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  1. I also think even if the snap had been better handled, people would still be upset with Dany going to the dark side.
  2. One of Excaliburs flauts is that it does get rushed toward the end;but it just about the only Arthur film that actually follows Thomas Malory's "Morte D Arthur"(the 15th century work that is the main source of the Arthurain Legend) pretty close. A film trilogyof Morte D[Aethur would work; The Rise Of Arthur, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table at their height, and the Fall of Arthur. And of course we cannot omit "Monty Python And The Holy Grail". Yeah,it plays it for laughs, bur that the Pythons were extremely familiar with the Arthurian legends is clear (you need to be really familiar with something to be so funny poking fun at it)mand the look of the film is amazing,and would not be surprised if Boorman saw Holy Grail and went "What if somebody made a serious version of Atrhur with those visuals".....
  3. Yup, he is going to go on about this for the next year and a half. Problem is most of the people who sign that petition (and we all know how well internet petitions work) are not mad about the very real flaws in the writing of the show this season, but that Dany went over the Dark Side. Even if the writing had been really good,they would still scream over that. GHuaranteed, George RR Martin probably knew that would happen to Dany way back when he was planning the plotline of the books. Internet Petitions usually pretty useless, but this one is worst them most. THye are not going to do a reboot with a "good" Dany. Not going to happen.
  4. RealCaoMarvel is a troll, pure and simple. Check his posting history. All he does is go into a thread, post inflammatory and often stupid opinions, gets his kicks from the angry reponses then goes to another thread to repeat the process. Always hit and run postings, never sticks around for a actual discussion.Textbook example of a Troll.
  5. You can excuse all you like, but people did not like the versions of Supes and Bats presented in BvS...Supes in particular. They did not like a Supes who spent most of the film moping around feeling sorry for himself. People did not like the SNyderverse, and it came back to haunt DC/Warners with Justice League.
  6. The political opinions expressed in this reply to my post are those of Captain Craig,and do not represent my polirical views. And seems to me the right also wants to distort the past to fit their policial agenda.
  7. Antbody who would put Zilla 1998 above the Ray Harryhausen big monster classics ("20 Million Miles To Earth" "It Came From Beneath The Sea" "Valley of the Gwangi" "Beast from 20'000 Fathoms" is somebody whose opinion on film I am going to have a hard time taking seriously.
  8. ALmost every source is giving 200 Million as the budget so, yeah, the massive reshoots blew up the budget. When you reshoot almost a third of a film, it's going to blow up your budget. That is just common sense. That's a 400 Million minimum break even point. I really think Disney thinks that they will be lucky if they manage to get their investment back. And do I need to repeat that, yes, it is Disney's investment? The did not make the decision to spend the much on the film, but inhereited the cost when they took over Fox.
  9. Particurlay when the guy direicting has Zero directing experience......
  10. I can't stand Chris Rock either but even if he was the most talented stand up comic in the world that does not mean he has any talent as a film director.
  11. I think 50 Million is probaly the floor for a franchise that has been as sucessful as the X men has.
  12. The X Men brand alone will get you a 50 Millon opening. It will not guarantee legs. Frankly, if Disney can just get it's money back on this, they will probably be happy. (And yes, it's Disney money....they got Fox's debts when they took over the company as well as it's assets).
  13. Maybe,but that does make his comments about the guy he is talking about there any less true.
  14. Don't feed the Trolls, it only encouragtes them. RealCapMarvel is one of the more notorious Trolls on this site;it the same shtick all the time: go into a thread about a popular franchise...Bad Mouth it with name calling without ever giving the reasons why you don't like it..then move to another thread and do the same. He never gets into a serious discussion. And if you give him an angry respoinse he has won;angry responses is how he gets his kicks. Just ignore Trolls. Only way to get rid of them.
  15. I agree. Varys seems to become incredibly stupid for a guy who is supposed to be one of the smartest...though evil..people in Westros.
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