16/18 8000 points

17/18 10000 points

18/18 15000 points


Part 2


1. What will be Good Dinosaur's Total by end of Sunday? (5000) 62.408m

2. What will Creed's Saturday gross be? (5000) 8.801m

3. What will be the difference in weekend gross between Frankenstein and Peanuts? (5000) 1.745m


Part 3


3. Creed

5. Spectre

8. The Secret in their Eyes

10. Victor Frankenstein

12. Brooklyn


3/5 3000

4/5 6000

5/5 10000

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