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  1. The trailer for DUne on the Wonder Woman DVD does not have an exact release date.
  2. I think the studios are being very cautious about making post covd plans since doing so once blew up once in their face. And they are looking at the news from Michigan very closely.
  3. Judy is great in Easter Parade, but two of the best numbers don't involve her: Astaire's solo "Stepping Out With My Baby" and Ann Miller's "Shaking The Blues Away".
  4. BTW the trailer is the lead trailer in the previews section of the "Wonder Woman 84" DVD.
  5. SInce it's schedules for a March 2022 opening, that seems a safe bet. if we are not over the Covid by then, we will be in state of society totally collpaisng anyway.
  6. I note that the making of trailer cocludes with a "Only in theaters: statement. Warners is backing off of it's "every film will see a duel release " policy pretty fast.
  7. I think Joss Whedon will not be getting much work at Warners after the latest bombshell about Michelle Trachtenburg.
  8. Yeah, if you are not familiar wiht the Sitcoms you are not going to get half the jokes and parodies. BTW the one the 1950's black and white episode really was big on was "THe Dick Van Dyke SHow".
  9. Right now the Trump impeachment trial is pretty much taking up all the oxygen in the room. But this will not be forgotten. he is in POlanski territory now.
  10. I agreee that OZ was a huge misfire, but still, Raimi's overall record is better then Derricksons. And as I stated just now, Derrickson has his chance with Strange and blew it.
  11. Oh please. We here this BS secret filming time and time again about movies, and it almost NEVER turns out to be true.
  12. Superbowl commercials , even without the Covid factor, are not the big thing they were a few years ago.
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