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  1. I did spot a easter egg on a review of Avenger 2 that I had missed, and am ashamed of missing it since I am a huge Buffyverse fan: When Thor has his visions when it comes to forces of evil one of them is a sign for Wolfram and Hart,the legal firm from Hell..literally...in "Angel".
  2. I think it's a bit early for there to be any "real" spoilers of any consequence being leaked. Never forget, geeks love to speculate and guess, often without much in the way of actual proof to back them up. Remember all the crap theories there were before IW, all of it based on "real studio sources?'. I would view any spoilers at this stage with a ton of salt.Not that his will do much good;it is amazing how many people are gullible and will fall for any stray rumor that comes along...
  3. I admit my own taste in horror runs a lot more to supernatural meance..particulary of the cosmic Lovecraft variety..rather then the Slasher films though I have liked some in the genre..like the original Halloween.
  4. True, but it's the horror websites as well as the mainstream critics that are giving it a mixed reception...something that Baumer in his/her holy crusade against film critics seems to have overlooked. But it doesn't matter really: It a huge hit..biggest that the horror genre has seen since "it" and will make a ton of money, particualy since it cost only a modest amount to make. I don't know if it will have the legs that "It" did, but no doubt by Monday a follow up will be greenlighted.
  5. Not a huge Rob Marshall fan...he did one very good movie in "Chicago", and one pretty good one in "Into The Woods" (Pretty good because although I enjoyed it is does not do justice to the stage show) and have not liked any of his other post Chicago efforts, but MPR might just be a project that the could do a really good job on. Maybe lightening will strike twice.
  6. I hope the DC fans are prepared that this might well out gross Aquaman.
  7. WOnder if it was hard to him to switch to a shark from the Goblin Glider..... Seriusly, this might be, for me, one of the better things about AM, asince Dafoe's Green Goblin is one of my top give CBM villains...
  8. I think if Hemsworth turning to comedy fails, then the studios are going to stop trying to make him happen as a draw. he will remain someone who can draw in a specific role, but can't draw for shit outside that role.
  9. Geek Myopia......not getting that most of the potential audience are not geeks....strikes again in the OP predictions. SPideyverse looks better then the other 2 films, but they will still do better then Spideyverse. If nothing else. neither of the other two has the massive competions that Spideyverse will face just a few days after it opens. Because SONY kept the budget low on this, Spideryverse will make a profit for the studio, but it won't6 be a blockbuster.
  10. Out. Looks as if the "Grinch" might not be as big as expected, but still think it and Ralph 2 will outgross Into the Spideyverse. To me, Into the Spideyverse looks really good..but still don't know how much appeal this is going to have with the General Audinece, and Into the Spideyverse is going to be heavily hit by the big films opening up the week after it opens. I agree that Spidyeverse looks much better then the Grinch, and better then Ralph 2, (though Realph 2 looks like it will be pretty good, wheras the more I see of The Grinch the less I like it) but then I can name dozens of examples where the GA has passed up a really good film to make a hit out of a pretty crappy one.
  11. The 1963 Cleopatra has, even 50 years after, made studios very reluctant to green light a Cleo movie. It is sort of the ultimate Hollywood horror story about a film that went totally out of control. It brought Fox as close to bankruptcy as a studio can get and still live. (Irony is the closest they came was a year before the film opened..it was costing so damn much it created a cash flow problem that almost destroyed the studio). When it finally came out, it was 1963's #1 box office grosser, but still lost Fox a lot of money in it's first release.. FOx did not break even on it until TV and video sales in the 80's.
  12. Maybe this could be the first GOOD MIB film we have had since the first. I think Hemsworth might be making a good move in turning toward comedy in his films; he is really good at it and it's pretty clear that the heroic leading man roles (outside of Thor) ain't working for him.
  13. The Budget figure I am seeing at most sites is around 70 Millin dollars, so this could well be a real profitable film for Sony. At least they had the brains to keep the budget in line for this film.has they spent what Pixar spends on it's animated films they might be in troujble
  14. Exactly. OK ,you can play around the edges a little with some topics, like the "Modern Retro" feel that the Two Burton Batmans had (and so did "Batman:The Animated Series" but this movies just looks ridiculous. And Audiences are not quite as stupid as people think;they pick up on this and it's going to hurt the film big time.
  15. Yeah, that is about it. You can get away with that if you are a Mel Brooks style parody, but if you meant the film to be taken halfway seriously, it is a really dumbass decision.

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