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  1. Things other the pure box office numbers go into a sequel decision. That the audience ratings for this are not good would also have been a factor even if the film had managed to limp into breaking even or modest profit. but with the film apparently on the road not to even break even, a sequel or franchise are DOA. and it does suck that apparently the film ends with a cliffhanger or strong lead into a sequel.
  2. I find it amusing that one of the biggest Cameron fanboys here calls Cameron "Killer of Cape Movies" ,forgetting that for quite a while Cameron tried to get his version of Spiderman made.....
  3. Your inability to admit that how divisive Zack Snyder's version of the DCU was is truly incredible. If WB was that happy with how the Snyderverse was performing, why did they bring in Johns in the first place for a major course correction? You just can't admit how divisive BVS was.......
  4. When Bay conquers Gaul, he can refer to himself in the third person also....until then it's just a bad look.
  5. I think the twiter campaign to force Disney to rehire Gunn might have backfired. Now DInsey management is thinking it basic power to make decisions is being challenged and that will just make them dig in their heels. They do not want to be put into the positions of being blackmailed by actors every time they make a production decision,and if that means maybe sacrificing a film or two so be it No studio wants to be seen as ceding basic production decisions to a mob of actors making a lot of angry tweets. I think behind the scenes, quite pressure would have worked a lot better.
  6. I like Whedon a lot,, but I agree that from everything I have read his take on WW would have been terrible. He turned her into a Buffy retread,basically, and his version had little to do with the iconic DC character. Whedon has learned better since, but yeah,his WW sounded terrible. Better for everybody that it died.
  7. In movies, yeah, but in Television Whedon had a TV show nobody ever heard of called "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". COme to think of it, Avengers was Whedon second film,and his first that was not a spinoff of one of this TV Shows ("Serenity" was his first film). WHedon is not above criticism but to pass him off as some failure before THe Avengers is just asinine. You hate Whedon because he was brought in to fix you great god Snyder's work on JL.
  8. I think Johns was brought in to try to repair the damage done to the DCU by Zack Snyder, but because of contracts was saddled with Snyder directing Justice League. He brought in Joss Whedon to try to save JL, but failed. Hopefully Hamada will not have that problem and Snyder will be a minor influence on the DCU at best with a :"courtesy" producer title.
  9. You don't understand. Josh Whedon worked for Marvel Studios, that made him a minion of Satan, and Geoff Johns, since he made clear he did not like Snyder's version of Superman very much,is also a servent of Satan, and hired Whedon for JL to delibertly sabotage the DCU and was probably paid off by Disney for doing so. Zack Snyder is the greatest genius n the history of Cinema, and if don't relize that you are a Servent of Satan.
  10. It looks like a Mideastern street scene in every movie ever made with a Mideastern setting.
  11. There has been plenty of marketing for this givne how long until it actually opens.. It opens in November, and of course the markeing for it will not go into high gear until Early October. Smallfoot opens in late September. Of course Smallfoot is going to get more marketing earlier then Gtinch. Am amazed this needs to be explained.
  12. Which shows how bad the marketing by SONY was. THis kind of movie needs a really good marketing campaign to sell it;instead it got a really inept one.
  13. I am happy it turned out be a good movie;but anybody who thinks a 10 Million opening is good news for this from a box office viewpoint is living in another reality. And the WOM mouth will save it scenario: Often predicted, seldom happens in the real world. Good movies often flop,and Bad movies often make tons of money.
  14. IIt's not wierd at all, when you considser how bad the marketing was.I had no desrie to see the film after those crappy trailers.
  15. When you have crappy trailers, what can you expect people to think.? This seems to be one of the worst handled films in recent history

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