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  1. Governor De Santis of Florida supproted the quarantine of New York....Before Trump did a 180 on it: https://www.politico.com/states/new-jersey/story/2020/03/28/desantis-supports-trumps-plan-to-quarantine-new-york-1269491 De Santis was just a little too eager to kiss Trump's ass here.
  2. In other words Cuomo 1 Trump 0 God, he just made a total fool of himself to all but his Cult Members. Now GM just attacked the President. saying they had come an agreement with a venilator company to mass produce the Ventilators at GM plants Before Trump's attack on them.
  3. Only people dumber then Grace are people who take anything she says seriously. She is doing pure clickbait BS now.
  4. It's bigotry, pure and simple. Protect the decent Real American in red states.(real meaning White European descent) againt all the foreginers who are not real Americans anyway (ie.they have black and brown skins or are Asians) . Hate is Trump's stock in trade.
  5. Point is in Finland no one questions that the Prime Minister is acting out of what she thinks is a necessity. I the US,you have to question everything that Trump does; I just find it hard to beleive that it's a coincidence that Trump is doing this just after a series of arguments with the Governor of New York.
  6. Going to get interesting that the site's Number One Trump fanboy has shown up. What is amusing is he is not even an American Citizen.
  7. Actually I am cautiously optimistic. I think Bernie is pretty much a spent force;I don't think it matters if he drops out or not. I think Trump's handling of the virus is changing the minds of a lot of the Bernie Bros that Biden is no better then Trump.
  8. Oh, I am not defending the Chinese Government, I just think some of the hatred I see seems aimed at everything Chinese, which is stupid.
  9. DO you get all your news from Fox News and Briebart? But your worship of Dear Leader is touching.
  10. Big deal, snowflake. Almost all of them were libs from a blue state anyway. Yes, I am seeing the kind of crap from Trump supporters all over the internet.
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