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  1. I think "The Batman" will do very well at the box office, but won't reach TDK levels.
  2. And he seems to be self publishing it.,which is not a good sign for quality. How the mighty have fallen.
  3. Agree with Scarface. Nice thing about the Batman rogues gallary is it is so deep. I think Poison Ivy could fit this version of Batman,if it something like the charecter in "Batman:The Animated Series" and not the lame version we got in "Batman and Robin".The version in more recent comics and Batman TAS is a lot darker and more creepy, beleive me. The Joker in some form is probably inevitable, given his huge popularity and his being so iconic to Batman. Whether or not it's the Joaquin Phoenix version remans to be seen.
  4. Maybe, the problem is that if it like the original, it's ridiculus on it's protryal of combat aviation. For one thing, any pilot doing on half the crap that Maverick does...disobeying a direct order not once but several times...would be grounded, permanently, very fast. It does not matter how good a pilot you are, if you cannot obey orders and be part of a team the military has no use for you.
  5. I was thinking more that it is just not the right time for a gung ho America F--- yes type movie. This is not 1986.
  6. I might well be wrong, but I just have a gut feeling the zeigeist is just not right for a film like this.
  7. Maybe in the decade before POTC but go back far enough, Disney had live action blockbusters. "Mary Poppins" was the #1 box office film in 1964, beating out "Goldfinger" and "My Fair Lady." It took in 103 Million, which would be around 2 billion in today's money.
  8. When a franchise is a big a cash cow as Spidey has been, it does not get a break. Interesting the two of the cast members....Garfield and Cumbernathc ..will probably compete against each othe for a Best Actor Oscar
  9. They are using the cheesiness of the movie as a selling point..which is an interesting strategy. Main problem is Emmerich took the Apocalypse genre about as far as it could go with 2012.
  10. Agreed. I think for me they jumped the shark with Diablo 3. I resented so much about how that was handled....like having to be online ieven if you were playing solo,and the cash grab with the in game shops.Not to mention the game, those thing aside, was just not as creative as the first two Diablo games. I don't really care about this merger because it a case of one money grubbing company buying another money grubbig company. New Boss Same As The Old Boss.
  11. I don't think they ever gave up on it, they just did not stress it. More concerned that they might have shaky foundation given we don't know how Peacemaker will do in the ratings, since SS 2 which introduced the charecter under performed at the box office. BTW we also have confirmation that Wondy will make a appreance in the Second Shazam movie.
  12. Well, after messing up the release of WW84, WB has proven it's capable of making mistakes when it comes to release dates. Granted, that WW84 was a disspontment via a vis the first was a major factor, but still, hard to deny that WB screwed up the release of WW84.
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