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  1. Dr. Strange (2016)

    My opinion on this movie is pretty much the same I had for Ant-Man. Both of those projects could be a lot more interesting by going all in on their ridiculous premises but they are always held back by a boring basic af origin story. Stephen Strange is barely a character (you get a better sense of him in Infinity War with 1/5 of the screentime) and the story just goes through the motions while every character hurls exposition at him. Strange's magic cape and Wong are the most memorable character if you really think about it. And I had forgotten how worthless Mikelsen's villain is, truly one of the worst in the entire mcu. The Dormamu finale though was a pretty clever closure to the whole story and every time the movie gets trippy in the mirror dimension it becomes mesmerizing. Let's hope for a better and far weirder sequel. Tilda was also more of an exposition machine than a character but her death scene was surprisingly emotional, almost poetic. B-.
  2. It's enjoyable for the most part but the more you think about it the more it falls apart. The airpoprt scene is fun and exciting but it's completely devoid of any stakes. The movie stops for 10 minutes so the heroes can play war like 10 year olds. And the same goes for most of the guest superheroes. Spider-Man scenes are fun but I don't understand why he is in this movie (besides setting up his own solo flick). Hawkeye, Wanda, Vision and War Machine also feel out of place outside of the playground “fight”. Even the Cap-Tony divide gets muddled in all this noise, and only becomes powerful at the end. I liked that the villain's supposed plan was a red herring and he was in it just for personal revenge, but it feels a bit random after half a dozen triumphant victories with leveled cities now it's the time to ponder about the collateral damage of those victories. It rings so hollow like many things in this movie. But it's decent even on a rewatch, and the final act at least gets personal and pays off some of the potential the premise had. Maybe it's the Russo's skill or my inherent investment on those characters after so many movies that you can still enjoy the movie, despite most of it being so half-assed and inconsiquential. Definately a step down compared to the first 2 CA films, it feels like the Iron Man 2 of phase 3, split between being a singular story and a launching pad for future movies. The difference is Marvel got much better at the small stuff over the years. B-.
  3. I hoped for this to be a comeback of sorts, but it's fitting that it will get similar reaction to all his movies after Lost in La Mancha. This project truly broke Terry Gilliam for ever.
  4. Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Don't know about makeup but in costumes 15th-18th century biopics are not the slam dunk they were a decade ago. This decade all winners except Anna Karenina were more modern 20th century period films or fantasy. Hoop skirts are out.
  5. Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    It's still very early but I don't think it's that far-fetched to think BP could be that top-5 oscar pick that gets nominated everywhere incuding director and just wins a bunch of technicals in the end. -It already has giant cultural event status. -It is self-contained enough to not be hurt be being part of a never-ending franchise. -It's a very appealing poster boy for diversity succeeding at the top of the Hollywood foud chain. -It didn't just got a pat in the back from critics, it ended up with unprecedent reviews for its genre (like Get Out did last year). The 2 things against it is being a superhero movie and the early release date. And it can overcome the February release date. If the early critic awards/precursors decide to bring it back around December, then the Globes will for sure double down on it and the whole thing can snowball from there. Of course we don't know that the critics/early awards will revive it, but I wouldn't rule it out.
  6. Ant-Man (2015)

    This didn't age very well. There's enough cool stuff to make it feel exciting, mainly the refreshing small scale of the action and Michael Pena's delightful meme of a character but everything else seems like it is on autopilot. Everyone is perfectly casted including Corey Stoll as the sleazy villain, but none of it feels organic, the father-daughter relationship of the Pyms or Paul Rudd's struggles never connect. Even the character of Ant-Man is a blank slate that becomes somewhat likeable only because Paul Rudd is likable, but you never really become invested in him. The movie is ok but so much of it feels like wasted potential. This should have either gone full action comedy like GOTG or they should have cared more about the non-action stuff. I hope the sequel is more well realised. B-.
  7. My favorites are Dogville and Nymphomaniac, though I haven't watched anything before Dogme '95 except Medea which was a tv movie I think. The one I can't stand the most is probably Idioterne. It has become a go to masterpiece for the "you didn't get it" crowd. That movie just sucks. BUT THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BRILLIANT MOV
  8. I'm 50/50 on most of those shock auters like Trier, Noe, Refn etc. Some of their obvious pretentious bullshit I really like, while others are borderline unwatchable.
  9. I liked it a lot in 2015, and I still think it's a little bit underrated as a whole. There's two things working against the movie. First is that sense of “more of the same but bigger” that is evindent both in the structrure of the story and in how most action scenes play out even if they are very well executed. The second is the too many quips and their attempt to recapture the lightning in a bottle effortless banter of the first movie. Especially in the first 30 minutes where the team is supposed to know each other so well by now that they are making up inside jokes on the fly, their effortless banter is so full of effort it's kinda cringeworthy. I think the scene with Thor's hammer /birth of Ultron is the first time their dynamic really works as it should, and those might be the best 5 minutes of the entire movie, which is funny because they were the entirety of the first teaser released from what I remember. But after that the pace and the interactions get more natural (the flop joke about Cap and language lives on though) and most of it works really well. Despite some misses, I still put it above more than half of the mcu movies. I like that it's trying to be about something more than good vs bad even if it never manages to go as deep as I wanted. Ultron the character is the perfect example of Whedon's ambition, even if he also doesn't add up to a coherent message by the end. James Spader's voice and his hate for Tony (because he's a lot like him and he can't stand it) make him compelling, for a few moments even worthy of our empathy. There's a lot here about AI and responsibility and rebellion against the creator. And while it's never fully realised, it's there. Ultron after all was another mean baddie that just wanted things to go boom, but for a few glimpses here and there including his brilliant death scene, he was so much more. B+.
  10. The opening scene with the dead mom is to this day a little wonky but the moment the title drops simultaneously with “Come and Get your Love” you are already sold on whatever follows. I don't have many things to say about this movie, it's still as fresh as it was the first time I saw it. The humor and the music are excellent and everywhere, the characters are instantly likable, the entire build up to their now iconic walk down the corridor is pitch perfect. The only thing that doesn't work is the villain, which is not nothing. The third act hangs on the heroes fighting Ronan and he goes head to head with Malekith for who can put you to sleep faster. But there's also Yondu who is excellent for a secondary bad guy. “something good, something bad, a bit of both?” A-.
  11. So 10m over Raimi's Spider-Man is now barely over the finish line.
  12. Yeah no movie gets THAT high just by appealing to women( even of all ages). If you are a male and didn't like the movie that's fine, but that doesn't mean that men were only dragged to see this. Titanic hit all demographics in a way very few movies have in the history of cinema. I was 11 and had no girlfriend nor any of my friends, but the entire school boys and girls watched this movie in theatres, my parents and their friends who went once a decade at the movies watched this in Theatre, my grandparents who hadn't been in theatre since the 60s went to see Titanic, it was an event like no other. The "just a much bigger Twilight" argument is total bullshit. Of course most "hardcore" fans that saw it many times were (mostly young)women but how is that much different than young men watching LOTR, TDK or Avengers countless times in theatres; I don't think anyone would ever argue that the original Star Wars sold 100m+ tickets just because many teen boys in the 70s went to see it 15 times.

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