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  1. The hidden genius behind the elite filmmakers is they know that true emotional experiences are the films that play to the truly widest audience possible. No, it may not include children, but it's damn near every adult. Remember that THE DARK KNIGHT sold more domestic tickets than any superhero film aside from Endgame. And TDK was bleak af.
  2. Many many people have pointed to this notion of "JP said no to Marvel, he hates comic book franchises!!!". That is the pointing I was hoping to Negate
  3. Phoenix saying "No" to Marvel is like a Master Chef saying "No" to McDonalds. Doesn't mean they hate food.
  4. yes JP clearly done w/ Joker https://www.tmz.com/2019/10/06/joaquin-phoenix-crashes-joker-screening-movie-theater-laugh/
  5. This will likely finish over $250m and may break $275 so obviously not a troll club
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