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  1. This is more awards friendly than Gravity and Martian because it's "historic" but essentially is a mainstream play like those movies were. It opens wide in October and probably has a budget somewhere between 50 and 100M. October-December oscar buzz is a very tiny online bubble, before the golden globes GA has no clue what movie is in contention for the oscars and First Man would have made 95% of its gross by then whatever that is. It will have to float on its own with or without BP conteder status.
  2. It will end up a little over/under the first one both DOM and WW. It's a huge win considering many people thought it will drop considerably from the first one. Denzel remains pure gold as long as the budgets are kept in check.
  3. Joel M

    The Abyss

    Great movie, it was one of my favorites as a kid. I might have watched it more than 20 times when I was around 10-12 years old. I grew up with the theatrical version but the director's cut is even better. Watched it again last night and in hindsight it's kind of baffling that this is Cameron's financial flop. It literally had everything to grab GAs attention. Never seen before cgi, never seen before tense underwater action sequences, likable characters, a crowdpleasing streamlined narrative. I have no idea why it didn't connect back in the day.
  4. Completely agree with @Barnack and @Nova, Statham isn't a boxoffice draw by any stretch of the world but he was essential in selling this movie. People knew him as the uber-macho guy that does silly b-action movies even before the F&F franchise, they just didn't watch those movies in theatres. He was perfect casting for this movie. He's close to what Jean Claude Van Damme was in the 90s, everyone knew him and lots of people were watching his movies but most of them were waiting for home video.
  5. Amazing for Crazy Rich Asians, it will come much closer to We 're the Millers 5-day than anyone expected. The Meg drop is also impressive, seems to be having solid WOM, it opens here on Thursday and can't wait to watch it.
  6. Orlando Bloom makes the list. Not a great start.
  7. really really bad idea. It will be even more meaningless than what the best comedy globe is most of the times. This won't work at all.
  8. To me Wolf is her breakthrough, she was a complete unknown and became famous overnight after that movie. ofc she played her cards right and most of the stuff she did after boosted her career even further, but WOWS is what put her on the map.
  9. To me the first one was really lame and embarrassing for everyone involved but this was so much better. Really good mixture of silly fun and emotion, also the present/past structure really works. Cher singing Fernando to Andy Garcia was a legit great moment, hilarious and touching at the same time. B+.
  10. Joel M

    La La Land or Mamma Mia?

    Mamma Mia is trully godawful. Who cares if it has fun songs, you can listen them on youtube without having to suffer through the "movie" around them.
  11. KStew played in a movie opposite a great Juliet Binoche performance and she was the better actress in it, so I don't know where the hate is coming from. She is talented, maybe not movie star talented, but I like her more than most actresses in her age range.
  12. Joel M

    James Cameron

    Masterpieces Aliens T2 Titanic Really great movies T1 Abyss True Lies Avatar Mediocre/Bad haven't seen Piranha 2 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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