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John Marston

Last Action Hero (1993)

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Arnold's first movie after Terminator 2 which was expected to be a massive hit and was considered the main challenger to Jurassic Park as the top film of summer 1993



Jurassic Park vs Last Action Hero: The Marketing Battle | Den of Geek




obviously Jurassic Park won easily becoming the highest grossing movie of not only 1993 but of all time worldwide at the time and Last Action Hero flopped making only 50 million domestically and 137 million worldwide on an 85 million budget. The flop was blamed on the film's weird meta tone that may have confused audiences. It is also a very uneven movie. 



Arnold has talked about how hurt he was by the film bombing


Arnold Schwarzenegger 'didn't want to see anyone for a week' after 'Last Action Hero' flopped at the box office: 'I cannot tell you how upset I was' (yahoo.com)



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