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  1. Did the new marketing blitz start after somebody at the studio said Candyman three times in a row?
  2. If the series continues past Five,it will with a new Indy Jones;no way this is not Ford'a last hurrah. I don;t think it is a coincidence that after being stuck in development hell for so long, this finally got started after "THe Irishman" gave a huge breakthrough in CGI makeup, allowing an actor to "Youthen" without going into Uncanny Valley, which had been the problem with previous attemts to use CGI to youthen an actor,
  3. Software messed up on me. I was going to day that Sony is not happy with Tyrese Gibson......I suspect unless Morbius is a huge hit...and I thin kthe chances of that are very, very,very, low...we have seen the last of him in the Spideyverse.
  4. Of course the basic plot idea of Forbidden Planet is lifted straight from Shakespeare's "The Tempest". It's a milestone Sci Fi film because it was one of the first that actually tried to be a serious drama and not just a action film.
  5. I love the "nobody heard of them" argument;nobody but the hard core Marvel Comics fans knew about Guardians of the Galaxy either.
  6. THIS. Any studio trying to put 'if you appear in this franchsie, you can't appear in our franchise" into a contract would have it sturck down in court as "illegal restraint of Trade" so fast it would make you head spin. Now to mention ,that, outside of court,the Screen Actor's Guild would create huge problems.
  7. God, it's the best made fan trailer I have seen.It avoids most of the obvious lfan trailers mistakes. What I don't get is why Disney did not sue them over the use of the logos. Disney is pretty damn protective of that, and Disney's legal department is the 2000 pound guerilla of the entertaiment legal world.
  8. Like I said, Emmerich sort of made the ultimate disaster film in "2012" and probably impossible for him to top himself in terms of sheer destruction. And, let's be honest, when he tries a film that is not built around elaborate SFX ("Anonymous" and "Stonewall") he pretty much sucks. He blows things up real good, but that is the extent of his cinematic talent.
  9. I doubt they are expecing any award nominations, except for maybe in a couple of technical categories.
  10. With a 100 Million budget, looks as if this won't bomb, but will not make he kind of profits that Disney was expecting either. Does'nt look like it will be a franchise starter. Looks like one Disney probably spent too much money on. I suspect they could have brought it in for a lot less. I have to wonder if Disney is in the habit of overspening on movies..not a good habit for any studio to get in.
  11. Has there been an official trailer for Indy 5 yet? I saw one I thought was for real..the one with an older Indy with a beard but now that is being questioned. If the on I saw ia fan made trailer, it's the best one I have seen. Thouht I don't get how they got away with using the Lucasrats/Disney logos at the beginning, without having the full might of the Disney legal department fall on them.
  12. Always puzzled me why they killed off both Klaw and Killmonger, since, in the comics, they were BP's archenemies.
  13. That is pretty much my take; people forget a lot of Indy Jones is meant to be taken Tongue in Cheek;and the fridge was one of them. One of the problems I have with modernday fans is too many of them have to take everything so damn seriously. But I agree the second half was a mess. I understand that was where Spielberg and Lucas has there now infamous disagreement. And the charecter of Mutt was the worst miscalculation in a Lucas produced movie about how a charecter would be received by the public since Jar Jar Stinks....
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