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  1. I hope studios are using this time to fortify scripts and story arcs. I'm hoping the next crop of Bond movies have strong scripts ready to go and we get post-Craig films every 2 years like the old days.
  2. Two questions: Are you Chippy? Is the Derby link nonexistent or is it just my browser?
  3. LOL...it doesn't mean anything now that I see the premise/synopsis. Disregard.
  4. Likely more than they would have gotten if their backend compensation was based solely on boxoffice returns amid a pandemic. I didn't care for WW84 but I loved Wonder Woman so on the strength of that film alone they should get paid...
  5. My vote is WB, even with the HBO Max strategy.
  6. 1983 - 1962 = 21 years for Connery as Bond (including the unsanctioned Never Say Never Again) 2021 - 2006 = 15 years for Craig as Bond 1973 - 1985 = 12 years for Moore as Bond
  7. Per the WSJ, Patty Jenkins will get $13M and Gal Gadot will receive $15M in renegotiated deals with WB. Good for them!
  8. It's a traditional story. Eventually the strain of agenda-laced story/plotlines will infect Pixar but we were bought time. More importantly, will Luka be watching Luca?
  9. Place your predictions. It's going to be another unconventional year with record low box-office grosses. With that said, one studio has to win the (diminished) Yearly Boxoffice crown. Which will it be? Sony, Lionsgate, Disney, Paramount, WB, Universal, MGM?
  10. Whew! Relief after reading the plot. Love the synopsis. Can't wait!
  11. Hi buddy. The film got a little better with subsequent viewings that were aided by subtitles. It looks like the studio went back and made the dialogue clearer for the home video release. Certain parts of the story still confused me though. I still give the film a B- because of that initial theatrical experience. The damage was already done in my mind.
  12. Pixar never disappoints. Soul reflects their commitment to Story, lived-in characters and a penchant for films that appeal to all four quadrants. I especially loved the "life is an ocean" metaphor towards the end of the film: It's so true. Your life IS the ocean. You're living it right now. It really made me think. Enjoy the little things in life because they are the big things. Pixar's streak of heartfelt and quality film making continues unabated. A
  13. #3 and #10 I haven't seen but I just know they are good. Tenet Soul Onward Hamilton Borat 2 Bad Boys Bill and Ted: Face the Music Greyhound The Platform Sound of Metal
  14. The Last Jedi. I enjoyed the sequel so much and wanted it to do better. It made the top 10 all-time list at least, I guess.
  15. I’ve now seen Tenet 3x. Twice with subtitles. It does get better with repeat viewings but still too much of a mental tongue twister. Definitely a tour de force story-wise by Nolan but meh as a film because some critical parts are difficult for me to follow (mainly the highway chase).
  16. I’m sure Lionsgate was given a larger cut of the global boxoffice share it would have had to share with WB.
  17. Sony did in fact win the year followed by Universal.
  18. Wonder Woman 2017 was an anomaly among DC comics films. The sequel was very much in the vein of the Zack Snyder films with all the hallmarks of nonsensical plot devices, unearned moments, lackluster villainy, plot holes, an underwhelming hero/heroine, caricatures, and bad acting. Grade: C
  19. Change is not always good but I hear ya buddy and agree with the first part.
  20. Hopefully the same creatives (ghost writers and producers) behind all the Pixar movies continue to maintain the high quality bar behind the scenes.
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