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  1. Very underrated movie with possibly the worst release date of all time.
  2. Yeah if they had brought back Keaton, Pfeiffer, maybe cameos from DeVito and Nicholson (as nightmare versions of the Penguin and the Joker) and set it actually in the Burtonverse it would have been far more successful. I know a bunch of people who love Keaton's Batman but avoided this because it looked like a CGI mess.
  3. If you're talking about who I think, that character was supposed to come back at the end but good old studio meddling changed that. I honestly think something else is going on with the backlash to this movie. It wasn't as bad as the reviews, Cinemascore , etc. are suggesting. But it seems to have pissed off every demographic who could have saved it at the box office. Older viewers nostalgic for Keaton Batman are disappointed that he was used in this instead of something that actually captured the feel of the Tim Burton movies. Snyder fans who might have enjoyed seeing their heroes together one last time are pissed because of the reboot. Women seem to be avoiding it because of Ezra. Casual superhero audience, especially people who aren't fans of the Snyderverse, are probably turned off by how much the plot references MoS. Even families seem to be turned off (maybe because of the lowbrow humour including It's really a perfect of storm of how to turn away your potential audience.
  4. Have we ever seen a bigger rejection of both a franchise and a lead actor at the same time? I mean this will be the lowest grossing movie in which Batman has a major role adjusted for inflation ever. Even unadjusted it may struggle to beat Batman & Robin. How much would this be opening to without Keaton and Affleck propping it up? Sub-30?
  5. Yeah they brought Keaton back in the worst way possible. I still saw it because he’s my childhood Batman but a Tim Burton Batman 3 with Keaton and Pfeiffer would have gone over like Gangbusters. If they had to appeal to the demographic that didn’t watch the first two then throw in Jenna Ortega as Batgirl or a female Robin being trained by BatKeaton. It’s like WB doesn’t want to make money.
  6. Honestly at this point they'd be better off bringing Tim Burton back. Wednesday was well received and it looks like Beetlejuice 2 will be a hit. With or without Keaton I think he still has it in him to make a weird and interesting Batman movie that'll look a lot better than than the CGI monstrosity of The Flash..
  7. The more I think about the more it pisses me off that they brought Keaton back for this film. Yes, he was fantastic in it but the reception to this film has killed any chance of getting a proper sequel to Batman Returns or even a Batman Beyond type movie with Keaton. This should have been a Flash solo movie, period, and they should have saved Keaton for a movie that actually has that Tim Burton feel.
  8. Honestly if they cut out the half hour of juvenile humour, removed all the CGI cameos and creepy babies and had Keaton and Sasha Calle back in the ending like they were supposed to be originally (yeah, Clooney was funny but killing off the Batman and Supergirl Barry spent most of the movie with made the whole journey pretty much pointless) this movie would be pretty decent.
  9. Excuse me, God-Keaton can never be described as "whatever". But yeah, the CGI cameos were bad. Why CGI Nic Cage as Superman when they could have got the real Nic Cage and brought the house down?
  10. I support the strike but I feel the creative community is too late to stop what’s already happening. I was put out of work as a projectionist 12 years ago when movies switched from film to digital (a switch that was mainly funded and pushed by the studios, not the cinemas). That should have been an early warning to everyone in the film industry that the studios’ relentless pursuit of cheaper technologies was going to put everyone below the executive level’s job at risk. Thanks to the decline of physical media, studios can now remove content from being watched anywhere with a press of a button, meaning they no longer have to pay royalties for movies and TV shows with small followings. Within the next 10-15 years it’ll be possible to use AI to create Hollywood blockbusters without actors, writers, or any talent at all. Yes the movies will be soulless, but the average audience member won’t care as long as it has the IP they like in it.
  11. Why not? Aside from Lisa Marie, all his leading ladies still have successful acting careers.
  12. Great hold for Guardians. Disney must be kicking themselves right now that they lost Gunn to DC after falling for those right wing Twitter trolls trying to cancel him. Oh well, guess they could always bring back Whedon to save the MCU 😂
  13. It felt like one of those classic 80s fantasy movies but with updated special effects. I approve.
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