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  1. Why Marvel films have legs

    Good analysis on why MCU films have leggy runs https://www.the-numbers.com/news/229020830-Analysis-What-Gives-a-Marvel-Movie-Legs
  2. BP could have the legs to get into the top 10 ($488m). Wow Maze Runner 3 will be profitable due to a great OS run. TGS will be profitable too. Reaching $180m DOM Jumanji will surpass $400m. Wow
  3. Good film. Really stood out for me. The type that sticks in your mind. You don’t forget it. Too bad this is DDL’a swan song.
  4. Samson (2018)

    Nice! Love to hear stories like that (hope you weren’t kidding).
  5. B+ Much of what I could have written has been said above. A couple of quick points: I thought the fight scenes were poorly shot and hard to follow and I wish the scale was grander. Overall though Black Panther is firmly entrenched in the top half of MCU films. No small feat.
  6. Deadpool? Jurassic World 2 Incredibles 2 Solo? ??
  7. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    One of these days we will figure out how to determine and track the 'boxoffice' for Netflix/Amazon/etc films and shows.
  8. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Far from "loving it" or far from "me being the only one" ?
  9. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Am I the only one who gets LIKES to ancient posts from @Blank Panther ? I love it.
  10. Good article on the lack of copycats for what is now a billion dollar franchise. Namely, 50 Shades. https://www.the-numbers.com/news/228750830-Analysis-Why-Havent-There-Been-Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Copycats On the outside that would seem an anomaly. Here’s insightful analysis on the ‘why’
  11. Was TGS a fluke?

    https://www.the-numbers.com/news/228540830-Analysis-Films-Like-The-Greatest-Showman-Should-Be-Considered-Trendsetters-Not-Flukes Good article on what TGS is and what it isn’t. With such staying power and durability it’s natural to try to make sense of what drives its success, in a historical context
  12. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Haha. Strange.
  13. Now that Cloverfield 3 will not be opening on the same weekend as Rampage, it will have a little more breathing room before Avengers 3. With that said San Andreas, another summer popcorn release, made over $150m. I don’t see Skyscraper getting there but $100-120m seems reasonable given the precedent and release window. Rampage in April/May will top out at $80-$100m. Skyscraper
  14. This franchise is starting to resemble the Bond series in terms of longevity. Maybe another actor will pick up the mantle once Tom retires. Perhaps Ving Rhames’ character will be the equivalent of Q. Same actor in all the movies. :-)
  15. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Anyone seen Rth? His last post was early January.
  16. Pretty low for IT in my opinion. :-)
  17. Ugh a big ugh one of my favorite directors but yet I have zero tolerance for demeaning other human beings
  18. Greatest trailer ever made?

    So many to choose from.... Uber level: -Independence Day SB trailer -Matrix Reloaded SB trailer -Phantom Menace trailer 1 Awesome: Lord of the Rings trilogy teaser Mummy Returns trailer 1 Man of Steel trailer 1 Great: Batman Forever trailer 1 Avengers trailer Force Awakens trailer 1 Force Awakens teaser
  19. Most Anticipated March Movie

    Paul: Apostle of Christ God’s not Dead 3 Ready Player One
  20. Unpopular movie opinions.

    A live action Mario Brothers film set in the mushroom kingdom would do extremely well.
  21. Not at all. I don’t trust the DCEU. Didn’t work with Green Latern, not optimistic it will work here.
  22. Box-office totals that make you say "whaat?" I find it hard to believe National Treasure 2 made $220 million (adjusts to $250m)!! Meet the Fockers - $279m ($357m adj!!) Anaconda adjusts to $120m Big Hero 6 has been the most silent $200m earner of all-time. Paul Blart adjusts to $165m The Greatest Showman Get Out
  23. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog#Reproduction_and_lifespan Given that Hedgehogs only live 4-7 years, that makes her a great-grandma.

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