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  1. And she will walk. Claim it was bacuse of your religion, you can get away with just about anything.
  2. TRump offical just said the world looks to the US as a leader in fighing Covid 19. What kids to me is Trump and his minions make such stupid lies, obviouly false.
  3. De Santis can't see beyond kissing the butt of Trump and kissing the butt of big business.
  4. When the stories about people cathcing Covid at Disneyworld make headlines..as they will...Disney will do a 180.
  5. Question is where the open theaters are. TN Not any more because of the skyrocketing covid numbers. They will stay closed in the big cities and population centers for quite some time. CLosed in California until the end of July, and almost certainly beyond.
  6. Surprised an company as media and PR savvy as Disney has not cancelled the opening of Disneyworld already. You know Covid will be among those attending the opening,and soon would be flooded with stories about people who caugh Covid at DisneyWorld.
  7. Which will lead to disaster, of course. I would have a boring leader who knows what he is doing, then some celeb who is exciting but clueless.
  8. I really can't see sports going ahead as long as the virus numbers are so terrible.
  9. I am really scared Trump will get us into a war with China to 'get even' for the virus. Yes, I think Trump really is that insane.
  10. Now 100'000 new cases a day seems inevitable; it is out of control. I firmly beleive we will not see theaters reopening until a vaccine is developed..and that will be early 2021 best case scenario.
  11. Problem is Musk has a cult of followers for whom he is God and can do no wrong. We have a couple of those there.
  12. From what I have read, that is a low probablity event, but I don't think good reviews would help it that much.
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