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  1. Huh? I don't understand how this movie's potential success can be attributed to Disney more than James Cameron.
  2. Courtney Cox's haircut in Scream 3 was talent abuse.
  3. I absolutely adore the ND games but I agree that the stories work as great as they do because of the gameplay. You can't just remove the gameplay sections and adapt the stories beat for beat. I wouldn't want a TLOU show that just hits every plot turn of the game, from Bill to Pitsburg to Tommy etc. As for Uncharted I don't hate the direction they went with. It's obviously a different story that takes a lot of actions beats from all the games. The identical Uncharted 3 plane scene and the pirate ship/golden cross straight out of Uncharted 4 are the obvious ones but I'm sure the movi
  4. I think it's a very good movie despite the silly CGI but I agree about the overpraise. This probably had the best initial critic reaction in Scorsese's entire career after a decade of him not exactly being a critics darling. 3 out of his 4 previous movies got polarizing reviews on release and all bounced back pretty quickly. I feel this is the rare Scorsese movie that will drop a bit in esteem as the years go by.
  5. King Richard. It's fine. Will is good in it. People have won oscars for way worse stuff. Benedetta. Absolutely loved this. Not nearly as scandalous as I expected but nevertheless the best Verhoeven in decades. House of Gucci. Maybe a bit too long and messy, but it's good and Gaga gives the most fun performance of the year. The Last Duel. The much better 2021 Ridley movie and sadly the one I didn't see in theatres because I'm a dumb millenial. Probably in my top-5 of the year. The Power of the Dog. Feels a bit shapeless in the first half but becomes pretty powerful once it f
  6. I'm the first one to clown on Netflix numbers and they 're still bullshit if you try to asses how many people actually watch their stuff all the way through, but they 're fine to compare which are the biggest "streaming" hits since Netflix is still far and away the biggest platform. Bird Box was a thing for a hot minute and a lot of people checked on Red Notice because of the names/genre but this feels like the first Netflix movie that has some of the "real" buzz only their biggest shows have had until now.
  7. Stewart's buzz as the inevitable frontrunner has died down considerably since Venice but at the same time none of the others has really emerged as a legit threat to win yet. Colman feels like a sure nomination but winning? I don't see it. Haim or Zegler would be fresh faces happy to be nominated, Cruz would be the arthouse/foreign pick and I'm sure one busted bait between Chastain and Nicole will make it in just because. The only realistic alternative is
  8. Can't people let Sony have this? Marvel is a continuous never ending success story, yes it's their movie too, but this didn't blow up because Doctor Strange is in it.
  9. nice round 260. Isn't a 3x multiplier almost a given just because of the holidays?
  10. I really thought this was gonna be a bloated mess and it really wasn't. The most unexpected thing is how much self-contained and low stakes it is. I know Dr. Strange is there and the multiverse shenanigans will be a huge thing going on but here they are treated as just an elaborate plot device to get all the Spider-villains (and heroes) together and then Dr. Strange fucks off so they can have a celebration of Spider-man's 20 year cinematic history. There could easily be a version of this where it's a spring-board for MCU phase 4, the classic villains playing second fiddle to some huge cosmic p
  11. Just saw it. For sure a nostalgia trip but it is surprisingly fun and not the mess I expected. People at my screening just lost their shit at some point. Despite being opening night crowd, I'm pretty sure a good chunk of the audience had no idea about some "cameos" that are an open secret on the internet. This is gonna have unreal WOM. Like Avengers 1 unreal.
  12. It was mostly great and put to rest my doubts about its existence. It's another take on it and Spielberg's love for the material shines through in every scene. He fleshes out the supporting cast and the setting, he gives even the silly romeo+juliet love story at the centre some moments to feel a bit more significant and re-arranges some songs to different effect. But the masterstroke I think is including Rita Moreno giving her a real role and let her sing Somewhere. This is what makes it to me a very welcome companion piece to the 1961 movie rather than just a remake. The new cast is also
  13. Fun movie. It's campy as hell and Lady Gaga is legit great in it and completely in tune with the tone of the whole thing. Even Leto is so ridiculous he's kinda compelling. That said the messiness doesn't always work and it could have been shorter, but it's still pretty entertaining as it is.
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