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  1. I'm assuming stop motion is allowed. Here's my list. 1The Lion King (1994 original) 2Princess Mononoke (1997) 3Toy Story 3 4WALL-E 5Shrek 2 6The Incredibles 7Incredibles 2 8Toy Story 1 9Finding Nemo 10Spirited Away (2001) 11Up 12Aladdin 13Beauty and the Beast 14Shrek 15Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) 16Wallace and Gromit 17Inside Out 18Ratatouille 19Shaun the Sheep Movie 20Howl's Moving Castle (2004) 21Castle in the Sky (1986) 22Monsters, Inc. 23Finding Dory 24P
  2. I give it a B after I turned my brain off and ignored the plot shenanigans midway through the movie.
  3. If you rewatch the film but mentally swap the neurotoxin in The Happening with COVID-19, it could work symbolically.
  4. Enjoyed the action. It was obvious to me that Godzilla > Kong but enjoyed the human/kong and kong/godzilla interplay. A fine conclusion to the King of the Monsters trilogy. My concern (esp. after the recent boxoffice results) is that WB will overextend themselves and greenlight more sequels.
  5. Black Adam, Brought to you from the Director of Unknown, Non-Stop, Run All Night and The Commuter (2018)....yay? Actually Shallows was pretty good. The key question here is how, after 100-200 uses of the clapper board, do they remove the dry erase marker smudges?
  6. I was a little skeptical of the director's pick for The Eternals but I really enjoyed Nomadland. It made me look forward to her MCU debut.
  7. I hope this makes $100m+ in theaters if only for the symbolism. We could begin to see a real tug of war and corporate infighting between streaming and theatrical divisions in the major studios.
  8. Smart to move the sequel to 2021. Looks like theaters have been life again (fingers crossed that Black Widow sees big numbers on the big screen as well). I hope the F9 editors and writers were using the extra time to fine tune the movie (and F10)
  9. Why is this thread in the boxoffice forum?
  10. When all is said and done, GvK could be viewed as the true Tenet. The film that revitalized the Boxoffice.
  11. Dune - Trailer was meh but Denis is one of my favorite directors working today. No Time to Die (b/c the pattern goes that every other Bond movie is a good one so, we are due for an above average Bond film after Spectre) MI:7 I guess. I liked @35MM-18 honorable mentions.
  12. I’ll start (I feel like the top 3 go without saying): 1. John Gielgud 2. Laurence Olivier 3. Ralph Richardson 4. Peter O’toole 5. Ian Mckellan 6. Richard Burton 7. Alec Guinness 8. Gary Oldman 9. Christopher Lee 10. Idris Elba
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the Snyder cut. It was the best of the DCEU movies, even better than the first Wonder Woman. I’d like to see a Snyder direct a Justice League 2.
  14. Paul Verhoeven was a huge name back then. I very much remember the buzz around him (and Eszterhás) after Basic Instinct. I’m sure whatever project he wanted got greenlit.
  15. I’m seeing news reports predicting herd immunity in the States by late April (immunity + vaccinations). If true then this fall could see a market much more amenable to big theatrical releases by tentpole feature films. One ouldn’t be surprised if Eternals gets a theatrical release from November through Christmas/New Years, before Disney+. I also support a premium rate for high profile new films like BW, Eternals, Spiderman. These productions need to recoup their costs.
  16. The Croods: A New Age joins Home Alone, Tootsie, Beverly Hills Cop, Titanic, and ET as the only film to land at #1 in its 12th weekend. 🤣
  17. I just saw the Locked Down trailer and enjoyed it, only to discover that Liman has another movie due out this year (Chaos Walking). It's refreshing to see quality feature movies still coming out. The streaming originals leave much to be desired.
  18. Love the posts and the various trips down memory lane. I've been active on boxoffice forums since the 90s (and even began use of the term "multiplier" within the context of the boxoffice about 22 yrs ago). Witnessed quite a few paradigm shifts. My favorite boxoffice runs are: Titanic Avatar MBFGW Force Awakens Sixth Sense Endgame Not a surprising list but chock full of great memories of tracking and discussing the B.O. runs in real time.
  19. I hope studios are using this time to fortify scripts and story arcs. I'm hoping the next crop of Bond movies have strong scripts ready to go and we get post-Craig films every 2 years like the old days.
  20. Two questions: Are you Chippy? Is the Derby link nonexistent or is it just my browser?
  21. Likely more than they would have gotten if their backend compensation was based solely on boxoffice returns amid a pandemic. I didn't care for WW84 but I loved Wonder Woman so on the strength of that film alone they should get paid...
  22. My vote is WB, even with the HBO Max strategy.
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