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  1. I would not use any service for anything that pulls crap like that.
  2. I repeat I have no opinion about the artistic/entertainment worth of Tenat, not having seen it since theaters are pretty much closed were I live,, but the attempt so prove what a huge success it's release was are silly. All it did was prove a huge budget blockbuster needs an alive and well US threatrical market to stand a chance of breaking even, let alone get into profit.
  3. I think WB management needs a purge, given the bad decsions we have seen them make. The scheduling of WW84 and Dune To Open within a week of eachother is just bat crap crazy virus or no virus. And given that the virus numbers are almost certain to skyorckete in the US by Decemeber...
  4. I am betting on not opening at all, given the very high certainity of a large increase in Covid numbers by December ith the coming of cold weather.
  5. Bottom line from the Tenat release is that big budget films simply need a active US THreatical market to break even on their threatrical run, let alone make a profit.
  6. It's not like Nile has any big spectacular scenes that would require lots of money. Yes, going to Egypt to shoot migh cost a few million more, but not ballooning from 55 to 110 Million.
  7. De Santis being the Mayor from Jaws in real life has ceased being a joke, and has become a reality. The stupid bastard will do anything to look good to Trump. De Santis is an example of everything that is wrong with American Politics today...and why more and more I think that massive violence on a levelthat may apporach a secong Civil War is inevitable.
  8. Nos sure they can. Restuarnts are fairly easy to enforce social distancing measures in. Theaters are much,muchm harder to do that in. How are you gong to do that n the dark? And Restaurants can rearrange seating to accomdate the social distncing by closing down booth and moving tables. Theaters cannot really do that.
  9. Regal being in trouble because of the virus is really serious new in a way AMC was not.s. AMC was in deep,deep. trouble (dut to stupid mangement) before the virus hit. All COVID did was speed up AMC filing for bankruptcy;AMC was not a good bellweather for the theater business as a whlole. It would have done so eventualy anyway. But regal was doing OK, if not great, before the Virus hit. it being in serious trouble will send shockwaves througout the business. To pretend the virus is not going to have long term serious economic impact on the film business is living in a fantasy world.
  10. The possibility of a long term franchise is a Main reason why Warners took the plunge on Dune. The seconf fllm is not realy a sequel...it's the second half of the first novel...but Heaven knows there are enough Dune novles for a long long franchise.
  11. AMC was on the verge of bankruptcy before the virus hit due to bad management, the Virus has probably just moved up the inevitable. What is interesting id despite the recent de facto repeal of the Paramount decision..the court decision in 1948 that made the major studios divest themselves of their movie theater chains, the studios seem to have little interest in getting back into the theater business.
  12. Only film coming close to being a major release for Disney is "Death On the Nile" in Decomber, and that did not cost a lot to make;,no where near a blockbuster budget. I think the MOue wants to show the flag in the Holiday season,and Nile was the obvious choice;they won't lose much on it no matter what.
  13. Disney basicallly cancelled it release schudule for 2020, only think resembeling a major release in December is "Death On the Nile" and that is a film that had a very modest budget. I suspect other studios will do the same. They know a big spike in Covid numbers is coming with winter.
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