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  1. But this time Feige might well decide a year from now whether the people doing the X men movies at Fox have jobs or not. Feige has a lot more leverage ..even if unofficial...this time around. Like a freaking broken clock with this guy...everything the MCU does stinks, everything in the DCU...if it's done by Zack Snyder....is great. For the record, the MCU Spiderman is closer to the original Lee Ditko Spidey then any of the past Spidey movies.
  2. I have to note this crap really got started when the MCU movies got generally better reviews then the DCU movies.
  3. Neither was A Wrinkle In Time..... I have some issues with some of what the Disney company does, but these conspiracy theories are pure crap. Someone wrote no one he knows wants to see this. If we are going to the personal anecdote card, MPR is the movie most people in the large office where I work are defiantly planning on seeing. As far as reviews goes, seems to be a wash between MPR and Aquaman.
  4. I wonder if a lot of people in the UK are just staying home to watch the government crisis.
  5. Yup, if the animatation is a good as reported, a lot of the studios are going to wondere why their costs are so high.
  6. How much did this cost? If the budget for this was really as modest as I have been reading,and the final antimation is so good, then a lot of the animatation studios will be asking question about why their films cost so danm much when Lord and Miller can get the same quality at a lot less cost.
  7. Problem is that Aquaman and MPR will take away a lot of the walk in audience. It is getting really good reviews, but Paramount might have made a mistake in opening it against such heavy competition. On a date with less competition, they might be looking at a big hit. Now a modest success is probably the best case scenario because of the competition.
  8. Excellent Point. Avatar is a potential franchise, ,but we won't know until we see how Avatar 2 does.
  9. You have to wonder if this will take in enough to cover the basic distribution costs. I gotta think that FOx id doing do this just so it will have SOME release for the holidays, after it's two biggies Alitan and Ad Astra got moved.
  10. It it's doing poorly in markets where there is weak competition, I hate to think of the US where it will lose the opening weekend to the Spideyverse movie by a big margin, and then get clobbered by the heavy hitters in the week after.
  11. You really need more then great visuals for a hit nowdays. You could get away with great visuals and mediocre or bad everything else back in 2009 but nowdays you have to deliver more. FIlm is not a trainwreck, but it really needed to be really good and get a really good reception to have a chance against the just plain brutal completion.A mixed reception just will not do it. If it really cost 200 Million, the losses on this are going to be huge...probabl6 the heaviest in Jackson career.
  12. I think the MCU takes whatever it thinks will work on screen from anything that Marvel publishes. They don't give a damn if it's mainstream Marvel Universe of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, if they think it will work they will use it. And the multiple earth concept is about to get the workout of it's life in the Spideyverse movie next weekend... And DC has been using the multiple earth routine in it's TV series a lot. And one fun piece of trivia;In Age Of Ultron when Thor has his vision there is a sign for "Wolfram and Hart"..Joss Whedon has Marvel make a buddyverse reference after all the Marvel comic refences in BTVS and Angel.
  13. I avois the JC threads, ;the JC fanboys have become simply unbearable. And it's goint to be worse. And if you point out that there is some question as to how big a fanbase Avatar has they go crazy. I do know that Avatar is not talked about nearly a as much as some other franchises are.
  14. It depends on what the Disney Legal department tells them they can or cannot do with the Fox acquisitions. We all know Disney will get the FF, the X Men etc, but not sure they can legally use the stuff until the deal is actually signed. And that may or may not happen by the time Edngame openes. Early Summer seesm to be the most likely period for the deal to actually be signed.

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