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  1. Well, they 're the reason those crappy CGI Hobbit films made another 3 billion dollars, they 're the reason the new Amazon show will cost as much as a Jeff Bezos spaceship, they 're might be the only blockbusters this young century that are already considered canonical classics. Can't wait for the original Matrix to become culturally insignificant if the new movie doesn't gross a billion and spin-off 3 HBOmax shows.
  2. yeesh tough crowd. The worst out of those gets like a 9/10 from me. Mine of the last few weeks Gemini Man. It really has its moments but ends up being more a mixed bag. The young Will effect is very good throughout the movie and in the last scene it somehow turns into pure nightmare fuel. It's really jarring, like it was shot a week before the movie hit theatres. Those who wish me dead. Not bad, it's more like a fun stupid b movie, not exactly what you 'd expect out of Sheridan. It need a little more budget though to really stand out next to the netflix pile of cheap stra
  3. This would make sense if it was behind a paywall like Cruella, but it's free.
  4. I think the HBO max definately hurt it to some extent but I find it hard to buy after that 13m ow that it would have been the major breakout many (including me) believed or that it would magically grow greatest showman legs if not for HBOmax. In retrospect it think this being a Rocketman level kind of sleeper hit would be what it would have done under better circumstances.
  5. Only the Brave. Very sweet movie and the final minutes hit me like a ton of bricks. It's been a while since I had such a good cry. Hillbilly Elegy. Well it's trash but there's that one scene of Amy Adams popping pills and roller skating like a maniac inside an ICU that I'll never forget. Tenebre. Haven't seen much Argento but this gotta be one of the best ones. Gorgeous and stylish in a breathtaking way. The dubbing was hilarious but at this point it's a feature of Italian cinema of that era. Invincible season 1. I really liked it. I guess the gore gets a bit silly at ti
  6. Great show, season 3 goes way more of the rails in a bad way but it gets good again in season 4 when they kinda know they are getting canceled. Enjoy.
  7. Just watched this on Netflix and had no idea the whole time it is based on real events. I was actually going back and forth about whether the mentor or the douche turned bff will die in the end.
  8. Bad Trip. One of the most hilarious movies I 've seen in a while. It perfectly straddles the line between jackass and Borat while at the same time having a very humanity affirming vibe. Amazing concept and execution. Love and Monsters. Very cute post apocalyptic young adult kinda thing. The effects are weirdly impressive and I absolutely adore the dog. Mitchell vs the Machines. Might not be as amazing as Spiderverse but it's pretty amazing on it's own right. I found it very funny and relentless with visual gags and it even had some geniune emotion. All on Netflix btw, p
  9. And he should be. This was a terrible and sleazy choice by the producers, and it would still be if Boseman had actually won. BP should always be last, changing it had nothing to do with "honoring" Boseman and everything to do with milking the public sentiment about his tragic death. At least it blew up in their face spectacularly. And it's a nice reminder that the oscars aren't the globes. The people that produce them don't have any inside info about who is winning. It feels that way because most races get settled after months and months of other awards etc. but they re
  10. It would open big but most people would still be there if it was just Lebron and Looney Tunes. It's not the first time people on the internet overestimate how much GA cares if there's a massive ip dump in your movie. Just a few years ago RPO was gonna be really big and the Ralph sequel was gonna explode because of Disney princesses. Both ended up doing just fine.
  11. I don't think this year has anything to do with how stacked the season is or isn't. Award season is a chain of hype through festivals, premieres and red carpets from Cannes to Oscars. Many people that casually watch the globes or the oscars no matter who's nominated would be surprised to find out today that the globes were last night and the same thing will happen with the oscars. Without all the glitz and glamour the "hype" just bounces around the echo chamber of people that follow this shit closely no matter what, like the trades, film twitter or forums like this one. If next yea
  12. It's still too soon to tell and like @Barnack said a dramatic change like this won't happen overnight. But in the theoritical worst-case X years in the future scenario where theatrical release is just a side thing for superfans and filmbuffs and everything is on streaming, blockbusters like we know them will absolutely cease to exist. Disney won't cut Marvel budgets in half because Black Widow or the Eternals might not break even, but if the big movies continue to not make much money in theatres 2-3-4 years post-pandemic, everyone will rethink their strategy. Throwing 200m 2-hour m
  13. If the industry is back to pre-covid numbers by the time the sequel drops (which I doubt), I can see it having a healthy increase to over 500m WW even without the first one's rapturous reception. Spiderverse was the kind of movie many people discovered after it left theatres despite being a critical darling and an oscar winning boxoffice hit. But I really don't see any way this is pulling a Shrek 2 or TDK explosion. The Spidey brand is so streched out right now between many succesful iterations from the movies to the playstation video games, but the "official" MCU version I think w
  14. Schindler's List is a great movie but over E.T. Raiders and Jaws? Naahhh thanks @Eric Karga for all the work!
  15. Very good list so far but it was always gonna be because Spielberg's filmography is for the most part great. -Duel and Sugarland are ofc way too low but it's understandable since they 're easily his most underseen movies. -A bit surprised by the love for Empire of the Sun. I ranked it around 20-25 going of memory from 20 years ago as a movie that is "just fine". Need to rewatch it. -Also surprised that Catch me if you Can is the 00s movie that made the top-10. I thought it was gonna be Minority easily. Love both movies but Catch me is a near masterpiece. -I'm perfect
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