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ALL SAINTS | 08.25.17 | Sony | story of real life refugees

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Affirm Films Shooting All Saints Story of Real Life Refugees



All Saints, a new film from Sony Pictures’ Affirm Films, is now in production. Inspired by the real life story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the film shines a light on a pastor who was told to close down his tiny, rundown church and instead ended up serving as the host for refugees from Burma in southeast Asia. Co-starring Cara Buono, Barry Corbin, Chonda Pierce, and David Keith, the film is shooting on location in Nashville and Smyrna, Tennessee.

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All Saints put up this stat line last week:

16 N All Saints Sony $1,514,278 - 846 - $1,790 $1,514,278 $2 1


It make 70,000 in previews and only increased 10% from its true Friday to Saturday.  There was that fight on Saturday as competition + Hurricane Harvey + Game of Thrones season finale on Sunday (-30% drop last week).  The next week (this weekend) is Labor Day weekend and All Saints sees NO expansion.  I would have thought it would expand this week, then again next week and maybe get to 10M off of this small opening.  This is all in my opinion of course but geesh, that is money left on the table.

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This film deserves the audience that hasn't found it. It is a film made with passion, heart, and craftsmanship that truly gives God glory.


I saw it with my father today, and I admit that Christian filmmaking is not usually a genre that bodes quality such as this. I assure you, the intriguingly high Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores are no fluke!


highly recommend seeing this film in theaters! Give it a chance if you have the time! You'll be blown away!

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