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  1. A lot of the prep work that a director usually does is done by Barbara Brocolli and Michael Wilson when it comes to the BOnd films. Make no mistake, the Producers pretty much call the shots on the Bond films.
  2. Which is a big plus in EON's eyes. Which is not to say that Fukunaga is a hack, but he knows that in the end on a Bond film EON will be calling the shots and he is not being hired to make a quirky personal film.
  3. Alita is going to have to better then decent in China to pull ALita out of the hole, though.
  4. Seems to me if the movie is really all that good, then Rodriguez deserves a lot of the credit. But I predicted that no matter what happened, Rodriguez would be sort of a non person in the eyes of the Cameron fanboys.
  5. Hey I am only falling off the Empire State Building half as fast as I though I was, that means things are going to be OK. But thanks for a amusing attempt to spin.
  6. Had nothing to do with fanboys, my life just got very busy. MPR underperformed and deserved to. It was a very disappointing film.
  7. It's going to be interesting seeing the Cameron fanboys here try to spin how Alita is a huge box office success....... Breaking even is about the best the film can hope for. And that is not a big success....
  8. I agree about Alita, but put this film in the same category. I just can't believe that the fiaaco that was the making of this is not going to have a impact on quality and therefore on box office.
  9. Contractual Requirements are a big reason, but I think that even the poorly received X Men movies made a profit is another. Even if a film does not turn out well, if it's in a successful franchise, a studio almost always rolls the dice.
  10. Well, it can't be worse then the last time they made a Musical based on Beatles music: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sgt._Pepper's_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band_(film) It's one of the legendary disasters in film history. Both critics and audiences hated it. Almost everybody involved like to pretend it never happened. Boyle would really have to screw up badly to create a turkey as bad.
  11. Yes, it probably will do better then it would have in the December compettion, but 80 Million is stlll not good news for a film withich needs 400 Million to break even,and does not look as if overseas is going to put it over the top. Still has a uphill battle to break even.
  12. And just accepting reality that Alita is underperforming at the box office is now "going after Alita?'.
  13. Just because people makes jokes about it, does not mean they will shell out 12 bucks to see it If Interent memes equaled big box office, "Snakes On A Plane" would have been one of the biggest money makers in history.

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