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Observations on Star Wars

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In this thread you can write about observations you have made on Star Wars movies, the scenes, the characters etc. etc.

I will, in this first post, point out how Lucas created a movie which is part kids movie, part adult thriller/drama/other-not-x-rated-genre.
The focus in this post will be on the placement of the camera and how Lucas, depending on the camera angle, tells two stories in TPM: one for the kids, and one for the olders. 

It is particularly in this scene we can see the collision of the kids movie and the adult movie. 


The scene begins with Jar Jar and Anakin waiting outside an office in which the Queen and Palpatine discuss space politics. The placement of the camera is placed pretty close to the floor and we can't see Captain Panaka's head (who probably ignores the clumsy Gungan and the annoying child). This sequence is seen through the eyes of a child and somewhat establishes that this room is actually a waiting room in which children plays with toys (i.e. Jar Jar) while the adults are discussing boring space politics.


In the next shot Panaka's entering the "adult's room" and the door closes behind him, creating a line between the adult and the child. At the same time the camera is placed higher above the floor meaning we are now watching the movie through the eyes of an adult. 



Further proving my point that TPM is part kids movie, part adult movie, is this small shot in which we can see Anakin and Jar Jar through the glass door. It is as if we are trapped with adults and the joy of being a child is right outside the room. 


Also this sequence is a moment in which the two worlds collide. The queen is arriving on coruscant and a lot of adults are greeting her. 


For just a second Anakin is drowned in this "ocean" of adults when the Queen is about to say hello to Palpatine (maybe I'm overanalyzing it here -- but hey...). The camera is placed so that we are looking through the eyes of an adult here. 



Next Qui Gon gives room for Anakin so that he also can see what's happening. And now when Anakin can see the supreme chancellor, Palpatine and the Queen we are looking at them through the eyes of the child. When I was nine I had no idea what those politicians talked about and watching the film now this camera angle gives the viewer the sense of looking at and hearing something you don't understand and which you are not a part of. 




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Lucas's strengths and weaknesses are laid bare with the prequels. He is a man of good ideas and great technical aptitude, but is poor at conveying the ideas with anything besides that technical aptitude. You can see it in his lack of direction of actors, and his self admittance that dialogue isn't important. He loves the tech and is very good with it. But the human aspect he has a harder time dealing with, and it becomes distracting when clearly talented actors give poor performances.

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The shroud of the dark side has fallen: The use of orange/red in Star Wars.

When the clone wars begin AOTC gets very orange/red. Just as much as it is the color of dusk (and the downfall of the republic) it's just as well the color of war 





Yoda sitting alone while; allies and friends has left him.


Obi Wan thinking the clones were a great idea!
Yoda knowing the worst is yet to come. 
Great distance between them. 



Green guy knows he can make some good money on the war (greedy).
Palpatine wearing that poker face.
Bail Organa in despair. 


And then the movie gets much brighter when Anakin and Padmé're getting married in the morning(?)
Dawn of Looove....


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I don't have anything as insightful. But I feel like this Star wars was a little lazier than the rest. To get me wrong I really did enjoy it, but somethings were just way too convenient for my liking. As well as the fact that there are only two storylines. With one of them being almost useless to the story of the movie.

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