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  1. Critics seem to be saying the film is visually impressive, but it somehow just lacks the heart and emotion of the original. Which was my concern all the way along. I particulary though that an ultra real Timon and Poomba would not be nearly as funny as the originals. Also even with the visuals there are apparently a few 'uncanny valley" moments. I, too am puzzled why a couple people here are so damn passionate about a freaking remake. As to box office, It will still be big hit, but I suspect not as big as some here were predicting. I 100% agree that you can't constanly refer to the original and they tell people they should forget about the original ..which is what some people here are doing.
  2. I think it's the "pile on" factor. That the film is going to have a strong women lead is damn clear from the trailer;Miller's comment was a case of forcing it down people throats when they already got the point. Naturally people don't like that.
  3. Oh,God, not the "this movie sucks but support it anyway" argument.Only thing that does is ensure that more really sucky movies will be made.
  4. I always though this would be one hell of a hard stage musical to transalate to the screen, It really had no real story;just a series of songs and skits. But yeah, the cats should look something like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland On Acid.
  5. She might not have even been on the screening but it passing on what she heard. Which does not get her off the hook for spoiling a movie though. Grace is unique: somebody who at one time had a ambition to write for comics who has now managed to get on the Shit list of both Marvel and DC. Grace is no better then a couple of thousand other people with you tube channels appeallint to the geek community ; only reason she got big is she is a rather cute blond in a area almost exclusively male. never underestimate the appeal of a pretty face.
  6. Hey, that is the facts of the film business 101:studios depend on the big hits to cover the costs of the flops/failures.
  7. And you have official proof for this. I like Larson..have to root for the home town girl....but I don't state things as fact until I have proof.
  8. True but Skyfall is a special circumstance.....it had all the massive publicity from it being released on the 50th Anniversary of Bond. I repeat I think SW might be headed for a status like the Bond Franchise, still popular, still very profitibel, but not as dominant as it once was.
  9. This might be a franchise that could use a hiatus. You can only do so many variations on big car chases before audiences get a little jaded.
  10. Definenlty. Doing it on location and for real is always better then any special effect or studio set. Once again, I am betting this is the Scorsese effect.
  11. And don't think other studios will not put Randolph on their blacklist. And this is a major problem with the emergence of the blogosphere:anybody can start a website and claim to be a journalist if they have had any training or not. If you work for a newspaper or TV channel or network, your bosses will enforce at least some standards of professional behavior on you simply because they know long term it's in their best interests. But with a blogger, who answers to nobody, the whole idea of professional behavior and professional ethics are a joke.
  12. Hey, wearing bright Red worked so well for the British during the Revolutionay War...
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