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  1. It's amazing how well defined some of the Marvel Avengers have become. W/ TA1, seemed obvious RDJ's Stark would overshadow everyone. Hemsworth's Thor took a potentially dull chapter & made him completely hilarious and badass; Evans played the best Superman since Christopher Reeve. Hulk and Black Widow haven't had much development but would still be interesting in solo movies. Obviously nobody gives a shit about Hawekeye.
  2. I officially declare END GAME as the 3rd truly mega hyped film of the 2010s after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and DA FORCE AWAKENS. This shit is everywhere
  3. release A WHOLE NEW WORLD to the world the 2 weeks before and hype will explode like Vesuvius
  4. Even if Stark dies, there is no way that he stays dead. That would feel so cheap
  5. 1) 8 year olds know about slavery. BP was not about race relations; there was no racism in the movie...it was about one POC being upset that another POC wasn't doing more to help POC, very different... 2) It took 10 years for them to (barely) address any sort of real life issue. That obviously doesn't negate my point. *gives dozens examples proving something* *gives 1 example of slight different, thinks they're right*
  6. No, they don't. Some of the films have modest character development, but that's about it. None of them have any sort of message or are about something, which is perfectly fine for summer blockbuster popcorn entertainment; mind you I love most of the marvel films. But I also see Marvel movies for what they are. Not every movie should be TDK trilogy or something, but the Marvel films which remove 99% of any sense of realism - where friendships/love relationships happen in seconds, side character deaths aren't always permanent, where Loki and Bucky go from Bin Laden-level evil to a buddy in one conversation, where the other heroes are randomly absent in the solo movies despite the world being threatened - have to live with that tone. It is a very popular, happy tone and one which final deaths would feel much out of place. Tony and Cap and the rest of the original Avengers are supposed to ride off into the sunset. None of their stories feel close to finished with the tone set. There is zero reason to end the series with such a downer like killing Cap or Stark. It won't add some sense of gravitas that has been missing for the last 11 years. None - zero - 0 - of the deaths you mentioned were to overly established characters who the audience was invested in. Obviously I get that those characters are important to the stars of the series, but not one of them is a star themselves. Wouldn't surprise me if they pull 'faked death' for Cap so he can go back in time, but in this story, they've all earned a happy ending. Didn't say it was "mostly kids invested in these things" so don't put words in my mouth to try and justify your utterly incorrect point. You realize one of the major hero's from the last film, who received the ultimate pump up moment, apparently went and became a fat alcoholic troll in the mean time. GOTG starts and ends with a dance off to pop music. The series is completely self aware. Outside of maybe THE WINTER SOLDIER, there is not one single Marvel film that an 8 year old would be unable to grasp. They're mass entertainment and sure as hell not made for adults.
  7. We are talking about MARVEL. They make crowd pleasers, not art. They have covered up hideous, themeless story telling for 11 years; No-one of any consequence has died in a single one of their films, while multiple mass-murdering villains have turned good with no consequence. They make kids movies at their core. Any serious death would be tonally off by a mile for the rest of the series. Let Stark retire with Pepper in peace, let Cap go back in time and live out his days with Peggy Carter, let Black Widow return the world a mature woman, etc - this is quite simply what the people want to see. I expect them to please the crowd. If I wanted or expected art, I sure as fuck would not be watching anything MARVEL.
  8. I refuse to believe the original avengers will end with any sort of tragedy, nope. would be a shockingly stupid move.
  9. The film be tonally of 100% and depressing if anyone suffers a perm death. Captain America should live and be sent back in time to live out his days with Peggy Olsen and open to a secret comeback in a few years when the box office falls
  10. Marvel is the king of crowd pleasing. No way stark dies, I bet they give cap a heroic death and then cop out at the end where they save him and send him to live ou this days with Peggy Olsen in the 40s
  11. You mean the foreshadowing with Pepper talks about having a kid? No way this movie doesn't have a happy ending.

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