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Faith based film ideas

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On 9/2/2018 at 3:44 PM, lilmac said:

It's been a life passion of mine to make a film based on 1. Book of Revelations 2. adaptation of This Present Darkness.


Any ideas out there that would make great faith based films?


I've had a few ideas, myself.


One would be with the tentative title of "The Miracles of Jesus". It would accentuate just how groundbreaking Jesus' words were to everyone around him. It would be from the point of view of the disciples - mostly of Peter's.


Another film could be about the shepherd's journey to the manger, titled "Journey to the King".


There could be a movie about the judge Deborah called "The Feminist". The film would be a rather artful film that strictly stands by the source material.


And I also have an idea for a film about the Apocalypse; the titled would be "When Time Runs Out", and it would strictly be from humanity's point of view, starting just before the sound of the trumpet and ending at the moment when Jesus takes His people up to Heaven; in other words, one of the artistic statements would be that the true nightmare for those left behind is eternal separation from God.


One idea for an animated family film that I just got two nights ago wouldn't be a faith based film per sé, but it'd be about a sheep that gets separated from the flock and must find a way back to the shepherd, and a scorpion that makes itself at home in its wool. In the film, the two would trade fun banter with one another, and they would go on this grand, atmospheric adventure full of beautiful scenery and dangerous peril before the sheep ultimately returns to the flock.


The majority of my ideas aren't necessarily faith-based because I believe Christians should not aim to make Christian content per sé, but should rather make content that happens to be made by a Christian -- that's C.S. Lewis's ideology, and I think it rings true.

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