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  1. If SOny had a streaming service it would be headed there....
  2. I agree it's porbably a bad choice for a movie but I can see the reasoning. Thye though after Venom was a hit that ANY movie based upon a Spideyverse charecter would be a sucess. That Venom is popular charecter with a huge fanbase and Mobius is pretty much a B level Spidey villian escaped their notice.
  3. Biden does not have the power to close movie theaters. That is the call of the state and local officials.
  4. Over in the theater closing thread we have one person saying how everything will be normal in the US bt May, and how looking at the death rates is "Silly"/ The curse of this website is people who reject reality in favor of fantasy.
  5. "Loking on the bright side" by the previous adminstration in the US is a main reason why we are in this mess.
  6. Someone is living in an alternate reality. And it ain't you and it ain't me. I repeat, false optimist is a major factor in what got us into this mess. This is a time for truth and facts..however unpleasnent this facts can be.
  7. Funny, in the US every expert is saying the worst lies ahead. And the new varaints could send us back to groud zero agian. False Optimism is , along with incredibly stupid leadership in the US< is what got us into this mess. We cannot afford it anymore.
  8. Just watched the first Biden Adminstration Covid briefing..... God, I could not beleive the change. And it wa Fauci, at last unleashed. He could say what the thought, he could explain the science, which he could not do before because it would take time away from Dear Leader. There was also none of the fake Happy Talk we have had in the past. Science is back andnow in control. And, to use a line from "The Martian" if we are going to beat COvid we are going to have to science the hell out of this.
  9. Not surprised. Trump was not only evil, but stupid and incompetent. Worst President in American History. I held out for James Buchanan, but Trump easily wins.
  10. At last we got a president who levelled with the people about the Covid VIrus, and how the next couple of months will be the worst yet.
  11. CDC is saying 500'000 dead from Covid in the US by Febuary is almost a certainity.
  12. US Health and Human Services Sectrary resigned today. He will not be missed.
  13. Or maybe it will be some of his World War 2 exploits that the first movie did not cover.
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