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  1. The producers and money men will of course get hurt, I was talking about the creative people (cast and crew) and how this movie isn't seen as a black spot in their filmography even if in financial terms at least, it was a megaflop. Scorsese was only hurt in the sense that no one will give him again 100m+ to make a movie that doesn't have DiCaprio in it, which is fine. He probably only got that Hugo budget (or the 50m budget for a movie like Silence) because of his back-to-back hits with Leo. And WOWS had to find the budget from "intependent producers" because of its highly sexual content. If it was more violent-R rated than sex-R rated prob every studio except Disney would have greenlight it in a heartbeat.
  2. What exactly is the game that he refused to play? The movie got great marketing, great pre-release hype, great reviews, it was positioned by the studio as the BIG movie of October, it even got the snooty "no one should touch the holy cow that is Blade Runner" fans on board. It was released under the most ideal circumstances imaginable and still played in half empty theatres from the get go. To me that clearly vindicates the people who were saying all along in this thread that this didn't have enough appeal to be a 150m movie released in 4000+ theatres. Does anyone really believes that it would magically grow monster legs after that kind of OW if it was half hour shorter or lighter or more action packed?
  3. It will probably be the rare mega flop that will not hurt at all any of the creative people involved, it might even look good on their resume a few years later. Similar to Scorsese's Hugo minus the oscar glory. Alcon though
  4. I was hoping it will open big enough to at least do decent relative to the budget, but after that OW it was dead and buried. I'm not on the MAHSTAPIECE!!! train and I need to rewatch it, but I'm glad all the money people involved miscalculated so much its appeal and we got the huge budget version of this.
  5. What is and isn't acting is also a matter of opinion. I'm not the biggest fan of Shame, I actually kinda hate it, but he's very good in it. He's also even better imo in the other two Steve McQueen movies he did, or maybe I think so because I like those movies much more than Shame. I find him good in most movies I ve seen him, both good and bad ones, except the Light between Oceans. That one was embarrasing for everyone involved.
  6. No one disagrees with the zero boxoffice draw but I don't think his acting skills are overrated. He's really good, I would even say one of the best in his age range, but maybe he is not Hollywood leading man material. That doesn't mean he is not a good actor.
  7. For me it wasn't as bad as the RT score indicates, critics probably wouldn't be as harsh without the expectations that come with Alfredson and that cast. But it's not good either. Pretty standar thriller and not nearly as fun as it should be. Poor Fassbender.
  8. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    It's possible since it doesn't even have a name yet and it's October. If it is as weird as his last two movies it will just get the obligatory DDL and screenplay noms, no matter in what award season it will be released on.
  9. The trailer is great and I'm pumped because it's star wars but it feels a little weird and doesn't have the same power that the TFA trailer had, but that might not be a bad thing. Pretty much everything in TFA marketing was covered top to bottom in nostalgia, I remember getting chills in the theater the first time I saw the trailer even though I've watched it in my laptop many times before, and I'm not exactly a hardcore SW fan. And I loved TFA even if I agree that it gets frustatingly familiar as it progresses. But if this mimics ESB in spirit and be a new different thing and not a quasi-remake of it, it might feel a little weird at first and I bet many SW fans won't love it as much because it isn't 100% the Star Wars they know and love. Empire strikes Back wasn't the universally praised golden standard that it is today when it was first released. Of course it was well received and all, but its status as equal or better than ANH by both fans and critics was solidified years after it came out. Because it was different than what cme before. Judging from the trailer story beats I got, it will at least have "some" similarities in structure with ESB, with Rey training and the other good guys having a seperate adventure. But maybe this time Snoke doesn't chop Rey's hand in the end and Finn doesn't end up stuck in carbonite.
  10. Probably the movie isn't tracking very well and they wanted to help it get as much oscar buzz/awareness as it can before going wide. At least according to early reactions this seems to be a crowdpleaser, but that won't help if not enough people show up when it first goes to 1000+ theatres. Look at Battle of the Sexes who had many signs of a movie that could be a medium-size WOM hit, but not enough people knew or cared about it when it went wide.
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Polanski's crimes are public knowledge and reported by the media for decades. Harvey's misdeeds even if they were rumours and it was a things industry people knew it was made public with facts and testimonies like 1 hour ago for the first time. Not the same thing. And c'mon about JLaw and Paltrow power circa '12 and '98. They were just halfway to become the "it" girl when they were cast in his movies.
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Harvey can go to hell but I don't get the hate for the artists that worked for him. Because they worked FOR him not with him. He was one one of the most powerful men in Hollywood for 2 decades. Shame on JLaw and Paltrow for being famous enough when they met him to not be sexually assaulted.
  13. Mad Max maybe a good comparison for BR2049 for total gross DOM/WW but it isn't a good comparison for legs. Dunkirk, Martian, Gravity or even a smaller studio movie like Gone Girl got to be the top dog for an entire month with no other bigger hits stealing the spotlight. That helped their already great legs. Mad Max was released in a much more crowded summer slot and wasn't even the top dog on OW, and it was out of theaters way before the oscar buzz. I'm not saying that BR2049 will have the great WOM and legs of all those movies because it will probably be the "big movie" for an entire month, I don't know. But it will be easier for it to do a 3.4x multiplier than it was for Mad Max even with "lesser" reception. It all depends on how GA will react. If they largely find it boring like some critics have, lack of competition won't help much.
  14. 30 minutes or less was just as bad. The cast didn't have the same pedigree but it was great for the kind of action comedy they were going for but it still was painful to watch. And it's not like Zombieland was a horrible movie that briefly tricked us that it's good. I re-watched it a few months ago, and even if some feel it was overrated in its time, it remains a fun and enjoyable movie. I don't know what happened to this guy.

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