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  1. I don't know shit about broadway and musical theatre in general but I've watched a lot of movie musicals, both new and old, to the point that I'm always interested whenever a new one is getting made but with CATS I seriously don't get the appeal. Not just the movie, the theatre version too. Everytime I see a clip like the one posted a few posts earlier all I'm thinking is how is this ridiculous mess such a huge hit for decades?
  2. Joel M

    Us (2019)

    It's a much weirder movie than Get Out, that's for sure. The humour is more overt and as a result the movie is funnier even in the most tense moments and it feels like a weird balancing act all the way through between telling a specific story with underlying themes and going off the rails with crazy ideas that coud undermine any narrative cohesion. I'm still not sure I got 100% of what the movie was trying to say but I'm sure I absolutely loved watching it moment to moment. I got 5 on it is still stuck in my head from last night and I still crack up every few hours remembering the good vibrations/fuck da police whole sequence in the neighbors house. It's been a while since a movie gave me such a good buzz. And some obligatory praise for the entire cast. Ofc Lupita owned this from start to finish but everyone else also brought their A game. Especially Winston Duke, he is hilarious in almost every scene. It's the kind of movie that needs a second viewing though. It could very well be just a stylish house of horrors that will never be half as fun as it was the first time. Or it could be something that gets richer everytime you watch it. A.
  3. The teaser is fine, didn't blow my mind but it didn't need to. I really need that 1-sec gif of Hullabaloo Leo
  4. Her face looks all kinds of wrong. I don't buy that they are bad on purpose but it's hilarious that these posters went through so many people and got approved. It's just bizare, especially Brad's head in the first one.
  5. I think it was shown at some festivals around the time of the article but never released properly in theatres or dvd/bluray.
  6. Kill Bill is 2 movies for me too. The second is really good but the first one might be his best movie. As far as rankings I don't even bother with Tarantino. I like all of his movie even Death Proof or his short from Four Rooms, and half of them are in my top5 for their respective years. Blind fanboy I guess. So, where's the trailer?
  7. As far as I know no one is hating on her. Rowling the novelist is just as celebrated as she was 10 years ago, maybe even moreso, because even the people that were calling HP books a fad back in the day view them as classics now. Rowling the screenwriter has got a lot of criticism because of the 2 movies she wrote, but no one is hating on her for ruining their childhood. People were just making meme jokes, because she keeps explaining sexual stuff about her characters that will never be canonized in movies/books. Absolutely nothing like the very real hate Lucas got for the special editions and the prequels.
  8. Guy Ritchie might have a bit more of distinct style than Favreau or other journeymen directors but it's not like he is Tim Burton recognizable. Whatever distinct visual flair he has, could easily get lost in such a huge project. For example Sam Raimi is also dinstict enough but you couldn't tell he directed that wizard of oz movie without watching the credits.
  9. Joel M

    Which films from 2018 do you think will be well remembered in 10 years?

    Black Panther, ASIB and Spider-verse for me look like sure bets. Crazy Rich Asians too because there are zero other big rom coms this decade. It fills a certain place in people's mind. Blackkklansman could be one of the few Spike Lee movies people remember because it's one of his most accesible. ofc all the other huge franchise hits that will get sequels, remakes and reboots till the end of time will still be remembered in 10 years, I just think in many cases people will remember the brand rather than the actual movie. I'm sure tons of people will remember and like Deadpool in 2028 but are they gonna remember which one of the 4-5 movies was Deadpool 2 and what actually happened in it?
  10. Yes it is. I think it's in the same league with Beauty and the Beast song, Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata.
  11. It looks so pretty and interesting but that's the whole deal with Korine. His images make good trailers full of amazing colors and intriguing premises and then you watch the movie and all the didactic, faux-edgy bullshit that come with it. Of all the shock auteurs he's my least favorite by a wide margin. But I hope this works at least for McConaughey, he really needs a career boost and looks like he 'll be great in it.

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