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  1. I think Warners publicity now considers the whole backlash controversy to be a good thing;it's getting the fllm lot of free coverage, and there are always people who will buy tickets just to see what the fuss is all about.
  2. The Joker has got enough positive reviews so it won't have to resort to this kind of crap quotemining. I never really though Joker would have that much of a shot at BP (though itmight well get a nomination) but think the Joaquin Phoenix, though not a shoo in, has an very good chance to Best Actor. Even those who had some problems with the film praised Phoenix's performance.
  3. As long as the films are set before Endgame, I don't have a real problem with that.
  4. It would also cost a lot less money. I think Cameron has dabbled a little in television with some documentaries.
  5. Given the Scorsese connections this film has,that should surprise nobody. Hell, Scorsese was one of the producers on this film until he withdrew to concentrate on "The Irishman" but his film company is one of the companies making the film, and a lot of the people behind the camera are Scorsese regulars.
  6. That sounds pretty bad; IMHO take Little Women out of the Civil War background and you have just lost a lot of it's appeal. Yes, you can update a classic successfully, "CLueless" updated Jane Austen's "Emma" successfully,but that is the exception; most attempts to update a classic fall flat on their face. Add Alonso Cauron's "Great Expectations" to that very small group of films that manage to move classic novels to modern times successfully.
  7. Hell, I think the 1933 Kate Hepburn film is still the best film version of the novel.
  8. And if the humor in the trailers is an example of what most of the the humor in the film will be like; the writing is going to be a bigger problem then the designs.
  9. Too soon to tell about Hustlers, but Lots of films are meant to be crowdpleasers, but fail.
  10. Goldfinch is a total fiasco; got badly ripped by the critics. And, yeah, in the case of Goldfinch I think the reviews hurt it badly. The reviews don't matter for some kind of films, but for an Oscar Bait film like "The Goldfinch" they do.
  11. Trialers and footage do nothing for me. Probably give this one a pass. See no reason to spend 12 bucks and 2 hours of my time on a film that just does not look to be that good.
  12. The film world does not revolve around "THe Joker". Yeah, the TIFF ,though useful as a market and a place for studios to premier their Oscar Bait films, has never had the prestige of Cannes and Venice and the filmmaker and studio execs don't stick around after their film has been shown.
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