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  1. Something people here forget. They also forget how popular Bond is. The idea that only "Older Audeinces" care about 007 is silly. People in this forum are heavily tilted toward CBM fans. Outside that circle, you don't see much talk about Venom 2 beating 007 at the Box Office.
  2. Only a few nerds on the Internet ever took the "James Bond Is A Code Name " theory seriously. Everybody connected with the movies or who is familair with the Ian Fleming novels always laughed at it.
  3. I think "Outlaw Josey Wales" is Eastwood's best Western, and and one of the better film on the Civil War at the same time. And "Dirty Harry" is perhaps his most iconic film: "I Know What your're thinking:did he fire five shots or did he fire six......"
  4. I hope not. Last time the US had a seperatist mobvement it did not turn out too well. See "The Civil War" for details.
  5. Indeed. As a American, I don't mind criticism..heaven's knows we deserve it, but I don't like the smart ass contempt you see from all the "edgy" people who don't like the uS. And those who praise CHina over the US are.well, just plain crazy if you give a damn about freedom and Democracy.I am worried about both surviving in the US, but as of right now CHina is much,much worse on those two items.
  6. As a Toklien fan since I read the books in the early 80's, I am very skeptical about this..or any project not based closely on Tolkien's writings. One reason the Hobbit was not nearly as good as LOTR was that Jackson added too much of his own crap to it, and Jackson is a lot more talented then the people making this. Yeah, call me a close minded purist,but i have no interest in a routine Sword and Sorcery story set in MIddle Earth.Still just a routine Sword and Sorcery story. And, No I do not think Tolkien's works should be treated like a freaking comic book universe. And
  7. It's a big deal in the US as well,one of the most popular Sci Fi novels every written. I puzzle as to why some people think it's a obscure novel....
  8. Yeah, I think SONY has sort of already written this one off. Maybe the move to Jar. was to give them a tax write off for 2022.....
  9. I would not call "THe Patriot" measured history. It;s is full of stupid bloopers. When it came our, Revolutionary War reenactment sites had a lot of fun ripping up the inaccuracies and the stupidties.
  10. I will use my earplughs on my Galaxy to listen to music while I watch the boring setup and stupid, badly written dialogue, and pause the music to enjoy the sound effects when the scenes of massive destruction come on..only reason to watch a typical Emmerich film. Let's face it, Emmerich blows things up real good, but other then that he is hopeless as a director.
  11. The two previous Spidey's have been rumored to be in this film for so long I think any hope of getting mileage out of a surprise factor is almost non existent. Soney would be crazy not to use them as a selling point.
  12. Frankly, I think having the two previous live action Spideys in the film is a major selling point and SONY would be crazy to sacrafice that.
  13. If the mid credit scene story is true.... I thought the first one stunk, except for the performances, so it's no great trick for this one to be better. I am curious to see how Serkis does on his first major release as a director (his Jungle Book having vanished to oblivion. One thing for sure, Harrleson had the best possible coach for how to give a good performance in Mocap......yes, he did, my precious, yes he did.....
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