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  1. 1.Fight Club 2.Toy Story 2 3.The Matrix 4.Magnolia 5.Being John Malkovich 6.The Iron Giant 7.The Blair Witch Project 8.American Beauty 9.Run Lola Run 10.Eyes Wide Shut 11.The 6th sense 12.Cruel Intentions 13.The Insider 14.Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai 15.Ravenous 16.The Talented Mr. Ripley 17.Election 18.Sleepy Hollow 19.All about my mother 20.Notting Hill 21.South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut 22.Limbo 23.Three Kings 24.10 Things I hate about you 25.The End of the Affair Honorable mentions: Human Traffic, Man on the Moon, Stir of Echoes, The Road Home, The Limey, Tarzan, She's all that, Go, Office Space, The Mummy, Galaxy Quest omg, just scrolling through the year on letterboxd I got dizzy by how many good movies they were made in 1999.
  2. All these are true but 30m is still too low of a start. Even with a 4x multiplier which is far from easy, that OW barely gets it to Inglourious Basterds total. No one says it 'll be a flop but I don't believe Sony expectations for this is to do what IB did 10 years ago.
  3. That's my feeling also. Yes 30m OW would be amazing numbers for any 2.5 hour R dramedy that doesn't have all of QT-Brad-Leo and a 90-100m budget. If 30m is all they can manage then everyone else should pack it up for Netflix already.
  4. I'm hopeful because it gives a Brothers Bloom vibe which I liked but that trailer was not good. The CSI KFC line was pure cringe.
  5. I think TLK being released 2 months later is what really put a cap on how high can Aladdin open. If those movies had their marketing roll out almost simultaneous it's understandable that TLK would always overshadow it because it's TLK. But if TLK was coming out the next year I think Aladdin could have opened high enough to pass 400m/1b with ease even with the continuous bad buzz the project had from the start.
  6. And even if they beef up the very slight DTV stories to be more adventurous there's the problem of the soundtracks. The sequel songs were cheaply made silly tunes no one remembers. I really don't think a theatrical sequel is that possible even if Aladdin goes beyond the billion mark. Maybe cheaper Disney+ movies but that wuld be pretty much the same with the dtv sequels so I really don't care about that.
  7. It doesn't seem to have a strong plot hook like Django and IB had, the movie is being sold as Brad and Leo hanging out in the 60s for the most part.
  8. I didn't expect to like it that much, but I did. Easily the best of Disney's live action remakes even if it sounds like faint praise. The original is the movie I've watched more times than any other in my life and by a wide margin. I love it from start to finish but the least interesting thing about it was Aladdin and Jasmine. They are the definition of stock lead couple that the main cool thing about them is their sidekicks (and THE song of course). So I really like it that this remake gives Aladdin and Jasmine almost all the spotlight. The CGI sidekicks aren't as cute and loveable as the animated ones to have much screentime and Will Smith while great could never turn this into his own stand up show like Robin Williams, so that shift in focus might have been a necessity but it absolutely works. Both Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud are really good and the way the movie give them more time together makes their chemistry shine onscreen. Not to mention Will Smith playing Hitch in the rom com hijinks scenes is a joy even when he's blue. Ofc the movie remakes shot for shot the animation classic just like BatB did, but where BatB felt like a rote ugly imitation this has a charm that's independent from the original. Maybe it's the young leads and the rom com angle or maybe it's Will Smith being fun onscreen after so many years of dour performances. Probably a bit of both. B+. -I don't think Jafar was that terrible, he was kinda just there. My biggest gripe is that boring old dude playing Sultan. Where was my fat jolly Sultan? -The Jasmine new song was ok, nothing to write home about but the staging of that musical number was lol worthy.
  9. Throwing the he's not a draw diss at Chalamet who barely has a 2 year old career is all kinds of ridiculous. And he aint even the lead or the most famous person on the Little Women cast.
  10. It's huge, iconic and won 10 oscars. But it's also really old. Mary Poppins was even bigger and more remembered because of Disney legacy-pimping through the decades and the new one wasn't that huge. Despite getting tentpole treatment it did less worldwide than LLL and Greatest Showman which were originals with half of Poppins budget/marketing.
  11. West Side Story maybe is too old and not as huge as other musicals from the 60s to be instantly recognizable by GA today but it also left a big mark on the culture when it was released and some of the songs are still very iconic. I watched it 2 years ago for the first time and I already knew the melody and a few lyrics from three different songs without having any idea that they were from this movie. Many people that don't know or remember the '61 movie will hear America or I feel Pretty in the first teaser and go "huh that's from this movie?" I can see it doing LLL/Showman numbers if it has decent reviews and is even a marginal awards contender.
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