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  1. Same here, I like a lot of Cruise's movies and will definently go see MI:Fallout but truly despise his involment with the CO$. It's like Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was a great,great singer, but often a deplorable human being, and his being buddies with Mafia bigshots was one of his most deplorable things. What I don't like are the "Cruisbots" who defend his every action. Defending him as a actor is one thing, trying to excuse a lot of the scummy thing he has helped the CO$ to do is another. ANd worst of all is that the worst Cruisebots just dismiss all the information that is out there about the CO$ with a wave of their hand. Nothing is worse then willful ignorance.
  2. Ooh, Disney is so upset that some fans don't like them, They are very sad and bitter about that as they carry their latest Hundred and Millions of dollars to the bank.
  3. I don't mean to get personal but....... I have never seen any budget estimates for TFA that puts its into the 300 Million Dollars plus range. I have not seen that reported by any of the trades. And if it had cost that much the trades and the media would have been all over it.
  4. The emotions he shows on the face of his T Rex in Gwangi is a good as anything CGI has done. IN a tribute to Ray Harryhausen, the head of SFX for the first Jurrasiac Park film said that "Gwangi" was a huge influence on the work they did for JP.
  5. The previews did what about they were predicted to do. There was never any question FK would have a big OW. Question has always been legs;would it hold up better then it has overseas? It could go either way on the BIllion WW for this film. If the supporters of this club were declaring victory too early, the the oppoents are doing the same thing. Let's see what the drops are like next week.
  6. I don'r get the rejoicing about the Thursday numbers. It still looks like a 130 to 150 Million opening for FK..which is what has been projected for weeks. What's wait and see what the legs look like before rejoicing.. Too many people here are hypnotized by a single number without taking everything else into condiseration.
  7. I gotta admit my favorite Dino movie remains the one I saw as a kid, the Harryhausen classic "Valley of the Gwangi". Cowboys and Dinosaurs;what more could you want.
  8. They really needed Zero Mostel or Nathan Lane (the two Max Bialystocks) in that photo....
  9. GO bsck to one of the original concepts behind the SE Story films:smaller scale stories which can be made for less money then the "Saga" films. Still ironic, given the "we can make them for less money then the main storyline films"orignal idea the "Solo" ended up being the most expensive SW film every made.
  10. I hope you are being funny...
  11. Maybe you did not mean it, but it looked as though you were putting down a franchise just because it was not a Comic Book franchise.
  12. Which was what tracking was projecting all along. Anyway, thing to watch for FK is not the oponeing weekend but the legs. It suffered a steep falloff overseas,it will interesting to see if that happens here. FK will make a lot of money for Universal, but it won't be a cash cow like JW was.
  13. Bad move if the Rock does run. Because: I think people ,after 4 years of You Know Who, are going to be very skeptical of Show Biz Celebs who run for POTUS without any previous experience in Government. That will not be a good look in 2020. I think by that time it will have been proven that POTUS is NOT an entry level position.
  14. The Snyder fans have been sort of quiet lately. But agreed, at their height they were truly unbearable. I guess it's their blind worship of James Cameron,their tendacy to equate making a lot of money to artistic worth, and their running down of every other franchise that might prove competition to Cameron's latest project that makes me dislike them so. And they do one thing that even the Snyder fans did not do: I never heard a Snyder fan,as over the top as they were, talking about Zack Snyder saving the world the way you hear Cameron fans talks about Cameron saving the world. The SW fans are probably more to be pitied then censured.
  15. I am convinced that someday some Scam Artist is going to come up with a Scam that will fleece a lot of money from gullible fans...only a matter of time.

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