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  1. As an internet web geek all the way back then, I remember this vividly. It is noted in more detail in the 2008 book Superman vs. Hollywood. Josh Hartnett was the most famous "young" (under 25) actor in the world at the time and had seemingly made the transition from teeny bopper heartthrob to movie star with Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, his name alone got that insane sex comedy to open to $15m (which is the equivalent of $30m today) and had just signed on to lead David Fincher's next film (became 2006s The Black Dhalia) . In mid 2002 during the peak of his career explosion, WB wanted him as
  2. I can't believe this became such big discussion. The guy isn't a box office draw and there are much more attractive people than him. What is so shocking?
  3. Obsession? It's a basic observation. This movie also won't be aimed at 6 year old girls. If they cast Melissa McCarthy as Barbie, it would have raised eye brows, the same apples for the ken doll. There are many actors more handsome than Gosling out there so it is strange to see him in the role. also re: bolded =
  4. He is more that guy than Ryan Gosling, as is Ashton Kutcher. A financially minded producer should realize how this persons face looks on a billboard next to Margot Robbies flawless stone structure matters more than any awards they were recently nominated for. Is Gosling really an A-lister...?
  5. Do you remember the years 2001-2003? Josh Hartnett was offered $100 million - $100 million! - to play Superman in 2003. He was the biggest teeny bopper heart throb on the planet for the time frame all thanks to Michael Bay. Hartnett has also had one of the more bizarre and fascinating career trajectories that I can think of.
  6. Kutcher was at least somewhat funny in That 70s Show and his string of comedies, but he became equally famous as a clown personally with Punkd and it made him difficult to take seriously when he tried. Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prince Jr. had their moments too but Josh Hartnett won the "next big actor" contest of that generation when Bruckheimer stuck him in both Pearl Harbor (where Michael Bay filmed himlike he was the male version of Megan Fox) and Black Hawk Down. Everybody wanted those 2 leads and they gave them to the same person planning to mold him into a brand. Hartnett famously got
  7. Thinking of actors who actually resemble the Ken doll similar to how Robbie is a clone of the barbie doll as with the roll, the way they actually looking will matter greatly. Gosling is way off. Kutcher and Hartnett might not be as famous as they once were, but put their face on a poster dolled up as Ken doll and women will stop and stare. Nobody is stopping and starring at a poster of Goslings face, sorry. I also just checked and Hartnett is the #2 lead in Guy Ritchie/Jason Statham movie coming out next January where he plays a movie star, of all things. Kutcher is also still in
  8. To be fair, Ryan Gosling is firmly on that list too and at least Josh Hartnett and Ashton Kutcher were actually popular in their day. They were also 100x more famous than Taylor Kitsch or Ryan Phillippe ever were. Hartnett was on Yahoos front page when he was Wrath of Man earlier this year and Kutcher definitely still has some fans out there. Josh Duhamel was famousish but never really had a fanbase like the first 2 did once upon a time. A comeback movie is at least angle and both of those guys are people women will look at and find attractive. Nobody cares, or ever cared, really, about Ryan G
  9. Margot Robbie's entire fanbase is based on sex appeal. A star was born the second she walked out of the room in wolf of wall street.
  10. I know many straight women who love the guy including my wife, and they're all over 30 and won't be seeing this movie either way. How many 18-20 year girls are out there oogling Ryan Gosling? Zero. If you're going to go with an older, more established actor, they need to 100% look the part in the eyes of the younger crowd. This is just reality and I am sure many producers know this. Gosling isn't a box office draw to begin with, and his sex appeal is basically limited to women who remember The Notebook back in 2004. His fanbase aged out in the early 2010s - shortly after his peak i
  11. There is a big difference between audiences disliking a movie and disliking the characters within the movie. Key distinction with these types of films.
  12. Feige is like peak Bruckheimer channeled into one brand. Knows what people will pay to see and knows critics will, generally, fall in line because many do not want to be that person.
  13. Unless this movie will be very different than expected, the beauty of the 2 leads is going to be a massive selling point for this concept. Robbie has a "made in a lab" bone structure. Gosling? Studio needs to cast someone prettier and play the media angle. Pay for a big name (Hemsworth, Cavill), elevate a younger, less known face (Jacob Elordi?), make it a comeback film (Josh Hartnett, Josh Duhamel)...need to do something to get buzz. There need to be women saying "I will see that movie just to look at ____________". Nobody is going to say about Gosling.
  14. Gosling has never been as big of a thing as people thought he would become post NOTEBOOK. In 2023, many women will be into Barbie than Ken in the Barbie movie and that isn't good for financials. The person who gets the role doesn't need to be famous so much as they need to be traditionally pretty. vs.
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