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The movie that led to the rebirth of Disney Animation: Celebrating 10 years of Tangled!

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Tangled is not a Disney movie among others: after a tough decade (the 2000s) Disney finally got its mojo back with Tangled, a CGI movie reminding of their best classics pre-2000: it worked, it's been successful and the brand was reborn!


2 days ago, Tangled celebrated its 10th anniversary so I thought a thread about this would be nice, with Disney tweets and fanarts! :D I'd like to tell I'm watching the cartoon/sequel on Disney+ and it's incredibly good, it's heartwarming!


And you, what did you think of Tangled and its box office at that time? :)




































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12 minutes ago, Eric Karga said:

Just a reminder if you want to make a thread about an old box office run, please do so in the "Classic Box Office Runs" subforum


Hey wait, the title of the forum says it's for the movies released before 2000 but it's a movie from 2010! :o

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6 minutes ago, excel1 said:

Disney animations was saved in 2007 when Iger bought Pixar ;) 


I'm talking about Walt Disney Animation Studios, their reputation and abilitiy to do successful movies...Not Disney in animation as a whole.

Besides, Pixar had some difficult year in the 2010s and WDAS picked up the slack.

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This LA article from the week of release with Ed Catmull saying that fairytale musicals are over after Tangled says it all about how much this movie changed the course of WDAS. 




-It was saddled with a gigantic budget no one expected to earn back.

-Disney marketing was desperately trying to hide for months that it was a princess musical after Princess and the Frog underperformance.

-President of the studio was saying out loud that they just wanna release it and move away from musicals.


If Tangled had performed as expected there would be no Frozen or Moana. I assume the original Disney plan was to move exclusively to PIXAR-esque buddy duo movies like Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia, and maybe those movies would have been just as succesful anyway but also maybe they wouldn't. Maybe the second renaissance of the last decade would be just WDAS becoming Pixar lite.




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