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  1. And getting to be "Rumor De Jour" territory are far as rumors about the future films in the SW franchise are concerned. Don't like one, just wait a few minutes and a new rumor will be on it's way...... Regard all as false until proven otherwise is a pretty safe rule here.
  2. And the Weinstein trial does not seem to be going well for Harvey. His attorneys going after Annabella Sciorra bigtime in cross examination really backfired on them. According to most legal anylysts, she emerged more creditable then ever, and Weinstein's attonrneys emerged as total jerks, a textbook example of why so many people hate lawyers.
  3. I am going to wait until the Rifftrack gang gets ahold of this.
  4. Problem is Fantasy Island has a problem most horror films do not have...it's based on a very popular,well remembered TV show that was pretty much the opposite of horror...most of the stories on Fantasy Island were love stories,many of htem out and out romantic comedies....and trying to transform that into a dark horror movie might be a tough sell. The fans of the original won't like the change, and the under 25 s have probably seen a couple episodes of the original (its; one those TV shows that seems to get shown somewhere forever) and are skeptical of such a drastic change working very well. "God, they are trying to make a horror movie out of that Cheesy TV Show"..... I am NOT a fan of the original..never cared for it much growing up....but I have to wonder at such a 180 degree turn.
  5. A number of critics are asking about the ending "Did they even read the novel?'. And a LOT of remarks making comparasions to "THe Innocents"..and not to "The Turning" advantage.
  6. I think that The Turning screwed up a classic novel did not help it with the critics. And it's not fare to judge the novel by this turkey. The 1961 version, "THe Innocents" shows you can a really good movie from "The Turn Of The Screw". And I note most attempts to "modernize" classic novels fail. The one that succeed in pulling this off like "Clueless" and Cuaron's "Great Expectations" are few and far between.
  7. And the turning of Fantasy Island into a dark, grim Horror movie is not playing well with the fans of the original show. I have no idea of who they were making this movie for. But with a Seven Milllion dollar budget, the film will probably make a small profit for the studio.
  8. Sorrybut AQP2 still looks like "just another Sci fi action thriller" to me, without the elements that made the original so good.
  9. I predicted a bomb from the trailers, and that a movie that screamed Family Holiday Release got dumped in January ,indicating no faith in it from the studio. And that they did not spend a lot on marketing is another sign Universal knew it had a turkey on it's hands, and was cutting their losses
  10. I read the ending, and Henry James is turning over in his grave.
  11. I liked it, but it's not for everybody. I generally don't like Henry James. His style will take lot of getting used to, if have not been exposed to much 19th century literature. James style is complex even by Victorian standards. It's a lot like Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House" in it's as much psychological horror as anything.
  12. With a 7 million dollar budget it would be hard for it not to do OK. Not so sure about it being a good Valentine's Day Date Night Movie, since it has been changed from being primarily a group of love stories (which was what the TV show pretty much was) to a primarily horror movie.
  13. I agree Rebecca Hall was wasted in IM3..one of the many reasons I think this is one of the worst films the MCU has put out despite it's box office success. But saying it was done by a alghothrim is a bit much.And seems as though your beleoved Warners is going down that same road. I still want to know why the over the top hatred for Marvel Studios.
  14. 100% agreed. Problem I have with Brand Loyalty is that some loyalist refuse to admit their brand can blow it on occasion...when every brand messes up on occasion...and some brands a lot more then occasionally. Defeding stuff you cannot really defend always makes you look bad.
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