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  1. THE LAST JEDI was so awesome (minus the stupid Finn/Rose/Poe subplots, nobody cares). Kylo is the best character since Luke no doubt, Rey cool, and Luke is still a BAMF. I could watch the throne rom & Luke vs. Republic and Kylo all day. So thankful Rian Johnson actually told a story instead of basically remaking an old film!
  2. I don't. I see zero reason this would below HALLOWEEN. The social media response has been huge. The character is huge. They could still fuck up the final marketing phase and our course the movie could suck. But assuming the movie is good and they don't blow the late marketing, this is going to open big
  3. I think the idea of the entire movie taking place 85% over 1 day and 15% another night 6 months later was a mistake. This needed a more cohesive story alas Django
  4. Well trying to mimic Marvel is probably - no, actually, WAS - the fastest way to failure. Yes, it is nuts we may be getting an Oscar-caliber solo Joker movie before a great Superman or a Flash movie at all, but the interest for those isn't going anywhere. If Joker is a story worth telling that is told well, all of comic book cinema benefits
  5. You mean ANY role? I didn't understand his usage either. The 2 leads make the film very enjoyable but the story is bizarre even for a QT movie
  6. Sharon's only purpose is flaunting hot stardom in the face of Rick. The Manson stuff was useless When it was first announced that QT was doing something on the Manson murders, I definitely expected that to play a bigger role in the film. The story isn't cohesive at all, even for a QT film, and what was the point of the 6 month tour to Italy?
  7. Biggest laughs were the scene where Booth kills his wife and Leo melts down after forgetting his lines.
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