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  1. I think Kubrick's Shining is too famous/iconic even among the GA to be still considered a cult classic. It's just that it's been completely seperated in everyone's mind from the source material and not just because of King's hatred towards it. The people that hate Kubrick's version the most are the biggest fans of the book and many of the people that love it haven't even read it. Even with all the visual callbacks to Kubrick's movie, this never felt like a "real" sequel to a lot of people.
  2. Finally saw it and it floored me. I think most of Bong's movies are great and all of them are at least good and interesting but this one might be his best. I'll just place it top-3 for now but OMG what a movie. It's definately a crowdpleaser but I still find difficult to believe that it's widely predicted to be a top5 oscar movie.
  3. I wanna believe that it's gonna be the Spotlight/Moonlight in this race. But I feel there will be a decent chunk of the old academy that would rank this low just because it's too genre-y or not "important" enough. Haven't seen the movie yet just speculating based on Bong's other films.
  4. I don't know about that. Oldboy is probably the most famous Korean movie in the west by a wide margin, certainly much more famous than its remake. Parasite will take over by the end of this oscar season though.
  5. Just like Tarantino’s Hollywood is a throwback pic, so is its financial structure, we hear from sources, with 30% of the first dollar gross going to the filmmaker, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt in a first dollar pool. We hear that first dollar gross is typical on a Tarantino pic, and that between Inglourious Basterds and The Hateful Eight, he made around $75M between fees and profits. Typically, on a big star-driven tentpole like a Dwayne Johnson movie, profit is dispensed at a percent of cash break-even. We understand that in order for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to break-even, it has to make just north of $400M at the worldwide B.O., just under the $425.3M that Django Unchained grossed (38% of that came from U.S./Canada, where the feature made $162.8M, still his highest- grossing movie). I was talking about this deadline article that got the ball rolling on "this movie needs to make 400m to break even". How does this 400m break even point make any sense? Because it doesn't to me. Django with similar budget and backend deals was a big success for everyone involved but OUATIH needs to make almost as much to not be a flop.
  6. Logic says not even close. But the movie is trending on greek twitter all day today and is no1 topic on local news because police entered 2 theatres last night escorting minors outside that were watching the movie. Ministry of culture is somehow involved. So my answer is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Marriage story is a comedy/musical?
  8. That's really the most baffling thing about this rumour. Post-Titanic glory Cameron DID NOT get that deal with Avatar. Cameron made hundreds of millions including ancillary market etc but he didn't make 500m+ from Avatar's theatre run alone. If this Tarantino backend rumour is true in any sense, whoever singed for it at Sony should have been fired well before the movie hit theatres.
  9. Ofc, I don't know how much or when it kicks in but I assume they have some kind of backend. But you said the movie will need all the money it can get to make some profit because of back end deals, a movie that already made 4x its budget. I just assumed you took as a fact that article from July that said Tarantino gets 25% of the movies boxoffice before even the theatres get their cut and the movie needs half a billion dollars just to get on the green. Because this ain't fact. Until we get any kind of confirmation I call major bullshit on those numbers.
  10. Are we still clinging on that speculative article from 3 months ago? They only thing that is actually confirmed as far as I know is that Tarantino secured OUATIH's copyright ownership after X years. All the other stuff are tales straight out of Deadline's ass. I'm sure it's the first movie in history that struggled to make a buck despite grossing 4x its budget already.
  11. http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-joker-is-killing-it/ http://freecinema.gr/greek-audience-goes-nuts-over-joker-movie/ http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-joker-just-got-bigger/ This is the only site that gives daily numbers for huge releases and all I have to say is lol. Previews 22.508 adm. Day 1 26.150 Day 2 28.237 Day 3 44.419 Day 4 36.929 Day 5 25.247 Day 6 32.534 Day 7 54.150 (discount wednesday!) Day 8 29.614 Day 9 30.992 Day 10 47.418 Day 11 37.313 Up to 1st Sunday (day 4) the numbers are huge but kinda normal after the huge previews. Performance after that is beyond insane.
  12. http://flix.gr/news/box-office-10-10-2019.html Joker did 145.735 admissions on it's 2n weekend! +7% minus previews from the already insane OW! HOLY SHIT. There is no reason at this point debating whether DC or Marvel has the biggest fanbase. This will end up picking up a much wider audience than both fanbases. We 've said a lot of times Greece like most of Europe never was as superhero crazy as the rest of the world. Most superhero movies did great but they had a ceiling. they never were the giant hits that other movies were here. Endgame broke through that ceiling with all the decade long build up of succesful movies but Joker is literally gonna obliterate it. Joker is already at 415.000 admissions after one of the biggest 2nd weekends of all time. It has a real shot at becoming no1 of the decade which. WTF.
  13. I thought it was fine. For me it works at a visceral surface level but all the thematic stuff and character stuff fall completely flat. As a bare bones story is extremely manipulative but it works. Guy with very serious mental issues that thinks he is owed something, gets kicked around by an indiferrent world until he snaps. Simple and effective to the point that the tv interview in the finale is a really intense and full of suspense sequence, like waiting for a bomb to go off. It's also very pretty to look at with a lot of visual bell and whistles. There's even some hints at great ideas that would in theory amount to something but in the end they amount to "dark shit and real stuff amirite?" The movie keeps hinting at interesting things it could go to and doesn't follow through on any of them. Class warfare, mental health and everything else it evokes sometimes in hilariously obvious ways (ZOOM at the newspaper headline! ) is only paid lip service to. Even the interesting choice to flip the Batman narrative of "Good guy rich man helps the city from the rats" kinda becomes a moot point with the reveal about Joker's childhood abuse and his crazy mother. The movie kinda says at that point Arthur Fleck is already 95% the Joker, you 're just watching that final stretch of abuse for 2 hours which also nulifies Joaquin's character arc to me. Same goes for the embarrasing "twist" with Zazie Beetz. I mean really? Couldn't Todd Philips put a little effort to at least try and hide it with a bit more dialogue for her? I think I sound overly negative but I'm not. The movie is not bad, Joaquin chewing scenery is always fun, it's interesting while you watch it and packs a visceral punch in the end. Despite Joker being a slave to Scorsese's style it feels a lot more like Innaritu to me. It's like the Revenant. There's craft in every scene, there's a lot of pretty stuff, there's some thrills, some good actors getting milage out of cardboards characters. I like a few Innaritu movies despite them constantly hinting at profundity that amounts to absolutely nothing. I like Joker the same way. The much talked aboud Scorsese rip-off style is also not a problem for me. It's pretty to look at and feels comforting and familiar (because it is), but it's weird how he 100% zeroes in these TWO specific Scorsese movies and not Scorsese's style in general. And he did the same thing with War Dogs which was a carbon copy of Wolf of Wall Street. Brace your selves for Todd Phillips foray into the period costume drama. You know it's coming. B.
  14. Joaquin isn't some indie guy that finally made it tho. He was well on his way to be a Hollywood leading man after Walk the Line and turned the other way for whatever reason. I don't think he 'll do anything as extreme as the whole performance art mockemuntary but I wouldn't expect him to say yes right away to Joker 2 or other blockbusters just because he's hot property again. The most I can see him doing while Joker buzz is still hot, is trying to get a bigger than usual passion project of the ground that wouldn't get greenlight any other way. I can see Joker 2 in 10 years down the line if he enters the De Niro-Pacino dont't give a fuck phase.
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