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Can we trust SlashFilm?

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Sorry if this is a rather random topic, but it's something I'm curious about. Should I be trusting Slashfilm as a source of information on movie budgets and the like, seeing as they never cite their sources on the matter? For example, this article claims that The Bob's Burgers Movie cost $60 million. The only other place I've seen that figure mentioned was on Filmik, a site known for its lack of integrity and reliability.
So if Slashfilm is propagating information that may or may not be true, possibly taken from sites with poor reliability records, how reliable can we consider Slashfilm? I understand it's a very popular site for movie news, but should we be taking anything it says with a grain of salt? 
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Slashfilm occasionally gets scoops of their own but for the most part they're like most movie blogs in that they regurgitate whatever everyone else is writing about with hopes that their article is the one that gets more clicks. Most of their writeups are based on legit info but they shouldn't be relied on as a source. Most important movie news gets out through one of the trades first (THR, Variety, The Wrap)


As for that Bob's Burgers writeup, they probably wouldn't have gone with that $60 million number if there were a number from a more reliable source to base their narrative on. As it is that is the only number for Bob's Burgers anyone has so they're all running with it.

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The "Trades" like Variety are the most reliable source for film info.

The Business section of the LA Times is also quite good. The film industry is a HUGE part of the LA economy, and coverage has to be good. It used to call it weekly section devoted to the film Industry "Company Town".

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