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Titan AE (2000)

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Wonder if bombs can be included in here? Aw well. Well this one is a bomb. It costs 75 million dollars and grossed only 36 million world wide. The weekend it came out, it was 5th place behind MI2, Big Momma's House, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Shaft.


This movie did so poorly it killed off Fox Animation Studios and basically killed any remaining semblance of a career Don Bluth had. Last time i heard from Don Bluth was in some Nostalgia Critic episode where he was talking about some kickstarter to make a Dragon's Lair movie i think. It has been years ago so i assume either that kickstarter flopped or he took the money and ran. You can never trust Kickstarter and i don't think we'll ever see anything come out of it.

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