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  1. People are pumped the Josh Hartnett comeback... Just kidding but that and a few others may over perform.
  2. Hollywood needs to make another movie or 2 like this. The big, sweeping epics are truly timeless. We are overdue.
  3. My boy shoulda-said-yes-to-Superman Josh Hartnett trending on Twitter. Looks good.
  4. Has any character from old Hollywood aged better than this one? Still everyone's favorite to this day.
  5. Tora! Tora! Tora! has a massive energy and soul problem. The movie is so by-the-numbers that there is zero emotional connection to anyone outside of maybe the conflicted and well-portrayed Yamamoto. It is absolutely more historical accurate the Bay movie but color me shocked when I realized it wasn't even going to attempt building some type of emotional connection between anyone. Casual moviegoers will almost certainly prefer the Bay film to it. From Here To Eternity is the polar opposite and has nearly nothing to do with the attack other than it happens. I still look at this event/film and think there is so much untapped commercial and critical potential here. The only thing the Bay movie reached maximum potential with was marketing and opening weekend figures - truly one of the best ad campaigns of all time. But that's it. The right Director with a name ala Michael B. Jordon as Dorris Miller and a few other veterans? This could a gigantic hit. If Dunkirk can do $521m and 1917 can do $400m, a proper telling of the overall Pearl Harbor story - which would have to end with the rousing American reaction - would no doubt be a $1 billion challenger and awards contender.
  6. Strange that these feel so outdated now. Peter Jackson is basically a nobody, as are near all of the actors. For winning 11 Academy awards and ending as the #2 highest grossing film ever, ROTK and LOTR in general seem to have left almost no pop culture footprint whatsoever aside from possibly Gollum. Like so many things from the early 2000s that dominated pop-culture, the legacy of series just feels so overwhelmed by other series that came not too far after it.
  7. LOL no. But a 1950's era remake following an formerly anti-Japanese WW2 American living in Japan while a monster created by atomic weapons terrorizes the city, ending with the sacrifice of the brilliant scientist who has developed an oxygen destroying weapon nuclear capability who opts not only to kill the monster, but kill the knowledge of how to create such terrible weapons with it? The original's story will always be a strikingly powerful and highly cinematic tale.
  8. The 1954 Godzilla was so good, they should have just remade that straight up.
  9. If this is good, could be the random film that benefits big time
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