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  1. Black Panther finally stabilized. WHEW! $700m here we go! I wonder how Disney pulled it off. The OW went up but the theater count went down.
  2. Amazing OW for I2. So deserving. I love being witness to history. :-) Unfortunately this means we’ll now see only two Star Wars movies in the top 10 as Rogue One (#10 at $532m) is sure to get surpassed by I2
  3. What it has against it: Potential Rock fatigue. Tired formula. What it has going for it: Summer weekdays. Only moderate competition from Equalizer and Mission Impossible. $105-$110m dom
  4. Not everywhere. Pretty much everywhere in the states soccer is a distant fIfth to NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. You’ll get concentrated pockets here or there (like this thread). I guess it’s cool if the games (matches?) bring enjoyment to a lot of people. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. haha, I know what you mean by your hesitance around Burton's style.
  6. Happy 16th anniversary of the BOM boards! @baumer @MikeQ
  7. Michael Keaton is in everything now. Love this career renaissance for him. The teaser gave me chills.
  8. Why is a soccer thread stickied in the boxoffice forum? I hope the NBA Championship and Superbowl threads will get stickied too. :-D
  9. Better to ask this here - When was the last time two movies reached adjacent spots in the top 25? Lion King/Forrest Gump?
  10. When was the last time two movies reached adjacent spots in the top 25? Lion King/Forrest Gump?
  11. @Moviefanatic - I just don't see it happening
  12. lilmac

    Movies you're surprised dont have another sequel

    Passion of the Christ @baumer - 16 years since BOM opened up its forums! Good times ever since! *toasts Baumer*
  13. lilmac

    Ocean's 8 (2018)

    A movie that was just OK. A great tell for when I'm watching a great film is the smile I have on my face as I'm watching. There was no such smile plastered on my face this time around. Not to say it wasn't good but that's all it was. It pales in comparison to Oceans 11. Pros - I avoided the trailers so the Hathaway reveal was great, loved it - the plan itself had merit, I like the twist on the robbing a museum idea - great performances by Bullock, Rihanna and the asian girl (forgot her name) Cons - cringe-worthy slow moments during the film which just dragged - some of the dialogue was indecipherable - nitpicky plot holes and contrivances during the actual heist (elicited questions like "Why did/didn't do this or that"); also I kept wondering where Bullock was staying after the previous hotel occupants discovered the ruse...Cate Blanchett's house? B-
  14. I'm rewatching The Incredibles as we speak. Such a great movie. One of the better movie scores, great humor/writing, frenetic action and animation that stands up today.
  15. I'm looking at every other major release. I don't see <20% declines from here on out. This weekend will be at about $187K.
  16. So glad I avoid trailers, for this reason. hehe
  17. @sfran43 @mathemetrics @eddyxx @Moviefanatic @Wrath You guys poo-pooed me a few weeks ago when I said I didn't see how Black Panther hits $700m without intervention from Disney. It's even more apparent now.
  18. Better than I thought. I was impressed by Alden’s performance in particular. He didn’t try to mimic Harrison which was a smart move. The film was a bit light in terms of gravity, significance and what was at stake. I imagine that was the original vision Disney had for the spinoffs. Fun, silly and pulpy flicks. It delivered. B
  19. lilmac

    Is physical media dying?

    I hope Netflix doesn’t see this thread title. I am an avid customer of their physical DVD mailer service due to its much larger catalog.
  20. I don’t think this BO performance is an indictment on Star Wars. There were many factors conspiring against Solo (which have been discussed ad naseum). That’s why it underwhelmed.
  21. Raid fight scenes stand up even in the age of Blu-Ray freeze framing

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