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  1. Nope. Cannot and should not be leaving a single dollar on the table. Cement WW as an Batman/Iron-man/Spider-man sized draw. Make her the center of the attention. This needs to open first.
  2. As a strict business decision, WB would be out of their minds to have contractually agreed for this to be a one-off for Phoenix. If the film does $700m and then Patman does $1.8b, the world will be awaiting a clash. No doubt about it.
  3. Ehhhh to a much lesser extent for SS Than the other 2. He was the main attraction in TDK and BATMAN though. W/ SS it was more like "oh btw heres joker"
  4. Only utter morons that MARY FUCKING POPPINS was doing big numbers. Shazam did fine but is obviously a much less popular property than JOKER. That said, this isn't some big budget Joker adventure so there is a bit of a cap to it.
  5. WW84, leading off the summer and as the first major comic book film in nearly a year (I don't really count BIRDS OF PREY) will open to gangbusters numbers. It will be the main event of quarters 1 and 2 of 2020. Release after a slew of large hit and it won't do near as much. Facts
  6. MayPac hurt Dulltron a lot. JW also opened after several weekends full of small openers. San Andreas w/ only $54m was biggest opening over previous 3 weeks, nobody else broke $33m.
  7. It's not trolling. The "isolation" factor is a significant variable these days. BP opened in a dead market- huge fish in a small pond. Early June is a vastly different market
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