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  1. Not again with the marketing budgets. I don't know if Deadline started this trend of bringing up marketing budgets whenever you want to downplay a movie's success but I'm blaming them.
  2. I think both Big Short and Vice were sold as timely prestige films with a comedy spin and McKay's comedy past wasn't even mentioned in the marketing. The teaser of Don't Look Up stars with from the director of vice, big short AND anchorman,stepbrothers. I think McKay is trying to go full over the top characters/situations like his earlier films but with a timely subject and a cast full of oscar winners instead of Will Ferell. Doesn't seem to be working judging by that clip.
  3. But not just because it was a huge ip or nostlagia. It was mostly the abnormaly high trailer views, i think at the time only comparable to 300m+ grossers.
  4. Yes, there's no reason this won't be at least as succesfull as detective pikachu or sonic. Probably even more. Would be funny though if this movie somehow rattles the raging middle age dudes with easily ruined childhood syndrome.
  5. Great teaser, this is my most anticipated movie this year, I haven't watched the old movie, I don't even know what it's really about. I really really hope it ends up great. About it's oscars chances I don't care that much. Del Toro isn't a baity director and this doesn't seem that oscar friendly in and of itself. So if reviews aren't there in an overwhelming way like Shape of Water it might be easily classified as not important enough to be a real contender. I'm way more invested in this being a hit. Del Toro deserves it. IMO he's one of the best populist directors out
  6. I accept Nightmare Alley as no1 only in the sense that sight unseen it's the most likely to be nominated across the board, but looking at history it feels like a longshot for actually winning just because it's not as common as I thought a big name director winning BP more than once. Certainly much less common than getting a second BD oscar. The most likelier path if Nightmare Alley is a top contender, is Del Toro getting even with his buddies at BD, maybe Cooper getting his "it's time" oscar but eventually losing the big one to whatever is the other top contender that will have wo
  7. August Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. As terrible as the title suggests. The Art of Self-Defence. Stupid movie that thinks it's real smart. Cruella. It's a watchable polished nothing, shame about the cast that is very good across the board and game for this premise. Black Bear. Really liked this, might get a bit selfimportant at times but its a very welcome bonkers indie. Aubrey Plaza is amazing in it. The Witches. Sadly a snoozefest, not even Hathaway's ham can give this any life. Dare. Non existent movie from 2009 starring Emmy Rossum, Mat Saracen from FNL and some
  8. That quote is from before they gave have him a 2nd directing oscar.
  9. yep if it has to be the tried and tested floating heads looking somewhere the book cover is much better. Something about the official movie poster feels off. Can't exactly spot what it is but it's like they're photoshoped in a weird way or sth?
  10. Raya and the Last Dragon. Third WDAS movie in a row that feels just there. Not good, not bad, just there. Space Jam 2. I didn't expect this to be more soulcrushing than last years Scooby Doo but here we are. Cannot understand wth is happening with Warner's animated characters. Is there some Disney sleeper agent making sure they 'll make the worst possible version of every single one of them? Ad Astra. It felt gorgeous and emotional but at the same time a little boring and kinda stupid? Still on the fence about how it all comes together. Dead of Night. Some segments haven't aged
  11. Hmmm giant media conglomerates try to fuck talent out of the new media monopoly they 're building for themselves, and when said talent fights back totally spontaneous articles from totally unbiased industry trades pop up to inform us that talent is being selfish and acting out and should just shut up and no make a hustle because they re gonna lose. Did we jump into the Hot Tub Time Machine and end back on 2008 Writer's strike? cause I have flashbacks. In other words, Johansson can point to industry custom, but this moment in Hollywood’s history is truly unprecede
  12. good for her. BW underperforming and at the same time Disney celebrating the 60m it did in disney+ gives her a pretty strong case.
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