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  1. It's still too soon to tell and like @Barnack said a dramatic change like this won't happen overnight. But in the theoritical worst-case X years in the future scenario where theatrical release is just a side thing for superfans and filmbuffs and everything is on streaming, blockbusters like we know them will absolutely cease to exist. Disney won't cut Marvel budgets in half because Black Widow or the Eternals might not break even, but if the big movies continue to not make much money in theatres 2-3-4 years post-pandemic, everyone will rethink their strategy. Throwing 200m 2-hour movies for "free" into a sea of content is not a long term strategy for anyone including Netflix. Streaming atm is throwing hundreds of millions to Bullock, Scorsese, The Rock, DiCaprio etc. specifically to poach them from traditional studios. If/when streaming completely absorb the movie industry, they won't need to. Wonder Woman and all the other day-and-date with HBOmax blocbusters that are about to be released won't really say anything about where this is going. The next "only in theatres" blockbuster (released with enough of them open worldwide) might say something but I have no idea when we will see that. 4 months ago I thought Bond or Fast9 would be the next "experiment" like Tenet. I'm not so sure anymore.
  2. Schindler's List is a great movie but over E.T. Raiders and Jaws? Naahhh thanks @Eric Karga for all the work!
  3. Very good list so far but it was always gonna be because Spielberg's filmography is for the most part great. -Duel and Sugarland are ofc way too low but it's understandable since they 're easily his most underseen movies. -A bit surprised by the love for Empire of the Sun. I ranked it around 20-25 going of memory from 20 years ago as a movie that is "just fine". Need to rewatch it. -Also surprised that Catch me if you Can is the 00s movie that made the top-10. I thought it was gonna be Minority easily. Love both movies but Catch me is a near masterpiece. -I'm perfectly fine with Munich,A.I. and Doom placements. They're always gonna be divisive, they are the rare instances where master audience pleaser Spielberg woke up feeling dangerous. -Will anything break the Jaws-Raiders-E.T.-JP-Schindler top-5? Maybe Ryan but I don't see it.
  4. This LA article from the week of release with Ed Catmull saying that fairytale musicals are over after Tangled says it all about how much this movie changed the course of WDAS. -It was saddled with a gigantic budget no one expected to earn back. -Disney marketing was desperately trying to hide for months that it was a princess musical after Princess and the Frog underperformance. -President of the studio was saying out loud that they just wanna release it and move away from musicals. If Tangled had performed as expected there would be no Frozen or Moana. I assume the original Disney plan was to move exclusively to PIXAR-esque buddy duo movies like Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia, and maybe those movies would have been just as succesful anyway but also maybe they wouldn't. Maybe the second renaissance of the last decade would be just WDAS becoming Pixar lite.
  5. yep people arguing that this case was his downfall must not remember the last decade so much. His downfall began with Alice in Wonderland quickly developing a very bad reputation after its huge initial success. Tourist, Rum Diary, Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger, Transcedence, Mortdecai followed. Black Mass was hyped as the "serious" return after years of embarrasing flops and that flopped too. All these things happened before the Heard lawsuit. Him getting axed from a big franchise is definately about his bad reputation because of the scandal, since that bad press kind of negates whatever benefit they get from his huge international fame. But him headlining non-existent indies is exactly where his career was heading anyway after almost a decade of huge bombs. Everyone's goodwill runs out eventually. So yeah no tears from me for Depp's current career status.
  6. Perfect timing for me since I 've been rewatching all summer many post-2000 Spielberg movies that I haven't seen in a while. There's some of his lesser known films that I barely remember what happens in them, but I'm not rewatching Amistad. Life's too short for that. 1. Jaws 2. ET 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark 4. A.I. 5. Close Encounters of the 3d Kind 6. Catch me if you Can 7. IJ and the Temple of Doom 8. Jurassic Park 9. Minority Report 10. Schindler's List 11. IJ andthe Last Crusade 12. Munich 13. Duel 14. Saving Private Ryan 15. The adventures of Tintin 16. Lincoln 17. The Sugarland Express 18. Bridge of Spies 19. War of the Worlds 20. The Post 21. The Color Purple 22. IJ and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull 23. Empire of the Sun 24. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 25. Ready Player One 26. 1941 27. Hook 28. The BFG 29. The Terminal 30. War Horse 31. Amistad 32. Always 20/32 good movies imo, nice ratio for someone as prolific as Spielberg.
  7. After seeing the News of the World trailer I think it's the only contender that looks like a BP winner if it's any good. Both Nomadland and Mank seem to me different kinds of too niche to win BP. It 'll have to get good reviews though.
  8. Viola in the fat suit looks very silly but if the movie gets decent reviews it's ovahh.
  9. Tenet. It's been over two weeks since I saw it and it has faded a bit i my mind. I still think it's mid-tier Nolan, which is still good Nolan. I'd like to watch it again and see how it all comes together. Freaks. Definately lives up to the scandalous reputation so many decades later. In a way it's even more shocking to modern eyes. But even if you don't know about the missing half hour it's obvious that the movie is building and building and then just ends. I kinda hope against hope one day someone's grandson would stumble into a dusty reel of the missing footage. Frozen II. Feels like the "we don't need no villains" Disney phase has already gotten old and kinda boring. The Little Stranger. Surprisingly good. Slow burning gothic romance ghost story or something like it, it creeps up on you anyway. The Front Runner. It has an interesting subject and an interesting angle about it, but it's just a flat what you see is what you get failed oscar bait movie in the end. The Hustle. Another movie that I'm belatedly baffled it got trashed as hard as it did when it came out. It's fine. Escape Room. It's both a cool and stupid idea to make a horror movie about escape rooms but it certainly has its moments. I can see it becoming a long running franchise. rewatch. Old classic Zemeckies stuff from the 80s that I have seen 100 times but are still good and fun. Spiderman into the spiderverse. My first take on this was that it was great and maybe a little too busy, but I was a giant idiot. This is a perfect object of a movie, people in ten years will look back on it and wonder how did this end up being so amazing.
  10. last hit movie in Greece before everything went to shit
  11. Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. Kinda dissapointing because it's got some cool spooky moments but the whole angry ghost central premise is just garbage. This should have been a collection of short stories instead of Final Destination for kids. Emma. Pretty decent and very vibrant adaptation, Josh O'Connor is hilarious in this. Completely stole the show imo. The King of Staten Island. I liked it, it's def more of feel good dramedy than a comedy. It's also bloated but in a different way. Instead of the movie dragging towards the end like Apatow does, it's bloated in the first half and gets much more engaging after the Billy Burr fight. Scoob! This was shockingly bad. Not just bullshit for kids bad. But taking something and squeeze every inch of joy out of it bad. That Warner animation brand thing really is going nowhere. What Men Want. Don't even like the Gibson one but this was somehow worse. Triple Threat. This was fun. A movie with Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins doing backflips? What's not to like. I'm thinking of Ending Things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rewatch All the Mission Impossibles. Very enjoyable franchise. What's really striking by watching them back to back is how they keep upping the ante with action scenes in every movie. I mean the last one might not be my favorite but the action set pieces in it are just jaw dropping. Cannot imagine what they are gonna do next.
  12. Don't know what trade circulated that 800m number but it sounds like some Deadline bullshit. Budget+Marketing+Prints+CEO's Wife vacation and the movie has to made double that in theatres to break even.
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