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  1. Don't go into the movie with a preconceived notion for what you want; just watch and judge it on its for however it makes you feel.
  2. I would note the vast majority of reactions from dans on day 1 were glowing. Kylo's moment remains the most badass SW moment since Vader turned on Palpy.
  3. My super dominant 2007-2009 stretch has never and will never be topped. Sadly it was all downhill from there aside from one brief, glorious call about Jurassic World's impending eruption.
  4. My troll game was strong back in, now I have been reduced to merely a wise, old sage, lacking the wit to troll, left with only the ability to inform and enlighten the courageous few with open ears and growing brains
  5. Obviously this is a very well made film but looking past the sold production values, there are a few BIG problems for me and I doubt this would have made every much in theaters. -It is just unbelievably and inexcusably long and slow. There are so many long takes that are pointless. There is a very watchable 140 minute movie buried in there somewhere. As is, it isn't rewatchable at all and feels like a tremendous chore to get through. -The "de-ageing" process is a mess and incredibly distracting. RDN's face may look SLIGHTLY younger but his body and movements are still that of an 80 year old. The scene where he beats up the convenience store clerk was HILARIOUS for how terrible it was. DeNiro looks much more like the youngsters fucking Grandfather than their Dad. -DeNiro and Pacino's performance here leaves a lot to be desired in general. One does not buy that they're very close friends. They may not be enemies but the friendship just feels underdeveloped which greatly reduces the power of things towards the end. -The Union itself is just never really established. What does it do and how does organized crime into it? Because loans come through it? Why does it matter that Hoffa get back on top? -Bizarre such a ridiculously long movie can feel underdeveloped in these 2 areas -Anna Paquin says like 5 words of dialogue Joe Pesci is the real delight here, as always, practicing restraint. C it aint no Godfather, lemme tell ya
  6. Nobody cares about Finn or Poe. They're severely undeveloped at this point and just nobody cares. Kylo and Rey are compelling and need to the focus. Still seeing $290m opening weekend.
  7. Rian Johnson quickly becoming Nolan Jr due to the truly insane awesomeness of THE LAST JEDI and THIS FUCKING MOVIE
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