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  1. I suspect Neon is already booking Margot Robbie to make the rounds at ESPN and the Sports talk radio shows.....
  2. Studios are often "Blown Away" by test screeneings. Most of the time it is just studio Publicity department Hype..which Deadline is notorious for falling for.
  3. Gaga was kind of fun in AHS, but that role was over the top and campy (on purpose). As a serious dramatic actress, Gaga is ,I submit, a unknown quantity. She might be able to pull it off, she might not. But it will demand a level of acting we have not seen from her before. As for her winning a Golden Globe, the Golden Globes are a bad and notorious joke. People win on name recoznition alone,and a lot of people in the industry swear it is possible for a studio to "Buy" a Globe by giving the best and most lavish parties before the Globe award. I like Gaga fine as a singer,and she has a much better singing voice then I would have given her credit for a few years ago,but I just don't know about her as a serious actress.
  4. Is everything a freaking Comic Book Franchise to some people? I am ,as you might have picked up, not big on religion, but even I think that talking about the Bible in terms of a "Extended Universe" is just plain silly.
  5. So Christianity is not a religion.........LOL. And funny, almost everybody else gets that A Handmaiden's Tale is about a Fundementalist From of CHristinity taking power in America.
  6. Not bad for a 35 Million dollar investment.......... Wonder Woman will make more at the box office, but I would not be surprised if in net (aka real) profit It does not end up rating higher then Wondy because It only cost a fraction of what WW cost.....
  7. I think that is true of most really good Horror films,and why although I like Horror as a genre, I don't like the slasher film sub genre. No characters you can care about. Irony is that in the original "Halloween", John Carpenter is careful to make the main female character sympathetic.You care about her. And she fights back .
  8. I suspect "KIngsmen" will be another film that will make some money, but not enough to guarantee a sequel. A third film will probably be up in the air.
  9. The Exorcist does not hold up all that well today, but in 1973 it broke a lot of screen taboos. Created a major controversy because how over the top the gore and gruesomeness was;nothing like it had been seen in a mainstream major studio film before. It broke a lot of barriers for horror movies. it is one of those films that has lost a lot of it punch today, but is still one of the most important films ever made in the horror genre. And certainly no Horror film before the Exorcist was a massive box office blockbuster the way the Exorcist was. Yeah, it is pretty tame by today's standards but in 1973 it was pretty shocking.
  10. I have watched a couple of Kirk Cameron's films, and they are pure crap. I hate to tell you this, but a great many people don't buy into religion, and a lot of those who do are not Christians. And the idea of a "Christian America" terrifies me. See "The Handmaiden's Tale" for details.
  11. There is an old joke in Hollywood that it takes a Jew to make a good movie about Christianity..."Quo Vadis"(1951) was directed by Mervyn Le Roy and the 1959 Ben Hur by William Wyler...both were Jewish. So was Fred Zinneman ..who directed "A Man For All Seasons" and "The Nun's Story". The 2016 Ben Hur seems to have originated at the studio, with a couple of Chistian producers brought in in order to "sell" the movie to the faith audience,and they hired a director not known for his religious viewpoint. So I am not sure you can say the 2016 Ben Hur was the product of devout believers...although whoever was responsible for that POS movie should do penance......
  12. I guess Warners decided to just get it over with. But the warners PR department is preparing for the inevitable storm (no joke intended) of criticism for exploiting the recent disasters that is coming there way.
  13. Yeah, the Streisand version was a huge letdown. Problem was it became a star vehical for Streisand, and the tragedy of the Norman Maine character got lost in the shuffle.
  14. She was fun in Horror Story, but she did camp it up quite a bit in that role. She cannot do that here...this is a serious dramatic role,and it remains to be seen if she can pull it off. I suspect that Cooper is spending a lot of his time as director "Mentoring" and coaching Gaga, and the success of the film might well depend on well he can do this. Lets' put it this way, Horror Story as far as acting goes is double A baseball, but now Lady Gaga is in the Major Leagues.
  15. Though I like the 1954 Judy Garland verson a lot, the 1937 original from David O Selznick remains my favorite. BTW the 37 version was one of the first films to be produced in Technicolor.

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