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  1. I have images of Hugh Jackman, preparing to play Professor Harold Hill in "THe Music Man" on Broadway, going to see this and saying "Glad I am not involved with this mess.".
  2. Irony is 21 Bridges is going to be sliced up at the box office by "Knives Out" which has Chris Evans in his first major post Cap role.
  3. Most Sci Fi films do that....how many Space based films don't have explosions and other sound effects in space, though, in reality there is no sound in space....no atmosphere, no sounds.
  4. Does not need to be. Just admit that NM is a FUBAR situation, and move on.
  5. I suspect Variety is right;a Joker sequel is being talked about....when a film makes over a billion that is automatic, but little is known yet. As for the rumored "Other DC VIllian " movie, if it's Lex Luthor ,given the social comment in the Joker, Lex if going to have a hell of a lot in common with the guy currently in the White House...
  6. You have no idea what an assembly cut is like, do you? It is not also called a "Rough cut" for nothing.
  7. A bit of an exgerration, maybe? If it gets released, it will be on streaming or DTV, it is not going to get a wide threatrical release.
  8. Yeah, it's called "The X Men". New Mutants is part of the X Men franchise. Though the specific New Mutants charecters have not been done on film before. You also have some people who love the idea of a Horror based Superhero film and I think it's a interesting idea, problem is it seems to have been totally messed up
  9. That is pretty much it. I think it just looks too weird for the general audience. The humans dressed as cats worked on stage where you did not have to worry about close ups but in films you do;and it's the close ups that make this look like something out of a nightmare.
  10. Not surprised at all. I just think this looks too bizarre to be a big hit. And it's not like being a musical is a guarantee of success.
  11. Question is how much work is needed on the Snyder cut, and how much would it cost. And the Stone Alexander cuts have become something of a joke. And that no one except for the really hard core Snyder fans even remembers there was a directors cut of Sucker Punch means briging the film up is not a good argument for a Snyder cut for JL.
  12. This. You also had the more then 25 years of curiosity and rumor about the Donner cut to spark interest..though the interest turned out not to be enough to make the Donner cut a success.
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