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  1. Watched it again last night and the final scene when they set up the sequel hurts me everytime.
  2. Jumanji wasn't either a major event or mega hit in the 90s, nor it was culturally omnipresent before the new movies. Doesn't mean the new one will blow up like Jumanji but it's certainly way more remembered than the Star Trek movie.
  3. TV Unbelievable. Really good miniseries, it manages a perfect balance between the investigation and the victims trauma. Merrit Wever and her calming voice pretty much owns this. The Last Dance. Very interesting, especially for anyone that didn't live through or was too young to remember the 90s. Neon Genesis Evangelion ep1-15. Well it's interesting but maybe it's one of those things that I don't get the appeal. Literally the same thing happens every episode, I'll try to finish it though. Hollywood ep1. Nope. It looks terrible even by Ryan Murphy standards. Movies Grizzly Man. For some reason I thought this was about someone having a "bear farm" or having domesticated them somehow. But it's about a guy that lived in the wild with bears. The entire movie I just couldn't fathom how crazy this guy is. It spoils the ending very early but still the footage is so insane it made me anxious all the way through. The Girl with Dragon Tattoo. Might not be top tier Fincher but everytime I watch it I get a little sad they didn't get to make the sequels. Games Titanfall 2 still. I played the campaign a second time, this game is awesome.
  4. Same here. First time I saw it thought it's just a really well made, beautifully photographed and acted period piece. Second time I was amazed by how purposeful the cross cutting in timelines is, how vibrant the look of the movie is, how perfectly it comes all together narratively and emotionally. This movie proved to me more than anything that Greta is the real deal. Not because Lady Bird is bad, it's great, but in this one she's so much in control of every aspect of the project it's very impressive. It feels like someone's 13th movie not the third.
  5. Before theaters closed, the highest-grossing of those titles, the horror reboot “The Invisible Man,” had collected about $64 million in the U.S. and Canada. The other three movies had made a combined $16 million. Their digital performances are the equivalent of a combined $96 million in box-office grosses. The article is a bit confusing. It seems to me that he's comparing DOM box-office with worldwide Premium VOD grosses. That's a bit misleading.
  6. Movies Howl's Moving Castle. might not be the best Miyazaki but still love it. Memories of Murder. still a masterpiece Eftyhia. Greek historical drama that became a huge hit this year. It was decent. Burning. Watched it twice this week and I'm officially obsessed with this movie. TV Community season 4-6 The seasons I've never seen before despite being a huge fan of the show back in its glory days. It definately wasn't as bad as I feared. Even season 4 (that is pretty much a bust in many ways) has its moments, and after Harmon came back the show got a lot better. But still the constant cast reshuffling and dragging this for #sixseasonsandamovie makes it feel more like a decent spin-off than a continuation of a brilliant show. It's fine but I don't think I 'll ever need to watch it again aside from a few standout episodes. The best way this could have gone was Harmon-Chevy Chase-NBC waiting another year to kill each other and the show being 4 seasons and no movie going out on a high. But it wasn't meant to be. And since I've got nothing but time for lists, here's my personal top episodes
  7. 1. The Last Jedi 2. Empire strikes Back 3. A New Hope 4. Revenge of the Sith 5. Return of the Jedi 6. Rogue One 7. The Force Awakens 8. Solo 9. Rise of Skywalker 10.Attack of the Clones 11.Phantome Menace
  8. I didn't say the popularity is perfect but at least it takes into account more than one metric to level a bit the field between a movie with 500.000 votes and a movie with 50.000. As for imdb they have an algorithm that weights in how many people voted for a certain movie that makes it easier to compare the Godfather that has a million votes and a Bergman movie that has 1/10th of that. Letterboxd doesn't have that and whether they have a 1.000 or 10.000 or 25.000 vote threshold it's still arbitrary. If they had an official vote with users making their own lists like we did here the results would 've been representative even if only just a part of their userbase engaged in the vote. As it is X movie with 30.000 votes has 0.1 better rating than Y movie with 300.000 votes, therefore is higher on the list makes no sense, at least to me.
  9. The letterboxd list looks very iffy to me, and not really representative of the community. They don't weight at all popularity they just go just with avg. rating and many obscure movies with 10k viewers that don't have the one sentence hot take reviews are popping up really high giving the impression that La Flor for example is all the rage in letterboxd. If you go by popularity (most seen, listed and liked) their top10 looks: 1.Parasite 2.Joker 3.Get Out 4.Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 5.Into the spiderverse 6.Lady Bird 7.La La Land 8.Infinity War 9.Inception 10.Fury Road It's still not perfect but closer to the "truth"
  10. Just watched season 4 premiere of Community 😒 Hunger Games spoof AND and a dead on arrival never ending laughtrack joke? This is gonna be way more rough than what I expected.
  11. Since we got to top20 I suppose Wolf and Silence are the only Marty movies left. Should have put Shutter Island higher on my list.
  12. Yep, Mulligan is in one of the best RTD era Who episodes and Garfield in one of the worst. Life isn't always fair.
  13. I don't think he is great in everything but his filmography is surprising stellar, maybe it's because he doesn't do that many movies. His early UK tv stuff Boy A and Red Riding are pretty good, the aborted Spidey franchise is not very good but it ain't terrible or embarrasing either and his other movies (TSN, Never let me go, 99 homes, hacksaw, silence, silver lake) range from decent to masterpiece and are very diverse. The only one I haven't seen is Breathe, which looks really bad but still. Very strong resume for someone who's only in the buisness for a decade.
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