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  1. Period piece with a ton of oscar nominations is enough to get at least the older audience in the door but the main factor is Lanthimos. Local media are all over him and his movie for almost 2 months, he's the "greek guy that made it in Hollywood". This kind of breathless coverage turned the movie into an event.
  2. Joel M

    Green Book (2018)

    It's fine I guess, I wasn't bored but it's the kind of movie I wouldn't remember a single scene from it, a year from now.
  3. Joel M

    Roma (2018)

    At first I thought I didn't love Roma because I was overhyped and found it less than the best Cuaron movies, but this is probably my real problem with it. Even if the movie was more obviously about young Cuaron, Cleo should still have been a real character.
  4. Joel M

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I really don't understand how both ASIB and Klansman went from contenders to also runs in the last couple of months. First BCoop not winning anything and now Spike Lee possibly losing his consolation screenplay prize, I don't get it, at all. edit. Also Eighth Grade beating Roma and Green Book feels like they didn't wanna spoil who wins best picture.
  5. What I got from the trailer is that Anne Hathaway commits to the horrendous accent all the way through and only changes to her real voice when her character is "in a con". Already sold on this movie even if the trailer wasn't that funny.
  6. Can't wait to see how this will perform. The buzz is big, the local media are all over it because of Lanthimos and the other thing that has going for it is that it fits the historical movie with a bunch of oscar nominations slot. There's a big steady audience for this kind of movie. Imitation Game, King's Speech, Theory of Everything, Darkest Hour even a more austere movie like Phantom Thread did over 100.000 tickets here. So it 's locked to be a mainstream hit, I'm just wondering how high will it go.
  7. Probably some late oscar fueled legs kicked in. Same thing happening in the US where it's been making 1-1,5M every week since December.
  8. 1.ASIB 2.Blackkklansman 3.Black Panther 4.Roma 5.Bohemian Rhapsody The Favorite opens here in a couple of weeks to get maximum oscar buzz, and I prob won't watch the other 2 until after the ceremony but it already feels like the weakest lineup since 2011.
  9. Ehh they 're Disney songs. People might know that he's behind them as a trivia, but has anyone ever said "Hakuna matata, what a great Elton John song"?. And even if they did, the Elton biopic would be about his peak years in the 70s. What's Elton John's iconic songs from his heyday? I have no idea.
  10. As someone who was born in the mid-80s Elton John is the guy that sang in Diana's funeral and that's about it. His only song I knew growing up was Tiny Dancer because of Almost Famous and that movie is not exactly a huge classic that everyone remembers. He was huge but his music hasn't crossed over to new generations like the other ones mentioned. For all we know teens of today might think he is Ed Sheeran's dad and that's why he is famous.
  11. Joel M

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Yeah but that was always the case. Every year since forever most of the big awards are locked in advance and there's maybe one or two at best that are actually races till oscar night. Picture is the outlier the last 3-4 years and I don't think it's just because of the preferential ballot. Hurt Locker, King's Speech, Artist, Argo and Birdman were all in the preferential ballot era and that didn't stop them from sweeping the guilds and walk into the ceremony with the BP prize 100% locked. For whatever reason the various awards bodies started doing their own thing the last few years, or maybe it's just happenstance and there just wasn't that one movie for all to line up behind it. Preferential ballot would be nonsence in 5-slot categories and wouldn't change much. If people think it's time for Glen Close or they really love that guy that looks just like Freddie Mercury, they would still go all in and wouldn't matter who got more 2nd place placements. I guess you could expand all categories to 10 to make it more possible for upsets but that would be a disaster. There's been so many stories in the press about academy members not bothering to watch many of the movies or just voting for the stuff they care about and fill in everything else at random. Imagine give those people 20+ categories to rank 10 nominees in each one.
  12. Joel M

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Roma might be in front, but I have no idea what is winning BP, it's gonna be the 4th year in a row that we don't have a locked BP winner before the ceremony. It's becoming a trend and I'm not sure we can attribute it to the category expansion since until half a decade ago the BP winner was usually locked after the major guilds, in some cases even sooner. I haven't seen half the BP nominated movies yet and my faves look dead as contenders (ASIB, Klansman), but this is good for drama.
  13. If the budget is indeed 100M+ and with all the movie stars doing IB numbers would be "at least it didn't flop" territory for this. I bet Sony were targeting Django-Revenant numbers when they won the bidding.
  14. If they 're succesfull and in demand they can choose from many options or even push the projects they want. Robbie after just Wolf basically had to wait for anything that wasn't "hot girlfriend of X 50 year old movie star", but now after continued success in different genres she definately has a say and a lot of options. Same goes for Lawrence, Stone and any IT girl that lasted more than a year. And for male actors that make it big it's even easier to have power to choose projects. I'm not so sure about it only because I think Tarantino while a mainstream favorite has a ceiling with the GA.
  15. HYPE!!!!!!! So is this gonna be Revenant/ASIB big or American Sniper big?

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