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  1. With social media? This would do utterly bonkers business. Young Leo's face + romance for women while action + destruction for men. IDK if it does whatever it inflation says it would do but this would be a smash hit in any era.
  2. Shockingly bad, LAST JEDI left too many openings for the next film to end it, this needed to be a bridge film to the actual conclusion.
  3. THE BATMAN will top $2 billion EASILY.
  4. Nobody gives af about Andrew Garfield. "MTV Movie Award Best Kisser Winner Tobey McGuire" would play perfectly in the growing early 2000s nostalgia.
  5. Shoulda been Batman's date but WB gonna WB. $450M+ total for this no doubt.
  6. no way WB smart enough to move Batman to December, it'll probably open Super Bowl weekend
  7. Avatar would have left no pop culture footprint whatsoever had it not kickstarted the "3D" craze. Without it, it doesn't even out gross SPIDERMAN 3 I suspect
  8. WW84 no doubt going to open on 12/18 or not open in 2020 at all. Why open it on xmas day ???
  9. I know some would disagree but I do not think this was going to be some huge money maker anyway. $320m overseas is on the low end of what I would have guessed was a realistic projection.
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