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Status of the Summer Game

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So, yeah there is a good reason why a preseason thread for the Summer Game has not appeared yet. If you are not sure what that reason could be, I do not want to be the one to have to break the news. 


Anyhow, with the current unprecedented events, here is what I currently have in mind as the potential plan: 


As things stand, the first major release of the 'summer' is Tenet on July 20th with Mulan following a week later. 


If we get to late June and that is still the official schedule, then I will endeavor to  celebrate the return of Box Office with a preseason thread opening about July 1st, for a game start of July 20th.  If this start date does hold, the the game would run from July 20th until Halloween Weekend. 


The Winter Game would then run from December to Oscars.   



If Tenet gets delayed, then the game start will be with Mulan, and if that delays it would shift to Spongebob on August 7th. All would still be planned around a Halloween finishing date. 


If we get to Wonder Woman's release date of August 14th and that too is delayed, the Summer Game will be officially cancelled in its entirety, and Halloween weekend will instead become the provisional start date for the Winter Game. 


If that plan needs delaying, well that is something for future chas to think about in between hunting trips to the sewer in an attempt to trap a couple of fresh rats to grill alongside his chilli burrito supreme. 



Everything above is based on BOM's calendar schedule. I am going to run on the assumption that if we get to a point where a film is still scheduled for release 3 weeks from its release date, that means cinemas are releasing films again. 


Obviously everything is subject to change, but I wanted to give an update as to where my plans were aimed regarding the game. 

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3 hours ago, chasmmi said:

the game would run from July 20th until Halloween Weekend. 


The Winter Game would then run from December to Oscars.   



As the schedule currently stands, the November schedule is far more interesting than the October one.

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