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  1. The original -Frankenstein -Dracula -Wold Man -Invisible Man -Creature from the Black Lagoon were all badass. Quality remakes of them would no doubt find an audience, too.
  2. Frank 1 was genius, still is, to this day.
  3. People love going to the theaters. This will never end. They were overbuilt and fil-ms were produced from the 90s and 2000s but lets be real. Avengers endgame just did bonkers numbers. cmon now
  4. I'm not sure if that is quite as disturbing as the people who seem to be hyping the foreign the death count like it's the next big midnight gross & and seemingly want to see this administration fail in solving the problem.
  5. So Mr. Amazing Cuomo is now guilty of the false hope as well? Will the sensationalist naysayers who seem to want this spending doom to occur so they can say "I told you so" about DT but upset if this actually works in any level? And no, pointing out that 2 people overdosed on it in Nigeria yesterday doesn't make DT responsible. What do you think happens if you go down 20 Advil at once? In all serious, NYC starting trials Tuesday. Let's hope the best.
  6. If Wuhan beat it in a much smaller time frame with an aggressive lock down, why would we not just do the same ? 2-3 more weeks of severe social distancing should have the spread down substantially from where it was a week ago.
  7. Am I alone in not understanding how a virus that lasts 14 days max could cause a 9 month lock down ?! Some of these politicos are playing the expectation game
  8. We'll see but poor Italy has been crushed. Everyone should book vacations theres next year.
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